How expensive would you buy your children? Different answers, children with different values

How expensive would you buy your children? Different answers, children with different values

They all say that children nowadays are “golden beasts”. From pregnancy to childbirth to raising the child, a lot of money is spent at each stage. Now that living conditions are getting better and better, parents also want to give their children the best material foundation, from eating, wearing, to using and going to school, they will do their best to give their children. 

Some families have superior conditions and can spend money for their children very generously, but some parents have limited financial conditions. Even if they save money, they must let their children live a “rich second-generation” life. 

Yesterday I saw a mother on the Internet talking about her energy to buy clothes for her children, which aroused heated discussions among many netizens. This mother saw a discounted brand-name children’s down jacket when she was visiting the mall. , Even though the discount was offered, it was still expensive. After hesitating for a while, I still wanted to bite the bullet and buy it for my child. 

But the child’s father firmly opposed it because there was no need to buy such expensive clothes for the child, and he also said to the child’s mother, “You can buy it for yourself if you want to buy a famous brand. The child won’t be able to wear it for long, just buy affordable ones.” /p>

Netizens praised the child’s father one after another, and the comments said that the three views are too righteous. In life, many parents are like the mother. They are not willing to eat well and buy expensive clothes, but they spend money on their children. They are afraid of making their children thinner and wronged. They are afraid that their children will be compared with other children. Go down. 

This kind of parenting method is actually not beneficial to the children. It is just a kind of compensation psychology of the adults. What you did not get when you were a child must be compensated for the children. 

How to give to children Spending money determines children’s values ​​

The question of how parents spend money on children is not just a matter of material differences, but more important things can shape children’s different values ​​from an early age. 

A child who is weak can get wind and rain, and all material desires can be easily satisfied. Even if the parents sacrifice their own interests, they must satisfy the child as much as possible. The child will become a person who only knows to take but is not willing to give, and gradually loses the spirit of fighting, and becomes a “giant baby” who is lazy and does not understand gratitude. 

This kind of “rich second generation” phenomenon in poor families is not uncommon. How many children don’t understand their parents since they were young, and only know how to ask for them. When they grow up, material desires are even more difficult to fill. 

Seeing that someone else has a brand-name mobile phone to take a brand-name bag, you usually don’t have to get it from your own family background, and then various campus loans, credit cards, and finally ruin your future and future. 

Educationalist Makarenko once said, “Everything is given to the child, everything is sacrificed, and even one’s own happiness is sacrificed. This is the most terrible gift a parent can give to the child.”

But in contrast to many real giants Families, the assets in the home can make the children worry about eating and drinking for a lifetime, but these wealthy parents do not condone their children, and they are materially harsh. 

For example, Guo Jingjing, the diving queen, has been photographed by reporters many times when she went to a roadside stand to buy clothes for dozens of dollars for her children, and she took the children to wash their cars and plant seedlings in the ground. 

The world’s richest man, Bill Gates, donated almost all his assets to charity, and is unwilling to leave it to his children. In this way, children learn to be independent from an early age and become a truly responsible and responsible person. 

Give your child flowers Money, neither can be deliberately poor, nor deliberately rich

Faced with the question of how to spend money for children, we still have to proceed according to the actual situation of the family, and neither materially indulge the children nor deliberately be poor. support. 

Too much spoiling children will cause them to lose their fighting spirit and indulge in illusory desires. Therefore, parents still have to be rational. The budget for daily clothes, food and drink, toys, etc. should not exceed one-third of the total family income. There is no need to pursue big or famous brands, as long as the quality is good and the practicality is strong. 

For example, when some netizens buy clothes for children, the budget for children’s clothes cannot exceed one-third of the adult’s. If an adult buys a piece of clothing for one thousand yuan, the child cannot exceed three hundred yuan. 

Let the children know that their daily food and clothing are earned by their parents’ hard work, and the desire for extravagance is unreasonable. If you want to get a certain brand, you can only fight for it with your own efforts. You can’t ask your parents to ask for it. Excessive material requirements. 

Since we can’t deliberately enrich our children, can we let them learn how to struggle earlier by making them suffer from food and being more materially harsh? 

Some parents will go into the misunderstanding of deliberately being poor and strictly control the material. They only wear old clothes to their children from an early age. They don’t buy all the toys they want, and even deliberately tell their children that their homes are very poor. poor. 

This will also cause harm to the child’s heart. Since childhood is too scarce in material, the child will become more inferior, think that he is not worthy of good things, and dare not take the initiative to fight for it when he grows up. 

So when you spend money on your children, you have to do what you can, and you can’t just sacrifice yourself to satisfy your children. Obviously, family conditions generally have to be swollen and fat, so that the children become grateful “rich”. Second generation”. 

