How do celebrities name their children? The first one looked distressed, the last one looked envious

How do celebrities name their children? The first one looked distressed, and the last one looked envious

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Do you know the real names of those familiar Star II? 

Writer: Shao Fei

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

In recent years, various There are many kinds of parent-child variety shows. Many stars of the second generation have come to the front and are well-known. In addition to their cute appearance and ghost horse character, they also have interesting and nice names. However, these little cute The nickname is familiar to everyone, but do you all know the real name on the hukou? 

The real names of the second generation of stars start from the bottom

1, Chen Xiaochun’s son

His nickname is Jasper. His soft personality is the opposite of his parents’ fiery temper. In contrast to his father Chen Xiaochun, he is warm and cute. He instantly became popular on the Internet, and Jasper and Carlsberg (Xiaoyuer’s famous name) are also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As for his real name, some people have speculated that it was the “chenpi” that Chen Xiaochun had previously laughed at. 

Actually, Jasper’s real Chinese name is “Chen Yinjie”, which looks classic and full of meaning. The original meaning of “yin” means inherited from descendants, and “jie” also means victory, which shows that parents have poured a lot of love into it. 

However, there are too many strokes, and it may be difficult for children to write their names every time. It can be seen that Chen Xiaochun has cheated a son invisibly, which is really full of distress. 

2. Baobell’s daughter

The nickname is called dumplings, sometimes dull, sometimes horrible, and even more golden sentences, which have been loved by many audiences. The origin of the nickname dumpling, according to his father Bao Beier, is because he likes to eat dumplings. 

However, the real name of the dumpling is It is very nice, and as the name suggests, it is called “Bao Keai”, which makes people laugh happily when they hear it. 

3. Sha Yi’s sons

Sha Yi and Hu Ke have raised two lovely sons, whose nicknames are Anji and Xiaoyuer respectively. Among them, the older brother Anji has a calm and calm personality. There is a elder brother’s demeanor, and the younger brother Xiao Yu’er is a ghost. 

It is reported that Anji’s real name is “Sha Junbo” and Xiao Yuer’s real name is “Sha Junliang”. The two names are not only nice, but also make people know that they are brothers at first glance.

4, Jia Jingwen’s daughter


The eldest daughter born to Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai is popular with everyone because of her big eyes and outstanding looks. Like her fairy-like appearance, her real name is also very immortal, called “Xiu “Yun Fei”.

5. Qi Wei’s daughter

Qi Wei and Lee Seung-hyun’s daughter’s nickname is lucky, and her appearance is just a copy of her mother, coupled with the character of a ghost horse, sucking There are countless fans. Her nickname is full of meaning, but her real name is more profound.

Lucky’s real name in Chinese is Li Leqi, which is the homophonic Li love Qi, which carries the sweet love between her parents. I am envious.

These above The second generation of stars, not only the nickname is interesting, but the name is better. It can be seen that parents are very good at naming.

In fact, it is not difficult for parents to give their children a good name. Avoid some thunder District, and then modified, a nice name came into being.

Parents of these common minefields should avoid naming these areas

Minedfield 1: Homophonic ambiguity

Many people’s names are good by looking at their surnames and first names, but the combination is a little strange, and even triggers embarrassing events. For example, names like Pang Guang, Zhu Yiqun, Cai Taixian, just look at the words It sounds good and contains deep meaning, but when combined, it is completely changed.

For this, parents need to avoid similar homophonic ambiguities when naming their children.

Lei Zone 2: Uncommon or polyphonic characters

In order to pursue uniqueness, some parents will choose some uncommon or polyphonic characters when naming their children to show their distinctive temperament, but in this way, the characteristics are , But troubles follow.


Like some rare words, the computer can’t type it out, so when the child goes to school, it will be troublesome. And those polyphonic characters were embarrassed to each other when they were called into another pronunciation. 

Minefield 3: Too popular

Some parents try to name their children, while others are very casual, or follow the trend of film and television and the Internet, or use naming software. The child’s name was decided. 

According to an inventory of Xinhuanet, the names of Zihan, Zihan, and Haoxuan have become the hardest-hit areas named after the 10th generation. 

Three skills for naming children

1. Easy to read and write

The name is also a symbol of a person. The first requirement is to be easy to understand, easy to read and write, and catchy. 

