“High head, smart bag, high IQ birthmark” really means that the baby is smart? Don’t miss the baby for life

“High head, smart bag, high IQ birthmark” really means that the baby is smart? Don’t miss the baby for life

Is there any relationship between the child’s IQ and head shape? 

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Parents hope their children can be smart, so The probability of achievement in the future can be much greater. 

Another saying among the folks is that the bigger the back of the child’s head, the larger the brain capacity and the smarter they will be. Therefore, many parents want to change the head shape of their children. Baby’s IQ. 

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Which three types of heads mean that the child is very smart? 

1. The back of the head is big

Modern science has proved that the human IQ has nothing to do with the size of the back of the head. In addition to genetic factors, the level of IQ mainly depends on the number of grooves on the surface of the brain. The more grooves and the deeper the grooves, the smarter the person. 

2. Temples protruding

There is still a saying among the people that the more prominent the temples, the higher the IQ and the smarter the children. In fact, this statement is only It is spread among the people without any scientific basis. The protruding temples can only show the appearance of this baby, and has nothing to do with IQ. 

3. Brain gate

This kind of clever saying that having brain gates is actually very pseudo-scientific and has no basis at all. In fact, this is also an external feature. It’s not so prominent anymore. 

To sum up, whether a child is smart has nothing to do with head shape, and there is no scientific basis. 

In medicine, the baby’s intellectual development is evaluated comprehensively with the size of the child’s head circumference and the time when the fontanelle is closed. For newborn babies, their skulls are soft and their bones are also developed. It hasn’t been finalized, and a certain space is reserved in the brain to prepare for the development of brain cells, so the shape of the head that comes out of sleep has nothing to do with the level of IQ. 

The above-mentioned head types, in addition to having nothing to do with IQ, may also leave regrets on the overall appearance, such as asymmetry of the face, irrelevant to the overall impact, etc., and with age, the skull If it becomes hard, it will be difficult to improve or correct, which will have a negative impact on the child’s entry into social life. 

In addition, after a child is born, some babies will have a birthmark. Parents may think that this will affect the appearance, but in fact, as long as the birthmark does not grow on the face, it will not have much effect. 

There is a kind of birthmark that looks good even if it is on the face, even a manifestation of “high IQ”, is this true? 

Newborn baby has This kind of birthmark symbolizes smarter? 

This kind of birthmark is a kind of “heart-shaped birthmark” that can be seen in life. No matter where it grows, it will not affect the appearance, but makes people feel good-looking. 

Many elderly people think that if a child grows this kind of birthmark, it is a manifestation of smartness. They think that the IQ will not be low when they grow up like this. But in fact, this statement has no scientific basis and can only be said. It is a symbol of blessing. 

For this kind of “heart-shaped birthmark”, there is a more beautiful legend, that is, the tears left by the lover of the previous life before the death, after falling on the body, then become a kind of “heart-shaped birthmark”, even if it is Through reincarnation, the lover can also rely on this to find the other half and renew the leading edge. 

Children are smart What are the factors related to the degree? 

1. Genetic factors

Scientists have discovered through research that a child’s IQ is closely related to heredity, accounting for about 50% to 60%, and other factors are acquired. 

After all, children’s genes are derived from their parents, so the level of IQ must have a certain relationship with the genes inherited from parents. 

2, dietary factors

Because the development and activities of the brain need to consume a certain amount of energy and nutrition, it is necessary to provide sufficient energy and nutrition to meet the needs for children’s intellectual development. 

3. Environmental factors

In addition to the above two factors, the level of children’s intellectual development is also related to the environment in which they live, just like twenty years ago It’s hard to imagine how many years old children will play electronic products or know a lot of words, which is related to the current living environment.  The baby has the following behaviors, indicating that you can stop the night It’s the best for your baby to grow up before one year of age.

It’s a common phenomenon to eat night milk when the baby is young. 

