Have you seen “Floating Belly”? Netizens feel pain when they call it straight after reading it

Have you seen “Floating Belly”? Netizens feel painful after reading it.

During pregnancy, as the size of the fetus gradually increases, the pregnant mother’s belly will become particularly obvious. Normally, pregnant mothers will show some conceit when they are four months pregnant. 

However, different pregnant mothers have different shapes of their pregnant belly, and even the old people have the saying that “a round belly gives birth to a girl, and a sharp belly gives birth to a boy”. 

At the same time, in recent years, pregnant women have received more adequate nutrition during pregnancy, which has also caused many pregnant mothers to have “suspended belly” during pregnancy. 

Novice Baoma Eating crazily during pregnancy, unexpectedly raised a “floating belly”, netizens felt pain through the screen

Lin Lin was very petite before pregnancy, and she looked very small and exquisite with a small skeleton. But Linlin’s mother-in-law was worried that her skinny daughter-in-law would not be able to provide the nourishment needed by the fetus in her stomach, so after Linlin became pregnant, her mother-in-law volunteered to take care of her. 

My mother-in-law’s cooking skills are very good, and the meals for three meals a day are very rich. During pregnancy, Linlin also gained a lot of weight as her mother-in-law expected. 

After the fetus was pregnant, the mother-in-law paid close attention to Linlin’s belly shape. “People say that a sharp pregnant belly can give birth to a boy!”

Linlin naturally does not believe her mother-in-law’s statement . But what she didn’t expect was that her pregnant belly looked a little special after eating and drinking during pregnancy. 

From the side, the pointed pregnant belly seems to be suspended in the air. 

Seeing that her pregnancy is so different from that of other pregnant mothers, Linlin has some worries. She was afraid that her belly would slowly be unable to bear the weight of the little guy. 

But the mother-in-law likes to hear about it, “The pregnant belly is obvious, which means that the fetus is developing well, and you should still eat it!”

However, during the pregnancy check, the doctor advised Linlin to control her diet. And suspended belly is also more dangerous during pregnancy, for example, it will make pregnant women feel back pain. 

Sure enough, as the pregnancy progressed, Linlin’s floating belly became more and more obvious, and the symptoms of backache and back pain became more and more unbearable for her. 

When Linlin posted the photos of pregnant women she took during her pregnancy on the Internet, her floating belly really attracted many comments from netizens. 

Many netizens said that they were really scared by Linlin’s floating belly, “The fetus seems to be hanging on the body, and it hurts across the screen!”

The floating belly not only looks great “Special”, and may also bring risks during pregnancy.

1. Prevent pregnant women from walking freely

With the weight bearing of suspended belly, pregnant women will have more difficulties in daily walking. 

Especially with the gradual increase in the size of the fetus, the degree of suspension will become more and more obvious. This kind of movement not only obstructs the pregnant women’s vision, but also increases the pregnant women’s walking burden. 

2, easy to cause back pain

The belly shape of the suspended belly makes the waist and abdomen of pregnant women bear most of the weight, and this naturally makes pregnant women prone to back pain Case. 

In addition, the suspended belly can also easily cause uterine contractions, which in turn causes the symptoms of abdominal pain in pregnant women. This will obviously also lead to a decline in the quality of life of pregnant women during pregnancy. 

3. Easy to induce dystocia

Generally speaking, pregnant women with suspended belly mostly have fetuses that are too large, excessive amniotic fluid, and narrow pelvis. 

Obviously, these symptoms may induce dystocia in pregnant women and increase the risk of childbirth. 

During pregnancy, how can pregnant mothers avoid the occurrence of floating belly? 

1. Reasonably control weight gain

It is very normal for pregnant mothers to increase their weight during pregnancy, but pregnant mothers also need to control their own weight gain range. 

If the pregnant mother gains too much weight during pregnancy, this may not only lead to pregnancy complications, but also may lead to the production of giant babies. Generally speaking, weight gain during pregnancy is more suitable within 15 to 20 catties. 

2. Reasonable diet arrangements

For pregnant women, it is necessary to ensure adequate nutritional intake during pregnancy, because it not only contributes to the health of the pregnant women themselves, but also greatly affects the normal development of the fetus. helpful. 

However, during pregnancy, pregnant women should still adhere to scientific dietary arrangements to avoid excessive intake of big fish and meat. 

3. Keep your mood happy

If pregnant women have a poor emotional state during pregnancy, their endocrine system may be affected, which may also lead to pregnant women during pregnancy Excessive weight gain. 

So only by maintaining a happy mood, pregnant women can pass a relaxed and happy pregnancy stage and be healthy and ready for the upcoming delivery. 

In conclusion, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not overly pursue the enlargement of the pregnant belly and blindly tonic or eat and drink. 

Only ensuring adequate nutritional supply is the most conducive to the development of the fetus. Excessive nutritional intake actually causes the physical burden of pregnant women, and even hinders normal childbirth. 

