How big is the “ten fingers” for normal delivery? After reading this model picture, I feel that the child can drill out

How big is the “ten-finger” for normal delivery? After reading this model picture, I feel that the child can drill out.

In the delivery method, the normal delivery has a very obvious advantage, which is more beneficial to the fetus and the parturient. However, it has to be said that the normal delivery means that the mother has to suffer more than ten hours of pain and torment for this. Compared with other delivery methods, the process of the normal delivery is indeed “times like a year.” The process of having ten fingers in a normal childbirth is the most difficult. It is really not that easy to have a baby. 

Web upload” Open the ten-finger model” and feel the whole process of opening the palace mouth. Netizens finally know how the child got out.

Previously, a student netizen uploaded his “model” in class on the Internet. At first glance, this model is a simple disc with ten holes of different sizes. The netizen explained that this is the drawing of the ten-finger model. In the model, each hole represents the degree of opening of the palace mouth. The smallest hole is when the palace mouth is opened with one finger, and the largest hole is when the palace mouth is fully opened. The entire process of opening the uterine mouth from one finger to ten fingers is the first stage of labor. 

As the cavities continue to grow, the mothers are suffering from tremendous pain. Even if the mother can get painless injections during the opening of the uterine orifice, usually the doctor will arrange for painless injections when the mother has three fingers. Most parturients can no longer bear the pain of childbirth when they have three fingers open, but there will still be a long time before the fingers are fully open. 

It can be seen from the model that even if the fetus is delivered from the mother’s womb with all fingers open, it is still a very painful process. After the fingers are fully opened, the parturient will be pushed into the delivery bed for the second stage of labor. In the end, the fetus is delivered from the cervix of the parturient. At first, the head is delivered, and then the shoulder is delivered. If it “stuck” during this process, then it is very likely that dystocia or vaginal tear will occur. situation. In this regard, netizens sighed with emotion, “Finally know that it is not easy to give birth. The child is delivered from the cervix of the mother. This is really terrifying for the mother! This is really a process of strengthening the mother!” /p>

How to relieve the mothers Pain during childbirth? 

The pain that the mother has to endure during the normal delivery is called Grade 10 pain, which is hard to imagine for people who don’t experience it. During childbirth, mothers can use some doula tools, such as doula balls. Through the use of the introduction tools, the mother’s pain will be reduced to a certain extent. The doula ball is a bit like a yoga ball, but it is obviously different from a yoga ball. It is stronger in terms of softness and endurance. 

Women can also alleviate their own feelings of pain by diverting their attention. For example, walking back and forth in the ward can help the fetus descend and enter the pelvis smoothly, and it will also help the delivery. Proper walking is better than lying on the bed obediently by the parturient, which is more able to realize the transfer of attention and relieve the pain. In addition, mothers can also adjust the way of breathing to relieve pain. Before giving birth, women can master and learn the correct way of breathing during childbirth. In this way, when the delivery arrives, the parturient is more able to understand the doctor’s guidance and master the way to relieve pain by breathing in a short time. 

How about women Can shorten the time of pain and promote labor? 

Tense will cause the maternal skin and muscles to be too tight. Obviously, the lack of elastic muscles will affect the delivery of the fetus. This invisibly slows down the process of labor, so women who are in a relaxed state can keep the muscles in a relaxed and elastic state. In the process of childbirth, the mother’s physical strength will be consumed to a certain extent. If the mother spends her physical strength on yelling, then there will be insufficient labor during childbirth, which will also lead to delays. Therefore, during childbirth, women must know how to conserve their physical strength and use all their strength on the “blade” of the childbirth. 

In addition, mothers must remain calm and rational and try to understand the doctor’s instructions. If the mother is in a hurry and cannot cooperate with the doctor tacitly, this will not only affect the doctor’s saving operation, but also cause the labor process to fail smoothly. If an unexpected situation occurs, the mother’s non-cooperation is likely to increase the risk. 

Different women have different perceptions of pain. For women who are too sensitive to pain, the process of childbirth can be very scary. Therefore, for the family members, it is necessary to give sufficient understanding and consideration to this. It is important not to feel that the mother is yelling in pain because it is a bit hypocritical because most women have experienced childbirth. At this time, the indifference from the family will be It makes women feel more painful than the pain of childbirth. Two-child families are not so easy. These problems will only become apparent after 30 years. Be prepared to deal with them.

