For the most important seven years of a child’s life, parents teach this as early as possible, and the baby is often more prosperous when he grows up

In the seven most important years of a child’s life, parents teach this as early as possible, and babies tend to be more promising when they grow up

When it comes to children’s education, grasping the past few years can get twice the result with half the effort. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: Su Zihou

Speaking of children’s education, no parent does not pay attention to it, because this directly determines the child’s future life. Some parents always think that when their children grow up, they can “understand” before they are educated. They don’t know that the best time for their children to educate is these seven years. 

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After a long-term follow-up survey of children, Harvard researchers found that seven years of a child’s life are very important, which can be called the “golden seven years.” If parents teach them this as early as possible, the child will grow up. Later, they tend to be more promising. 

1~4 years old: Conscious Learning stage

One-year-old: Give a sense of security

The child has just been able to go to the ground, some of them can already walk on their own, and some start to learn to speak. 

Aside from the children’s talents, what parents should give their children during this period is a sense of security. 

When they have just come into contact with this beautiful world, they will naturally feel a lot of fear and anxiety. They need someone to tell them that this world is safe, and their parents are their greatest support. 

At this time, parents should pay attention to protecting their babies and let them feel a sense of security in their arms. Only if they are not dangerous can they easily embrace the beauty of the world. 

Two years old: develop communication skills

Many children have been able to speak a lot during this period. Although they are a little round, parents must not ignore them. You can talk to your child more and cultivate your child’s speaking ability and language talent. 

Children in this period are in a stage of imitation. If you communicate with them more, they will be more willing to communicate with their parents. 

Three years old: Cultivate imagination

Children at this age will gradually have their own thoughts and will be full of unlimited imaginations about the world. 

Parents should give their children a space for imagination, buy some drawing boards for the children, and assist them in graffiti at will. In this way, the children’s imagination can be greatly improved. 

Four years old: Cultivate creativity

On the basis of the above three points, parents should further cultivate their children’s creativity. 

“It’s so shallow on paper, I have to do it by myself.” You need to do everything with hands, and you can truly perceive the world with hands. 

Buy toys that require hands-on ability, such as building blocks, clay, etc., so that children can use their hands, and at the same time they will develop ideas in the process, and can also mobilize their thinking development. 

5~7 years old: understanding learning stage

Five years old: Li Rules

Without rules, there is no square. 

Children at this age usually already have a certain level of comprehension and can understand what their parents mean. 

So at this time, parents should tell their children what can be done and what can’t be done at this time. Teach children to be sensible and manners. In this way, it can help children establish correct views of right and wrong and values, and it will be more convenient for children’s subsequent education. 

Six years old: exercise concentration

At this stage, the thinking of the child is developing rapidly. Too many toys or ways of playing are not good for him and will distract his energy. 

Children should be allowed to focus on one thing. You can buy him a story book or a complete set of toys so that they can focus on one thing and help cultivate their concentration. 

Seven years old: Exercise learning ability

At this time, the child’s brain is fully developed, and the child knows more things and has a wider range of knowledge. 

At the same time, they have also reached the age of formal learning-elementary school enrollment, so parents need to exercise their children’s learning ability, through some simple article reading and arithmetic and other methods to exercise, which will not only help children as soon as possible Adapting to primary school life also allows them to maintain good study habits and lay a solid foundation for their future study career. 

Knowledge extension: don’t ignore” “Left-behind children” education problem

“Left-behind children” has always been an unavoidable problem. Many left-behind children have more or less problems. This is mainly due to the fact that their parents are not around all the year round, grandparents or grandpas. Grandma takes care of the child, either over-spoiling or over-rude, and seldom pays attention to the education of the child, which leads to the child’s rebellion. 

Because children are an important stage in the formation of personality and habits before the age of seven, this is why it is difficult for many left-behind children to make changes even if they are taken back by their parents. 

A survey on why children can’t change themselves shows that 74% of left-behind children said that they had received this kind of education since childhood and did not feel that there was anything wrong with it. 

This means that in the “golden seven years” of a child’s life, the education he receives may determine his future life development. 

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Good education is in all stages of growth, but we have to admit that if we want to give our children a good education, we must start from an early age.  The three “disadvantages” of her daughter, It may be an excellent performance, parents had better not interfere

Sometimes, shortcomings can also be turned into advantages. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Nowadays, the patriarchal thought has often become the “past tense”, compared to the mischievous male Children, more and more families want to have a well-behaved and beautiful girl, which is not only likable, but also more caring. 

