Good-looking couples give birth to ugly babies? In addition to genetics, the child’s appearance is also affected by three aspects

Good-looking couples give birth to ugly babies? In addition to genetics, children’s appearance is also affected by three aspects.

The value of appearance does have a certain impact on the future development of people. 

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As parents, I naturally hope that their children can look beautiful and cute. To a certain extent, it is determined by the genes of the parents, but there is no absoluteness in everything. Parents with high-valued children may not necessarily have high-valued children. 

Case: A couple of high-valued faces gave birth to an “ugly” baby, and they were suspected of being wrongly held.

Xiao Wang and his wife are a rare combination of “good-looking men and beautiful girls”. After they got married, their friends said they would definitely give birth to a tall boy in the future. Look baby. 

Although Xiao Wang and his wife are humble, they also look forward to the arrival of the baby very much in their hearts, and look forward to the appearance of their children. They feel that no matter who they look like, their appearance will definitely not be too low. 

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However, when the baby is born, it makes people surprised. The appearance of the little guy is really hard to say. 

The parents of both parents are relatively calm, thinking that they just didn’t grow up when they were young, and they look better when they grow up. However, as the child grew older, his appearance still did not improve. Xiao Wang even wondered if the child was wrongly held, and put the paternity test on the agenda, but the paternity test showed that the child was indeed biological. 

As a result, the Xiao Wangs had to accept this fact, but they were always wondering why the child did not look like his parents? 

What characteristics are easily inherited by children from their parents? 


In genetics, the genetic influence of parents on children’s eye characteristics is very obvious. 

Generally speaking, big eyes are relatively dominant inheritance. If the parents have big eyes, the chance of a child having beautiful eyes is high. 

In addition, double eyelids are more likely to be inherited. However, the double eyelid may not appear when the child is small, but as the child grows up, the double eyelid will become more obvious. 

But if only one of the couple has this trait, the odds will be reduced by half. 

⑵, nose bridge

High nose bridge is a more obvious dominant inheritance, which is more common in the genetic influence caused by parents. 

However, because most of the bridge of the nose of a new-born baby is “collapsed”, it does not look very obvious. However, as the baby grows up and the bridge of the nose begins to develop, this similarity will become clear. 

But in the same way, if one parent has a high nose bridge and the other has a collapsed nose bridge, the child will choose one of them for inheritance. Whether the advantage can be inherited depends on luck. 

3. Height

Research shows that 70% of human height depends on genetics, and the influence of acquired factors only accounts for 30%. 

The height of the parents directly determines the future development of the child’s height. Under normal circumstances, two tall men are unlikely to give birth to short ones. 

Of course, in addition to innate factors, height is also inseparable from acquired diet and exercise. Compared with facial features, children’s future height is often full of infinite possibilities. 

In addition to genetics, what other factors are related to children’s appearance? 

◆ Living habits

Behavioral habits will affect a person’s appearance and temperament. 

In many cases, some wrong sleeping and standing postures will directly affect the growth and development of the child, which has a great impact on the personal temperament, causing the child to bend over and hunch back. If it is not corrected in time, it will Let the child develop a habit, the mental outlook will also be affected. 

If a person’s mental outlook is relatively poor, the overall appearance will be halved. 

◆ Educational methods

There is an ancient poem saying: There is a poem and book in the belly. 

Temperament is a well-known but unpredictable concept. It is a kind of personality charm of a person from the inside to the outside. It has the meaning of “can only be understood but not communicated”. 

If parents pay attention to cultivating the child’s temperament, then the child’s appearance will also gain points. For example: a girl who likes to dance ballet will give people a dignified and elegant feeling; while a boy who likes to read will give people an impression of gentleness. 

◆ Family environment

Under normal circumstances, if the child’s family environment is full of love, then the child’s personality will be more cheerful and generous, looking confident, but also Willing to show a confident and beautiful smile at all times, which can often have a positive impact on the child’s appearance. 

As the saying goes: good-looking skins are the same, but interesting souls are one in a million. The so-called face value is actually just the appearance, and only by improving oneself from the inside, can children continue to add value and add points.  Children with strong interpersonal skills tend to These performances are due to the correct guidance of parents

Carnegie also said: “A person’s success 85% comes from personal connections and 15% comes from professional knowledge.”

