Have children without “dignity”? The 25-year-old woman accused of taking off her pants late at night is just the beginning

Have children without “dignity”? The 25-year-old woman’s complaint about taking off her pants late at night is just the beginning.

For women who have no childbearing experience, giving birth is indeed full of fear and helplessness, and in the process of childbirth, the mothers will also I feel no sense of dignity because of some embarrassing situations. 

I have to say that nurturing life is a very great and sacred experience, but childbirth is a process that makes women feel very tortured. 

Because they not only have to endure great pain, but at the same time they have to endure the “shame” that cannot be easily let go. 

25-year-old treasure My mother sent a long text late at night to complain that she had no dignity in giving birth. Taking off her pants was really the beginning.

An Ran is a post-90s mother. The 25-year-old gave birth to a seven-jin-weight Mengbao some time ago. The little guy’s soft appearance made An Ran feel very happy, but the process of childbirth made An Ran reluctant to mention it. 

Finally on the night when the confinement period was over, An Ran couldn’t help but post a long post on the Internet crying about her childbirth experience. She was filled with aggrieved feelings and wrote with emotion, “Having a child is the last A matter of dignity, taking off your pants is just the beginning.”

An Ran, who had no childbearing experience that day, was sent to the hospital by his family after finding out that he had broken the water. At first she thought that she would give birth soon after entering the hospital, but what she didn’t expect was that the long delivery process had just begun. 

In the hospital, many pregnant women are also waiting for delivery. Although there are curtains apart, they can still feel the noise of people coming and going. 

Just as An Ran was at a loss, the doctor raised the curtain and walked over, and what the doctor said afterwards made her very embarrassed. “What are you still rubbing over there? Hurry up and take your pants off!”

Although the other party is a female doctor, she took off her pants in front of outsiders, which really gave An Ran a bit of a twist. However, the doctor’s impatient urging forced An Ran to act accordingly. 

After that, the doctor would come to the internal examination from time to time. Although the pain of the opening of the uterine mouth made An Ran sweat all over, the operation of the internal examination by the doctor really made An Ran “uncomfortable.” 

Finally after some tossing, An Ran was finally pushed into the delivery bed. But what she didn’t expect was that she, lying on the delivery bed, had actually become a “model” that was watched by people. 

At the time of childbirth, in addition to the doctors and nurses, there were three or four interns who visited and studied the operation. Although the pain made An Ran reluctant to be embarrassed, this feeling made her feel very “collapsed”. 

in childbirth At that time, what embarrassing situations might the mothers encounter? 

1. Meeting a male doctor

Although female doctors in obstetrics and gynecology are more common, there are also male doctors who are responsible for delivering babies. 

Because the process of childbirth involves private parts, when a male doctor delivers a baby, women will inevitably feel embarrassed, and the embarrassment is naturally self-evident. 

2. Being “surrounded” during childbirth

When a parturient is giving birth, it is also possible to encounter an onlooker by an intern. 

Originally, childbirth face is a very private matter. If there are people watching, it will inevitably make the mother feel very uncomfortable. But when they are already in the delivery bed, they are unable to “reject”, so they will naturally feel very embarrassed. 

3. Prenatal skin preparation

Whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean delivery, the doctor will prepare the skin for the parturient. In the process of removing hair in private parts, women will inevitably feel a little embarrassed. 

Some women even want to let their husband do the work, but this kind of request will most likely be rejected by the doctor, because this is also a job that requires “professional skills”. 

How can mothers avoid being troubled by un-embarrassed emotions during childbirth? 

1. Learn menstruation from people who have passed by

Inexperienced women can learn menstruation from people who have experience before giving birth, so that they can learn more about the delivery process and encounter some embarrassing situations. At the same time, he is also more able to face calmly and naturally. 

In addition, through the experience sharing of people over, the mothers can also avoid some unnecessary embarrassment. 

2. Learn about childbirth in advance

Women who know about childbirth in advance can help them to better cooperate with the doctor’s instructions, and it can also help the mothers to adjust their emotions so that they can more easily and naturally Facing each stage of labor during childbirth. 

3. It is best to have a family member accompany the childbirth

When the mother gives birth, it is best to have a family member accompany the childbirth. This will not only make the mother feel safe, but also let the mother think Better understood by doctors. 

Of course, it is not necessary for the husband of the mother to accompany the childbirth, and relatives close to the mother are also more suitable objects for the childbirth. 

All in all, during the process of childbirth, it is very normal for the parturient to have awkward emotions. This is by no means a squeamishness of the parturient, but the process of childbirth is indeed a major test of the psychology of the parturient. 

In addition, every pregnant woman deserves to be treated kindly by doctors. Although the doctors are busy with their work, they may lack patience when dealing with pregnant women. 

But I have to say that when women are in a state of fear and helplessness, the doctor can really give them great comfort and warmth. 

Do you have any experience to share about the embarrassing situation that the parturient encounters during childbirth? For women’s “ectopic pregnancy”, men are responsible for 80% of the responsibility. These three types of men take the lead.

