How big is the gap between having a baby at the age of 20 and 30? Classmates, the gap came out after 7 years

How big is the gap between having a baby at the age of 20 and 30? Classmates, the gap in meeting after 7 years has come out.

Nowadays, women are getting higher and higher in society. Many women with high education do not choose to marry and have children early, but work hard in the workplace, etc. Only when I have a world of my own, will I consider finding someone to marry. 

But this also faces a problem, that is, late marriage and late childbirth, especially when pregnant and giving birth, they are already elderly women. 

Women give birth to babies when they are young, and their physical conditions are completely different from those when they are older. Therefore, older women giving birth to babies are more likely to encounter various dangerous situations. . The gap between having a baby in their 20s and having a baby in their 30s becomes more obvious as the time goes by. 

Fangfang and Xiaoning have been good girlfriends since they were in middle school, and they chose different life paths after the college entrance examination. 

Fangfang has not been very good in studying since she was a child, so she failed to pass the college entrance examination to her favorite university. She got married early after graduating from a college, and she became pregnant soon after marriage. Became a mother in her early years. 

Ning Xiaoning performed exceptionally during the college entrance examination, was admitted to a key university in the first-tier cities, and then went on to study for Ph.D., becoming a veritable academic master. 

After graduating from my Ph.D., I went to work in a large state-owned enterprise. I was very busy every day. I became an executive of the company when I was in my 30s. However, personal marriage problems have been dragging on. 

When Xiao Ning was 35 years old, he met her husband later. After marriage, both parents urged them to have children, but because of their older age, the process of pregnancy was also twists and turns. 

Finally, two years later, she was pregnant with the baby smoothly and gave birth to a lovely daughter. 

In a class reunion, two former good girlfriends met again, and the years left their mark on them. 

They are almost 40 years old, and Fangfang’s daughter has also gone to college. Now Fangfang lives in a stable and leisurely life, and it seems that her complexion is still very good. 

And Xiaoning’s daughter just started kindergarten. Xiaoning has to be busy with work during the day and take care of her daughter at night. She looks exhausted. 

In life, there are many women who are similar in age, but there is a big difference in the age of giving birth. There will be a big difference in their appearance and living conditions. 

Female early birth What are the differences between having a baby born late?

1. The physical condition is different

If you choose to have a baby in your 20s, the body function of a woman will be in the youngest state of vitality. During pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases are less likely to occur, and delivery will be smoother. 

Because of the fast metabolism after childbirth, the recovery time is shorter, and the body can generally reach the state before pregnancy quickly. 

Women who give birth to babies later are quite different. If they are more than 30 years old, or even nearly 40 years old, their physical fitness is already much lower than before. 

Pregnancy diseases are also more likely to occur during pregnancy, and the possibility of miscarriage and fetal abnormalities is also greater. Postpartum recovery will also be slower, and it is difficult to reach the state before pregnancy. 

2. Different economic conditions

Women who give birth to babies early are generally married and have children after graduation or just after starting a job, and they do not have a stable career and economic foundation. 

Now the cost of raising a baby is getting higher and higher, so if you give birth to a baby early, you will face greater financial pressure. Many women have to go out to make money when their baby is very young, and they have little energy. Take care of your baby full-time. 

Women who give birth to a baby later, generally work hard for many years in the workplace, have a certain career status and financial strength, and are more stable and calm in terms of money, so they will not face a particularly serious problem after having a baby. Economic pressure. 

In this way, it will have more advantages in taking care of children and investment in education, and it will also have certain benefits for the growth of children. 

3. Different educational concepts for children

Women who give birth to babies early have limited life experience, so their concept of raising a baby and the concept of education will also have limitations. 

They will be more likely to go to extremes, either simply throw their children to the elderly and strive to make money on their own, or they become housewives very early, face chai, rice, oil and salt every day, and pin their hopes on their children and husbands . 

Older women, because of their rich social experience, have their own unique ideas and insights in many aspects, and they also have a certain degree of economic strength. 

So in terms of educating children, they will be more calm and intelligent, and they will be more patient with their children, which can play a leading role in their growth. 

Women are the best Childbearing age

Under normal circumstances, the most suitable age for a woman to be a mother is 23 to 32 years old, because at this time the woman has matured, her body function is at the optimal stage, and the quality of the eggs is the best. 

At this age, the incidence of gestational hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy is also relatively low, the probability of miscarriage is small, and the pelvic bones and birth canal muscles are more elastic during delivery, so it is the best childbearing age . 

If you are under this age, your body and mind are still in the developmental stage, which is very unfavorable to the health of both mother and child, and you will also face great risks during delivery. 

Moreover, most of the 23-year-old girls of Xiaoyu in the current society have not left school, or have just stepped into society, have no economic foundation and social status, and are still a child. How can they take care of a younger child? . 

