Fortunately whether life is happy in old age, the key is to look at the following points. When you are young, you have to prepare in advance.

Fortunately, in the old age, the key is to look at the following points. When you are young, you have to prepare in advance

Writer: Chen Fang

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In China, it is a traditional virtue for children to support their parents. Many elderly people place their old life on their children. Under this circumstance, whether their children are filial or not has become their old age. An important basis for a happy life. 

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The current situation of the two old people in their later years is thought-provoking

Uncle Zhang and his wife were influenced by traditional thinking. In the early years, he invested a lot of hard work on his son, from going to school, buying a house, getting married, and contributing money and effort in all aspects. 

Nowadays, the old couple moved to their son’s house when they were old. The son and daughter-in-law had no objection, but they only knew how inconvenient they were when they were there. 

There are big differences in family lifestyles, eating and eating, sleeping and sleeping, sons and daughters-in-law are busy at work, and they don’t have much time to accompany themselves, and most of the time their children go to school are away from home. In a strange city, the old couple felt very lonely. 

But Grandpa Li next door is just right On the contrary, he has two daughters and a son, and they are very filial and want to pick him up, because his wife died early and the children in the family are always afraid of him being alone. 

But Grandpa Li said that he would not go and let them have time to come back over the weekend. The children had to listen to his opinions. It is also enviable that a family gathers together every week. 

Many people asked him why he didn’t live with his children. It’s not convenient for a person so old. Grandpa Li retorted that in my old age, I had plans early in the morning, so I could live well without causing trouble to my children. 

Fortunately or not, the key to old age It depends on the following points

1. Whether the children are caring

Under the general environment of our country, the care of children is still the main focus on the issue of elderly care, especially in some Rural areas and other remote areas. When the elderly are old, they lose the ability to work and have no financial resources, so they can only rely on their children. 

Many children themselves are under great family pressure, and the burden of living for the elderly is undoubtedly worse, and it is easy to cause conflicts. Even in families with better economic conditions, there are huge differences in the lifestyles of the elderly and the young. , It is not easy to get along with each other in harmony. 

Therefore, when parents are young, they should do a good job in educating their children and cultivate their three correct outlooks. When you are old, they will basically not be unable to provide for the elderly. 

2, whether there is money, Fortunately to find a good nursing home

With the development of society, this kind of elderly care method has gradually emerged and matured. Choosing this method will not disturb the life of the children, but can also be taken care of, as well as other elderly people. accompany. 

However, the quality of nursing homes on the market is uneven, and some even the basic diet is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, you must understand clearly before making a decision when choosing. 

At the same time, the price of well-equipped nursing homes in all aspects is high, which requires us to be fully prepared when we are young and work hard to make money, so that we can be more confident in our elderly care. 

3. Is there an independent life Courage and ability

Some families have insufficient funds but don’t want to disturb their children’s lives, so even if they are old they will still choose to live independently. If you have the courage and ability to live independently, then even if you don’t With children, the happiness index in old age will be quite high. 

However, this is a more suitable method for older people with relatively healthy health, and for some elderly people with poor physical fitness, there may be a greater risk. 

Some people say that the relationship between parents and children is “going farther and farther”. Sometimes they may not be able to accompany you through the last second half of your life, so as parents, sometimes you have to do a good job of risk management in advance And mentality adjustment. 

The correct way of old-age care requires these points.

In fact, the best way to take care of yourself in old age is to take care of yourself while excluding all external forces. Then if you want to live a happy life in your later years, you must do three things well——

▲Limited dependence on children

Many elderly people will have this idea: When I take care of my children, he should take care of my old life. 

However, when children grow up, they will have their own lives and families. They need to accompany and take care of their children, so naturally they don’t have too much time to accompany their parents. If forced access will only disrupt The lives of the children make life harder for both parties. 

Regardless of whether the children can take care of the elderly’s lives, the parents themselves should be able to independently take charge of their spiritual and real life. This requires that they have their own social interactions, interests, and sufficient savings. 

Therefore, you should prepare for these hands when you are young instead of kidnapping women in your old age. 

▲Respect the choice of children


Because they want to help their children reduce the burden, many elderly people will take the initiative to help with their children, but many times they don’t need them, but parents still insist on it. At this time, conflicts are prone to arise. 

After they reach adulthood, what parents have to do is not to be self-righteous to “be good for them”, but to respect their choices. They can take the initiative when they need help. If they are accepted, they will be able to If they are rejected, they should also choose to respect. Their life should be decided by themselves. 

▲Maintain physical and mental health


As I get older, what I fear most is all kinds of discomforts, because at this time, various physical functions are rapidly declining, both mentally and physically will become more fragile, slightly improper, minor illnesses and pains continue. Naturally, there is no way to live on your own, and someone needs to take care of it. 

If you let your children take care of them, it will greatly increase their burden, and you will also have to bear the pain. Therefore, it is necessary to develop good work and rest habits and lifestyles, and insist on exercising, so that physical health can be guaranteed, and there is no problem in living alone in old age. 

