How do couples in various countries use contraception? Each country’s preferences are different, it’s okay to understand

How do couples in various countries use contraception? Each country has different preferences, so it’s no harm to find out.

When it comes to the choice of contraceptive methods, do you know which method is safe and effective? What are the preferences of people in different countries for contraceptive methods? What? 

Case study:

Xiao Wu and her boyfriend got married because of their work. As soon as they met, there would be endless topics. Within two months, the two of them had a romantic relationship. Then Xiao Wu moved to the boyfriend’s dormitory to live with him. Xiao Wu’s current job is a new job, and the conditions of treatment are good in all aspects, and it is also very suitable for Xiao Wu’s personality. 

The boyfriend’s job is on the rise, The leaders value him very much, so the two of them have no intention of getting married and having a baby for the time being, so they have also taken contraceptive measures at ordinary times. One day two people forgot to take contraceptive measures, but they did not expect that it was that time when Xiao Wu became pregnant with a baby. Faced with this sudden little life, the two were obviously not prepared. After discussing with the parents of both sides, the old man did not recommend Xiao Wu to have a baby. 

After all, abortion is bad for your body, and Individuals do have plans to get married in a few years. Early births and later births are all born. Now that the fate of the child and them comes, then they are born. Although the child was born with the elderly to take care of, Xiao Wu can still devote time and energy to work, but after becoming a mother, Xiao Wu can not worry about her young baby. Career and family can’t have both career and family. Bao’s mother can only promote Career opportunities hand in hand. 

In fact, about contraceptive methods, each country’s Preferences are different, and in China, the most common contraceptive methods are the following. 

What are the most common contraceptive methods in China? 

First: Condoms

Condoms are a contraceptive method commonly used by many people. They can prevent viruses from entering the body and achieve the purpose of effective contraception. Compared with other contraceptive methods, this method can be said to have no side effects, and the success rate is also high. 

Second: Safe period contraception

Many couples also choose the safe period of contraception. Safe period contraception is actually staggering the ovulation risk period. Generally speaking, women are at risk two weeks before menstruation or one week after menstruation ends. Missing this period is the safe period, but the effect of using this method is not so good. There are still many couples who will be pregnant with babies. . 

Third: Ligation

< p>Although ligation is the best contraceptive method, and it can also achieve permanent contraceptive effect, it is actually very risky. After all, it is also a minor operation. In China, the vast majority of ligation operations are performed by women. If the birth control ring remains in the female body for a long time, there will be many unforeseen risks. 

The above types are mostly used by Chinese Contraceptive methods, so how do couples in various countries contraceptive? Everyone understands that there is no harm. 

What are the contraceptive methods in other countries? 

1. The United States

The United States has a very developed economy, so Americans are also very open-minded, and the contraceptive methods used by Americans are generally ligation. Unlike the Chinese, most of the ligation in the United States is male, which is simpler and safer than female ligation, and it will not affect the male body. 

2, Germany

The vast majority of women in Germany will use contraceptives to control their birth, and only a small number of women will choose to use birth control rings for contraception. However, long-term use of contraceptives will actually bring a lot of harm to women’s bodies, such as endocrine disorders, and serious harms such as amenorrhea, which can lead to infertility over time. 

3, Africa

In most people’s minds, modern society is developing rapidly, and there are more and more choices of contraceptive methods, but there are also some countries that have very little understanding of contraceptive knowledge. For example, in Africa, the economic conditions of this country are very backward, because of the lack of contraceptive methods, the fertility rate is very high, and many women have to abort because of unexpected pregnancy. 

Contraception is actually a form of contraception for women Protective measures. Therefore, regardless of whether women are married or not, they must take protective measures without planning to have children. This is not only to protect yourself, but also to be responsible for the child. If you give up contraceptive measures due to a temporary accident, only the women and the baby will be injured in the end. The child took a valuable water cup to the kindergarten and was broken. The other party only wanted to pay 50 yuan. The principal is very good.

When the child grows up to a certain age, he needs to enter the kindergarten to receive education. While improving his ability, he can also learn Some knowledge can promote the growth of children. In order to help children have a better life in the kindergarten, parents will prepare some related supplies in advance, including clothes, shoes and water glasses. 

Recently, a parent encountered a cup When it was unpleasant, it was fortunate that the head of the park handled it properly, so that the contradiction was resolved. 

“The cup I bought for my child is a few hundred yuan, only Compensation of 50 is too little!”

Xiao Hu’s child is 4 years old and is working in kindergarten. To make drinking water more convenient and safer for the children, Xiao Hu specially asked a friend to buy an imported thermos cup for several hundred. Let the child take it for use in the kindergarten, but within a few days of use, the cup broke. 

Xiao Hu’s child has had a thermos cup ever since , I often use it, and almost carry it with him. If it weren’t for extracurricular activities, the child would want to hold it in his arms and use it so sparingly, how could he break it? After Xiao Hu asked the children, he learned that it was a child in the class who knocked the cup over, and the cup slipped along the edge of the table and fell to the ground before it broke. Then Xiao Hu and the teacher looked at the monitoring of the day and found which one Parents of children. 

After negotiation, the parents of the other party were not willing to pay the full amount and only wanted to pay 50 yuan, but Xiao Hu felt that it cost hundreds of yuan to buy a cup, and only 50 yuan was too much. not enough. The two sides couldn’t argue, the teacher was in a dilemma, and the problem was too late to resolve, so he alarmed the principal who was about to leave work. 

After understanding the situation, the director said: “This incident is not just the child’s fault, we also have certain problems in management. Except for the 50 yuan compensation from the other parent, our kindergarten will compensate you (Xiao Hu) for the rest. In addition, we hope that parents You can support and understand the work of the kindergarten more. Don’t bring valuables like this in the future. Otherwise, there will be damage or loss, and we will not be able to deal with it. This time we will take a warning.”

Bringing valuables into the park has many potential problems! 

There is nothing wrong with parents who want their children to live better after entering the kindergarten, but they should also be within a reasonable range. The practice of buying high-priced imported water cups like Xiao Hu does not actually meet the needs of the children at this stage. 

The kindergarten environment is complicated and the children are just lively and good When moving, there will inevitably be a stumbling. In case of damage or loss of valuables, the process of investigating responsibility and claiming compensation not only affects the child’s mental state, but also hinders the improvement of the child’s communicative ability. This is Can not be ignored. 

“Keep in sync” with other children, more in line with children’s current The needs of the stage! 

People have a certain degree of exclusivity, including children, but because children are not deeply involved in the world and do not have the ability to face “exclusiveness”, “maverick” will only make children more lonely. Therefore, it is the easiest way to “keep in sync” with others in general. This will not only help children integrate into the group, but also help improve all aspects of abilities. Parents are advised not to let their children become that “special” prematurely. The presence. 

It can be seen that the child has entered the kindergarten with valuables It will bring some potential problems. For the sake of a better life for the child, it is better to temporarily “keep in sync” with others. So parents, have you ever encountered a similar situation? How did you deal with it?

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