How easy is it to “raise the waste” of a son? Check whether the parents have any of these behaviors

How easy is it to “raise the waste” of a son? Do parents have any of these behaviors? Quickly check yourself

How easy is it to “raise and discard” a son? Whether parents have any of these behaviors, please check yourself quickly

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In most domestic families, Sons are very important, they receive more care in the family, and parents expect more of them. 

But the contradiction between too much care and too high expectations can easily overwhelm a boy. 

My son just went to study in the United States When he passed away, “childcare expert” became a “laughing stock”

I believe many people have heard of the news of Zhang Yide’s death in the United States not long ago. 

After Zhang Yide’s father and his wife divorced, for the sake of their children’s education, he quit his job and sold the city center to live in the country, and he devoted himself to taking care of the children’s life. 

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The meals he gives his children every day are not duplicated; his children’s toys are almost self-made; he has recorded more than 200,000 moments of his son’s growth with his camera. ······

In terms of caring for their sons, few parents can compare to Zhang Yide’s father. 

But in the same way, he has higher requirements for his son:

From childhood to large, he let his son go to aristocratic school, hoping that he can enjoy the best resources. 

But in fact, Zhang Yide’s father’s financial conditions can only allow his children to go to school, and the tuition is still paid by his ex-wife. 

In order not to lag behind the students of the aristocratic school, Zhang Yide has been studying hard and has become a veritable schoolmaster. He also performed well in other areas. He is good at football and first aid. 

For such an excellent child, Finally left. 

Whether it is due to psychological reasons or father’s education, we can only know that a boy is actually very fragile and easy to be “rejected”. 

After Zhang Yide passed away, the comments from the netizens under the social software were also very distressing. Many children are still in the wrong education of their parents:

“Friends’ homes Obviously very rich, but when his mother took him out to eat hamburgers, she only bought one for the children to eat, but the son cried while eating.”

“My dad every time When I took me out to eat, I didn’t eat anything and told me that I couldn’t afford it, so I just let me eat it alone. As a result, I couldn’t eat anymore and I felt very uncomfortable.”

“Parents always tell their children how hard they are, As a result, children feel that their hard work is caused by their children, and they are more tired.”

It can be seen from the comments that parents’ education methods are always similar and often wrong. of. 

They feel that they are good to their children. Let them know the hard work of their parents. When they take their son to a big meal, they tell their son that by studying hard for a better life in the future, they will be able to cultivate a good child. 

Knowing that the environment is hard, and then studying hard may be more useful to the previous generation. 

But this generation of boys , The living environment is very different

▶ The family gap is bigger

Whether it is online or in the real class, the economic conditions and background between family and family Wait, the difference is still quite big. 

And the parents’ generation goes to school At that time, because of the poor economic development, the children who went to school together were probably all from the same factory, and the family environment was relatively small. 

▶ Children have more extracurricular time

Although today’s children say that homework is under pressure, it’s time for fun after finishing the homework. 

Rural children of the parents’ generation may still have to do farm work after class; children in some cities may need to cook and wait for their parents to come back to eat. 

Too much free time makes children feel bored easily. Boys are more likely to “royal” physically than girls. 

▶ Extracurricular life is more abundant< /p>

Nowadays, extracurricular life is also richer, such as watching TV, playing mobile phones, attending hobby classes, etc. If children choose different extracurricular classes, their thinking will change accordingly. 

Parents can check by themselves, When educating their sons, did these wrong behaviors occur?

▶ Doting on children

In most families, parents are more likely to doting on boys, and they think they only need to study hard. Housework and other things are never what they should do. 

Actually, this may develop a child’s irresponsible, inability to live independently, and too selfish character. 

▶ Too big for children Pressure

While spoiling boys, parents tend to give them high expectations, although all parents want their children to be talented. But this is not forced out, but by good education. 

Too much pressure will bring them psychological harm. 

▶ Selling miserable in front of children

As mentioned above, selling miserable in front of children and overemphasizing their poor family conditions will make them feel inferior and psychologically stressed. 

▶ Forcing boys to be strong

Boys do not have to be masculine and strong, and girls do not have to be weak. Setting limits on children’s personality may make them feel self-doubt . 


