For women who have given birth to children, the three parts will be very “protruding”, and they can’t hide.

For women who have given birth to children, the three parts will be very “protruding”, and they can’t be hidden.

It is the nature of most women to love beauty, but many women have facial spots and out-of-shape due to having children. Wait, the mothers who love beauty are very troubled. 

Of course, some mothers who pay attention to maintenance can reduce the changes brought about by childbirth to a large extent through scientific and reasonable diet and use of skin care products. In any case, the changes in some places are irreversible. 

Because Xiaowen has a baby face, even after graduating from college, she is often mistaken for a high school student. This makes Xiaowen, who loves beauty, proud. 

Which woman does not want to look younger than her actual age? However, this misunderstanding became much less after Xiaowen gave birth. 

A few female colleagues who had always teased her about being 25 years old, who still look like students, are now chatting with Xiaowen, and often the opening remarks have become “Xiaowen, how is your child”. 

Every time Xiaowen hears this kind of opening remarks, she feels very strange. If she understands the situation with colleagues in one of her own departments, why not have many female colleagues in other departments also know the intersection? ? 

Motivated by curiosity, Xiaowen quietly asked Liu Jie, a 40-year-old female colleague in another department. After listening to Xiaowen’s doubts, Sister Liu said calmly

“We have also given birth to children, and I guessed it when we looked at your figure. For example, your hips are a lot bigger than before, but The overall figure is still relatively thin, and the changes in the hips appear to be more obvious.”

After comparing the previous photos, Xiaowen found that Sister Liu was right. Even though she has tried to lose weight, the weight is not much different from that before pregnancy, but the hips are indeed much larger than before. 

After a lot of observations, some researchers found that women’s metabolism during pregnancy and lactation increased a lot, which accelerated the oxidative stress response and damaged many cells. 

In other words, after giving birth to a child, women are prone to severe injuries, resulting in changes in body shape and skin changes. 

had a baby The three parts of the woman will be very “protruding”, and can’t hide it! 

1. The buttocks are getting bigger.

The buttocks are getting bigger. It is better to say that the pelvis expands, making the buttocks look much bigger than before giving birth. 

The reason for this change is that as the fetus continues to grow and become larger and larger, the pelvis expands in order to deliver the fetus smoothly. 

Whether it is during pregnancy or breastfeeding, mothers will also take tonic, too much fat accumulates in the buttocks, which will also cause the buttocks to become fat. The expansion of the pelvis and the accumulation of fat make the mothers’ hips enlarged. 

2. Abdomen

The biggest change in the abdomen is the growth of stretch marks, which makes the abdomen covered with red and white lines, which affects the appearance. 

The reason for the growth of stretch marks is that the growth rate of the skin on the abdomen of the pregnant mother cannot keep up with the expansion of the uterus due to the rapid development of the fetus, making the skin “stretched”. 

Under normal circumstances, it takes at least 1 to 2 years for stretch marks to fade and disappear slowly. However, if some mothers have scars, stretch marks may not completely disappear. 

For mothers who have undergone a caesarean section, there will be an obvious scar on the abdomen, which can be known at a glance. 

3. Changes in the breasts

During pregnancy, due to the increased secretion of estrogen, the breasts will develop twice, and the breasts of the pregnant mothers will eventually become larger. 

If you choose breastfeeding during the breastfeeding period, mothers’ breasts will also experience varying degrees of sagging. 

Women giving birth to children is a very great thing. In addition to having to endure many dangers and life safety, physical changes such as enlarged buttocks, sagging breasts, fat body, facial spots and abdomen Leave stretch marks etc. 

These are great sacrifices for women who love beauty. Therefore, every mother deserves our admiration. 

Of course, mothers don’t need to be too pessimistic. They can use scientific and reasonable methods to do a good job in postpartum physical recovery, which can greatly reduce the impact of having children. 

postpartum recovery, Moms can do this

1, maintain sufficient exercise volume

Adequate exercise can improve the vitality of cells. For mothers whose cells are damaged due to fertility, exercise can restore the vitality of their own cells. At the same time, it can help the repair of various organs in the body. 

2. Ensure enough rest time

Sleep is very important for our energy recovery. Many mothers have to stay up late to take care of their children and sleep cannot be guaranteed, so it affects The speed and condition of the body’s recovery after childbirth. 

Mothers should ensure that they can get enough rest time and get enough sleep so that the body can return to the healthiest state as soon as possible. 

3. Reasonable diet

Mothers are relatively weak after childbirth. If they are tonic, the body will not be able to fully absorb the nutrients, resulting in excess nutrition. After the accumulation of fat, it is inevitable to gain weight. 

Therefore, it is still necessary to maintain a scientific and reasonable diet, according to the doctor’s advice, several green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, and pay attention to supplementing protein and other nutrients. 

In order to make the body recover as quickly as possible, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet and exercise, adequate rest, and maintain a good mood. 

