How can it be appropriate to “announce” in the circle of friends after the child is born? There are three ways that are quite annoying

How can it be appropriate to “announce” in the circle of friends after the child is born? There are three ways that are quite annoying.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Sheng After the child is over, people usually confess good news to those around them. In the past, everyone walked through the streets and crossed homes. Now the Internet is very developed. Everyone usually sends this good news by sending WeChat Moments. However, the seemingly simple Announcement of the Moments of Friends actually requires a lot of attention. 

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The Annunciation triggered a collective complaint. The cause was a circle of friends.

After Xiaoxiao was pregnant, the whole family was very happy. It was just two days before the baby was born, laughed The laughing husband can’t wait to post to Moments. 

The whole family is immersed in the joy of the arrival of a new life, and there is no time to manage her husband’s circle of friends. Until Xiaoxiao and her husband’s friends sent their blessings to Xiaoxiao, saying: Your husband is very good, and he gave birth to a belt. 

What friends say makes a smile immediately I noticed something was wrong, but it seemed like a blessing, but it was teasing. I quickly turned on the phone and opened the husband’s circle of friends. After reading the content, I was dumbfounded. The circle of friends also mocked them for showing off having a son. 

After her husband came back, he smiled and was annoyed, so he quickly deleted the circle of friends. After the parents-in-law knew it, they blamed their son for not having emotional intelligence, and the news of the news could be messed up, and they also caused a lot of complaints. 

These three ways of Annunciation in Moments are irritating, and they are all self-inflicted when they are scolded.

1) Ask for red envelopes directly

There are many places to give children red envelopes. There will be traditional customs, but this is usually at the full moon or during the day. Even if children are born in some places, they will give red envelopes, which are only relatively close relatives and friends. 

When the child is born, this kind of etiquette is directly put on the table. It is good for people close to them. After all, there will be this process. It is only a matter of time. 

But for some WeChat friends who are not close, it will be more embarrassing, because the relationship is not so close that you can directly “ask for” the red envelope. If you see this message, you will not send it. Appearing stingy, this is naturally easy to disgust. 

Common contents are:

“Uncles and aunts, the baby is born, please give me a red envelope?”

“The son is born, he Say I want some red envelopes!”

2) Emphasize the gender of the child

Some families may be more concerned about the gender of the child, so they will highlight the gender when posting a message in the circle of friends, and be full of ostentation. 

However, most people nowadays recognize that men and women are equal, and this kind of unequal thinking is naturally easy to cause complaints. 

Common content includes:

“My daughter-in-law has worked hard, gave me a gift!”

“My son is born, I +Finally, the family has a successor.”

In addition: boys are born as “the joy of Nongzhang”, and girls are born as “the joy of Nongwa”. 

3) Crazy refreshing< /p>

The birth of a newborn is naturally a great joy for the family. It cannot be celebrated too much. However, for other friends, he is just happy for you with a blessing, usually one or two Moments of friends are enough. 

If you use your circle of friends as an outlet for your joy, not only will your friends hate you, but your children will even become bored. 

What should I do after giving birth” “Annunciation” is appropriate

The first type: simple and clear

The child is the protagonist of the whole event. Therefore, when telling this matter, the child should be the mainstay. The highlight of the event is ” The child is born”. 

Of course, as the person who pays the most for childbirth, mothers also need to be thanked. If the father sends out the circle of friends, you can bring a sentence like “work hard wife”, which can not only make the circle of friends feel The happiness of your family can also make the mother of hard labor feel warm. 

At the same time, the state of the child’s birth and the state of the wife can also be described, such as “mother and child safe”, “everything goes well” and so on. 

In short, the sentences should be short and the main points should be prominent. 

The second type: data report Preparation

Some parents will bring along some data about the birth of their child, such as time and weight, when they send out a happy message. For example, “what time is the child of a certain family born, how much catty does it weigh, etc.”. 

This method is very memorable and can let parents know the state of the child at birth. Of course, some parents may be afraid of revealing their privacy, and they can also save some information. 

The third type: fixed group Annunciation

In fact, the happiest thing to give birth to a child is only one’s own family, and it was originally a matter within the family. 

