How do you judge whether you are pregnant or not after the husband and wife are “intimacy”? Someone here will teach you to observe the changes in 2 parts

How do you judge whether you are pregnant or not after the husband and wife are “intimacy”? Someone here teaches you to observe the changes in two parts.

Many people’s first important thing after marriage is to “create human beings”, but after a couple’s intimacy, how long do they have to wait to determine whether they are really pregnant? ? 

Besides pregnancy test, are there other ways to judge? This issue is worthy of discussion by every newlywed couple. 

The easiest way to think of, and the most accurate way to judge, is of course a pregnancy test. Moreover, the methods of pregnancy testing are now universal. You only need to buy test strips and you can do the test at home instead of going to the hospital as before. 

Some time ago, my colleague Xiaoli used an early pregnancy test strip to check whether she was pregnant, and the result was true, which made her very happy because she and her husband have been married for three years and have always wanted a baby , But have never been able to get pregnant again, did not expect to win the grand prize this time. 

But according to her, even if she doesn’t need an early pregnancy test strip to test, she will know that she is pregnant in a few days, because once a woman becomes pregnant, changes in certain parts of the body will become more and more obvious, and it will be obvious to a certain extent, and then it will be slow. People can feel it too. 

So as someone who came here, Xiao Li often tells everyone that he wants to know if he is pregnant in the future, don’t go for a pregnancy test, just wait for the change of the body quietly. 

Because the pregnancy test is very accurate, but very exciting, if you want a child but don’t get pregnant, it will bring a great psychological shock. 

Judging whether you are pregnant through physical changes is a slow process. Even if you are not pregnant in the end, the psychological impact will be much smaller. 

What changes can be used to determine whether a woman is pregnant? It shouldn’t be difficult for people who have experienced pregnancy to know. 

If you have not had such an experience, or if you are still unclear about pregnancy, the following explanation should help you. 

After the couple’s affection How to tell if you are pregnant? Changes in these two parts can give the answer


Once a woman is pregnant successfully, within ten days, there will be obvious changes in the breast, mainly including a tingling sensation and soft breasts. Great performance. 

This is because the hormone levels in the body fluctuate sharply after pregnancy, which stimulates the expansion of the mammary glands and prepares for the next breastfeeding period. 

During this process, sensitive pregnant mothers should be able to clearly feel the pain in the chest, like acupuncture, but the pain is not very strong and can generally be tolerated. 

If you touch your breasts with your hands, you will find that it is significantly softer than before. 


Women will also experience abnormal pain in the abdomen after pregnancy. This is because the fertilized egg is likely to invade the endometrium during the implantation process, and the uterus is in the abdomen, so that the pregnant mother will feel Pain to the abdomen. 

This kind of pain is different from ordinary gastrointestinal colic, but due to the similar location, pregnant mothers who are unknown may not be able to distinguish it. 

However, there is also a way to help pregnant mothers identify, that is, in a few days, as the implantation is successful and the embryo begins to develop, the uterus will expand, causing cramps in the abdomen and causing a “falling sensation.” 

If this situation occurs immediately after abdominal pain, it means that the chance of pregnancy is very high. 

Experienced women can judge whether they are pregnant or not through these two major changes, and these changes all appear about ten days after pregnancy, which is almost the same time as the early pregnancy test strips take effect. 

So, as my colleague Xiao Li suggested, if you want to know if you are pregnant, there is really no need to go for a pregnancy test to increase your psychological burden. Just wait for the physical changes to appear. . 

In addition, women want to judge whether they are pregnant, there are more ways, but the time will be later. 

to judge pregnancy, You can also use pregnancy reaction


Pregnancy reaction refers to the abnormality that a pregnant woman may have in the first trimester (0~3 months), and the most common pregnancy reaction is vomiting Feel it. 

After a successful conception, most women will frequently have an inexplicable vomiting sensation, but they cannot really vomit. If this happens, it probably means that they are pregnant and the fetus should have been developing for a while Up. 


Drowsiness is also a common pregnancy reaction. If a couple’s kiss is about half a month later, women suddenly feel that their need for sleep increases, and even sleeps very much at night. Well, I still have no energy when I wake up in the morning, and it is even more sleepy at noon. Then there is no doubt that you are mostly pregnant. 


Although sleepiness and insomnia are just the opposite, it is strange that insomnia is also a common pregnancy reaction, and it can even happen to the same pregnant mother as sleepiness. 

According to relevant statistics, about 44% of pregnant mothers will experience insomnia symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, but the degree of insomnia. 

Judging whether you are pregnant through the above-mentioned changes is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but compared to a pregnancy test, it does not require additional operations and does not get results in a short time like a pregnancy test. Therefore, it will not bring too much burden to the psychology. 

