How do newborns cut their nails? Common sense about newborn nails, help your baby get rid of the “weapons”

How do newborns cut their nails? Common sense about newborn nails, help your baby remove the “weapon”

Have you ever been scratched by a baby? I have. I didn’t expect that a baby who was just born had such a strong strength and sharp nails, and after being caught, he would not dare to break his hand easily. Moreover, his murder weapon not only hurts others, even himself, it’s white and tender. The tender face is always scarred by the scratches of his nails, and it always becomes a “little cat” in seconds. 

But parents should be asked to cut the baby’s nails, but they are afraid of hurting the baby, and not long after they were born, their little hands are always clenched into fists and they like to move around. Of course, more parents don’t Can cut, so many parents dare not to cut, so after reading this article, you will know how to cut your baby’s nails. 

Baby’s “kill weapon”–nails

nails It can be said that it is the “kill weapon” that the baby is born with, and the newborn’s nails grow very fast. When the baby is 1-2 months old, his nails grow at a rate of 0.1mm per day. Parents need to wait for the baby The nails can only be cut when they are fully grown and formed. This is usually a month later. 

If the nails are not cut in time after they are long, dirt and dirt will be hidden in the nails. Whether it is the baby scratching the skin or sucking the fingers, it is not safe for the baby. 

The best way to cut your baby’s nails

Facing with your baby’s nails, parents shouldn’t worry about it. They still have to do it. Parents can cut according to the growth rate of their baby’s nails, usually once a week, preferably no more than three times. If you find that your nails are split or worn, you should trim them at any time to prevent scratches. 

Before 1, 2 years old

Baby age is different, the way to cut nails is also different. It is recommended to do it when babies are asleep before 2 years old, because sleeping babies will not In disorder, parents are safer when trimming, and sleeping babies are less sensitive to the outside world, and will not feel scared or horrified. 

2, after 2 years old

Baby after 2 years old is basically able to understand the intentions of parents, and is more courageous and not too afraid of cutting nails. 

So when you trim your baby’s nails after 2 years of age, parents should clearly inform them that it’s time to trim their nails, and ask them how to cooperate, and give the baby praise or rewards after the trimming, and encourage them to do the same next time. Can also cooperate with parents’ actions. 

Remember, you must not force your baby to cut their nails when they resist, as this may leave a psychological shadow on them. 

How do I cut my baby’s nails? 

How to trim the baby’s nails is a difficult problem for parents. Before trimming the nails, you need to prepare the baby’s special nail clippers, and then hold the baby’s hand while they are asleep. 

Split the baby’s five fingers, pinch one of the fingers you want to cut, cut one for another, don’t forget to round after you’re done roughly. Parents should use their fingertips to follow along. Touch the side of your nails again to avoid any sharp spots. 

In addition, pay attention when cutting the baby, and not cut too deeply, so as not to hurt the skin. 

In short, make preparations before cutting your nails. If you are still worried about “testing” on other people a few times, don’t be afraid to cut with confidence when you have mastered the strength and angle! “It’s good to give birth to a boy, and a boy can pass on from generation to generation.” In today’s society, how many such assholes are there.

Maybe many people are unwilling to write this article. In fact, I myself can’t understand why now In my life, there is more patriarchy. Whether in big cities or rural areas, the phenomenon of patriarchy is so serious. 

The ancients said: There are three kinds of unfilial piety, and no one is the greatest. If the child born is a son, it can be passed on from generation to generation, and the surnames of the relics left by the ancestors will continue to be passed down, but the daughters are married, just like the water poured out, they will also belong to someone else’s family, and they will give birth to other people. Even if he gave birth to a son, he would not have his own family name. In the eyes of the elderly, only the birth of a son can make the family more and more prosperous. So they don’t like to have daughters from the bottom of their hearts. 

There are several friends and sisters around me, their The mother-in-law always urges to give birth to a son, and even secretly tells people whether it’s a girl or a boy. If it’s a girl, the mother-in-law will force them to get rid of them. If they don’t give birth to a son, they don’t give up. This hurts the unformed child. Is it really good? Children are all angels, all innocent. 

