Grandma has become the main force with the baby? Behind the false proposition is grandma’s helplessness: it’s not that I don’t want to bring a baby

Grandma has become the main force with the baby? Behind the false proposition is grandma’s helplessness: it’s not that I don’t want to bring a baby.

There is a group of polls on the Internet about “Who brought the children in your family”. The results showed that among those who participated in the vote, more than 50% of netizens chose “grandma with baby”. 

In other words, if you ask Bao’s mother who helped bring the baby after the baby was born, most of the ten families are probably helped by the grandmother. And we don’t know when, grandma became the best person to help bring the baby. 

Grandma has become the main force in bringing the baby? 

Little Jia from the south of Baoma said: As the only child in the family, she has been spoiled since she was a child. She has a small temper and a lot of shortcomings. If her mother-in-law is helping to bring the baby, disagreement between the two generations will happen from time to time. I was afraid that it would affect the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so I chose to let my mother take care of the baby. 

Bao Dad Qingge said: When his wife is pregnant The mother-in-law has been taking care of it all the time. After the child is born, it is of course necessary to let the old man stay. 

Netizen Fangfang believes that the cost of raising children is too high now. Moms generally return to work after taking maternity leave. The cost of hiring a nanny is not low, and it’s not as safe as their family members, so they will definitely Choosing the grandmother of the child to help take care of the child, after all, compared with the mother-in-law, Bao’s mother is still closer to her relatives, and she is more assured to hand over the child to her. 

Speaking of which, it’s all children Grandma is helping with her baby, so where did grandma go? 

Actually, the grandmother of the child bluntly said that she was helpless in the face of this situation: it is not that we are grandmothers who don’t want to bring a baby, and want to hide in leisure, so obviously we have no right to choose. 

As for why this happens, I think it may be related to these reasons. 

Daughter-in-law is more assured to let grandma help with her baby

It is often said that the person who always sings black faces in the family must be the mother, especially with regard to the child’s living habits and learning attitude It has to be said that the mother has played a vital role in the development of her. 

As a mother’s mother, most grandma will Stand by the daughter’s side and support them to discipline their children. In contrast, mothers find it difficult for grandma to be in harmony with herself. If grandma helps to bring the baby, she will spoil the child. 

In order to avoid the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I hope grandma can bring her baby

Nowadays, young people are also very smart. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, they will actively choose to avoid each other. For example, I am afraid that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will be tense in the future, and I also hope that my grandmother will bring the baby. 

Grandma is strong, and I don’t want grandma to intervene in children’s affairs

There is also a situation where grandma is strong, regardless of her daughter’s schoolwork, career, marriage, or even raising children. They all like to take care of everything. Therefore, there are also cases where grandma does not want grandma to intervene in the child’s affairs. They also take care of the child in one hand. 

Actually, the elderly on both sides are bringing babies The evenly divided

all say that they are separated from each other. Isn’t it true that only grandmothers will kiss each other, and grandma won’t? I think the answer is no. 

In other words, the matter of grandma becoming the main force of raising babies is a false proposition. The elderly on both sides are the same in taking care of their children. 

Whether it is grandma or grandmother, in the process of taking care of the baby, they will do their best. There is no question of who is the main or the auxiliary, and there is no question of who contributes and who does not contribute. 

So, behind this pseudo proposition What is hidden is actually the helplessness of grandma, because this is not because the old people take the initiative to give up taking care of the children, but more based on the choices of the young parents. 

Extended reading: Who will help bring the baby mainly depends on these points

1) Which old man has free time

Some old people are relatively young and have not retired themselves, or have I am busy with my own affairs, so it is naturally not suitable to bring a baby. At this time, it depends on who has the time, or how family members take care of each other, taking turns to arrange for the baby. 

2) Which old people have more Energy

The other thing is to see which parent has time to bring the baby, but it should be noted that the elderly have limited energy after all. If the elderly help to bring the baby during the day, at night or on weekends, the parents should bring the baby. It can not only relieve the fatigue of the elderly, but also enhance the parent-child relationship between parents and children. The son accidentally broke the teacher’s necklace. After apologizing, Mom only compensated for the repair fee. The reason was praised by netizens.

The road to raising children is always full of difficulties and obstacles. I believe you all have a deep understanding of this. Experience. 

First of all, from the birth of the child, Bao Ma opened their way of worrying. From eating, drinking, and sleeping to sleeping, Bao Ma needed special attention. 

