How big is the normal delivery ten fingers? I can’t look directly at the “synthetic big watermelon”, it’s not easy for pregnant mothers

How big is the normal delivery ten fingers? I can’t look directly at the “synthetic big watermelon”. It’s not easy for pregnant mothers.

How big is the normal delivery? I can’t look directly at the “synthetic big watermelon”. It is not easy for pregnant mothers.

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Those choices A pregnant mother who has a normal birth has to experience more severe pain from the beginning of the contraction, so that the birth canal is slowly opened, which is the so-called “open finger of the normal birth.” 

From contractions to the end of the delivery, a mother may experience pain for 1 to 2 days. 

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Many pregnant mothers who have just become pregnant may know that there is such a process, but they don’t know much about it, and they even feel nervous and scared. 

Now I will talk to you about the opening of the uterine opening in order to give pregnant mothers a psychological preparation. 

The reason why the opening of the uterus has severe pain is because the pregnant mother’s cervix is ​​originally narrow, but in order for the child to come out smoothly, the muscles will expand outward, plus the baby’s Squeezing is even more painful. 

And the doctor How big is the often said one finger to ten fingers? 

Some time ago, there was a very popular game called “Synthesize Big Watermelon”. The fruits in it were synthesized from blueberries to the size of watermelon, and the size of the mouth was almost in that order. 

From about 1 cm in size Blueberry, to the last 10 cm small watermelon, is the process from one finger to ten fingers at the mouth of the palace. 

Furthermore, there are different stages of labor during normal labor. The distinction of each stage of labor is based on the size of the open finger:

The first stage of labor

The first stage of labor Opening the uterine mouth is divided into an incubation period and an active period:

Incubation period:

Pregnant mothers start from contraction to opening three fingers at the uterine opening. This process is relatively slow and may take 8~ 16 hours. 

Active period:

After reaching the third finger, the pregnant mother needs to enter the delivery room, and then after 4 to 8 hours, open to the ten finger. 

The second stage of labor

Pregnant mothers start to enter the second stage of labor after opening ten fingers, and give birth to her own baby in about two hours. 

The third stage of labor

After the baby is born, it enters the third stage of labor, and the pregnant mother can finally take a breath and meet the baby. The rest is a period of rest and recovery for more than a month. 

How does mom feel except for the pain? 

▶ Muscle soreness

When opening the uterine mouth, in addition to the pain of muscle pulling, there will also be bursts of soreness, and other parts of the body seem to be uncomfortable. 

When it reaches six or seven fingers, which is the size of a kiwi fruit, some pregnant mothers may even feel fluid coming out of their bodies. 

▶ Embarrassment

In order to check the situation of the pregnant mother, the doctor will conduct an internal examination. Sometimes it is a female doctor, sometimes even a male doctor. When suddenly faced with an examination of the opposite sex, Pregnant mothers may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. 

Open to ten fingers and produced During the process, many pregnant mothers will want to have a bowel movement, or even have a real bowel reaction, which will make them feel embarrassed and ashamed. 

But these are normal reactions, and doctors have seen many of them, so pregnant mothers don’t need to distract themselves. 

▶ Nervous

The pregnant mother who gave birth for the first time did not know what to do when she had a violent reaction. It will be very nervous. 

Furthermore, severe pain can easily affect people’s thinking and judgment, and even the rhythm of breathing. At this time, the pregnant mother is likely to be nervous and dizzy. 

In the face of pregnant mothers In situations of pain and fear, the company of family members is very important. Many hospitals allow the husband to accompany the childbirth. 

What does the husband do at this time Can you share the hardships of your wife? 

▶ Encourage pregnant mothers to work together

The process of opening the uterine mouth is slow and painful. Some pregnant mothers who can’t do it on their own conditions may just lie there and rest. This process is longer. 

Therefore, doctors often recommend assisting by climbing stairs, walking, or sitting on a delivery ball. 

With the current physical condition of pregnant mothers, it is more difficult for pregnant mothers to carry out these activities by themselves. Therefore, it is very important for young and strong husbands to be able to encourage them and practice with them. 

▶ Comfort

When the pregnant mother is in pain, if her husband can speak with her, give her a lot of comfort, and divert her attention, it can also alleviate their negative emotions and pain. 

The unaccompanied pregnant mother may feel more uncomfortable, and feel more painful. 

▶ Maintain a good psychological quality

When the pregnant mother is in pain and loses her mind, the husband should not be afraid or disgusted when seeing them with a bad image. He still pays attention to the doctor’s instructions wholeheartedly and obeys the doctor’s arrangements. 


