How good can a newborn look? Netizens shouted “baby girl”, willing to wait another 20 years, it is really good-looking

How good can a newborn look? Netizens call “baby girl” and are willing to wait another 20 years. It is really good-looking

Most babies are not beautiful at all when they are first born, but wrinkled like a little old man. 

After three months, the baby’s skin will become smooth and rounded, and the facial features will be extended. The cuteness will be full at once, that is, from now on, it will be the cute human baby in our impression. Cub. 

But there are always exceptions to everything. There are some babies who are born beautiful and look like they have been taken for a few months. 

There is a post-90s mother in Hunan who gave birth to such a lovely angel baby recently. When interviewed by the media, Bao Ma was discharged from the hospital only one day, and her daughter was only “eight days old.” 

But from the photo alone, there is no trace of a newborn baby at all, but at least three months old. A pair of Shui Lingling’s big eyes are even more embarrassing and energetic, as if they are still moving with the camera. 

The beauty of the little baby girl has attracted the love of many netizens. Some netizens said that she had undergone plastic surgery in the womb, and some netizens joked that “willing to wait for her for 20 years.

More netizens express their envy. Some admire that Baoma can give birth to such a beautiful and lovely daughter, and some envy that a baby girl can be beautiful from beginning to end for a lifetime.

Become a “net celebrity”, this high-value female baby really broke everyone’s stereotype of newborns.

But then again, children born with high light like her, no It is said that one in a thousand, or at least one in a hundred. It is really a blessing to be able to give birth to such a girl.

Why are newborns generally ugly when they are born? These factors play a major role.

1 They were squeezed by the birth canal when they were born

Compared with other animals, all human newborns can be said to be “premature babies”, but this is also helpless, because human babies’ heads are too big. You cannot pass through the birth canal without being born.

In fact, even if it is a “premature birth”, it is extremely difficult for a human fetus to pass through the birth canal, and the body is severely squeezed.

This As a result, the baby is born with some body deformities, especially the head. Because the skull has not healed, the deformity will be more serious. And the head and face are the key to affecting the appearance, so the ugliness of the newborn is naturally not a problem. .

2. Soaking in amniotic fluid leads to wrinkled skin

Another major cause of ugly newborns is that their skin is unsightly and wrinkled. This is not surprising, because the fetus has been soaked in amniotic fluid before birth Anyone who has experience knows that the skin will become wrinkled when soaked in water for a long time. This is also the principle of wrinkled skin in newborns.

3. The influence of fetal fat

Those who are careful It should not be difficult to find that most newborns have white patches on their skin. This is actually fetal fat, which can protect the baby’s tender skin very well.

Because of its existence, The uneven color of the baby’s skin also reduces the appearance of the newborn to a large extent.

These are the main reasons why most babies are born “ugly”, but fortunately As the baby grows up day by day, these factors will gradually disappear, and the baby will become beautiful day by day. 

So don’t rush to throw an ugly baby when you give birth. Just wait patiently for a while, and it will surely make your eyes shine. But why do some babies look good at birth? This is related to other factors. 

Can it be produced? For babies with their own highlights, mainly look at these points.

1. Parents’ face value

Even if they are all wrinkled, the newborn’s face value will still be high and low, and this Mainly depends on genetics, that is, look at your parents’ appearance. 

So when choosing a mate, the appearance of the subject is really important. Not only does it look pleasing to the eye, but even the baby born is more likely to be more beautiful, standing on a higher starting line from birth. 

2. Diet during pregnancy

The diet during pregnancy will also affect the appearance of the baby after birth. In general, the healthier the diet, the higher the appearance of the baby. 

Because a healthy diet is most beneficial to the development of the fetus. If the fetus develops well, the condition of the facial features and skin will naturally be good. No matter how low the appearance is, it will not be too low. 

3. Overweight babies

It is worth noting that not all babies who are good-looking at birth are worthy of your mother’s pleasure, such as overweight babies. 

In terms of appearance, overweight babies are indeed a little more beautiful than ordinary newborns, because they are almost two to three months old when they are just born. 

However, overweight babies are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and there will be many problems in their later development. Therefore, this is not only not worthy of Bao Ma’s pride, but should be worried about him. 

If you want to avoid giving birth to an overweight baby, you must strictly control your diet during pregnancy and avoid overeating. 

It doesn’t matter whether the baby is beautiful or not, because the “ugliness” of the newborn is only temporary. As long as enough time is given, every baby can look cute and beautiful. 

After all, the cuteness of human cubs is engraved in their genes. Only adults who think that babies are cute are more willing to take care of them, thus ensuring the survival rate of human cubs. 

