How hard do children work to avoid learning? Use clothes to pretend to be reading books, parents can’t laugh or cry when they approach

How hard do children work to avoid learning? Use clothes to pretend to read books. Parents can’t laugh or cry when they approached.

Since their children go to school, perhaps the most common sentence parents say to them is “You must study hard and grow up to be successful.” After all, From the parents’ point of view, only after learning more knowledge, will they apply what they have learned when they grow up. 

But because children now have heavier learning tasks and more homework, they will inevitably have “study-weary” thinking, but in the face of parents’ supervision, they can’t be lazy openly, so there are some little guys He began to play tricks. 

In order to be able to study for a while, these children are really fighting against their parents. Some tricks even make their parents feel dumbfounded. So how much can a child fight to avoid learning? 

Primary school students use clothes to pretend to be reading, parents After I walked in, I couldn’t laugh or cry.

There was such a “pretender” of a primary school student on the Internet. 

This is how the child’s father said that his child is already in the sixth grade. Although it has been winter vacation now, the daily homework schedule is quite full. 

Because the child has his own room, so father Occasionally, I would secretly pass the door to see if the child is studying hard. 

On this day, my dad passed by the room several times to see the children. The children were all studying. My dad was very pleased at first, but after watching it a few times, he noticed that the meaning was not right. Why did the children seem to be motionless? of? But when the parents approached, he was a little bit dumbfounded. Dad Bao couldn’t help but sighed: “This is really smart and useless, right place!”

It turns out that the child actually doesn’t want to learn at all, but is forced to use it because of the parents’ request. His clothes were posed as a dummy, and his back was facing his parents, pretending to be reading, and doing what he liked. 

Why is it so troublesome for children to do homework obediently? 

Children’s homework is a must-have homework, but why is it so easy in the eyes of adults that it is so difficult for children to implement it? In fact, when it comes to the reasons, it is nothing more than the following. 

Naturally lively and can’t sit still

Every child’s nature likes to play, and they are particularly active, so in the face of homework, especially with a lot of rolls of paper, it takes a lot of time to complete If the child cannot sit still at all, it is inevitable that he will choose to escape after a long time, and even come up with various tricks to avoid homework. 

No sense of self-discipline, can delay the work It will be a while

When children are young, they generally have a poor sense of self-discipline, so they also like to slip their numbers when doing homework. They may have their thoughts drifting away when they write, and finally they will be given to the parents. Leave the impression of procrastination. 

For this problem, parents need to cultivate their children’s self-discipline more from an early age, so that the children’s homework will not be so troublesome. 

Anything around is more interesting than homework

Children are very curious and like fun things when they sit down and do their homework. He will inadvertently discover more things that are more interesting than homework, so the child will naturally lose interest in the homework, and even have thoughts that want to escape. 

If you want to motivate your children to learn, parents can only rely on scolding No

In fact, when it comes to children’s homework, the correct guidance of parents is very important. 

For example, you can usually communicate with your children, let them know that homework is written for themselves, and learn knowledge for a better life in the future, so that children have a certain sense of learning. 

Also, the child should be given time for homework , You can prepare a clock or hourglass for your child. To assist children with time awareness, if necessary, they can also be given certain rewards and punishments, so that they can slowly develop a good habit of active learning, and never beat or scold the children. It will only get worse and worse. “I didn’t understand until I was 90 years old. What’s painful in my old age is to live a long time, and it doesn’t matter how much money”

Uncle Zhang is over 90 years old this year. When he was young, he was a big family. There are few deposits, and the economy is relatively rich. But he often thinks that he is old and suffers a long life. Because after his wife left, he lived a very lonely life, and he didn’t even speak a single person all the year round. Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke at the age of 86, and his legs and feet were unsuccessful. Although there are children and daughters, no one takes the initiative to take care of him after he got married. Children will look at him every festive season, so he basically walks through the scene and doesn’t eat any food. 

It was snowing some time ago and the ground was slippery . When Uncle Zhang went out, he suddenly fell to the ground and could no longer stand up, completely paralyzed on the bed. The children are very disgusted, but they can only bite the bullet and say take turns to take care of them. He lives in his children’s house uncomfortably, and he dare not go out all day for fear of being swept out. He sighed: “I didn’t understand until I was 90 years old. The painful thing in old age is to live a long time, and it doesn’t matter how much money is.” Every day like a useless person, no amount of money can buy a healthy body. 

In fact, at this age of the elderly, money is really not that important to them. They feel that they are half-length people lying in the coffin. Money is all outside of the body. They are not brought with them when they are born or not brought with them when they die. A healthy and good body is what they want. But I have to say that if you have money in your old age, and have children who are filial to you, then it is really perfect. 

△ The importance of having money in the hands of old people, you do you know? 

① Don’t worry about not having money to see a doctor

If the elderly have money in their old age, it is also a kind of protection for themselves. At the very least, when you are sick, you will not be embarrassed by the huge amount of treatment fees for your children, and you can pay for the treatment independently, so the initiative of life and death is in your own hands. Don’t worry about giving up your life without money If the elderly have money in their hands, they will reduce their drag on their children, and they will not be frightened by the trouble of their children in their later years. If they are properly given alimony, their lives will be much better. In a sense, they will be rich. Have confidence. 

② You can help your children in exchange for a good impression< /p>

It is really good for the elderly to have some money in their hands. It can not only protect their own quality of life, but also help their children. This can help the elderly who have children. I don’t think they would like to have no children. Even in old age, when someone needs to be served in bed, the children will certainly not refuse. In view of the fact that parents have treated their children well before, they will do their best to serve the elderly. So you see, is it good for the elderly to have some money in their hands? 

③ It can solve the problem of old-age care

Some elderly people are reluctant to live with their children when they are old, probably because of their different life concepts and habits, so they feel that they live by themselves. Better. If the elderly live on their own and want to lead a high-quality life, will everything be solved if they have some money? If you have money, you can hire a better babysitter to take care of your daily life. You can do whatever you want with meals, and you don’t have to buy anything to save money. 

△ Children’s filial piety is very important in old age, parents If you want your children to be filial, how should you train your children? 

① Teaching by words and deeds

Parents have always been very important to their children. As the saying goes, parents are the first teachers of their children. The development of children’s personality, habits, and conduct is closely related to their parents. So in life, parents respect and care for the elderly, and this will be the case when their children grow up. If you want to cultivate a filial child, then parents must lead by example and be respectful and filial to their in-laws, father-in-law and mother-in-law. Only in this way can children grow up to become a person who knows how to appreciate and respect their parents. 

② Cultivate children’s sense of responsibility

From an early age, parents must teach their children what sense of responsibility is, whether it is for people or things, the first thing that children learn is the courage to take on, and The ability to face the consequences. Only in this way, when the child grows up, he will not be a cowardly and responsible person who will run away from difficulties when he grows up. They are often those who do great things. And successful people often have a strong sense of responsibility to their families. Therefore, it is also a very important and meaningful thing for parents to cultivate their children’s sense of responsibility from an early age. 

③ Tell stories and allusions about filial piety since childhood

Parents educate their children to start at an early age, because the child is the easiest to stereotype before the age of six. During this period, parents can use their children’s interest in listening to stories to tell their children some stories and allusions about filial piety, so that the children will remember filial piety in their hearts. In fact, when children ask their parents to tell stories before they go to bed, the parents may not tell fairy tales very much. They can tell the children some positive energy and shape the children’s correct three views. In this case, the story and education will be carried out simultaneously, and the child will learn faster and will be more profitable.

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