How can pregnant women eat before giving birth in order to replenish their fertility + give birth quickly? Caesarean section is very different

How can pregnant women eat before giving birth in order to replenish their fertility + give birth quickly? Caesarean section is very different from normal delivery

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The production requires a lot of money In this process, if the physical strength is insufficient, the pregnant woman and the fetus may be at risk, so it is important to supplement energy before delivery. 

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The reason why pregnant women have to eat before giving birth

Many people think that pregnant women are so painful in giving birth, how can they eat? Those who have this idea are usually laymen, because eating before delivery is not the mother’s own will, but a last resort–

It takes a lot of physical effort to give birth, whether it is a normal delivery or a caesarean section. If pregnant women do not get enough nutrition to maintain their physical strength before giving birth, it will cause serious consequences. 

One is lack of energy during delivery The uterus does not have the strength to support its contraction, so it is very likely that the problem of production stagnation will occur, and the entire production time will be prolonged. In this case, the fetus is prone to embarrassment in the uterus; second, even during the production process In the middle, after some operations to assist the child, the child can be born smoothly, and it may also cause problems in the mother’s body. After the birth, there is no physical support, the uterus is difficult to contract normally, and there may be a risk of pregnancy. 

Therefore, it’s the mother and the fetus that eating full before giving birth Words are very important and are related to the health of both parties and the smooth progress of labor. 

Successful childbirth pays attention to replenishing physical strength

We all know that natural childbirth is recognized as the best method of production. For babies, the squeezing of the birth canal during the birth can help the lungs Elimination of stagnant water can reduce the probability of suffocation, and also reduce the chance of other lung problems, and the immunity will be relatively stronger. 

However, normal delivery is also very important The grind is even more a protracted battle for pregnant mothers. 

Statistics show that: the time required for normal delivery varies greatly among individuals. There is a significant difference between primipara and multiparturient women. Usually, primiparous women need 16 to 18 hours. It takes 6 to 8 hours for the postpartum women. In some special cases, it can be over in 3 hours, or over 24 hours. 

This is because normal labor requires contractions, labor pains, and labor, which requires a lot of physical strength. If you want to maintain sufficient physical strength, you need to provide supplements before delivery. 

A, with high nutritional value , High-calorie foods mainly

such as eggs, soy products, etc.

Reason: You need to consume a lot of physical energy during normal labor. These things have enough calories and nutritional value and are easy to use , The purchase is relatively simple, and at the same time easy to digest, pregnant women can eat these foods to keep the body enough calories and physical strength. 

B. Replenish a certain amount of water

Warm water, porridge, etc.

Reason: pregnant women usually excrete a lot of sweat due to pain and other problems during delivery Therefore, in addition to ensuring food supply, you must add an appropriate amount of water, usually warm water for replenishment;

Many pregnant women may have a complex taste in their mouths, and drinking water will aggravate discomfort. In this case, too You can choose liquid or semi-liquid food for replenishment. Congee is a good choice, which can also supplement water and is also easy to digest. This can help the smooth progress of production while replenishing physical strength. 

Note: Supplementary food should be adhered to The principle of proper amount, eating too much will not only not have the effect of replenishing physical strength, but will also cause overburden on the stomach and intestines, indigestion and other problems, which hinder the production process. 

Caesarean section should pay attention to physical strength supplementation

In terms of prenatal physical strength supplement, caesarean section requires more attention and is more complicated than normal delivery. 

In the choice of food, you should also choose foods with high nutritional value, but pay attention to avoid cold foods and foods with stimulating effects, such as Korean ginseng, ginseng and seafood. 

Because this kind of food has a strong excitatory effect, and some seafood will contain more organic acid substances, which will inhibit the aggregation of platelets and affect wound healing. 

A. Take a light diet as Mainly

Wontons, small breads, etc.

Reason: In order to keep the intestines clean, it is necessary to choose a light diet as much as possible, and the eating time is different from the normal delivery. Caesarean section is usually to determine the operation After time, the eating standard for the night before is as above, and no food is allowed within the first 8 hours. 

