Heredity is not terrible. What I am afraid of is “specially picking out shortcomings”. It is a pity that netizens have genetic errors.

The inheritance is not terrible. What I am afraid of is “specially picking out shortcomings”. It is a pity that netizens are genetically wrong.

The second generation of stars is born with a halo, not only because they were born in an ivory tower, More importantly, everyone wants to know how beautiful the love crystallization of handsome men and women will grow. 

However, in reality, although there are indeed some outstanding appearances of the second generation of stars, more of them are actually no different from ordinary people, except that they are more affected by their appearance and temperament than ordinary people. It’s just a little bit bearish. 

This is not the worst. What’s worse is that those who have not inherited the appearance advantages of their parents at all, but selected the second generation of stars who have inherited their shortcomings, such as the daughter of the big S, Wang Xiyue. 

Needless to say, the appearance of Big S, as a popular figure in the entertainment industry, even if he is in his forties, his appearance is still online. 

Although her husband Wang Xiaofei is not an insider, his appearance is also very high. Even if he puts aside his billions of worth, his appearance can be worthy of a big S. 

But it’s such a pair of handsome men and beautiful women, but their daughter’s looks are hard to say. From the photos, Wang Xiyue has not inherited the sweet looks of his mother at all, nor has he inherited his father’s fortitude. Instead, he has thick lips, collapsed nose, and single eyelids that appear godless. 

Although these features can be found on the faces of her parents, they are not concentrated in one place like her. Therefore, the same appearance features, Big S and Wang Xiaofei look inconspicuous. 

Wang Xiyue’s face was a bit ugly, and it was a pity that some netizens were so anxious that they called her hereditary wrong! 

However, Wang Xiyue is only low-profile compared to her parents, so she can still play against ordinary children. 

Furthermore, with her family conditions, she can improve her temperament by dressing up in the future, and she can even spend high prices on medical beauty. 

So instead of worrying about her appearance, netizens should worry about themselves, because people don’t need to rely on appearance to eat, and it’s not impossible to even want to be beautiful. 

Some people say that “daughters are like fathers and sons are like mothers.” This is not absolute. The appearance characteristics of parents are randomly inherited to their children, but certain characteristics are higher in probability. After all, genes are dominant and recessive. 

These features, It is easy to pass on to children, young people should pay attention to choosing a spouse.

1. Baldness

Baldness is a nightmare for men, because there is nothing that affects appearance more than this. Sadly, baldness is very easy to inherit, and the hit rate is almost 100%. 

A typical example is the British royal family. Prince Philip, who entered the family, brought the bald gene into the royal family. Since then, two generations of princes have been bald, especially Prince William, who was bald in his 30s. Awesome. 

2. The shape of the chin

The shape of the chin is also easy to inherit. In the famous Habsburg dynasty, many generations of monarchs are “covering the sky”, which is the most genetic power. Good performance. 

So for those who care about their children’s appearance, it’s best to avoid those with odd-shaped chins when choosing a spouse, otherwise, no matter how good your chin is, the child is likely to inherit the ugly chin of the other half. . 

3. Obesity

There is a certain probability that the obese constitution of the parents will be inherited by the children. 

Statistics show that if one parent is obese, the probability of children being obese is 20%~30%, while both parents are obese, and the probability of children being obese is as high as 60%. 

So when obese find a partner, it is best to find a thin one, so as to neutralize it and make the probability of obesity of the child not so high. 

Genes cannot be changed. The appearance of parents determines the appearance of their children to a large extent. However, a person’s external image is not necessarily dominated by appearance. Compared with background appearance, temperament, outfit and personality are more important. 

It doesn’t matter if the child’s face value is not high. If you do these points well, you will have a good image.

1. Improve the self-cultivation

Interpersonal interaction may be a look at the face at first, but If you want to cultivate deep friendship, the power of inner self-cultivation cannot be ignored. This is the so-called “inner beauty.” 

So parents don’t need to worry about their child’s poor appearance. As long as they find a way to improve their self-cultivation, they will certainly be able to make up for the lack of appearance, and even exceed the social dividend brought by excellent appearance. . 

2. Improving temperament

The same person has different appearance values ​​at different times. This is mainly related to the temperament of the time. Temperament is a difficult thing to say, but everyone can realize that the more temperament a person has, the more popular they will be in social situations. 

3. Good wearing habits

Not enough beauty? Dress it up. Dressing up can immediately improve a person’s appearance. 

In fact, many celebrities are not as naturally beautiful as everyone thinks, and they rely on excellent outfits. It’s just that there are professional image designers, so ordinary people can only rely on themselves. 