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There are several misunderstandings about bringing a baby in summer. Not to mention an injury to the spine, it may also leave a psychological shadow on the baby

In the scorching summer, parents should pay more attention to their children to avoid hidden dangers. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the son

In the hot summer, not only adults are afraid of heat, but for children with a lot of activity, it is even hotter. Therefore, many parents start to use all kinds of big tricks at this stage. 

Can these big moves of parents really cool the children? 

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Parents shouldn’t do these things in summer to make children less injured.

1. Shave their heads

Many parents in summer When it’s time, I habitually shave the baby into a bald head, thinking that this will make it cooler and reduce the growth of prickly heat. 

But this method is not correct. Shaving the head of infants and young children will easily lose a natural protective barrier to their heads and increase the possibility of being bitten by mosquitoes. Sex. 

In addition, without the protection of hair, the scalp will absorb more heat, and it is more likely to cause dermatitis when exposed to the sun. 

Therefore, pediatric scientists suggest that in the summer parents can cut their children’s hair short, but not shave their heads. And you can wear a small hat for sun protection when you go out. 

2. Urinate frequently

Baby’s bladder function can be gradually developed and perfected after 2 years old, and urethra can be promoted at 3 years old The sphincter and anal sphincter are mature and can then urinate and defecate spontaneously. 

Before this, babies need to wear diapers. However, it is a crime to wrap diapers in the hot summer. Many babies have rashes on their buttocks. Therefore, many parents will choose to use urine. Way to replace diapers. 

However, this method is easy to affect the baby’s spine, bladder, and hip joint development, and may even leave a shadow on the baby’s psychology. 

3. Fan blowing

Some elderly people feel that turning on the air conditioner wastes electricity and is more likely to catch a cold. It is better to blow a fan. 

In fact, the fan only accelerates the flow of air and will not have any effect on the room temperature. If the child keeps sweating, it will be more likely to catch a cold after blowing through the fan. 

But after the air conditioner cools down, the room temperature is constant. Adjust it to between 24°C and 26°C. It is best not to let the air outlet blow on the child. If you are worried about your baby getting cold, you can put on long sleeves in the air-conditioned room. Home service. 

4. Apply adult sunscreen

Some parents will apply some sunscreen when they go out in summer, but the baby goes out rarely, so they apply adult before they are ready. Sunscreen, I don’t think there will be any effect if you just apply a little bit. 

As everyone knows, adult sunscreen is likely to contain ingredients that are not suitable for children. Even if it is used less, it can easily cause damage to the baby’s skin after being absorbed by the skin, and even some Babies may eat sunscreen in their mouths and endanger their health. 

Therefore, if parents want to take their baby out, it is best to choose a sunscreen that suits them, or use a parasol. 

Do it in summer These things make children less sick in the second half of the year.

1. Don’t eat raw or cold food

Because of the too hot in summer, many people will be greedy for cold, and children will also Fall in love with eating ice cream, ice cream, iced fruits, etc., but because the baby’s gastrointestinal digestion function is poor and not fully mature, it is likely to have an impact on the gastrointestinal tract after eating too much, which will not only cause diarrhea, but also It may affect the body’s immunity. 

Therefore, parents need to do a good job of supervision at this time, and try to let their children eat less raw and cold food. 

2, not in the air-conditioned room for a long time

It’s too hot in summer, so parents choose to keep their babies in order for their children to be hot. Staying in an air-conditioned room, sometimes staying for a whole day, can easily lead to air-conditioning disease, upper respiratory tract infection, dizziness, headaches, etc. 

Although the air-conditioned room is very comfortable, it is not suitable for staying inside for a long time. Pay attention to ventilation in the morning and evening, and do not enter and exit frequently to avoid excessive temperature difference. For colds caused by them, parents can take them out to play and breathe fresh air during cool hours in the early morning and evening, which will help strengthen the vitality of immune cells. 

3. Pay attention to hygiene

As the saying goes: “Illness enters from the mouth”, but in summer due to the high temperature, bacteria tend to grow. Therefore, parents must pay attention to their children’s diet and personal hygiene at this time. 

Try to choose fresh ingredients in the diet and wash them clean. After children go out to play and defecate before meals, urge them to wash their hands carefully. 

In addition, the diet should be as light and easy to digest as possible to avoid aggravating the child’s gastrointestinal burden. 

4. Ensure adequate sleep

Summer days are long and nights are short, coupled with the hot weather, many children are reluctant to sleep at night, but adequate sleep can not only keep the body in After a rest, restoring to the best state is also conducive to the improvement of immunity. 

Therefore, parents must establish a regular schedule for their children so that they can fall asleep early at night to ensure adequate sleep quality, so as to ensure the increase of immunity and keep the body in a healthy state . 

Taking care of the sick When you are a child, don’t walk into the misunderstandings

1. Use soil method

Some elderly people at home, in order to save money and avoid the trouble of going to the hospital, they choose to use the home remedy when they are bringing their children. Affect the life and health of the baby. 

2. Taboo to seek medical treatment

Some elderly people feel that illness is a trivial matter when taking care of their children. The problem has become a big problem. Return to Sohu to see more

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