How hard do Chinese parents do? How tired is the child? A six-year-old girl’s schedule reveals the truth

How hard do Chinese parents do? How tired is the child? A six-year-old girl’s calendar reveals the truth

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

I don’t know since when, parents’ hopes for success have already been piled up by hobby classes, and there seems to be a trend of “those who get hobby classes get the future”. 

However, if these are really children’s interests, it’s acceptable. I’m most afraid that the parents would force them to their children in order to win face or satisfy their childhood regrets——

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The little girl tells herself about the experience of the interest class, and it makes people feel distressed after listening to it——

My name is Li Yuanyuan, I am five and a half years old this year, and I am currently in kindergarten, but this is not all of me. I teach various interest classes Class is my focus: I counted it down. There are about a dozen classes running back and forth every day. Among them, I have been studying hosting, modeling, English, and dancing for a long time. In order to have enough study time, I go out early every morning. , I can go home very late at night. 

Many children are distressed when they go to kindergarten. They are always distressed when they are separated from their parents. But for me, the happiest time is here, and I can play with my children freely. Because as soon as school is over, I will follow my mother in various hobby classes. 

I told my mother about me I don’t like these interest classes, but my mother said that I should go to study. If I do well, she will be happy. If I do not well, she will yell at me and scold me. Every time I cry, my mother will tell me that I will understand when I grow up, but how long will it take to grow up? 

After reading the children’s narratives, as an old mother, I couldn’t help but feel a sore nose. What exactly can this talent in exchange for children’s pain bring to them? 

Behind too many interest classes , They are actually anxious parents

The survey shows that the current situation of Chinese teenagers is that the average study time per day is about 9 hours, far exceeding the 6 hours stipulated by the Ministry of Education. Two-thirds of the students have about four hours of interest lessons every day. 

It seems that children are undoubtedly very hard. However, in many cases, parents know that too many interest classes must be a huge pressure for children, but since they know why Choose to do it? In fact, it is mainly because of the anxiety of the parents themselves. 

Because of the love for children, Coupled with the hardships they have experienced, parents naturally hope that their children can avoid these hardships and grow and develop in a brand new way. When I saw other children traveling through various interest classes, I was afraid that my child would fall short, so I used more intensity to help my child overtake. 

It is also because of anxiety that parents often ignore the burden of their children. However, this method itself violates the laws of natural development and is destined to be difficult to achieve and even cause greater adverse effects. 

Excessive parenting is a burden and harm to growth

To give children a high starting point is a common psychology among parents. However, everything needs a “scale”. Beyond this scale, it will cause a lot of irreparable harm to the child——

①Exclude parents

As the closest person to the child, the relationship between the parent and the child should have been Close-knit, but parents are overpowering and impose things on their children that they don’t want to do. Then he will easily become resistant to his parents. 

If you stay in this state for a long time, children will naturally resist their parents, and the development of parent-child relationship will also be affected, ultimately affecting family harmony. 

②Cowardly character

Throughout childhood, it should be the happiest and happiest time. If you stay in a high-pressure education environment like your parents for a long time, your child’s nature will inevitably be suppressed, and there will be a lack of time to play with peers. 

Over time, children will inevitably be timid when interacting with others, coupled with strict parents’ requirements, and years of nervous tension, they will have no reason to fear others. 

③Unhappy childhood


Many people think of childhood as the happiest time in their lives. In fact, this is indeed the case. After school, there will be various subjects that need us to work hard, and we need to face work after we are successful. Under pressure, it is difficult to return to a relaxed state. 

Therefore, if children still have to face such arduous extracurricular learning tasks in childhood, then children must not be able to get a complete and happy childhood. After they grow up, this will be a regret in their life. 

Rather than being a child’s supervisor, It’s better to be his guide.

Many parents have the biggest common problem in educating their children. They have to deal with everything regardless of size, for fear that they will be lazy without their supervision, and they will not be able to do so. Good thing, but in fact, this will only make children more repulsive. The correct approach should be——

1) Respect children’s hobbies

“What do children know to respect” this Many parents have said that in their eyes, children do not have independent thoughts. Parents should take care of their lives and studies, otherwise they will fall behind or go astray. 

But in fact, children are the smartest group. They know their preferences and what they want to do, and they are completely in their nature. 

Parents should respect their hobbies and be able to guide them, but if the child is not interested or has a psychology of rejection, parents should stop in time. 

2) Give enough trust

Trust is the core of emotional communication. Whether it is an adult or a child, communicating emotions on the basis of trust can always get twice the result with half the effort. 

