He was pregnant for October and confinement for another month. What should he do when he needs it? Take a look for him

He was pregnant for October and confinement for another month. What should he do when he needs it? Let’s see it for him

The time when women are most worried about men’s cheating after marriage is the period of pregnancy. During this period of time, women’s body is obese and swollen, and the limbs are not thick and thick. In fact, the time for pregnancy and recuperation is calculated. 

Almost a year, this year, it is common for women to worry that their husbands’ physiological needs have not been resolved. Is there any way to help the husband share the difficulty? 

Ms. Zhou from Zhejiang has been pregnant for two months. Ms. Zhou is pregnant in a very good condition, her morning sickness reaction is not very intense, and her pregnancy is good. 

Ms. Zhou’s husband is also very happy, but after a while, he is not so happy. It turns out that Ms. Zhou’s husband is worried about his wife’s hard work during pregnancy, and on the other hand, his physical needs have not been resolved. 

In the one and a half years before and after pregnancy, how does the man solve his physiological needs? May wish to use these methods. 

Male physiology during pregnancy How to solve the needs

1. Divert attention

Most pregnant women can’t work to earn money. Therefore, the man becomes the main force in the work to earn money. He has to bear the financial expenses of the family. To prepare for the woman’s childbirth, most of the attention at this time is on job promotion. 

But even if the work is progressing, progress will be pressured, and the man is also under pressure. 

Pregnant women can help the husband divert his attention and let him work well, but tell him that he should relax at all times, remind him that the child is born immediately, and let the man feel that he is a father happy. 

2. Keep both parties happy.

Under impulse, people are easy to make mistakes. It is not that people know nothing about mistakes, but that with this idea and the help of emotions, it is easy to collapse when you change your thoughts. Issued to. 

But in marriage, if the woman is in a bad mood and blames the man, then the two will be in a bad mood at the same time. Therefore, it is very important for both parties to maintain a happy mood during pregnancy. 

The woman is emotionally stable and unstable, which has a great impact on a family. People who are emotionally stable are always easier to deal with things. The woman’s emotional stability can keep a family relatively stable. 

But the woman should not hold back her grievances, because if he bears it without expressing it, it is easy to ignore the woman’s real needs and feelings. This will be detrimental to the stability of a family in the long run. It is stable on the surface. Shaken behind. 

3. Encourage the man to speak directly

During pregnancy, encourage the man to speak directly, expressing things directly, including physiological needs or thoughts that need to be vented, or other work pressures. 

Encourage the man to speak out. In many cases, men are the ones who hold back and do not speak directly. The whole society demands pressure and leans to both sides. The pressure of the family is all given to women, and the pressure of society is given to men. . 

The imbalance of the division of labor between men and women is actually not good for men and women. The division of labor between men and women is uneven, and the woman has to switch from the workplace to the family. Because of the unfair treatment in the workplace, the man is forced to pay more to the workplace. There is more work pressure. 

The pregnant man should How to do it

1. Be considerate of his wife

The most important thing that causes a man to be considerate of his wife is to be considerate of his wife. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s hormones change in her body and her psychology also undergoes tremendous changes, and she will soon be a mother. The woman is likely to force herself to be sensible, forcing herself to accept everything she does not want to accept. 

Because the woman is about to be a mother, the woman herself will have this identity change and a sense of responsibility, but at the same time, the woman may also feel aggrieved by some major and minor family affairs, and she will become pregnant again. Bear these injustices. 

So when you are pregnant, the man must be considerate of his wife. When pregnant, the woman is most likely to be bullied and most likely to have a psychological gap. When it is the most vulnerable, the man must protect the woman. 

2. Speak straightforwardly

If the man bears any pressure or encounters something unfair, he can talk to his wife. Most wives can understand and understand this. Time to talk about it, in exchange for my wife’s understanding. 

The relationship between two people will be better. On the contrary, if the man keeps silent, the woman still finds the man strange, and the relationship between the two people is worse, and suspicion is more likely to occur. 

Therefore, when there is conflicting luck in the first place, two people should speak directly and express them directly, instead of hiding the words for the other party to guess their own minds. 

People who are close always feel that the other person understands themselves, but sometimes people who are close can only see the other person in front of them instead of ignoring the other’s heart. 

When pregnant, it is often the time when two people’s concepts and thoughts are compatible with me, the two people’s living habits are consistent and inconsistent, and whether the two people can accommodate each other, take care of each other’s heart, and be tolerant. 

In addition to the woman’s tolerance for the man and the woman, the more important thing is that the two people will empathize with each other. Physical and psychological needs are indispensable. The 80-year-old man tells you why boys and girls are different, and don’t regret the wrong person until you are old

Nowadays, young parents don’t have much obsession with having boys and girls, but some families still There is a patriarchal notion. For example, the old man thinks that having a son can help him grow old, and his daughter is a “person with a foreign surname” after all, and is the water poured out. Parents do not ask for their love for their children, but from the perspective of providing for the elderly, having a son may not have an “advantage” over having a daughter. 

