Grandma’s jaundice for newborn babies became popular, triggering the trend of following the trend. Netizens dare to think and act.

Grandma’s jaundice for newborn babies became popular, which triggered the trend of following the trend. Netizens dare to think and dare to do it.

In the Internet age, the distance between people has really narrowed a lot. A humble thing done by an ordinary person can spread across the entire network in an instant, causing discussion and imitating by thousands of people, which was unimaginable in the pre-Internet era. 

Some time ago, a short video of an old man holding a newborn baby in the sun quickly became popular through a social platform, and immediately triggered the trend of following the trend. People with babies in the family rushed to imitate, even some children He was six or seven years old, and he was hugged by an adult to bask in the sun, silly and funny. 

It is understood that the person holding the newborn baby in the sun is the baby’s grandmother. The cause was that the baby had neonatal jaundice. After seeing the doctor in the hospital, the doctor said that he should get more sun exposure, saying that it would heal faster. 

After my grandma heard about it, she took her grandson to the balcony to bask in the sun. In the end, the baby didn’t respond to the sun for a while, but the grandmother couldn’t stand it anymore. Maybe it was because I was getting older and couldn’t help but sun. 

But in order to make her grandson get better as soon as possible, grandma was unwilling to shrink, so she took out a piece of cloth to cover her face, so that she could hold on for longer while basking in the sun. 

Just in this way, the whole picture looks very weird. The baby’s mother happened to be on the side, and she took a short video and posted it on the Internet when she saw it was interesting. 

Unexpectedly, it became popular, and there was a wave of imitation on the Internet. Below the original video, some netizens commented that one dare to think and one dare to do it! 

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you would never know what wonderful ideas the person with the baby can come up with. However, the focus of attention of netizens mostly focused on the strange posture and behavior of the grandmother, but did not pay much attention to the baby’s condition. 

In fact, neonatal jaundice is worth paying attention to, because it is the most common problem in the newborn period, and most babies will encounter it, so it is very useful to know more about it, especially the standard mothers. 

Neonatal jaundice Why is it common? These reasons are all caused by

1. Excessive bilirubin production

From the pathological point of view, neonatal jaundice is related to excessive bilirubin in the body. Bilirubin is a pigment in bile and has a certain antioxidant function, but if it accumulates too much, it will make the skin yellow. 

Under normal circumstances, the production of bilirubin is neither fast nor slow, just to maintain a balance. However, newborns have not yet fully developed biliary function, which may lead to excessive bilirubin production. 

The body’s ability to metabolize bilirubin has not been improved, which leads to excessive accumulation of bilirubin in the body, which in turn leads to jaundice symptoms. 

2. Bilirubin metabolism disorder

Most of the bilirubin in bile will be absorbed and combined by liver cells, which is the so-called “metabolism”. 

But some newborns’ liver dysfunction can’t metabolize bilirubin in time, which can also lead to excessive accumulation of bilirubin. When the accumulated amount reaches a certain value, it will become neonatal jaundice. Symptoms manifested. 

3. Bilirubin excretion disorder

Besides being absorbed by liver cells, bilirubin will also be excreted with stool. However, some newborns have weak defecation ability, and the efficiency of excretion of bilirubin is too low, which leads to a large amount of bilirubin detained in the body, which will also cause neonatal jaundice over time. 

In short, neonatal jaundice is related to bilirubin. As long as the problem of excessive accumulation of bilirubin in the body is solved, this symptom can disappear quickly. 

The method of “basking in the sun” in the above case is a natural treatment that is currently clinically recommended. Of course, other methods can also be used to treat neonatal jaundice, or multiple methods can be used in combination. 

How to treat new students Jaundice? These two methods are economical and effective.

1. Sun exposure

Newborn jaundice is not a fatal disease. If the condition is not particularly serious, the doctor will advise parents to treat it by themselves, while sun exposure is The most commonly recommended therapy. 

This is because sunlight contains blue light, and after the bilirubin in the newborn’s body is irradiated with blue light, part of it will be oxidized, and part of it will be converted into isomers, thereby making the body bile red. The level of vitamins dropped rapidly. 

So just simply sunbathing, you can well suppress the symptoms of neonatal jaundice. The only flaw in this method is probably that it makes adults suffer. After all, not everyone likes to bask in the sun, let alone let the strong light shine directly on the body or even the face. 

2. Eat more Dora

In addition to sun exposure, it is also a good way to let your baby eat more Dora. Because part of the bilirubin can be excreted with the stool, as long as the baby pulls the stool, a large amount of bilirubin in the body can be taken away, thereby reducing the symptoms of jaundice caused by this. 

Of course, when using this therapy, the baby’s gastrointestinal tract capacity must also be considered, otherwise the jaundice may not disappear, but other diseases will be suppressed. 