B. Do not drink water

Drinking water is used to replenish the water lost in the body during a normal delivery, but it is not possible for a cesarean section. Drinking water is not allowed before the operation, especially It is not allowed to eat within 4 hours before delivery to prevent vomiting during anesthesia and choking to the throat, which will affect the safety of pregnant women.  After pregnancy, pregnant mothers don’t forget to enjoy The “privilege” granted by the state can save a lot of money

Text | Mom’s Tao (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Pregnancy is for others It is a small matter, but it is very important for the entire country and my family. 

In addition, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s physical state is more dangerous, and it may be difficult to control her emotions due to the influence of endocrine. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers can enjoy some “privileges” no matter in society or at home. 

There are four “privileges” granted by the state to pregnant mothers, two of which can save money

✔ Nearly 100 days of maternity leave

Mom can enjoy about 98 days of maternity leave, 15 days before giving birth, if unfortunately there is a dystocia, you can add 15 days of maternity leave. 

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Other regions have made different arrangements for their local maternity leave, which has extended a lot. For example, the longest maternity leave in Fujian Province is 180 days, and that in Guangdong is 178 days. , Shanghai is 128 days, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Anhui, Sichuan, Ningxia and other places are 158 days. 

Ruobao’s mom is a regular employee of the company and can enjoy paid vacation. 

✔ There are free maternity check-ups

For women who want to have a baby or are already pregnant, the state also gives some discounts. Some pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy check-ups are already free, and parents also There is no need to do fewer check-ups due to financial problems, and increase the risks for yourself and your baby. 

Take Guangzhou as an example:

Pregnant mothers need to go to the community health service center to establish a card. The obstetrical check-up items during the card establishment process are free, including blood and urine routines, etc. Wait, pay attention to the past on an empty stomach, there are still time limits in some places, and parents also need to know in time. 

You need to go after the card is built The neighborhood committee receives some coupons for free check-ups, including: five routine check-ups, thalassemia (both father and mother-to-be), zona pellucida scan at the back of the neck, common chromosome aneuploidy, etc., which will be detailed in the form given by the neighborhood committee Indicate the time of the inspection. 

With these vouchers, pregnant mothers can save a lot of expenses for the check-up. 

✔ Enjoy labor protection

The policy stipulates that the employer cannot terminate the labor contract with the mother during pregnancy and lactation at will. If such a situation is encountered, the mother can take up legal weapons protect yourself. 

✔ Second-child benefits

After the opening of the second-child policy, there are more subsidies related to the second child. If a pregnant mother is pregnant with two children at a time, she can take an extra 15 days off Maternity leave. 

There are also births in different places And housing subsidies, pregnant mothers can get their family members to learn more about the local situation. 

What “privileges” can pregnant mothers enjoy in their family and life? 

▶ Vent your emotions

After pregnancy, women are very emotionally unstable due to the influence of endocrine and physical conditions. They may feel sad and tantrums because of a small matter, but they will Holding your temper in your heart hurts your body, so let’s vent it. 

If you have considerate family members, pregnant mothers can vent their emotions or be coaxed by other family members at will. 

▶ Become the center of the family

Pregnant mother helped the family nurture a new little life, and the body is also in a very fragile state, whether in the family or going out to party , Will basically become the center of the topic. 

Every day you can enjoy family and Friends are hushing and asking warmth, and family members are busy and worried about themselves. 

However, after the baby is born, the baby immediately becomes the center of the family, and pregnant mothers also need to prepare in advance to adapt to the sense of gap. 

▶ Don’t care about dressing up

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers’ requirements for dressing and dressing are how to be safe and comfortable, even if it’s not trimmed. Many people understand. 

▶ Help yourself to develop good living habits

Throughout pregnancy, only when Bao’s mother has good living habits, including diet, sleep, exercise, etc., can she and her baby’s body Healthier. 

Pregnant mothers can also use this Opportunity, really adjust one’s own state, even after giving birth, can also have good living habits. 

How should family members help pregnant mothers? 

▶ Pay attention to them all the time

Pregnancy is a very hard thing, and pregnant mothers need the care and care of their relatives very much at this time. 

Research shows that about 10% of women experience varying degrees of depression during pregnancy. 

Therefore, the family can follow the pregnant mother in many things and care about their preferences. 

▶ Learning parenting knowledge

Parents actively learning parenting knowledge can reduce the pressure on pregnant mothers, increase their trust in the family, and look forward to the arrival of the baby. 

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