The octogenarian Frankly speaking, boys and girls are different. Don’t react until you are old.

The 80-year-old Uncle Wang has been living in a nursing home for many years. He thought it was a shame to live in a nursing home with children and daughters. But after many years of staying in, Uncle Wang found that it was quite worry-free to care for the elderly in a nursing home. While chatting with old friends in the nursing home, some old people said, “My daughter-in-law gave birth to a girl, and I want them to have a second child. The two will live and die. I really don’t know who they can count on when they are old? “Uncle Wang shook his head straight after hearing this, “You gave birth to a son, but do you still live in a nursing home when you grow old?” A kind of inner feeling after his personal experience, it seems that he is talking about others, but in the end, he is talking about himself. Uncle Wang has two sons and one daughter. It stands to reason that with so many children, Uncle Wang’s old age should be very warm. But I didn’t expect that the two sons would not wait to see him. From the beginning of taking turns, I saw that the old man was forcibly sent to the nursing home afterwards. The two sons really chilled Uncle Wang. 

Uncle Wang was very patriarchal when he was young. Although he had a daughter, he still had two more sons despite the poor family conditions. When dealing with children, Uncle Wang is also more inclined to favor his sons. For this reason, his daughter has been wronged. Fortunately, the daughter was very strong in the end. Although she was not treated by Uncle Wang, she became the best among the children. The daughter also spent a lot of thoughts on the issue of uncle Wang’s retirement, but for the sake of face, uncle Wang still couldn’t bear to live with her daughter. 

Although Uncle Wang refused his daughter’s kindness several times, but after he went to the nursing home, after the daughter still ran, he always came several times a week to help the elderly wash and rinse. But Uncle Wang’s favorite son is rarely seen in a year. Some time ago, even the two brothers even discussed that Uncle Wang would make a will, for fear that Uncle Wang would leave the inheritance to his daughter. At this point, Uncle Wang finally came to his senses, “The boys and girls are different, and the ones who love their sons end up being favored by their daughters!”

Boys and girls are different. Parents who love their sons don’t necessarily benefit from it.

Preferred Sons don’t understand gratitude.

In patriarchal families, boys get more preferential treatment, they can eat more delicious food, and they can inherit more inheritance from their parents. But this does not mean that the favored ones are more grateful. On the contrary, boys who are accustomed to their parents are more likely to be selfish and indifferent, and even less grateful to their parents. 

Daughters who are unwelcome to see are very wronged

Because their parents prefer sons to daughters, girls have a lower status in the family. Although they are the biological children of their parents with their brothers and brothers, The treatment they received was very different. They did the most work and suffered the most grievances. Daughters who grow up in such an environment will inevitably have defects in character, such as low self-esteem, sensitivity, and cowardice. 

Eccentric parents are not pleased.

Parents have tried their best to be eccentric, but in the end they pit themselves, their sons, and their daughters. In families with many children, eccentric parents are the most thankless, and their later life will naturally be insecure. Moreover, unfair love can easily separate the affection between the children and each other, which in turn makes the happy home full of hostility. 

What should parents think of the issue of giving birth to boys and girls? 

No matter if you have a boy or a girl, you should take good care of your children

Every little life comes, it is worthy of being cherished by parents. Whether it is a boy or a girl, they are the relatives of their parents. Therefore, parents should abandon their gender preference for their children, give them enough love, let the children feel more warmth from the family, and create a relaxed environment for their growth. 

Regardless of whether you have boys or girls, you should have a bowl of water.

In a family with many children, it is not easy for parents to treat their children fairly. It is difficult to be absolutely fair. , But it will be easier if it is relatively fair. Parents should be aware of the emotional state of each child to avoid unnecessary competition due to parents’ negligence. A bowl of water and a flat posture can make the family relationship more harmonious. 

Regardless of whether you have boys or girls, don’t easily set an example

Parents always hope that the big one can be an example to the small, and the good one can be an example to the poor, but in fact, if you deal with this kind of example If it is too extreme, then it is likely to be a copy of the comparison with children. Parents should take a calm look at the differences in children’s behavior. While discovering and recognizing the unique shining points of their children, they should be given appropriate guidance to help them develop their personality. 

Whether they give birth to a boy or a girl, the key to determining whether they can be better than others in the future and whether they can be filial to their parents lies in their indiscriminate treatment. Eccentric and biased parents will not only hurt the hearts of the children, but will also make their old age desolate. Do you share any opinions on the difference between having boys and girls?

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