How heavy does the baby after birth affect the child’s IQ? Doctors rarely reach this number

How heavy does the baby after birth affect the child’s IQ? The number of doctors is rarely reached

Parents are most concerned about the health of their children. In addition to physical health, what parents care most about is the child’s mental health. 

A child with unhealthy or intellectual disability is a devastating blow and burden for the whole family, and it is a lifetime pain for the parents. 

In fact, one factor that affects a child’s IQ is the baby’s weight. The weight of a newborn is also closely related to the newborn’s IQ. 

A mother in Zhejiang Province gave birth to a baby girl. When the child was weighed, the doctor rushed to tell the mother that the child’s weight was very rare, and very few children weighed in at all times. 

It turned out that the baby girl had only 2 catties and 6 taels, which was very light. During pregnancy, the mother’s material condition was not good, she often couldn’t eat enough, and she couldn’t eat anything good. Therefore, both the mother and the child were very thin. 

The doctor said that we must make a good supplement for the child, and make a supplement for ourselves, otherwise the weight of the child is likely to affect the child’s brain development. 

Fortunately, the child finally grows up healthy. In fact, the weight of a newborn is also closely related to the intelligence of the newborn. Do moms know? Underweight newborns can cause these hazards. 

Newborn weight The harm of too low

1. Affects the child’s brain development

The baby’s low weight is likely to affect the child’s brain development. The child’s brain development is closely related to the child’s weight. 

If the child’s weight is too light, the child’s body may lack a lot of nutrients. These nutrients are not enough for the body, and naturally they will not be given priority to the brain. 

The child’s brain attack is not enough and the development is stunted, which affects the child’s intellectual development and makes the child’s intellectual development slower than that of his peers. The child’s reaction speed is slow, memory is slow, and the impact is quite serious. 

2. Affect the health of the child

The newborn baby’s weight is too low, which may be because the newborn baby absorbs too little nutrition when it is in the mother’s stomach. The nutrition provided by the placenta is really not enough for a child to develop. 

Mother is physically weak, her mother is also inadequately nourished, and her anemia has a slow metabolism, and there is very little nutrition that can be provided to her child. 

As time goes by, the child is originally thinner in the stomach, and the weight is too low when he is born. Such a child is likely to suffer from the root cause of the disease in the future, and the body will be weaker. 

3. Affect the physical fitness of the child

The physical fitness of the newborn is also related to the weight of the newborn. Underweight children have less physical energy and weaker physical fitness. Such children will have less daily activities , Doze will be more. 

Because the energy in the body is inherently insufficient, the physical energy is inherently not enough to consume, so sleep can only be used to supplement physical energy. Therefore, if the parents find that the underweight newborn baby is excessively lethargic, sleeps every day, has no energy, and is too weak to cry, be sure to take the child for a checkup. 

4. Influencing children’s ability to resist diseases

Children with underweight are inherently weaker, and compared with children with healthy weights, these children have better ability to resist diseases. Weak, it is more likely to suffer from various diseases during birth, more likely to be infected by viruses, and more likely to be harmed by bacteria. 

A child’s ability to resist disease is also related to the child’s weight. Newborn babies are underweight and have weak resistance to disease and are more likely to get sick. Parents must feed them carefully. 

How to give to children Healthy weight gain

1. Breastfeeding

If a newborn has symptoms of underweight at birth, parents should consider breastfeeding rather than formula feeding. , The nutrition of breast milk and the health of breast milk are incomparable with milk powder. 

And there are some active substances in breast milk, these active substances will bring the mother’s resistance to the child, help the child to increase the resistance, underweight newborns are easy to get sick, they need breast milk. The resistance factor contained in it. 

2. Give children nutritional tablets

For children who are underweight, parents can add some nutritional tablets, cod liver oil and the like to the child’s milk powder. 

But after the child can eat complementary foods, add the types of complementary foods to the children, by breaking the vegetables into juice, and the fruits into juice, for the child to take, increase the kinds of supplementary food for the child, and increase the child’s resistance. , Increase the child’s source of nutrients. 

Children have rich sources of nutrients, and their weight will increase. In fact, it is not a good thing for newborn babies to be underweight. Although the aesthetics of the whole society are pursuing thinness, it is not a good thing for newborn babies to be thin. 

Thin newborn baby is not only low in physical fitness, but the baby’s poor energy will also make the baby more likely to get sick. Parents are more worried. Therefore, pregnant mothers must take good care of their body during pregnancy and do not let the baby weigh Too low. Mom’s breastfeeding in the locker room was ridiculed by other customers. The owner’s response was heartwarming and relieved.