In addition, it may be that some close relatives and friends will be more concerned, so you can also choose to send this good news to your family group or friends group when you announce the good news, so it will not Cause distress to others.  It is recommended that pregnant women eat less of these foods before going to bed. Easily lead to body edema and cause hypoxia in the fetus

Pregnant women want to eat something before going to bed to relieve their hunger, can they eat whatever they want? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

For pregnant women, people often say: “One person eats two People make up”, so many pregnant mothers let go of eating with this idea, thinking that only by eating more can the healthy growth of their fetuses be ensured. 

Some expectant mothers will feel hungry before going to bed, and they will gradually develop the habit of eating something before going to bed. The digestive ability of pregnant mothers is not particularly good, so you should pay more attention to the food you eat. , Otherwise it may cause harm to yourself and the fetus. 

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Foods that cannot be eaten before going to bed during pregnancy

1. Foods that are too greasy

Typical representatives: chicken soup, fried chicken legs, fried ham, hamburger Wait. 

Harm to pregnant mothers:

a. Increase gastrointestinal burden

During pregnancy, due to changes in body hormones, expectant mothers’ gastrointestinal motility becomes poor , Which in turn leads to poor digestion, and the greasy food itself is difficult to digest, which invisibly increases the burden on the stomach and intestines of pregnant mothers. 

b. Affect the quality of sleep

Pregnant mothers eat too greasy food and are difficult to digest, which will cause the stomach and intestines of the mother-to-be to stay in working condition after falling asleep. Quality affects. 

c. Cause pregnancy complications

Because the food is too greasy, the fat content and calories are relatively high, so use during pregnancy can easily lead to excessive weight gain, and sometimes even cause pregnancy Complications in the early stage, which increases the risk of childbirth. 

Hazards to the fetus:

a. It is easy to cause giant babies.

Pregnant mothers eat a lot of greasy food, not only will their own weight increase, but the fetus will also easily become giant babies. 

b. It is not good for the development of the fetus.

Fried greasy foods are easy to nourish bacteria and parasites at an immature pace, which may cause damage to the growth and development of the fetus. influences. 

2. Foods with relatively high sugar content

Typical representatives: chocolate, candy, cake, bread, etc. 

Harm to pregnant mothers:

a. Excessive weight gain

Foods with high sugar content are mostly high in calories, plus eating before going to bed, excess calories If you can’t consume it, then the pregnant mother often eats it before going to bed, which can easily lead to excessive weight gain. 

b. Affect sleep quality

Sweets with high sugar content in food can easily stimulate the brain and make the brain in a more excited state, which may cause difficulty falling asleep at night , The quality of sleep is affected. 

c. Inducing dental caries

Pregnant mothers themselves are prone to dental problems during pregnancy. If they fall asleep without washing them in time after eating sweets, it is very difficult to induce dental caries. 

Hazard to the fetus:

a. Causes fetal development failure

During the process of absorption by the human body, the decomposition of sweets requires the consumption of calcium, zinc, vitamin b, etc., which is very difficult to cause The lack of these elements in pregnant mothers causes malnutrition of the fetus, which is not conducive to growth and development. 

3. Foods that are too salty

Typical representatives: sausages, smoked fish, pickles, etc. 

Hazards to pregnant mothers:

a. Causing edema

The Nutrition Society recommends that the daily intake of sodium during pregnancy does not exceed 2500 mg, which is about 6 grams The edible salt around, and this salty food contains a lot of nitrite, it is easy to cause the increase of sodium content in the body, and thus the occurrence of edema. 

b. Causes pregnancy-induced hypertension

Excessive consumption of sodium during pregnancy will easily cause changes in the osmotic pressure in the pregnant mother’s body, which will increase blood pressure and induce hypertension during pregnancy. 

Hazards to the fetus:

a. Causes fetal hypoxia

If the pregnant mother has high edema, it will easily cause the blood circulation speed in the body Influence, then the blood that can be delivered to the fetus will be relatively reduced, which may induce hypoxia in the fetus. 

Foods you can eat before going to bed during pregnancy

1, milk

Milk contains a lot of protein, calcium, vitamins, etc., which can not only meet the needs of the growth and development of the fetus, but also because of its soothing effect, it can make pregnant mothers sleep peacefully , It is very effective for improving the quality of sleep. 

2. Nuts

Eating some nuts during pregnancy can not only supplement nutrients and fill your stomach, but also because of the rich dietary fiber, you may face constipation problems during pregnancy. 

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