The incidence of neonatal jaundice is as high as 60%, and it is as high as 80% in premature babies. So even if the baby really develops jaundice, mothers should not be too anxious. 

As long as you strictly follow the doctor’s advice and use scientific therapies, I believe it won’t take long for your baby to return to normal. Menarche is earlier than this age. Hurry up and take your child to see a doctor. It is related to height and ovarian development.

Mothers who have girls at home will start to observe whether the child is developing after the child reaches a certain age. Once the child enters the developmental period, various nutrients will be prepared for the child, and grasp the “golden period” of the child’s growth, otherwise there will be no chance again. 

But there are some children who have menarche early, which is what doctors often call “precocious puberty.” For these children, if they did not actively inform and learned to conceal, then parents would like to know It’s still more difficult, and it’s not good for your child’s health. 


My friend Xiaohan had menarche when she was 10 years old. She was the first one among all of our friends. Of course, precocity here refers to the psychological aspect. She said that she also heard more or less of this kind of situation from the adults at the time. . 

It’s just that every time I listen to the audience, I always feel like I’m being brought up for discussion in public, and there are also some adults with a joking tone, and they exclaim that their child is having early menarche again. They will say Surprise and other inexplicable emotions, these are the reasons why Xiaohan was reluctant to tell his family too early, otherwise the whole village might have known it. 

But in the end, there was still no mother who could conceal Xiaohan. Later, when Xiaohan was about 11 years old, her mother accidentally discovered that Xiaohan was coming to her aunt, so she quickly asked Xiaohan, Xiaohan didn’t tell the truth. She said she just arrived, Xiaohan’s mother thought it would not be much worse, just add more nutrition. 

But then it turns out that there is a big difference between finding out when a child’s menarche comes earlier and finding out later. Xiaohan now has symptoms of palace cold all year round, and every time he reaches his menstrual cycle, he will die in pain without taking painkillers. 

It’s not that Xiaohan’s mother didn’t take her to the hospital. At that time, the doctor said that it might be related to Xiaohan’s early menarche and did not supplement her nutrition in time, resulting in weak physique. 

Under normal circumstances, the age of a girl’s menarche is about 12 to 14 years old. If it is earlier than this time period, parents are advised to take their children to see a doctor. 

Why does menarche come Do you want to take your child for a check-up earlier? 

First of all, parents need to make it clear that the girl’s menarche comes earlier to indicate precocious puberty, and this symptom needs to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to determine a series of other symptoms, including height development, uterine system development, etc. . 

Many children with precocious puberty close the skeletal line earlier. Therefore, parents need to take the child to do the skeletal line check to see how likely the child is to grow taller. There is a chance, then even if it is less, seizing the last chance will play a certain role. 

In addition, children with precocious puberty are often accompanied by imperfect reproductive development systems. Due to the incomplete function of each device, it is difficult to cope with sudden precocious puberty symptoms, so uterine cold may occur Symptoms such as cysts, inflammation, infection, etc., especially if the child does not handle the physical hygiene properly, will aggravate the possibility of such symptoms. 

Therefore, you must take your child to see a doctor to understand the specific situation of the child’s development in order to make a plan for the next step. 

When the child comes After menarche, what other issues need to be paid attention to? 

1. Pay attention to nutritional supplements

There is no doubt about this, even if it goes without saying, the mothers all know it. However, most mothers know to supplement their children after the menstrual cycle, but they neglect the nutritional supplement before menarche. 

Be aware that after the child comes to menarche, this is considered to be the golden period of development, which means that there is still a long period of time for the transition and preparation period of the child’s development. 

Therefore, before the child enters the menarche period, the child should also be supplemented with nutrition to make a sufficient preparation for the child to enter the golden period of development. Let the child enter the golden period of take-off point higher, then the development effect Naturally it will be better. 

2. Appropriate arrangements for exercise

It is also a commonplace question. Here we should emphasize the frequency and intensity. It is best to ensure that children exercise more than 3 times a week, but high intensity should not be carried out in the first 3 days of the menstrual cycle. Exercise, and some girls can’t even exercise, so they should get plenty of rest. 

As for the intensity, not to mention, even if some girls can perform certain exercises, they should also ensure low intensity, otherwise the higher intensity will promote the shedding of the endometrium, but the child is prone to dysmenorrhea, and Conditions such as increased bleeding. 

3. Sleep is guaranteed

What I want to emphasize here is not only the child’s sleep duration, but also the child’s sleep quality. In fact, many children currently fail to achieve these two points. Most children now have the habit of staying up late. Coupled with getting up early in the morning to study, they are basically in a state of lack of sleep. 

On the other hand, poor sleep quality of children will also affect the effect of the golden period of growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of sleep while ensuring the length of sleep. 

Only when all factors are guaranteed to a certain extent, can a child’s developmental period be guaranteed. Of course, it also depends on the parents’ ability to observe and execute.

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