After having a baby, Mom’s going out is not as convenient as before, not just dragging a burden. It’s that simple, and sometimes you have to endure the eyes of the public. For example, breastfeeding a baby outside is a very challenging thing. It not only challenges the embarrassment in oneself, but also challenges the psychological pressure caused by the strange eyes of the surrounding people. 

Two days ago, I went to the shopping mall with my friend Xiaofang to buy clothes. Because her mother-in-law had something to go back to her hometown temporarily, the 6-month-old baby was left unattended, so she took the baby out with her. After arriving at the mall, the baby soon became hungry, but it was near noon, and there were many people coming and going in the mall. Xiao Fang was embarrassed to breastfeed in public, so he thought that he was going to buy clothes anyway, so he might as well go to the dressing room in the clothing store. Breastfeeding so you don’t have to worry about being seen by others. 

Just do it. When he came to a clothing store, Xiao Fang pretended to have a fancy dress, and then walked into a dressing room while holding the baby in his arms. After entering, she did not change clothes, but fed the baby milk. But for a while, I forgot to lock the locker door from the inside. After a while, a customer in the store tried to walk into the locker room with clothes. Xiao Fang was watching the scene of feeding the baby. . 

The customer stayed for a while, and then ridiculed Xiao Fang loudly, saying that she was improper, and that this was a place to change clothes, not a place to show her tits. The other party spoke very hard, and the voice was loud, which quickly attracted the shopkeeper. After understanding the situation, instead of blaming Xiaofang, the owner said to the customer in a serious tone, “Who didn’t grow up on mother’s milk? I don’t object to her breastfeeding inside. If you feel uncomfortable, you can choose to Change clothes in other places.”

The shop owner’s understanding made Xiao Fang feel very warm and relieved. The customer saw that the shop owner was standing on Xiao Fang’s side and did not continue to entangle him. He took the clothes and went to the other side. 

by Lactation Association When it comes to “sex affairs,” the society’s tolerance for birth mothers still needs to be strengthened

It is natural to breastfeed the baby, but if breastfeeding is in public, the society is not tolerant enough. Therefore, many mothers with babies will try to avoid going out, because they are afraid of such embarrassment, and they are even less willing to be criticized and ridiculed in front of many people. However, as the clothing shop owner said, everyone grew up eating mother’s milk. Breastfeeding should not be regarded as a shame, but a great act. So the fault is not the breastfeeding mother, but the person who blames or even mocks her, and the overall society’s intolerance to this kind of thing. 

But in any case, Mommy herself is the most hurt by this situation. It is easy to be depressed after childbirth. If you are accused by strangers because of this kind of thing, it will be easier to arouse negative emotions, which will greatly increase the probability of depression. To avoid all this, it is not enough to count on social tolerance, and mothers should also learn to “self-help”. 

Think in public What should I do if I breastfeed my baby? You can sit back and relax by doing this.

Look for a special place

If you live in a big city, it’s actually very easy to find a special place outside to breastfeed your baby. Some places are called maternity rooms. The place is directly called the nursing room. Generally large shopping malls, or public places such as stations will be available, if you can’t find Baoma, you can ask the staff inside. As long as you go to such a place, you can naturally breastfeed your baby without worrying about the eyes of others. And here the baby is less disturbed, and breastfeeding will be more cooperative. 

Bring “nursing towels”

Some mothers may not know it. There is a product called “nursing towel” on the market, which is specially prepared for mothers to breastfeed their babies outside. This product is cute in appearance, shaped like a square blanket, with intimate texture, harmless to the baby’s skin, and the price is not too expensive. Moms who often need to bring their babies out can buy a few as a spare. In this way, when you are in public, you can just take out a nursing towel and cover your breasts when you want to breastfeed. It will neither “humiliate” the sight of passers-by, nor Affect the baby’s feeding. 

Breastfeeding on your back or sideways

If you can’t find a dedicated breastfeeding place, and you don’t bring a nursing towel or other clothing that can be used for shelter, Bao Ma can simply carry your body back or sideways. Breastfeed your baby again. In this way, you can try to avoid attracting the attention of people around you, and when others see you avoiding it, your inner discomfort will be reduced a lot. 

Of course, as emphasized above, even in public, it is not wrong for Baoma to breastfeed her baby, let alone uncivilized behavior. The real problem is not Bao Ma, but a society that is intolerant to this behavior. I hope that each of us can understand this truth, start from ourselves, and strive to create a more harmonious and friendly parenting environment for future mothers.

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