In this age of looking at faces, the importance of appearance naturally does not need to be said. But blindly believing in beauty and neglecting other aspects of improvement is a big mistake. 

Because good looks are just a stepping stone at best, how to develop after entering the door depends on the real ability, and these can be achieved through the hard work of the day after tomorrow. My father’s name is Ma Tong. The homophony of his son’s name is too embarrassing. To avoid embarrassment when naming the name, keep these 2 points in mind.

The naming is a big thing in the child’s life. The popular sweet-scented osmanthus, Guifen, chrysanthemum, Wan Rich, wealthy, and the popular Zixuan and Yuanyuan these years, the names of each era have their own trends and characteristics, which indirectly express the expectations of that generation for the next generation. 

However, there are also parents who don’t take the name seriously and make their children laugh. This is particularly interesting for father and son names. 

The father and son are called Ma Tong and the other is Toilet Ca. The grandfather’s name is poor, and the father’s name is also awkward. Not only that, but a lot of interesting things happened during the growth of the father and son. When I went to a new class to introduce myself, or met new friends, it was embarrassing for the father and son to say their names. It was very embarrassing. 

Furthermore, when the father and son were studying, every time they met the teacher, the classmates burst into laughter. In fact, even if the name of the child is not good, it shouldn’t be too bad, so that the child often feels ashamed. What should be paid attention to when naming? 

1. Pay attention to these two points when naming, don’t be afraid of not getting a good name

1. Pay attention to the homophonic name

When naming, be sure Pay attention to homophony. Because the name is used as a title, it is a verbal title, and it is to be pronounced. Many times, when I first met, I didn’t know what the name of the other person was written, but just paid attention to what it looked like. If there is an unpleasant, unlucky homophone of the same name, it is very bad. 

2. Pay attention to naming according to gender

I don’t know the other person, but when I hear the name, it will trigger a guess about this person. Many times we will judge the gender of the other party based on the name of the other party. For example, the default Jie and Zhi are the names of boys, while Hui and Yan are the names of girls. When parents choose names, they should choose characters according to the gender of the child. 

Don’t use girls’ names for boys, but boys’ names for girls. This is likely to cause other peers to laugh at the child, or cause others to misunderstand the child. 

Second. What should you pay attention to when choosing a name?

Pay attention to the above two points. Don’t be afraid of not getting a good name, but the name should not only be good, but there are other requirements. Because the name is what other people say to the child, and it is something that others have to say and write, so in addition to being good, the name must be convenient for the child and others to use. 

1. Under the Chinese tradition, unlucky words are not available

Under the Chinese tradition, names need to use auspicious words, unlucky, unlucky, and unsafe. Yes, the name does not imply wealth and wealth, so it can’t be used. For example, death, collapse, collapse, crash, and destruction are words that Chinese people would never use when naming them. 

These words have the meaning of falling, falling, and death. They do not mean good omen, or even have bad meanings, so they are absolutely not usable. 

2. You must have a nickname in your life

In addition to the nickname used in school, you must also have a nickname called by family, relatives and friends at home. The nickname can be obtained relatively casually, but don’t be too casual, so that classmates will be embarrassed when they come to play at home and hear their parents call their names. 

3. Get meaningful

The child’s name, whether it is a big name for work or study, or a nickname that is used casually at home, must be meaningful. Naming is also a matter of pursuing depth. Random things will show that parents don’t pay enough attention to their children. Parents need to ceremoniously hide their expectations or the meaning of a good life in the name. 

4. Nice to read

One is to let the child know who I am, and the other is to let others know who the child is. It is also necessary to write the child’s name, so it is very important to read it well. A name that sounds uncomfortable when you read it is not a good thing. 

5. There are no uncommon characters

The name must not only be easy to read and pronounce, but also write and recognize. Try to use common words in the name, and don’t mix rare words and Obscure words. In this way, it may cause inconvenience when others record the child’s name, and it is also easy for people to forget and write the child’s name. 

6. Avoid having too many duplicate names with others

There are too many people in China, and there are too many people with the same name and surname. Sometimes there are The two names are the same, which makes it difficult to address teachers and classmates. 

When parents choose characters, they may avoid some people who are easy to have the same name and surname as others, and avoid some that are too popular and too similar. Tingting, Yuanyuan, Jie, etc. are all words that are particularly easy to collide with, so parents can avoid naming their children. 

There are so many names. Doesn’t naming a child mean breaking through the Xinhua dictionary? Parents pay more attention and spend time to find a good name for their children, so that the children can live with this name safely and smoothly throughout their lives. The name is the first gift from a parent to a child, which can be said to be of extraordinary significance.

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