But if you are too old, the egg quality will decline, and you will also face dangerous conditions such as pregnancy-induced hypertension, which will have a certain impact on yourself and your baby. 

In short, babies born early and born late have their own advantages and glances, and they must be considered comprehensively according to their own specific conditions. Don’t put too much pressure on the family because you give birth to a baby too early, and don’t wait until you are old and face the danger of getting pregnant at an advanced age. Bai Yansong’s Parenting Principles To improve children’s emotional quotient, parents must first learn these three sentences

Which is more important, IQ or EQ? If it was 20 or 30 years ago, everyone might think that IQ is more important. After all, for children of that era, scores are everything. As long as your test scores are good, it doesn’t matter if you get worse in other areas. Elders and teachers will still If you like you, your classmates will respect you. But now is different. In today’s era of full competition, it is not IQ, but EQ that tests a person more. So gradually, everyone starts to feel that EQ is more important than IQ. 

The famous host Bai Yansong holds this view. He even publicly stated that “Emotional Quotient is more important than IQ”. In his concept of parenting, cultivating children’s EQ always occupies a very important position, far higher than his expectations of children’s IQ. It is not surprising that Bai Yansong has such a view, because he is a host himself, and this profession is precisely a test of emotional intelligence. After all, you have to interview all kinds of people. If you don’t know how to deal with others, you can’t work. Go on. Perhaps it is precisely because of the influence of his own work experience that Bai Yansong has always regarded EQ very high, and in the usual parenting, he also asks his son in the same way. 

Sometimes in the show, he will use his son as an example, and use this to show his parenting style. One thing that left a deep impression on everyone was that he shared how he used three sentences to improve his son’s EQ. As a successful host and a successful father, Bai Yansong’s words are of course very convincing. Therefore, the three sentences he shared have become the catchphrases of many parents when they are raising children. 

Bai Yansong’s parenting The rules often say these three sentences to a child, which can improve his emotional intelligence.

The first sentence is “believe you can do it”. When a child has doubts about his abilities and withdraws from something, parents should take no time to encourage him , And tell the child to “believe you can do it.” This can quickly increase the child’s self-confidence, allowing him to take the first step bravely. With self-confidence, the child’s emotional intelligence will also increase, because he has learned the power of encouragement from his parents, and he will naturally use it in the future. On other people, so that others can achieve success through his encouragement, thereby enhancing the relationship between the two parties. 

The second sentence “You can make your own decision.” When you need to make a decision in daily life, parents can first weigh the consequences. If it is not a big problem for the child to make the decision, try to make the decision right. Give it to him. In this way, children can feel the respect and trust from their parents, instead of underestimating and belittle them, so that they can develop a healthy and upward mentality. With this mentality, when he treats other people, he will also show respect and trust, which is naturally a sign of high emotional intelligence. 

The third sentence “what do you think should be done?” If the second sentence is to give the child the right to decide, then the third sentence is to give the child the right to choose. It also allows the child to feel the understanding and respect from the parents. In fact, due to children’s special perspective on problems, sometimes the solutions given are more reliable than their parents. Once this solution is accepted or even appreciated by the parents, it will bring the children a great sense of accomplishment, and the mentality will also vary. The soaring. 

Don’t look at these simple three sentences. In reality, it is difficult for many parents to say one sentence. This is because most parents attach great importance to maintaining parental authority and are unwilling to show weakness in front of their children. They are even more reluctant to lose face, which leads to their unwillingness to encourage their children from the bottom of their hearts, and even less willingness to surrender the power of decision and choice, which is precisely the taboo of cultivating children’s emotional intelligence. 

Don’t want emotional intelligence to delay your child’s development. Parents should do the same.

First of all, parents should encourage their children to make more friends, not just in school. Emotional intelligence can be cultivated, and it can also be exercised by children, and social interaction is a good way to exercise. However, parents should also beware of “the black people near the ink”. In the children’s making friends, the necessary checks are still indispensable. 

Secondly, guide the child to resolve emotions. Everyone has emotions, but different people’s ability to resolve emotions is different. People with high ability to resolve emotions are mostly also very high. People with poor ability to resolve emotions are difficult to increase, because once they become emotional, They will attack others indiscriminately regardless of their relatives. Therefore, parents should attach importance to the child’s ability to resolve emotions, guide him when he is young, teach him to recognize various emotions and how to resolve them. Of course, in order to achieve good results, parents must first be able to control their own emotions, otherwise they will have no confidence and the ability to teach their children. 

In today’s society, the importance of emotional intelligence is self-evident. It can even be said that success is 80% emotional intelligence plus 20% intelligence. So just as Bai Yansong said, EQ is far more important than IQ, even several times more important than it. As for parents, they should always take the development of children’s emotional intelligence as an important thing to do, so as to allow their children to occupy an advantageous position in the future competition.

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