Only by doing a good job in postpartum body recovery, can the body damage or changes brought about by childbearing be effectively reduced. 

It is worth noting that when performing postpartum repairs, mothers should not be too anxious and ignore their health, and use unscientific methods such as dieting to cause irreversible damage to their own health! 

How did your appearance change after you gave birth? Welcome to leave a message to share! He became ill when he was 3 years old. He has been imprisoned by “a chain” for more than ten years. Nowadays, the current situation is miserable.

Epilepsy is a nightmare for many families, and the flowers of epilepsy have also dragged down many families and become a bondage. A stumbling block for many families. 

Children with epilepsy not only suffer themselves, but also bring endless torture to their families. Many people sympathize with children with epilepsy, but they are helpless. There is such a family in Dashan, Sichuan. This family takes care of their children not by swaddling and wrapping cloth, but by chains. 

It turns out that the adult of this family is not there, only a pair of old people and a child. The elderly are old and have only basic mobility. I can only cook some meals for the children, and have no ability to do other labor. Not only that, the old man is also very worried about his grandson. 

It turned out that the grandson of the old man had epilepsy when he was three years old. He sought medical treatment for many years to no avail, and the family did not have any savings to go to other treatments. Therefore, in order to prevent children from hurting people when they are sick, the elderly can only use chains to tie the children. On the other hand, it is because the elderly are responsible for their children and fear that the children will be beaten for injuring others. On the other hand, the elderly are also for the sake of public order, and mentally ill injuries have been repeatedly prohibited. 

This kind of pain is not something ordinary people can bear. The elderly couple have been caring for this epilepsy child for 19 years, and I don’t know how long they can take care of. Moreover, the mother of the child had already left home and did not admit that she had given birth to the child. This child with epilepsy was not only abandoned by his parents, but also not accepted by society. 

What kind of trouble will children with epilepsy bring to a family?

1. Children themselves

Children with epilepsy cannot accept normal people’s Education. It is not allowed to study outside of school with ordinary children, nor can they engage in sports activities that are too tiring, and their mobility is limited. 

Because teachers and classmates cannot guarantee that they will not stimulate the children, let alone their health at school. When the child became ill, he lost the consciousness of a normal person, suffered abnormally, foamed at the mouth, and was paralyzed and could not get up on the floor. For other children who are unable to deal with it, witnessing the sickness of the child can also cause panic. 

2. Children’s family members

The children’s family members need to spend a lot of energy to take care of the children. When the children go out, they must always worry about the child’s illness. If the child is in any danger in a public place, the family members must also bear the responsibility for it. 

For parents, it is not easy to have a child. To give birth to a child with cerebral palsy is to give birth to an unhealthy child. During the Spring Festival, remember that their bodies as mothers cannot bring a healthy child to the family.

3. The whole family

There is a patient with epilepsy in the family. Said it was a fatal blow. If the parents are still fertile, they will generally choose to raise the child while giving birth to a normal and healthy child again. But for a family whose parents have no fertility, there is a child with epilepsy, this life will have a lot of pain. 

How to prevent giving birth to children with epilepsy

1. Observe whether there is a history of disease at home

Some congenital diseases, especially epilepsy and the like, brain diseases, a large part are related to family genes. 

If the close relatives or distant relatives of both men and women have a history of disease, the family genes may carry the patient’s genes, so be careful. The country does not promote the marriage of close relatives and rejects the marriage of close relatives because the genes of close relatives are more prone to disease and various problems. 

2. Perform a fetal examination

When a woman is pregnant, it is necessary to perform a fetal examination. One is to prevent the fetus from having a deformity of missing arms and legs, and the other is to prevent the fetus from having unhealthy brain development and abnormal brain development, so as to avoid giving birth to a sick baby. 

The consequences of not undergoing a maternity examination during pregnancy are quite bad. Pregnant women who have not undergone a maternity examination are more likely to have accidents during delivery, because there has been no fetal protection before, and there is also work to check whether the fetus can be born normally. 

And if you give birth to a sick baby, the chance of giving birth to a child with cerebral palsy will be particularly high. The current maternity check-up process is actually relatively complete, and the current maternity check-up items are also relatively rich. It is completely sufficient to prevent the birth of children with cerebral palsy with Down’s syndrome. 

3. If you are unfortunate enough to give birth to a child with cerebral palsy, treat it in time

If you are not lucky enough to give birth to a child with cerebral palsy, don’t do it. This disease is not that there is no way to cure it, but that it should be cured when the child is young, and the healing process is more troublesome and painful. And after the cure, the situation of children with cerebral palsy may be improved to a certain extent, but whether it can be completely resolved and whether the cause can be eradicated is not easy. 

But if you are unlucky enough to give birth, you still need to be treated immediately. The wishes of many families are very simple, they just want their children to be safe and healthy. Small wishes can not be realized in every family. More and more people in society are willing to participate in the work of helping children with cerebral palsy, and hope that these children can grow up healthy with the help of well-wishers in society.

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