Having finally waited for the baby to grow into a baby and can be sent to the kindergarten. Momma thought that she should be able to breathe a sigh of relief, but in fact, life in the kindergarten is even more worrying. 

From the beginning of entering the kindergarten, the mothers have basically been watching the surveillance all day long, carefully observing the baby’s condition, such as whether he drinks water, whether he is full, whether he is sleeping with a quilt, etc. . 

Besides these, Mommy is more worried about the baby’s Whether the kindergarten is in trouble, after all, the destructive power of children of this age cannot be underestimated. 

The son accidentally broke the teacher’s golden necklace. After apologizing, Bao’s mother only compensated for the repair fee.

Duo Duo has reached the age of going to kindergarten. He was originally a naughty boy, so he chose the kindergarten. Very carefully, from the hardware facilities in the garden to the regulations of the kindergarten, a very detailed comparison has been made. 

After thousands of choices, Duoduo’s mother chose a kindergarten close to home. When she first entered the kindergarten, Duoduo resisted for a long time. After many resistances failed, she had to enter the kindergarten obediently. . 

Don’t say, the kindergarten chosen by Duoduo Ma is from Teachers and the environment have won a lot of love. In this environment, Duoduo is becoming more and more active in going to kindergarten, but it didn’t take long for the children to get into trouble. 

It turned out that the teacher of Duoduo went on a blind date while resting. To show that he valued it, he also brought a gold necklace, but the teacher forgot to take off the necklace during class. 

Unexpectedly, during the game, the gold necklace was accidentally torn off by Duoduo. Looking at the broken necklace, Duoduo’s teacher felt distressed, so he told Duoduo when Mommy came to pick up the child. Mom communicated the matter. 

Later, Duo Duo Ma looked at the necklace, He immediately apologized to the teacher and said that he would bear the corresponding repair costs. 

But the teacher felt that it was unfair. After all, it was a newly bought necklace, or it was brand new and it was broken. Anyone would be angry, so he argued with Duoduo’s mother and wanted to make further claims. 

Unexpectedly, when she said it, she was rejected by Duoduo’s mother, and said that it was the teacher’s own responsibility, because the park stipulates that it is not allowed to bring accessories other than wedding rings during working hours, and she also took a closer look. After that, although this necklace is broken, it is fine to find a merchant to deal with it briefly, and there is no major problem. In this regard, Duoduo Ma’s reasons have also been praised by many netizens. 

The teacher immediately became popular Face, because the kindergarten does have such a regulation, I can’t help but secretly rejoice, but fortunately, it didn’t hurt the children, so I accepted Duoduo’s statement. 

After the incident was posted on the Internet, Bao Ma’s handling of it was also praised by many netizens. Everyone said: “Duo Duo Ma is fine!”

Many kindergartens There are regulations not to allow teachers to wear accessories

Indeed, most kindergartens have regulations that do not allow teachers to wear accessories during work. This is not only for the protection of children, but also for the safety of teachers’ property. 

Current accessories such as earrings, bracelets, Necklaces, etc., have potential safety hazards for children. Children are lively and active. If they are accidentally pierced or swallowed by small accessories in jewelry, they will cause certain dangers. So this is also the reason given by Duoduo Ma. The reason why netizens liked it. 

Similarly, if you can’t find the accessories because you are playing games with the child, or are damaged, it will also cause the teacher’s property loss, which will be bad for both parties, and something like The contradiction between Duoduo’s mother and the teacher mentioned above. At this time, what needs to be tested is Bao Ma’s ability to deal with such things. 

When children make mistakes in kindergarten, the way parents handle it is very important

1. Make clear to the child what is wrong.

When a child makes a mistake in kindergarten, parents must first understand the truth of the matter and tell the child where the mistake was made. The tone should be gentle and firm. Let children have a clear concept of right and wrong. 

2. Give children appropriate punishment.

Parents must distinguish between rewards and punishments. If the child does make a mistake, the parent must guide the child to apologize in time. After apologizing, they must also give the corresponding apology. When the same thing happens in the future, the child will avoid similar mistakes when he thinks of the punishment. 

3. Coordinate with the teacher in time


When a child makes a mistake, parents must communicate with the teacher in a timely manner, and do a good job of coordinating, so as to finish today’s things today, and avoid turning over old accounts.

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