Looking at a small life by your side, growing up little by little, this is the only way to be able to be a parent Enjoy the happiness journey. Therefore, after the liberalization of the second-child policy, many families chose to have a second child in order to fulfill their dreams of giving birth. From another perspective, there are many second-born parents who hope that the birth of the second child will give Dabao an extra playmate. However, the life model of raising two children at the same time is not easy. It is even said that 30 years later, the pressure on parents when the children grow up is still huge. 

Second child life Very happy, but the second-child parents are not easy, especially after the children grew up

Ms. Wang had a second child regardless of the policy. For this, she also paid a lot of fines, but Ms. Wang felt that these efforts It’s all worth it. After all, when you are old, the two children can share the burden of support, and the two children are still companions to each other. Although the process of raising the children is full of hardships, Ms. Wang feels that this is still happy. As long as the children grow up, the hard days will end up. 

But what she didn’t expect was that after the children grew up, she thought she had survived hard times but continued to live hard times. First, the eldest husband got married and wiped out his family, and then the second child got married and made Ms. Wang anxiously white her head. The two sons got married one after another, which not only cost Ms. Wang’s savings for many years, but also made her borrow a lot of money from relatives and friends. 

Although the money was given to the children to get married, this made Ms. Wang’s life a lot of embarrassment, but it is also a good thing to think that the children will start a family. In order to find a way to repay relatives’ money, Ms. Wang wanted to move to the city to live with her son, so that it would be convenient for herself to find a job. But the sons were not happy, “The house is small, so it is not convenient to live together!”

The eldest son sent Ms. Wang to his younger brother’s house, and the younger son sent Ms. Wang to his brother’s house. Support, brothers come to you to climb me and I climb you, this really makes Ms. Wang feel cold. Thinking of my old life, if the two brothers also evasive, then the evening scene is really bleak. Thinking of this, Ms. Wang sighed, “It’s better to give birth to only one at the time, so that you can save some pension money. Two children are not as good as one child!”

The life of a second-child family is not easy, and the four major problems will only emerge after 30 years

Chinese-style parents have shown strong support in the matter of their children getting married and starting a business. Parents buy a house, a car and marry a wife for their children, and every sum of money is not a small amount, so as a second child, parents have to bear two The child’s marriage and career will inevitably be even more stressful. 

Although it seems that there are two children whose parents’ life is more secure in their later years, it has to be said that nowadays young families do not live easily, so the two children may shirk their old-age care on each other. responsibility. The excuses between the children not only chilled the parents’ heart, but also made the parents’ life in their later years insecure. 

There is no absolute fairness in a second-child family. If two children like to compare, then after they grow up, the comparison will become more and more intense, such as in the distribution of family income. Children are unwilling to take care of their responsibilities, but they are particularly concerned about the distribution of family property. Parents will be labeled as eccentric if they do not do well, and this will inevitably turn the family into trouble. 

If the age difference between the second child and the eldest is large, and the parents are old, but the second child is still young, then the second child will inevitably become a burden for the eldest. From this perspective, it will inevitably be Let the boss feel unwilling. If the parents’ decision to have a second child is not supported by the boss at the beginning, the process of raising a second child is bound to be more difficult. 

To avoid 30 When the problem arises after a year, how do the parents of a second-child family plan early? 

Although it is the right of parents to have a second child, it has to be said that this choice will change the composition of the entire family, and Dabao’s life will inevitably be affected. If the age difference between the two children is too large, it may also cause Dabao’s life to become more burdensome. Therefore, regardless of the age difference between the two children, parents must do the work of Dabao, and don’t go it alone. 

In the parenting of two children, parents must remember to be as fair as possible. You are very sensitive to the love of your parents. They hope that you are the most special one in the eyes of your parents. Therefore, parents must have a good balance in their daily lives and not be biased. Partial family education is a very big opportunity in families with many children. It is not easy to satisfy the children, but it requires parents to work harder to achieve balance. 

At the same time, in the process of raising two children, parents will inevitably have to spend more energy. At this time, it is even more necessary to master the correct methods of education and guidance. Only by wasting a lot of education time and energy can children get better guidance and care. In addition, parents shouldn’t compare children casually. Every child is different. What parents really should do is to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. 

In fact, most of the difficulties encountered by parents of second-child families after their children grow up are the consequences of not giving them proper education and guidance when they are young. So this also means that parents of second-child families must know better that education should start from childhood.

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