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The following types of bad sitting postures not only affect the child’s spine development, but can also prevent the baby from having long legs

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In the process of children’s growth, parents worry the most, but many times Even if parents have done everything, some problems are still unavoidable, especially with regard to height development, parents need to pay attention. 

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Children prefer this posture, which hinders height development

Yang Min has been a full-time mother at home since he gave birth to a baby, so he thinks he knows all aspects of the child well. 

The first year or two was really difficult. It was all on your own to eat and drink Lazarus, but now the baby has grown up a bit and can play by himself, which makes Yang Min feel a lot more worry-free. 

But some time ago, she suddenly discovered that the baby’s legs were a bit wrong, and even had a hump…

So he hurriedly took the child to the hospital for an examination. After the examination, it was found that this situation was caused by an incorrect sitting posture, and Yang Min responded. Come here, the baby always likes to sit on his knees when he plays with toys. 

The doctor told her that the child’s bones are super soft. If you use this posture for a long time, your legs are prone to problems, and your body’s center of gravity tends to tilt forward, and the spine is largely Will also be affected. 

Combining these situations, there is no bone If the method has normal development, the height will naturally be affected, and it should be corrected in time. 

In fact, in many cases, some seemingly simple and normal behaviors are very unfriendly to children. Parents should stop them in time and help them correct them. 

4 bad sitting postures that affect the child’s height

1. Kneeling

During the long-term kneeling sitting, the child’s leg muscles are in tension for a long time. The tight state forms an inherent shape, which can easily lead to bending of the legs. In addition, it will also affect the development of the spine. 

Curved legs and forward tilt of the spine can cause skeletal dysplasia to a certain extent and affect height. At the same time, curved legs and hunched back will visually appear shorter than the real height. 

2, sit with legs out


This sitting posture requires better flexibility, which is difficult for adults, but it is indeed very easy and popular for children with soft bones. 

They put their legs on both sides and bend them, mainly using their knees to apply force, so that the soles and ankles cannot be exercised, and their balance will be poor when walking. 

And this posture will also cause the legs to bend, the bone development will be affected, and the height will be affected as well as the body shape. 

3. Erlang’s legs

Many parents must be aware of the dangers of this posture, but many children will have this behavior. In this posture, various parts of the body are not evenly stressed, and support by the spine, lumbar spine and leg muscles is required. 

This will cause muscle and bone strain for a long time. At the same time, because the lateral ligaments will be pulled, internal rotation will occur at the knee joint, which will make it easy to get to the O-shaped leg. 

In this case, it is not only easy for the baby to miss the long legs, but most importantly, it will also affect the health of the muscles and bones. 

4. Bow waist


Children’s bones are relatively soft and relatively weak in bearing capacity. They will have difficulty supporting their bodies when sitting, and they are prone to bowing. 

At this time, the waist needs to bear a lot of gravity. If you keep this movement for a long time, you will have a hunchback. At this time, even if the height will grow taller, it will give people a feeling of forward growth. Instead of feeling taller. 

How to cultivate the correct sitting posture

1) Suitable table and chair

If you want a standard and comfortable sitting posture, you must choose a table and chair appropriately, too High will make the body tight and affect blood circulation, too low will easily cause lumbar strain. 

You should choose children Based on their height, when sitting in a chair, make sure that their feet can touch the ground and their hands are just enough to reach the table. 

2) Correct guidance

Make children aware of the importance of this matter, and inform them in advance of the harms of bad habits, such as body shape, health And so on, let them accept from the bottom of their hearts to do this thing. 

3) Demonstration teaching

As for the correct posture, parents must be careful when teaching, mainly in the usual aspects——

The distance between the tables should be about a fist, the eyes should be one foot away from the book, the head should be facing straight ahead, the feet should be close together, and the thighs and calves should be at right angles. 

At the same time, some parents are living Zhong also likes to bend his legs. At this time, he must first regulate himself, and don’t make wrong demonstrations to children. 

4) Perseverance for a long time

Good sitting posture is not a day’s work. It requires a long time of practice and persistence. It may be difficult at the beginning. When a child has wrong behavior, parents should Correct in time. When it becomes a habit, it is easier to do. Return to Sohu to see more

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