For parents, trust is to give children enough free space to master the big direction for them, and give them enough space to play in some details or specific events. 

According to the survey: more than 80% of trusted children generally understand their parents better and meet their parents’ expectations. 

Therefore, trust not only maintains feelings, but is also a means of motivating children.  Don’t pay attention to this little detail, and give the child a supplement No amount of calcium may be worthwhile, and many parents ignore it.

The performance standard for calcium supplementation in Chinese children should be: calcium supplementation for babies under 2 years old should be 400~600 mg per day, 3~12 years old For children, it should be between 800 and 1000 mg. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Nowadays, many parents All have realized that calcium supplementation is very important for children in the growth and development period, but they often have such a misunderstanding that they ignore the importance of vitamin D while supplementing calcium, which leads to greatly reduced effects. 

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If you don’t pay attention to this detail, the effect of supplementing the child with more calcium will not be good

Mei Mei’s son is five years old this year. When he had a physical examination some time ago, The doctor told the child that the body lacks calcium and needs to be supplemented in time, otherwise it will not only affect the height but also easily cause other physical problems. 

After returning home, I found a variety of calcium-supplementing foods and made them for my children every day, but after a few months passed, I still had calcium deficiency. 

After the doctor and Mei Mei talk Tell him: “Life D cannot be ignored when supplementing calcium, otherwise it is often useless to supplement calcium.”

In fact, many parents like Meimei know that they need to supplement their children. Calcium, but I don’t know that calcium absorption is equivalent to useless work. 

Children who need calcium supplementation

After the baby is born, there will usually be about 6 months of breastfeeding time. Even if breastmilk is not selected, the corresponding formula milk powder is still far To reach the amount required by the child at this stage, there is basically no need for additional supplementation. 

After 6 months, in addition to the daily intake of more than 300ml of formula milk, supplementary foods are often added, which contain a certain amount of calcium, so there is basically no need to supplement too much . 

But if the baby’s diet structure is not Reasonable and overly picky eaters may still have calcium deficiency. Experts suggest that these children should take food supplements first. 

Three types of “high-calcium foods” and three types of “stealing calcium foods”, did your children eat them right? 

1. These foods are the king of calcium supplements

A, dairy products

100 ml of milk contains about 125 mg of calcium. About 1000 ml of milk can basically meet all the calcium needs of children aged 3 to 12, but the absorption rate must be around 60%. 

Therefore, when other diets are guaranteed, supplementing about 400 ml of milk a day can ensure the daily calcium requirement. 

One thing to note is that some babies may have lactose intolerance. In this case, you can choose yogurt instead, because the lactose in it will be broken down with fermentation to help the child absorb it. 

B. Eggs


This substance is very nutritious, and its method is very simple. Its calcium content is also relatively objective. For example, an egg of about 50 grams has a calcium content of about 55 mg. 

However, it should be noted that the amount of more than two eggs will cause a burden on the digestion and absorption of the child’s stomach, so parents should not be greedy. 

C, all kinds of beans

This kind of food also has a lot of nutrients and high calcium content. As far as soybeans are concerned, 100 grams of soybeans have about 360 mg of calcium, and after making it into soy milk 500 ml contains almost 125 mg of calcium. 

The calcium content of other beans is also relatively high, and the method is relatively simple, making porridge food, children are also easy to absorb. 

Two, these categories” Stealing calcium food”

A, fried food

This type of food contains a lot of saturated fatty acids that are difficult to digest by the human body, and it also hinders the intake of other nutrients. It contains calcium. For example, some fried chicken, fried dough sticks, etc., parents who like to eat this kind of breakfast should pay attention. 

B, carbonic acid

These substances will react with calcium, causing calcium to be unable to deposit on the bones and thus to be lost. Mainly some carbonated drinks, you need proper amount when drinking. 

C, caffeine< /p>

This kind of substance will separate calcium and lose it quickly, making it difficult to be absorbed. For example, coffee, chocolate, strong tea, etc., they all contain this kind of substance and should be avoided. 

Pay attention to calcium supplementation

▲Vitamin D should be appropriate

In many cases, children’s calcium deficiency is not due to insufficient calcium intake, but insufficient absorption of vitamins. D is an important aid to help calcium absorption. 

It should be noted that the income of vitamin D should be kept within 400 international units per day. Too much can cause physical problems and endanger health. However, some nuts and sea fish should be supplemented. 

▲Calcium and zinc supplementation are carried out separately

In the process of supplementing calcium, you must avoid doing it at the same time as zinc. This will hinder the absorption of the two substances. Usually the order is zinc supplement followed by calcium supplement, with an interval of more than one hour . 

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