Case: A girl who subverts stereotypes and jumps up and down like a boy

Xiao Chen’s daughter Jiajia is 5 years old. The girl is very beautiful, but this temperament makes the family a headache. 

Jiajia’s character is carefree, more naughty than ordinary girls, she often jumps up and down at home, and it is always difficult to calm down. Not only that, she also looks down on the Barbie dolls that other little girls like, but instead I like robots, pistols, and other toys that boys play with. Even if the family buys a robot, it will be dismantled in a few days. 

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At home, once my parents’ bedside tables were taken apart and the contents scattered all over the place. Every time Xiao Chen was so angry that she wanted to teach her a lesson, she immediately bowed her head and confessed her mistakes, which made people feel angry and couldn’t bear it. 

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly: “I really suspect that she was born with the wrong sex. She is more naughty than a boy. Where is there a girl?”

What are the 3 “disadvantages” when my daughter is a child, the best Don’t interfere? 

Maybe for girls, certain characteristics can indeed be called “disadvantages”, but as parents, it is best not to interfere too much, because when they grow up, they may become advantages and even affect To the happiness of a daughter’s life. 

①, Stinky

Many people say: It is the nature of girls to love beauty. This sentence also applies to children. 

Parents with daughters at home will find that when their daughters reach a certain age, they will often be very stinky. They will learn adult makeup, dresses, and high heels. They even see models on TV and learn how to walk on stage. 

Seeing these behaviors of their daughters, some parents with more traditional thinking often think that this is inappropriate or even improper behavior, but in fact, children’s stinky beauty is the beginning of the strengthening of aesthetic awareness. which performed. 

As parents, there is actually no need to interfere too much. When girls realize beauty and ugliness and start to cultivate their own aesthetic awareness, they can often establish strong self-confidence. Growing up, looking for a job and getting married have certain benefits. 

It’s just that parents also need to control these at a certain level, so that they don’t affect learning. 


Maybe many people think that girls should be quiet and introverted, but with the development of the times, the personality of girls has changed strongly. People also have a stronger tolerance for girls. 

Although some parents still train their daughters in the direction of ladies, but in this society, knowledge and ability are far from enough, and the ability to behave in the world is also very important. 

When my girl-girl is like a small talker, talking non-stop, she is showing her language and communication skills. 

Under normal circumstances, people with strong language skills tend to be more handy in handling interpersonal relationships. 

③, boyishness

Although not every parent now asks for the quietness of boudoir women, they still hope that their temperament can be gentler and the feminine breath is heavier, so in many cases, the daughter’s If the temper is careless, it will inevitably become a “shortcoming” in the eyes of others. 

But in fact, compared to those who care about things, such a personality that speaks what you say is often more popular during interpersonal relationships, and it is also very harmonious when getting along with others, and even many boys appreciate it. 

Therefore, as a parent, you don’t need to worry too much, let alone intervene at will, because when you grow up, this “shortcoming” will turn into an advantage, and it will also have certain benefits for your own network expansion. 

Dad’s influence on daughter’s personality

★Establishing the male image in the daughter’s heart

Nowadays, many families still continue the principle of “male dominates outside, female dominates inside”. Dad is the family member pillar. 

For daughters, dad is the first man he knows at first. Therefore, their first impression of a man comes from dad, whether it is good or bad. 

If the father left a good impression on his daughter, and the daughter is positively influenced by the father, it will naturally become a role model in her heart and help her understand the difference between women and men. 

★Help your daughter build self-confidence

Perhaps due to the traditional Chinese thinking, many dads are relatively taciturn and will not bluntly express their love for their daughters, but in fact, the father’s Recognition and praise are fundamentally different from mothers. 

Mum spends a lot of time with her daughter, and she is also a woman, so her daughter cannot get a very comprehensive understanding of many things. 

The father’s comments and reactions to things will profoundly affect his daughter. The father’s trust in his daughter’s abilities will give him enough confidence and courage, which will have a certain positive effect on future development. 

★Fathers are more important to nurture their daughter’s own temperament

After the daughter’s birth, his temperament is continuously shaped throughout her life, and the early getting along with her father will affect The development of temperament. 

To put it simply, the father’s praise will encourage her daughter, while the father’s ignorance or reproach will dispel the development of her daughter’s aesthetic ability, and even affect the development and cultivation of her own temperament. 

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