Ectopic pregnancy is a terrible thing. Normal pregnancy fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus, while ectopic pregnancy is Occurs outside the uterus. Because it is not a suitable place, when the embryo develops to a certain extent, it will cause severe symptoms such as severe pain and hemorrhage. If it is not treated in time, it may endanger the life of the pregnant woman. 

My friend Xiao Zhang had an experience of ectopic pregnancy. Once after she had had a relationship with her boyfriend, she found that the current eldest aunt had not come. When she thought that no contraceptive measures had been taken that time, Xiao Zhang suddenly became frightened. She knew that she was likely to be pregnant. However, it is estimated that the pregnancy is more than a month at most, and going to an abortion right away shouldn’t have much impact on the body. However, the consequences were much more serious than she thought, because she was not an ordinary pregnancy, but an ectopic pregnancy. 

After detecting that it was an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor told Xiao Zhang not to perform ordinary abortion surgery, but to use a big knife, and it took her to prepare for a period of time. The scary thing is that during the preparation period, Xiao Zhang had blood once and was rushed to the hospital. The operation had to be carried out in advance. After the operation, I just stayed in the hospital for a whole month before being discharged. When I came out, I was so thin that I couldn’t recognize it. 

If it is not an ectopic pregnancy, even if one or two months later to get an abortion, it will only be a matter of rest at home for a few days. As a result, it was an ectopic pregnancy, which caused Xiao Zhang to undergo a major operation. After staying in the hospital for more than a month, she suffered tremendous physical and psychological torture. In her own words, “It’s not so miserable to have a child!” Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal phenomenon, once it occurs, it will bring great pain and risk to women. However, what many people don’t know is that ectopic pregnancy is mostly related to men, and women are just simple victims. 

Female ectopic pregnancy, Men are responsible for 80% of the responsibility.

Not paying attention to hygiene when intimacy is a major cause of ectopic pregnancy.

Although ectopic pregnancy cannot be ruled out as a woman’s own body, in most cases, it is still affected by external factors. , And poor sanitary conditions during the relationship, leading to reproductive system infections are a major cause. Compared with men, most women have good hygiene habits and are more conservative in sexual affairs. Therefore, if you don’t talk about hygiene, the responsibility will mostly fall on the men. 

Urgent intercourse before the end of the menstrual period

Ectopic pregnancy may also be related to the timing of intercourse. For example, if a woman has a relationship before the end of her menstrual period, there is a high probability that it will lead to an ectopic pregnancy. So those women who are unfortunate enough to be recruited can look back at their past sex lives to see if they have had sex during menstrual periods. If so, this is probably the reason. And this situation is mostly related to the urgency of the male monkey, so most of the responsibility has to be borne by the man. 

Let women bear the responsibility of contraception

There are many methods of contraception, the most common of course is to wear a condom. However, some men don’t like wearing them. As a result, the responsibility of contraception falls on women. Female contraception is nothing more than taking medicine and putting on the ring. However, neither of these two methods can guarantee 100% contraception. On the contrary, it is more likely to cause abnormal phenomena such as ectopic pregnancy. Seeing this, I believe you all understand that women who suffer from ectopic pregnancy are likely to be the culprits of men who have had relationships with them, especially the three types of men mentioned above, who bear the brunt. Knowing the reason, the method of preventing ectopic pregnancy is of course ready to come out. Of course, it mainly depends on whether the man is willing to cooperate. 

How to prevent ectopic pregnancy ? It’s very important to do these points well.

Adhere to a regular schedule and strengthen exercise

Women with ectopic pregnancy generally have poor physical fitness and weak reproductive system functions. This is related to long-term irregular schedules and lack of exercise. . Therefore, women, especially women of childbearing age, should adhere to a regular schedule and strengthen exercise at ordinary times, so as to reduce the probability of ectopic pregnancy. 

Pay attention to hygiene and timing when having sex.

When men and women have sex, it is necessary to strengthen hygiene management and choose the right time. In this way, infection of the reproductive system can be avoided to the greatest extent, thereby reducing the probability of ectopic pregnancy. Of course, as mentioned above, it mainly depends on whether the man cooperates. For women, if the other party does not cooperate, it just means that he does not love you so much. For the sake of their own body, it is better to be cautious in communicating. 

Men take the initiative to take the responsibility for contraception

Finally, men should also take the initiative to take the responsibility for contraception. Whether it is wearing a condom or ligation, the effect is better than that of women taking medicine and putting on the ring, and it is also harmful to the body. It is far inferior to the damage to women’s bodies in those two ways. So men who really care about their wives/girlfriends should take the initiative to stand up when they need contraception. On the whole, although ectopic pregnancy is a small probability event, once it occurs, it will cause great harm to women, and may even lead to permanent loss of fertility. Therefore, female friends must not take this matter lightly. The precautions mentioned above should be kept in mind at all times.

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