Do you share any relevant knowledge about the shape of the floating belly? “I’m not obstructing you when I was born.” The 54-year-old woman insisted on having three children. The opinions of the two daughters were very pertinent.

Ten years ago, a 60-year-old woman gave birth to twins on the Internet. The reason for becoming popular is needless to say. The 60-year-old is already the age when she was a grandmother or even a great-grandmother, but she became the mother of two newborn babies. This kind of strong contrast is naturally very attractive. However, behind her high-age birth, there are many difficulties, because she is a bereaved mother, and her daughter who has been raising for nearly 30 years died unexpectedly. The twins were born to make up for the psychology brought to her by the death of her daughter. hurt. 

But some super-aged women are not the same. They are not only mothers and their children are very healthy, but they still insist on getting pregnant when they are in their forties or even their 50s and 60s. This behavior is probably very difficult. Make people understand, let alone make people sympathize. A 54-year-old peasant woman in Shandong has this idea. She already has two daughters and they are both grown-ups, but this year they suddenly told their two daughters that she was pregnant again and was about to give birth to a third child. 

When the two daughters heard the news, they almost dropped their chins. The two sisters were already talking about marriage, and the mother was about to hug her grandson soon. Thinking about having three children is really hard to understand. Needless to say, the two daughters are definitely opposed to the mother’s decision, but the mother said to them, “I will not hinder you when I was born!”

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Seeing the mother is so stubborn, the two daughters found a chance to talk to her Go into details. The eldest daughter said, “Mom, you are so old, how do you give birth to your baby? Do you still count on my sister and me? We are also people who are about to get married.” The younger daughter bluntly said, “If my mother will give birth to three The marriage between my sister and I will definitely be affected.”

When the two daughters said this, the mother was also silent. Although everyone didn’t make it clear, she gave birth to three children at this age. It is clear that the two daughters are required to support the family and help raise the older brother/sister, but both daughters have their own lives. If they support their parents too much, it will definitely affect their future marriage happiness. Thinking of this, the mother finally let out a sigh of relief and promised to have a abortion. Seeing the mother’s attitude like this, the hanging hearts of the two daughters also fell. 

Senior second The purpose of having three children is self-evident

The 54-year-old peasant woman wants to have three children. From the perspective of her family situation, it should not be difficult for everyone to guess her mind, that is, she wants to have a son to pass on her husband’s family line. 54 is the age of menopause, even if she is in good health, she can hold on for a few more years at most. If the child really has to be born, when he goes to kindergarten, his mother is already a sixty-year-old old man. I believe the mothers know how much energy it takes to take the child now that young people are still suffering, not to mention. Is it a 60-year-old woman? 

So the most likely result is that the mother can’t take care of her when she gets old, leaving a young brother/sister to entrust her to two sisters. Therefore, although the child was born by the mother in name, it was actually shared between the two older daughters. He said “It won’t hinder them”, but the two daughters had already settled their calculations. Fortunately, the two daughters weren’t vegetarians either. They directly used the marriage to “coerce” their mother, and successfully made her give up the idea of ​​having three children. 

The 60-year-old mother who had lost twins at the beginning, her behavior is worthy of sympathy and understanding, because she never thought of imposing the obligation of raising children on others. Even if you want to push, you don’t have to push. And some elderly parents who have second or third children, just like the 54-year-old peasant woman in the above case, are purely selfish and reproductive. In doing so, they not only put themselves at high risk of pregnancy and childbirth, but also Seriously hurt the harmony of the family. 

Having a second child at an advanced age will not only hurt yourself but also harm the family.

Huge risk for super-aged pregnant women

As soon as a woman turns 30, her body will age rapidly, making it difficult to get pregnant. , The risk of childbirth is also significantly increased. What’s more, the quality of eggs in older women is far lower than that of younger women, which increases the probability of congenital diseases in their babies. This is true for pregnant women in their 30s, let alone pregnant women in their forties or even their 50s and 60s? Therefore, the super-aged child must not give birth to a second child, otherwise the body and the baby in the belly will be hurt first. 

The age difference between the hands and feet is too great to affect harmony

The age difference between brothers and sisters is best controlled within 5 years old, and no matter how bad it is, it must be controlled within 10 years old, otherwise there will be serious generation differences, which will affect the siblings. Feelings. And if the mother gave birth to the second child when the eldest son (daughter) was close to adulthood or even after adulthood, it would not only affect brotherhood, but could directly lead to the disintegration of the family, because in the eyes of the eldest son (daughter), the younger brother /My sister is here to compete with him for the family property. Once the interest dispute is involved, it is only strange that the relationship can get better. 

Therefore, although parents have the freedom to reproduce, they must also consider practical factors. If you already have older children, who are in good health and good character and ability, then don’t rush to have a second or third child. This is the best choice for the whole family.

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