Therefore, mothers do not have to worry about the ugliness of their babies. After this embarrassing period, the children will always usher in a peak period of appearance. The kindergarten’s charge list, how many parents gritted their teeth, no wonder they dare not want a second child

After the second child policy was released, many people have realized the “second child dream” that they have been thinking about for a long time. . But how happy you are when you realize your dream, and how painful it is to raise your baby afterwards. Now the cost of raising a baby is too high, and the cost of kindergarten alone makes people feel stressful. Before, a friend in the circle of friends wanted to find a kindergarten for their children. The couple basically saw the best kindergartens in the city, and finally chose the best kindergarten in their district. 

Everyone admired their perseverance very much at the beginning, but when the two revealed the kindergarten fee standard, they admired their financial resources even more. In the published charging standards, the fees are also divided into several grades, namely ordinary classes, bilingual classes and bilingual early learning classes. The cost standards are respectively 3,600 yuan, 5600 yuan and 8,600 yuan per month. This does not include the child’s insurance premiums, meals and some teaching materials. And this friend chose the most expensive class for the child. Bilingual education can also teach the child some elementary-level content in advance, but the cost is a bit high. 

“We also feel sorry for money. This is basically our salary alone, but we still want to give our children the best. After all, we don’t always say’you can’t let your children lose at the starting line’.” When asked about the expenses of kindergarten, This friend was also very helpless, and could only say that the plan to give birth to the second child was aborted. After all, such a cost would be unbearable again. 

In the past two years, the overall social atmosphere has encouraged everyone to have children. For example, the opening of second births, and even the opening of thirds and unrestricted births, but the reality is that the fertility rate has been declining year after year, and people who are willing to have one child Less, let alone second child. The reasons for everyone’s low desire to have children are also very unified, and they are basically due to too much economic pressure. 

Shengwaye Different from the past, these four stages are expensive, and everyone generally says that they can’t afford to give birth.


The state of your mother during pregnancy will directly affect your baby’s development and health. Kinds of trace elements and nutrients to be supplemented are indispensable. At the same time, there are some pregnant women’s products that must be purchased, and as long as they are related to pregnant women and babies, the prices are generally not cheap. And because of physical and social realities, many mothers would choose to quit their jobs and go home to have a baby after they became pregnant. The family lost a certain amount of income and increased a certain amount of expenses. The economic pressure has increased significantly. 

The stage of giving birth to a baby

In addition to “difficult to see a doctor”, it is also difficult to give birth now. If you want better conditions for childbirth, such as single or double ward, confinement center, the cost will rise straight up. Even if Bao Ma can spend less and save money, the child’s milk powder money, baby clothes, medical expenses, and toy money are all hard expenses. If it happens that Bao’s mother and the child are in poor health and need frequent medical treatment, then the expenditure will be even greater. 

Children go to school

The previous ones are just “appetizers”. When the children start kindergarten, the financial pressure on the family will rise sharply. Parents in kindergartens and schools with average conditions are not worried about letting their children go, worrying that their children will fall behind at the beginning, and the prices of good kindergartens and schools are definitely not low. Coupled with soft expenses such as meals and books, and other expenses such as extracurricular tuition and interest classes, the pressure on parents can be imagined. 

The child’s marriage stage

The child finally graduated, and the parents have to worry about their children’s life events again. For a boy, a house and a car are basically indispensable. If you encounter an area with high beauties, then marrying a daughter-in-law basically puts in the savings of the old couple’s life. Now, in addition to the dowry, the woman also pays attention to saving a piece of her own pre-marital property, and she also pays attention to buying a house and a car, and the woman’s parents are also bleeding heavily. 

It is precisely because of these factors that more and more people are unwilling to lower their quality of life or suffer children, so they simply choose not to have children. But is the current social environment so cruel to families that have children? In fact, no matter what era is under pressure, it is a personal choice whether or not to have children. 

Cost of baby Higher and higher, is the child born or not? Personal concept is very important.

We often say “the poor have the poor and the rich the rich”. Good family conditions can naturally provide children with better education and material, but if the family conditions are average, in fact, There is no need to compare with others, as long as everything can meet the needs is enough. Take kindergartens as an example. In fact, some of the things taught by so-called “noble kindergartens” can’t be absorbed by children at all, and their usefulness is very limited. It’s just that parents are too nervous. 

Moreover, only after you have done everything will you know the truth. If you only think about the difficulties, then naturally the more you think about it, the more difficult it becomes. Whether or not to marry and have children are actually very personal choices, as long as you think carefully about it and take on your own responsibilities. Do you think that the cost of having a child is high? In which areas are they mainly concentrated?

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