How hard is it for married women? The biggest scam we face is “life will be fulfilled only after giving birth to a baby”

How hard is it for married women? The biggest scam facing is that “life will be fulfilled after giving birth”

It is said that getting married is the happiest thing in a girl’s life, while many married women say that getting married is the beginning of their own pain in this life. The consequences of being unfair to others are very terrible, and encountering a bad family is even worse. 

The advantage of married life is to have a stable family and life, but the marriage life is not good. This is because women have to face the trivialities in life alone, and sometimes they can’t get the understanding of their partners. . 

If you have an irresponsible partner It will be a big trouble after getting a child. It is said that life will be fulfilled only after the birth of a child. In fact, after the birth of a child, women formally become mothers and assume the responsibilities of mothers. Many fathers have not yet transitioned over and are still children. What are the difficulties in married life? What are the problems with bringing a baby after marriage? 

An interview on the street shows that many married women are actually not satisfied with their marriage. People’s marriage satisfaction is getting lower and lower, and more and more divorces are What is the reason? How much does a married woman have to bear alone? 

25-year-old Zhang said that he is the most What I regret is that he got married too early at the age of 24. Zhang, who was divorced after one year of marriage, hated his ex-husband very much, and had a shadow on his marriage life. 

And the 30-year-old Zheng was even more painful. He regretted that he had not been so cruel that he became pregnant with a child. He said that his life would be fulfilled after giving birth to the baby, and after Zheng gave birth to the baby, Life has undergone a major reversal, and it is even more painful. In fact, to have a good marriage, he has a good family, so if you want to have a child, you must make sure that your marriage is happy before making a decision. It is too painful to bring a baby after marriage. What are the pains of bringing a baby after marriage? ? The person here will take you to find out. 

The pain of bringing children after marriage

1. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Disharmony, children suffer in the middle.

The concepts and methods of bringing a baby are completely different between the elderly and the young. Young people feel that they cannot feed their children with their mouths, while many elderly people will take things. Crushed to feed the child. Sometimes women have conflicts with their mothers when they bring children together, let alone with their mother-in-laws. In addition, the mother-in-law is easy to be dissatisfied with the daughter-in-law, and the doll is also caught in the middle, one is his own grandmother, and the other is his own mother. 

2. Husband does not care

Marrying a worthless husband is the worst thing in my life. Outside the delivery room, many men are not nervous when waiting for their wives to give birth. They also sit up and play games, regardless of the pain of the screaming wife inside. Therefore, it is very necessary to give men an education to respect women until the pain of childbirth. Otherwise, many men don’t care about women, and give women all the responsibility of childbirth and the pain of raising children. The fat son had a daughter for nothing. 

3. Economic expenses

< p>Some men and mother-in-laws don’t understand women, and they always feel that women spend too much money. In fact, it is very expensive to raise children nowadays. Four-horned gold swallowing beasts are no joke. This is one of the reasons why there are fewer and fewer women now becoming full-time women. The current law respects the party with property, and the housewife has no income at home, let alone financial status, and spends more on economic expenses, because children do need a lot, and other people don’t understand. 

4. Employment in the workplace

The workplace is actually very unfriendly to women who are married or have given birth. Women are inherently inferior in terms of physical strength and protection of themselves. male. But when it comes to minds only coming back, women are no worse than men. Now more and more women are showing up in their studies and their academic performance is very good. 

It’s just because marriage and children have delayed many women Development, employment in the workplace is really unfavorable for women. Fortunately, the overall environment in our country is still very good. Compared with other countries, the status of women in our country is already very good. In South Korea or India, the status of women is low. Life is not easy. 

How to crack the marriage life is not easy

1. Choose the right person to marry

When you get married, you must choose the right person, follow the advice of your parents, and don’t blindly follow love. A woman who completely believes in love is stupid, so we must choose the right person to marry. The economic conditions, family background, harmony of the parents of the family, and the history of domestic violence must be investigated. What is the credit of this person, the girlfriend he talked about before, and his previous emotional experience, it’s best to get a clear picture before getting married. 

2. Believe in yourself

< p>Women should be confident that they have the ability to be happy, that they have the ability to make money, that they have the ability to live a good life, so that women will not be in a disadvantaged and passive position even if they enter marriage. Will support women to do better. 

Marriage life is not an easy task, and intimate relationships need to be explored together. It is very necessary to get married and have children carefully, and to do well in the duties and identity of mothers after having children, and not to abandon the duties of mothers casually. A 2-year-old baby has no shoes to wear in winter. If she thinks of her mother, she will find her aunt to hug him. Netizens: A child without a mother is like a grass

An old saying goes: “I would rather be with a beggar, not an official.” Father”. You can see from this sentence how much women care about their children and how great their motherly love is. 

However, in life, not every woman is born with maternal love. “Just give birth but not nurture” has become the norm. Although some people become mothers, they fail to fulfill their obligations. 

A 2-year-old child is barefoot in winter without shoes, when he misses mom I asked my aunt to hug him. Netizens’ motherless children are like grass roots.

With the development of the Internet, some children from the depths of poor mountainous areas have come into everyone’s sight. Some of them are left-behind children, and some are not born. Met my parents. 

A volunteer was just behind A little boy was photographed in the countryside of China. After learning about his situation, netizens expressed their feelings that he was too pitiful. 

This child is only about 2 years old, barefoot in winter without shoes, so he walked barefoot on the mud in the village, his small feet were all red from the cold. 

The child is wearing a shabby cotton jacket, face The upper part is also dirty. Although his big eyes are dark and enlightened, they reveal a sense of sorrow. The volunteers also felt distressed when they looked at the child, so they went to the village to learn about the child’s life experience. The volunteer followed the child to find the aunt, and when he saw the aunt, he threw himself into the other’s arms. 

The aunt said that the child is still in her mother’s stomach His father died when he was here. Later, the child’s mother gave birth to him and left, and has never returned since. He was brought up by his grandmother since he was young, but his life was very bad, and his grandmother relied on picking up garbage for a living. 

My aunt’s family is also not rich, and she has a big family, so she can’t afford more material care. However, although the child is not accompanied by his mother and is eager for maternal love, every time he misses his mother, he will find his aunt to hug him. Seeing this scene, netizens also sighed: A child without a mother is like a grass! 

What is a qualified mother?

1 , Do not abandon their children

There are always many unsatisfactory things in life. Some women will face many choices after becoming mothers, but no matter what the situation is, most people will strive to stay By the side of the child. 

Even if there is no financial means, there are still many women competing for the custody of their children even in the face of divorce. It can be seen that a qualified mother, regardless of status or status, at least loves children in her heart. 

2, give children enough care


The reason why maternal love is great is often because of willingness to give. After a qualified mother has a child, she will often take care of the child physically. Everything about the child is the top priority. In terms of food, clothing, housing, transportation and education, she will think of giving her the best within her ability. 

3. Give a sense of security in the soul

Not every mother in this world can accompany her child, but even if a qualified mother can’t accompany her child’s growth, Will find ways to communicate with children. Letters, phone calls, videos, gifts, as long as they can convey their feelings, mom can do it all. 

Maybe someone thinks this boy’s mother wants There is nothing wrong with finding a happy life, but after going out, at least one must remember that there is a child who has lost his father at home. If he can’t even do the occasional care, he really doesn’t deserve to be a mother.

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