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But the night milk is not for her mother It is not friendly, and the child keeps falling out of night milk at a certain stage, which does more harm than good. 

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After Xiao Zhang’s child was born, she never had a good night’s sleep. Even if the child cries during the day, she has to get up at night. Breastfeeding. 

Because of fear that the child will be hungry, Xiao Zhang set up countless alarm clocks at night to get up and observe the child’s condition at any time. In just a few months, people have lost a lot of weight. 

Listening to people around me that the child can be weaned off night milk at a certain stage, but I am also a mother for the first time, and I don’t know the rules, which makes her very distressed…

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In fact, night milk does not need to be carried out according to a fixed time node. It should be fed on demand, that is, when the baby wakes up from hungry at night, it is enough to feed the baby. For the baby in the first three months Generally speaking, the number of feedings at night is more than three times. 

Pros and cons of night milk:

1. Advantages

Meet the baby’s physiological and security needs. Physiological needs mainly mean that the baby will be hungry at night, and night milk can help the baby eliminate hunger. The sense of security is mainly that the child cries at night. Parents feeding and comforting her in time can make the child feel warm and protected. 

An important part of maintaining milk production. Mothers usually have the feeling of milk rising at night. Excluding part of the milk in time can prevent mothers with sufficient milk from blocking the milk, and mothers with less milk can chase the milk in time. 

2, disadvantages

Mom is not well rested. After the baby is born, the mother’s body has not recovered, and feeding the baby night milk will make it difficult for the mother to get enough rest at night, which affects the body’s recovery and health. 

Caries problem. Usually the baby’s mouth and teeth are cleaned before going to sleep, but it is generally not cleaned after drinking night milk. First, the mother will be tired and the baby will not be easy to cooperate. 

Prone to obesity. Because the baby sleeps in a daze at night, it is easy to hold the mother’s breast milk and suck it until he falls asleep. This makes it easy to eat too much and cause overnutrition. 

Affect development. If a child eats night milk too many times at night, it is easy to have a bad rest and affect physical development. 

Best time for weaning

Usually, the child should start to reduce the number of night feedings at about six months, and should be weaned off at eight months, and should not exceed one year of age at the latest. 

The maternal and child expert reminds: Weaning the baby in time before the age of one year is often the best for the development of the child. 

Of course, every child has a different situation, so we should take measures according to the specific situation. There are usually three manifestations that mean that they can be weaned at night:

1, start to eat complementary food

Generally, children are in six Only breast milk or pure milk powder can be fed before the month, but after six months, the body will continue to grow and need more nutrition. At this time, supplementary food needs to be added. The addition of supplementary food will extend the interval between children’s milk drinking, especially It is night milk, so that night milk can be weaned off gradually. 

2. Sleep time formation law

Baby’s sleep will gradually become regular and prolonged with the increase of months. At the beginning, it may only sleep for two or three hours before waking up Afterwards, he may be able to sleep for six or seven hours, so that the baby no longer needs night milk at night. 

3. Teeth begin to grow.

When a child begins to grow teeth, he should consider abstaining from milk, because night milk is prone to have milk residue attached to the teeth, causing tooth decay. 

Methods of weaning:

1. Gradually reduce the number of night milks. Nothing can be done overnight, and the child’s night milk is not cut off all at once, but should be gradually reduced. From the first three times, to two and then again, give the baby a process of adaptation. 

2, feed before going to bed. When the baby is eating dinner, try to make the baby full, or drink a little before going to bed, so as to ensure that the baby will not be hungry and awakened during sleep. 

3. Replace milk with water. If your baby wakes up at night, you can drink some boiled water to your baby so that he can slowly adapt to the process of not drinking milk at night. Of course, the child may avoid the habit at the beginning, but it is still possible to feed the child some milk appropriately. 

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Children’s matters are nothing trivial, and everything needs to be paid extra attention to, and not to be rushed. The child can grow better by taking steps in an orderly manner. 

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