How are poor children distinguished? Kindergarten teacher: I can’t hide a few characteristics

How are poor children distinguished? Kindergarten teacher: I can’t hide a few characteristics if we want to hide them

I remember when we were young, every time before school started, our parents would buy us a new set of “equipment”, this is because in the minds of parents , Every semester is a new beginning, and I also hope that children can study hard and make continuous progress. 

When we become parents, we will unconsciously stick to this practice. Whether it is a kindergarten or elementary school, in addition to packaging their children “beautiful”, parents will also purchase some famous brands, hoping to be “looked high” by teachers and classmates. 

However, for experienced teachers, especially with the primary and secondary teachers in the class, you can still see the child’s family status at a glance. Many kindergarten teachers have said that these characteristics of poor children are obvious and cannot be concealed by clothing alone. 

Then the question is, what is the poor boy How can it be distinguished? 

The kindergarten teacher said frankly: You can’t hide these characteristics of your child.

Generally speaking, the more children that educators have in their careers, the more they can find out their character and temperament. , And even the family status of the children. 

Of course, the family situation here does not simply refer to the economic conditions of the child’s family, but also the family situation including parental care. 

Too much “sensible” between words

It is said that children from poor families take up their homes early. For children nowadays, there is no need to “manage their homes early”, but poor children show more or less “sensible” “It is often distressing. 

For example, some children do not fight in kindergarten They don’t grab or mischief. They always stare at the teacher when they do anything, hoping to get the teacher’s recognition and praise. At a young age, they have learned to look at adults and so on. 

Compared with poor children, other children will be more generous and confident, and they will be more peaceful and natural in the process of interacting with others, because these children do not particularly care about other people’s views, because the family They have given them enough confidence and confidence. 

There is a gap between the consumption concept and ordinary children

Parents should not think that children have no consumption concept. In fact, their consumption concept is mainly influenced by the family and directly affects their consumption concept after adulthood. 

For example, children are facing the same When it comes to items, some children see the value between needs and needs, and some children see the price between cost-effective and cost-effective. 

Therefore, poor children may show great cherishment for things, and they will also show caress about things. 

Unwilling to try new things

Poor children also have a notable characteristic, that is, they are unwilling to try new things, unwilling to take risks, because in their family education, they avoid failure and keep what they have. Concepts affect them deeply. 

Similarly, it’s possible for their parents to keep Based on the current unsatisfactory life or work conditions, they refused to change and became “poor” with various excuses or reasons. 

It is difficult to put themselves on an equal footing when getting along with others.

When getting along with others, poor children always consciously or unconsciously appear “pleasant” personality. On the one hand, they lack self-confidence in themselves, and on the other On the one hand, they hope to get the “likes” of the other party through the way of “pleasing”. 

When they were young, they used “please” In exchange for friendship, when they grow up, they will use “to please” in exchange for love, but this is not conducive to their own growth. 

The family can be “poor”, but the child’s heart cannot be poor.

Just as richness does not mean material unconditional satisfaction, but spiritual richness, poor support does not mean spiritual poverty. . Even for various reasons, the family’s economic conditions cannot be changed temporarily, but it cannot make the children’s hearts suffer. Even if parents cannot bring their children to see the wider world, they cannot limit the development of their children’s broad vision and mind. Single mothers have 4 babies and are struggling to give birth to 5 babies. When their children are hungry, they eat instant noodles and use diapers repeatedly.

Pregnancy can be regarded as a major event for both pregnant women and the whole family. Many women have begun to make perfect preparations for the birth of their children from the moment they know they are pregnant. During the whole process, the family members are also busy, not only eating and drinking, but also taking care of pregnant women’s unsteady emotions. , Everyone’s ultimate goal is the same: to provide the most adequate protection for the babies and to welcome them smoothly. 

I saw a video online recently , So that Bang Ma was really shocked. Her husband died unexpectedly, and a single mother had a difficult life with her four children. Because there is no fixed source of income, the children cannot eat well and wear well. Every year during the “autumn harvest” season, four children will help the family with farm work. Because of the scarcity of labor and poor economic conditions, and the children are hungry, their mothers will let them eat instant noodles to fill their stomachs. When there is no instant noodles, the children will cook some potatoes and dipped them in chili to eat. The youngest baby will have to wash his diapers and use it repeatedly. 

This is not the worst. What is incomprehensible is that there is a baby who is about to be born in this mother’s belly. Because the village where she is located has a serious “patriarchal” thought, Bao’s mother has always wanted to give birth to a son because of this kind of thinking, so she ignores the family situation. , Fighting to give birth to 5 children, just hope to be a boy. 

There is no doubt that this matter has been Many netizens criticized and questioned. In fact, Bang Ma also held a negative attitude towards this matter. Because childbirth is not a trifle, you have to be fully prepared before you can have a baby, otherwise it will not be able to provide them with good living conditions, which will have a bad impact on them. 

So, what specific preparations should be made? Compare your own situation

Financial preparation

From the moment a woman begins to prepare for pregnancy, she needs to spend money. After the successful pregnancy, she also needs a lot of money to support her pregnancy. After the baby is born, it is even more expensive. Big expenses, when they grow up, they have to invest in their education. In short, raising a child is not a joke. 

If you want to train your children well, then I need more money, and I advise parents to have a certain amount of savings before preparing to have a baby, otherwise it will not only hurt you, but also the children. 

Physical preparations

Before the husband and wife prepare for pregnancy, they must be physically prepared. On the one hand, both of them have to go to the hospital for a physical examination to see if they have the conditions for pregnancy. If one side’s body needs recuperation, it is necessary to obediently listen to the doctor’s advice. 

On the other hand, boys need to develop well Male friends who have a history of smoking and drinking should quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible. Because smoking and alcohol have serious harm to the growth of the fetus, it is very detrimental to the growth of the fetus, so please take the initiative to raise your own mental awareness. 

Psychological preparations

Couples who are ready to have a baby should make psychological adjustments to greet the baby with a normal heart, do not rush for quick success, and do not be lazy. Both mentalities are not good. To be a mom and dad immediately, you should make yourself more mature and more responsible, so that you can be a qualified novice parent. 

Attention, couples, you want to have a baby , You should prepare for this event when family conditions allow, otherwise you will have a child rashly, and the later stage will be pressure. At that time, it is likely that you will be out of breath, and you will lose out in the end.

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