In today’s society, people with a son and a daughter want to keep their property with their sons. Daughters may marry a little dowry, or girls may earn dowry by themselves. 

If we accuse our parents of being children, why do you love your younger brother or your elder brother but you don’t love me. Some parents even tell you with confidence: I raised you so big and fed you and clothed you, so why didn’t I hurt you? Some parents are even more exaggerated: raising you so big means nothing wrong with you. They just hope that you will marry a good family and can help your younger brother or elder brother in the future. 

Like the birth of “Su Mingyu”, you have no choice. 

The TV series “Everything is Good”, which was very popular last year, didn’t even think about Su’s mother until she died. After seeing this daughter, Su Mingyu was unhappy from birth, and her father was weak and dare not say anything. He never defended her. My mother always eats meat with two older brothers, she just doesn’t have anything. For all kinds of things, she has always been two older brothers first, and she can only accept the mother’s arrangement wronged. 

In order to let her two brothers read Married his wife and sold the house twice, letting Su Mingyu, who had grown up, sleep with them. Su’s mother’s practice allowed Su Mingyu to see her own status in the family step by step. Even she wanted to study abroad, Su’s mother kept breaking her mind. It can be said that Su Mingyu’s childhood was full of misery. It is the mother’s patriarchal thinking that makes a girl break into society very early. 

After Su’s mother passed away, Su’s father saw that Su Mingyu is doing so well now, and even told Su Mingyu that I was going to live in a big house. Kind to the daughter. The reason is that his sons can’t afford to buy a big house for him. Su Mingyu can help him fulfill his dream for many years, but Su Mingyu’s native family has never loved her well. 

If we cannot become “Su Mingyu”, we will Will become “Fan Shengmei”

When Su Mingyu grows up, he has almost handled everything about the size of his native family properly. In today’s current situation, few girls become “Su Mingyu”. You can succeed in your own way. 

There are almost no people who are as bold as Su Mingyu to stand up. Many people are like Fan Shengmei. An ordinary person does the most ordinary job in a big city. But the family is a very good job, and the salary is high. Parents have never thought about their daughters, they are always responsive to their sons, they never consider how their daughters are living outside, and are harsh to their daughters in every possible way. 

Every time his mother calls him, she is full of hope, and in the end she is full of disappointment. His parents are forcing their daughter to become a “helper demon”. Fan Shengmei’s life is not the life of many girls in today’s society. 

The childhood of “patriarchal What thoughts:

1. Insecure, don’t like others to help

Children’s experience of “preferring boys to girls” since childhood will feel insecure and feel that they do everything by themselves Yes, even if others want to help them, they will think that this kind of thing can be done by myself, without the help of others, and they like to be independent. 

2. Don’t like to make friends

Insecure children find it difficult to trust others. Even if others want to make friends with them, they also reject others and like to be alone. of. 

3. No self-confidence

For patriarchal families, they have never had self-confidence. Parents have always thought about their sons and never looked at their daughters well. Even if their daughters are excellent, they are still the best sons. , Resulting in them having no self-confidence since childhood. 

Finally, for the current family, many parents are short of money and jobs, thinking about whether their daughters are living well or marrying well can help their sons. The sons are really good for them to provide for the elderly. The capital of the country, so there are all kinds of sayings to the daughter, even if the daughter is married and has her own family, she still fights for the benefit of the son in various forms. Did you talk about your feelings up to now? We can share in the comments section

Will the unfortunate child in childhood follow it for a lifetime? 

Someone once asked me if it’s the misfortune of my childhood, if I will live with myself for a lifetime, or if I don’t deserve to have happiness in my entire life. In fact, it is not. Happiness can be done by your own efforts. God will always be Fairness, what you bring to you will also cause you to lose something. There is no perfect person in the world. As long as you are satisfied with your current life, this is enough.

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