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In this life, human beings cannot avoid dealing with others, and human hearts are more complicated, so this puts a test of a person’s interpersonal communication Ability. 

Anthony Robin once said: “The greatest wealth in life is to have good interpersonal relationships, because it can open every door of the abilities you need and keep you growing.”< /p>

Carnegie also said: “85% of a person’s success comes from personal connections, and 15% comes from professional knowledge.”

Therefore, interpersonal relationships are crucial in a person’s life. Importantly, he is probably directly related to whether you can succeed. 

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Children with strong interpersonal skills will have these performances from childhood

1. Children will “fake crying”

In the process, “crying” is not a good behavior, it will only bring some psychological pressure to people. 

In children’s social relationships, “crying” is an instinct. Being good at using “fake crying” to alleviate conflicts and express your inner thoughts is a kind of strong interpersonal skills. The initial performance. 

2. Children have the ability to organize and coordinate.

Many children dare not express themselves in the social process. They are often in a dispensable position, and have strong interpersonal skills. Children, he will show great organizational and coordination skills, able to influence and call on others. 

For example, in a team game, you can organize others to work together, or when you are in danger, you can actively find a way or ask for help to solve the problem. 

3. Can resolve social conflicts

When children play together, there will be some repetitions, and babies with strong interpersonal skills can resolve conflicts, and they know how to comfort Others put forward suggestions for solutions, so that the conflict gradually disappears, so such children are also the most popular in the group. 

4. Understand others

In the social process, if children understand others, can think about problems from multiple angles, and provide help to others, it means that children know how to cooperate and share Win, this belongs to a person with more outstanding ability in the social process. 

How to cultivate Children with strong interpersonal skills? 

1. Create a harmonious and equal communication atmosphere

Parents should not yell or scold their children loudly. Let them know what is happening at home and participate in it appropriately. When it comes to children’s problems, don’t be dictatorial and listen to your children’s opinions. 

In addition, you can provide some opportunities for socializing, and appropriately bring your children into your social circle. For example, when guests come at home, let them participate, such as pouring tea, chatting, etc. 

2. Parents set an example.

How can a parent who is not good at interpersonal communication and who likes to stay behind closed doors desires to teach a child who is lively, cheerful and willing to make friends? 

Therefore, parents should set an example, be good at making friends, be willing to deal with others, make good mentors and helpful friends, refuse to harm or evil friends; when meeting with friends, talk more about useful topics instead of making friends with alcohol or meat. 

3. Encourage children to go out and make friends more

Interpersonal skills can only be exercised and improved in the process of constant comparison with others, so parents should encourage children to go out of the house more and make friends Friends, participate in some social activities, you can often invite friends to play at home, you can also take your children to visit friends’ homes, and create as many opportunities as possible for children to contact friends, adults, etc. 

4. Teach children some basic communication skills

Parents can teach children some basic communication skills, such as how to participate in other people’s games, and how to share their own toys, Give food to companions and give care and help to friends. 

At the same time, parents should tell their children which friends can and which cannot be made, and of course they have to tell the reasons for them so that their children can understand and agree with them. 

How do people with strong interpersonal skills figure out people’s hearts? 

1. Looking at psychological conditions from inner desires

The famous psychologist Freud believes that human beings are full of desires and will do something under the control of desires. Therefore, one can look at the inner face of a person through the expression of a person’s desire, and thus understand him. 

One of the slogans of experts in desire psychology is “psychology of desire, see people in the bones”. Therefore, in daily life, pay more attention to the hidden desires behind other people’s behaviors to understand the person’s inner heart. Ideas to know how to get along with others better. This is also the psychological skill of people with strong interpersonal skills. 

2. Look at psychological conditions from inner fears

Everyone will have their own psychological boundary. If you exceed this boundary, you will feel fear and fear. Therefore, to look at a person’s heart, you only need to see whether he is not. What you are willing to do and what you are afraid of is able to understand the person’s thoughts, so that you can understand others and get along better with others. This is also a manifestation of strong interpersonal skills. 

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