At the same time, don’t deliberately be poor and bring a sense of want to your child’s heart. Parents should put themselves and their children in a correct position, set an example for their children to be diligent and motivated, so that their children learn to treat money and their own desires correctly, and become a hard-working and motivated person. Doctors have headaches when they see these “foods”. They have been blacklisted a long time ago, but parents are still feeding them to their babies

Although the living conditions are now better, it seems that people are eating more and more unhealthy. In order to save troubles and troubles, it is not only convenient for parents to eat for themselves, but also for their children. Some foods that parents eat for their children have already been blacklisted, but the parents do not know it at all. 

Xiaoyu is a post-90s mother. Usually, Xiaoyu’s favorite thing to do is to take her children to the supermarket. Every time she goes to the supermarket, Xiaoyu buys a lot of delicious food for her children, because Xiaoyu Yu takes the children full-time, and can only go to the supermarket once a week when her husband is resting. 

Xiaoyu took the children to the supermarket and didn’t buy anything serious. They were all snacks, including canned food, yogurt, and some messy quick-frozen food. 

Because sometimes Xiaoyu can’t get up in the morning, he will let the child take a snack mat. 

Once a friend came to Xiaoyu’s as a guest, and saw that Xiaoyu’s snacks were packed in bags by bags. The friend thought these things were eaten by Xiaoyu. 

But I didn’t expect Xiaoyu to say that he had no time to eat snacks. All day long, apart from cleaning up the children, he also cleaned up the housework. These snacks are for the children. 

After hearing what Xiaoyu said, my friends still don’t believe it, because some snacks at Xiaoyu’s house are not suitable for children, and some are even blacklisted by the doctor. But Xiaoyu feeds his children every week. What a terrible thing. 

No wonder Xiaoyu often said that children don’t like to eat, and children are malnourished. This is the reason! 

Sometimes the food that parents give their children is really not suitable for children. 

These foods have been blacklisted, parents need to pay attention! 

Snacks of candied fruits

Some parents will prepare some snacks of candied fruits for their children. These snacks are sweet and sour and are available in a variety of flavors. I like to eat more. 

But parents don’t know that there is a kind of nitrite in small snacks like candied fruits, which can easily cause poisoning if you eat too much. 

In addition, there are a lot of additives and preservatives in these candied fruit snacks. It is not good for children to eat regularly. 

Canned foods

Some children may not like to eat fruits usually, so parents set their sights on canned foods, especially canned fruits, in order to let their children eat fruits and supplement some vitamins. . 

Canned fruits are processed and taste better than simple fruits, but parents ignore the added ingredients in the cans. The shelf life of cans is generally about half a year. 

The shelf life of fresh fruits is only 10 days at most. The reason why canned fruits can be stored for a long time must be added with some preservatives, otherwise there is no way to store them. 

So trying to eat these canned foods for children will definitely affect the child’s gastrointestinal absorption. 

Ham foods

Some parents take their children to the supermarket most like to buy some meat ham for their children. The ham is convenient to carry the children and like to eat, and it is really a snack for the children to supplement nutrition. The best choice. 

Although there are children’s hams sold specifically for children in supermarkets, no matter how they are processed, some foods will lose their true nutrition once processed. 

Moreover, many other substances are added in order to preserve the freshness, especially for these ham snacks. Parents can’t tell the quality of the meat. Therefore, it is better for parents of this kind of snacks to eat less for their children. 

If parents are really good for their children, they should give their children more hand-made snacks to ensure quality and nutrition. 

Parents can usually Make more

juice drinks

If parents want their children to eat fruits, but the children are not willing to eat them, parents can choose to squeeze the fruits into juice. 

In this way, the children eat fresh fruit, which not only ensures the nutrition of the child, but also ensures the freshness of the ingredients. The self-made children also have quality assurance. 

Handmade snacks

If parents want their children to eat some snacks, they can also make some small biscuits for the children themselves, using milk or eggs, plus some other dried fruits, It can not only ensure nutrition, but also ensure health. 

Self-made meat snacks

Parents must pay attention to the meat for their children. Parents can buy some chicken, duck and fish meat and make some by themselves. For example, they can use meat to make some chicken balls and shrimp balls for their children. , Beef balls, these are all ok. The parent’s cooking is delicious, nutritious and clean. 

Therefore, some parents usually can’t just give it to their children, especially children. The growth of the children and their stomachs are weak. If the parents often give their children some snacks that are not suitable for the children’s age, it is easy to affect the children. Growth and development. 

If parents really want their children to eat something, it’s best to make them by hand, which is healthier. 

Parents must not delay their children for their own convenience, and give them some messy snacks that affect their spleen and stomach. Once a child’s spleen and stomach is injured, it is difficult to repair it.

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