How embarrassing is the generation difference to be too big? The niece went to pick up his uncle from school, the guard: Is it the kid?

How embarrassing is the generation difference to be too big? The niece went to pick up his uncle from school, the guard: Is it the kid? 

When it comes to the issue of seniority, many people will feel deeply. Some people are proud of their seniority, and some are annoyed by their younger generation, and even make trouble in life. Few jokes. 

Especially the kind of children who have just entered elementary school but have a senior level, how rich and colorful is their life? If you want to understand, it is better to savor it carefully. 

There is a kind of embarrassment called “different generation”, the niece goes to school Picking up my uncle from school

Taotao is a boy who just entered the third grade of elementary school. Because his parents are busy with business on weekdays, picking up himself has become a problem. 

No, just in time for his niece to return to his hometown on holiday, so parents have new candidates to pick up the baby, but Taotao is reluctant in every way. 

Speaking of which everyone feels weird, should we let children younger than him come to pick him up? Later, everyone learned that his niece was actually a college student in her twenties. 

At a young age, I have such a big one Seniority is really an enviable thing, but when his niece is dressed up to pick him up from school, Taotao is particularly reluctant to admit it in front of outsiders, even walking is daunting. 

At first, when the school guard saw the niece, he asked for granted, “Are you a damn child?” But watching the niece shook his head repeatedly and the child was hesitating. I couldn’t figure it out. Later, the niece spent a lot of work to explain the relationship between the two clearly, and then brought the “little uncle” home. 

After returning home, when the angry and smiling niece asked Taotao not to admit that she was his uncle, the child replied: “I don’t want people to know that you are my niece. How shame I am to have such a niece at such a young age!”

In fact, there are many examples in our lives where the generation difference is too big, and most of them are embarrassing. Netizens also have a deep understanding of this. 

So how embarrassing is it that the generation difference is too big? 

The netizen “no wind and no waves” said: “Once a child said that a classmate in the class needed a parent to sign, he directly asked the teacher to ask his nephew to sign, and finally learned that his nephew was another teacher in another grade, the head teacher had a face. Green haha”

The netizen “Kazuki Begonia” said, “I went to school to pick up my uncle, and the kid called my younger siblings far away. I wanted to find a seam to get in. It’s really embarrassing!”

Although netizens The things we shared are just an example, but the issue of the far-reaching generational gap is really embarrassing for many people. It is usually the embarrassment of the younger person, and there are very few people with higher seniority. It does not seem to be convenient in public. 

Faced with this embarrassing generation, what should everyone do? 

1) The title can be decided after mutual agreement.

In fact, the issue of title can be resolved through communication between the two parties. It does not necessarily have to be called out in public, as long as both parties reach a certain level Negotiation, it doesn’t matter what it is called. 

For example, two people can choose a nickname for each other privately, so that they have a good heart, they will not be embarrassed, and others will not be able to hear it. 

2) Face it with your heart


Then there is the brave face of reality. Don’t put too much psychological pressure on this. We just need to deal with it with a normal heart. After all, this is just a title. 

When we take these things as usual, we will find that all of this is not so important, it is just a barrier to our psychology. 

3) Let children not be based on seniority Just show the music

No matter how parents should pay attention to the psychological construction of their children, after all, there will really be children who will start to swell because of their high age, which is not good for their children’s development. 

What we should educate our children is that seniority is only a formal appellation. Children still have to understand etiquette and respect everyone. This is also the greatest respect for themselves. 

There is a kind of “eccentric inheritance” called Tong Dawei, which opened the door for the eldest daughter. But the second daughter’s window is closed

As children of celebrities, the outside world has put too much attention on the second generation of stars. Some second generations of stars can inherit the high beauty of their parents, but there are also some people Disappointed. Speaking of Tong Dawei, I believe that many people are very familiar with him. He is a powerful actor who has brought us many classic plays, and it is confirmed in him that there is a kind of “eccentric inheritance” called Tong Dawei. 

Tong Dawei and his wife are also typical in the entertainment industry After getting married and having children, the couple have been living relatively low-key. Now the couple have two daughters and one son, which is enviable. Although Tong Dawei has not taken his children to a variety show, he still shares his daily life on his social platform, and his two daughters often appear in the picture. 

Although the eldest daughter is only a teenager, she But he already has the temperament of the second generation of stars, and has perfectly inherited the beauty of his parents. Not only is the skin white, but the eyes are also big, and the body is particularly tall, and he looks like a beauty. But when I saw the second daughter, I realized that God opened the door for the eldest daughter, but closed the window of the second daughter. 

If the eldest daughter has inherited the genetic advantages of her parents, then the second daughter has all inherited shortcomings. She has dark skin and small eyes. Although her appearance is not particularly low, she is at least a passerby with a long face. It’s not conspicuous. 

In fact, there are situations like this around us In many cases, even if two children are born to the same parents, there will be a big difference in appearance. 

Why is there such a phenomenon? 

1: Genetic influence

The genes in the parents are the same. If the children inherit the excellent genes from their parents, they will definitely be outstanding. There is also a situation where the parents inherit the shortcomings of the child, that is, they inherit the relatively common recessive genes in various aspects, then it will appear to be relatively common. 

2: Temperament influence

< p>A person’s overall image is also affected by temperament and overall dressing style. Some people have self-confident personality and treat others with enthusiasm. Such people look more sunny. There are also some people who are more introverted, and they are also very subtle when dealing with others, which makes people feel not too generous. Therefore, even if they look similar, there will be differences due to different temperaments. 

3: Influence of lifestyle habits

Each of us has our own lifestyle and habits. Some people pay more attention to their external image, and usually spend a lot of time to dress up. There are also some people who do not pay much attention to the outside, but pay more attention to the improvement of the inside, so the management of the external image will be relaxed. 

In this society that values ​​beauty, many People take appearance too importantly, so as parents, they should pay attention to the following two points when educating their children. 

What are the two points? 

①, face up to one’s own appearance

The first thing a parent has to do is to let the child face up to his own appearance. The appearance is natural, it cannot be changed, and we don’t need to have a normal face. And to feel inferior, there is no need to compare with others because of their outstanding looks. 

Rather than let the child pay too much attention to the appearance, it is better to cultivate the child’s self-confidence. A child without self-confidence, even if he looks outstanding, still feels that he is not good-looking enough. And a self-confident, ordinary-looking child will also show his charm because of his other advantages. 

②, pay attention to inner quality

Many children pay too much attention to appearance, but ignore their own inner qualities. A child who values ​​the improvement of inner quality can attract the attention of others even if he looks ordinary. On the contrary, a person who has good looks, but has a dirty mouth, and has no quality, will feel annoying no matter where he walks. 

Therefore, parents must guide their children to more knowledge and let them learn different skills. An interesting soul is more worthy of respect than an outstanding appearance. 

As a parent, I definitely want my children Have the advantage of appearance, but sometimes it is precisely because parents care too much about appearance that children misunderstand their appearance. Therefore, as a parent, you must first look at your child’s appearance and not overly care about your child’s appearance. At the same time, you must also help your child improve his inner self-cultivation, read more books, and give full play to his strengths.

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