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The baby has three actions after waking up, indicating that his IQ is very high, and there will be big problems with parents preventing it

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For parents who have just had children, they may feel that they are very happy to watch their babies sleep soundly. In fact, after spending some time with them, parents should also be able to observe the regularity of their children’s movements after waking up. 

However, few parents find that the different behaviors of their children after waking up represent their different personalities, qualities and even IQs. 

For parents who want a baby with a high IQ, if the child has these three manifestations after waking up, then congratulations, you may have your wish come true. 

▼ Never cry after waking up

Many babies cry for various reasons when they wake up. Even if they are not hungry or unwell, some children never cry after waking up. Don’t cry, but look around curiously. If adults come over, they will laugh. 

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This may indicate that the child’s brain is well developed, and the personality is calm, able to calmly observe the surroundings after waking up, and it also means that the baby’s brain is running fast. 

Conversely, the movements observed around the baby after waking up also stimulate the development of the brain, allowing them to develop better brains. Parents can allow them to explore more and exercise their brains. 

▼ Play alone after waking up

Some babies will arrange themselves after waking up. They don’t cry or make trouble, just play with their own, sometimes they chew Little hands, gnaw feet, play with the bed on your body, and if you have toys around you, you may also pick it up and play with it. 

This also shows that the baby’s brain is well developed and can carry out self-control and management. At this time, parents should not interrupt them at will, so as not to damage the child’s concentration and make it difficult for them to pay attention when they grow up. force. 

▼ Crawling around after waking up

Some babies like to crawl and explore after waking up. This kind of action not only means that the baby is smart and curious, but also can exercise his physical coordination and stimulate the development and connection of brain nerves. Make children smarter. 

Of course, although part of the baby’s intelligence is inherited from the parents, it still needs to be trained and cultivated. In addition to knowing which behaviors represent the smartness of the child, it is also necessary to know which behaviors may harm its intellectual development. 

✘Eat too full

Many parents always let their children eat more, and they must eat more. They also naturally develop this habit, but eating too full will actually Affect the development of the brain. 

When a child eats Too much, the fibroblast growth factor in the brain will increase, which will cause the blood supply to the brain to decrease, resulting in slower development of the baby’s brain and decreased intelligence. 

✘ Sleeping with head covering

Some babies may develop the habit of sleeping with their head covered because of fear of darkness, but the oxygen in the quilt is too little and the carbon dioxide gradually An increase will lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, which not only affects the development of the brain, but may also cause the rapid regression of brain cells. 

✘ I don’t like thinking

As the saying goes, the more you use it, the smarter your brain becomes. Especially some children, who are at the peak of brain development, need to exercise their brains through thinking to make their thinking more active, thereby promoting the development of the brain and the connection between the cranial nerves. 

On the contrary, I don’t like thinking Of children, the brain is prone to degeneration, which affects intelligence. 

✘ Living environment is boring

Everyone knows that living in a colorful environment, such as sunshine, music, flowers, etc., is a very happy thing. Actually , The environment will not only affect the mood, but also affect the child’s intelligence. 

A psychologist in the United States found that children living in a monotonous, boring, lack of stimulation environment, the development of intelligence will be delayed by 3 months. 

How to promote infants’ intellectual development? 

☆ Chat more with your baby

You can try to chat with your baby about 10 days after birth. Although the baby does not understand, he will gradually understand the meaning contained in the parent’s language. 

And the child’s The vocabulary learning ability is very strong, almost three times that of an adult. More studies have shown that babies whose parents chat a lot are much better at receiving new knowledge in their future studies than other children. 

☆ Play more with your baby

The development of the baby’s brain needs to be promoted by the stimulation of all parts of the body, and it can be exercised well when playing with the child. 

For example, when the child’s grasping ability is 1-2 months old, mothers can try to let them grasp their fingers or other toys to stimulate their sense of touch and the development of finger muscles, thereby promoting brain development. Development, lay a good foundation for fine movement. 

☆ Supplement enough DHA

DHA is a nutrient that specifically promotes the development of the child’s brain. Mothers who rely on breastfeeding their children need to eat more fish to supplement their babies. 

Expert suggestion, For breast-feeding mothers, it is best to consume deep-sea fish 2~3 times a week, 2~3 taels each time. 

Mums who rely on formula milk to feed their children also need to pay attention to whether the formula milk contains DHA. Return to Sohu to see more

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