There have been studies conducted by psychologists. Children whose names are easy to read and write generally have strong social skills and good social connections. 

2. Harmony of fonts

The beauty of rhyme and the matching of writing, the name sounds and looks like a spring breeze. Especially in writing, in life, every aspect will be useful when signing, and a good signature will leave a deep impression on people. 

3. Containing meanings

Parents can express their own meanings for the present or the future. For example, Chen Yinjie includes Chen Xiaochun’s expectations for his son’s future, and Li Leqi It includes Lee Seung-hyun’s full love for Qi Wei. 

[Xing Yun Shuo] Name It is a person’s business card and a status symbol. It will accompany it for a lifetime. Therefore, parents should not be kidding in this matter.  Brother loves milk, younger brother loves soy milk , A year later, the difference is a bit big, a balanced diet is very important

Under normal circumstances, the fat content of whole milk is about 3%, semi-skimmed milk is 1.5%, and whole skimmed milk is about less than 0.5%. It is generally whole for children. Fat milk. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

As the saying goes: “Eat breakfast well”, then In order for parents to provide a nutritious breakfast for their children, milk or soy milk is the best healthy and nutritious drink. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant


Minmin has a pair of twin sons over 6 years old. Although the two little guys look almost exactly the same, they have completely different personalities and loves. 

Among breakfast drinks, the eldest son, Xiaozhi, likes to drink the soy milk squeezed by his mother, while the younger son, Xiaojie, likes to drink pure milk. 

Therefore, when Minmin prepares breakfast drinks, he will prepare them according to their preferences. After a year of experience, two little guys of the same size and appearance have a gap, and love to drink milk. His younger brother is obviously taller than his elder brother, but his face looks worse than his elder brother. 

Drink milk often The difference between children who drink soy milk

1, height

For children in the growth and development stage, calcium is essential and necessary for bone development. Milk contains 120 grams per hundred grams. For milligrams of calcium, the same amount of soy milk only contains 10-20 ml. 

Therefore, the younger brother who drinks milk for a long time will develop better bones, and he will be taller than the older brother who drinks soy milk. 

According to foreign research data, the height of people who drink milk will increase by about one centimeter. 

2. Face color

Compared with the same amount of milk, the iron element contained in soy milk is much more. On average, every 100 grams of soy milk contains 1.2 mg of iron. , The milk is only 0.02 mg. 

Iron is an important part of the human blood. It participates in the production of hemoglobin and has the function of hematopoietic production. Therefore, supplementing a sufficient amount of iron will make a person’s complexion look better. 

3. Body

The fat content of whole milk is about 3%, semi-skimmed milk is about 1.5%, and total skimmed milk is below 0.5%. The milk for children is generally whole milk, although the fat content not tall. 

The fat content in soy milk is about 0.7%, plus it is rich in vitamins, which can break down the body’s excess fat, so that our body contains a lower body fat rate, which will make you drink soy milk regularly The child is of moderate build. 

for children to drink Precautions for soy milk and milk

The time should not be too early. 

Although soy milk is rich in nutrients, it is not suitable for young children because their gastrointestinal function development is not perfect, and their digestive ability is relatively poor. Drinking can easily cause indigestion, bloating, etc. , It is recommended to drink at least after one year old. 

Regarding milk, parents might say that some children drink it right after they are born? In fact, this is not the case. The baby drinks formula milk after birth. For milk, the World Health Organization advises babies not to take skim milk as their main food before they are two years old, which means they can drink milk only after they are two years old. 

Further reading: How can parents ensure that their children’s nutrition is comprehensive? 

1. Eat a balanced diet

Many children will suffer from picky eaters, but this is mostly due to the spoiling of parents, because some parents think that as long as the baby can eat food, it is enough. Specially make some foods that they like to eat, it is easy to develop children’s habit of picky eaters and partial eclipse for a long time. 

But this kind of bad habit easily leads to incomplete nutrition intake, which cannot meet the needs of growth and development. 

Therefore, parents should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in their diet, and pay attention to a balanced diet, so that their children can grow healthier. 

2. Control the intake of snacks

Children love to eat snacks, even adults sometimes like to eat a little bit, but parents should not spoil their babies too much and control it. Intake, if they eat too much snacks, or even treat them as staple food, then it is easy to cause nutritional insufficiency and growth and development. Parents can give their children some nuts when they want to eat snacks. Or fruit. 

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