So female friends who want to have children but are worried that they will not get pregnant, may wish to pay attention to the changes mentioned above. 

If there is no such change within a month or even two months after the intimacy, it means that the possibility of your pregnancy is very low. At this time, even if you go for a pregnancy test, you should be psychologically prepared. “Morning birth” and “afternoon birth”, doctors say that the difference is obvious, mothers can choose the best

Pregnancy in October, when it is finally about to give birth, I believe that many pregnant mothers are mixed with excitement anxious. Especially for many women who give birth to firstborn babies, it is easy to step on the pit if they don’t understand the small details in the production process. Take the question of whether a child is born early or in the afternoon. There are many different voices from relatives, friends, elders, or on the Internet. Some people think that there is no difference, and they will give birth when it is time to give birth; but for other mothers who need to be given birth, or if the doctor tells them that they may need to give birth, it is better to give birth in the morning or at night. The difference in birth is actually very big. 

born in the morning The benefits of the baby being able to occupy the [time of the sky]

Affected by the traditional culture and cultural customs of some places, many elders will think that it would be better for a baby to be born at dawn or in the morning. Especially for babies of some big zodiac signs (such as cow, horse, tiger, and dragon), some superstitious people think that birth in the afternoon or evening is the so-called “tiger downhill”. Not only will the children themselves be very stubborn, but they will also treat the people around them. Have a bad influence. Although these are old calendars, there are still many families who think that babies born in the morning are easier to become talents and have better meanings, so that the children can get more likes from the older generation of relatives. However, the tendency to prefer having a baby in the morning does not mean that it is not good for a child to be born in the afternoon or at night. After all, one’s life success depends on one’s own learning, choices and opportunities. Therefore, unless the elders in the family care about this very much, pregnant mothers don’t need to think too much about this. 

born in the morning The benefits of a baby being able to occupy the right place

Most of the shifts in hospitals start in the morning. After a full rest, the doctors must have a better personal condition than they have been busy all day. Especially for those mothers who were informed by the hospital in advance that natural birth may be risky, choosing a good doctor to prepare for the surgical risks that may be faced is the first step, and choosing the right time is the second step. If you choose to perform surgery after the doctor has been busy for a long time in the afternoon, you may bear the risk of a decline in the doctor’s personal status. In addition, in addition to the chief surgeon, nurses and anesthesiologists also have a top priority on the safety of the mother and the child, so it is best to choose the morning when the entire medical team is just at work. 

In addition, if the pregnant mother gives birth in the morning, it will be more convenient to do some follow-up examinations for herself and her baby after delivery. Especially when there were some minor problems at the beginning, if it was late at night, then it is very likely that the more experienced doctors in other departments have already left work. In this respect, choosing to give birth in the morning is actually choosing a better one to match the overall working hours of the hospital. This approach can minimize unnecessary risks for pregnant mothers and children in possible crisis situations. 

Born in the afternoon Baby can occupy the benefits of [Renhe]

After seeing the benefits of having a baby in the morning for so long, do some pregnant mothers think that it’s no good to be born in the afternoon? actually not. There are pros and cons to having children in the morning and in the afternoon. The benefits of having a baby in the morning mentioned above are actually based on a prerequisite, that is, the pregnant mother’s natural birth may be at risk. Therefore, the hospital has notified the pregnant mother in advance that the pregnant mother may undergo a cesarean section, or has officially notified the pregnant mother of the need. On the basis of cesarean section. In other words, if everything is normal during pregnancy and the doctor in the hospital also thinks it is better to choose natural birth, then the benefits of afternoon birth will be reflected at this time. 

Because pregnant mothers need to gather strength before natural childbirth, this requires adequate rest. Many pregnant mothers will be unable to sleep through the night due to the pressure of the baby in the later stages of pregnancy. If they start childbirth in the morning, they may not have enough energy to face a series of follow-up links. And if the childbirth starts in the afternoon, the pregnant mother’s rest will be better guaranteed. In addition, if you choose natural birth, the pregnant mother will also supplement nutrition within a few hours before birth to ensure adequate physical fitness. If you wake up in the morning and have to give birth, in order to prevent vomiting during delivery, you will not have the opportunity to live a good life like the mothers who started giving birth in the afternoon. In short, if it is a natural childbirth, it must wait until the pregnant mother has prepared everything properly before starting to give birth to a baby. 

Therefore, whether it is to give birth in the morning or in the afternoon, pregnant mothers can choose according to their own needs. For example, even if they have decided to choose a cesarean section, they may start giving birth in the afternoon in order to make up for the gap of an experienced doctor. Rather than blindly thinking that the morning or afternoon will be’must be good’ or’must be bad’.

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