For New Year’s treats, these dishes are best not served on the table, as it is unlucky for the elderly and children

New Year’s treats, these dishes are best not served on the table, it is not lucky for the elderly and children

New Year’s treats, these dishes are best not served on the table, not for the elderly or children Geely

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During the Chinese New Year, many families will eat New Year’s Eve dinner or entertain guests. Prepare a few auspicious dishes, such as steamed vegetables (steaming day by day), chicken feet (you can get rich), fish (you have fish every year), and chicken (fortune and prosperity). 

But when some families prepare auspicious dishes, they tend to ignore those less auspicious dishes. Although some are more expensive and taste good, they may not be too good to entertain guests during the New Year. Suitable. 

When hosting guests during the New Year It’s best not to put a few dishes on the table.

▶ Stewed winter melon tofu

Wheat melon tofu means “three long and two short” in Guangdong, which means that an accident has occurred. 

In the past, people would prepare a vegetarian meal for their relatives and friends when they were doing funerals. Vegetables such as winter melon and tofu were often included. 

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So slowly, people began to think that winter melon and tofu had encountered unexpected disasters and so on. Especially some elders who pay attention to etiquette, if they see this dish on the table during the Chinese New Year, they may be very angry. 

▶ Fired squid

The word fired squid should be familiar to people of all ages, meaning that you have lost your job. If you prepare this dish for others during the Chinese New Year, others may think This implies that his career is not going well, especially for young people who are working. 

So, no matter how you like to eat squid, don’t prepare it for guests during the New Year. 

▶ Lotus Root

When celebrating the New Year in Jiangnan Water Village, there is a lotus root ribs soup. They think it is more auspicious that lotus root has the meaning of good luck. 

But please compare other places For more sophisticated and elderly guests, do not prepare lotus root and other dishes. 

Because the lotus root has a lot of holes, the old people always think that the hole means “leakage”, which implies that no money will be made in the coming year, or that money cannot be retained. 

▶ Stewed winter mushrooms

Winter mushrooms are actually shiitake mushrooms, but Cantonese people are used to calling them winter mushrooms, and in their hearts, stewed winter mushrooms means being demoted, so When you invite friends and elders in Guangdong to eat, don’t cook this dish, so as not to upset the guests. 

During the Spring Festival, except for pictures In addition, the most important thing is to be healthy, but the elderly and children are prone to eating badly during this holiday. 

During the Spring Festival, the elderly and children often Holiday sickness


❶ increased blood pressure and blood lipids

During the Chinese New Year, the elderly attended even more parties than the young, and many When families entertain guests, they are used to making a lot of meat dishes, so they are embarrassed to use vegetarian dishes to entertain others. 

Therefore, many elderly people eat too much big fish and meat, and because of poor rest, irregular sleep and other reasons, blood pressure and blood lipids suddenly rise, which is seriously harmful to the body. 

❷ indigestion

Too little intake of fruits and vegetables will lead to insufficient intake of dietary fiber, resulting in slower intestinal peristalsis or unhealthy, resulting in indigestion. 

It is also very likely to cause problems such as gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation. For older people, these symptoms are very uncomfortable. 


❶ Gastrointestinal discomfort

Children’s stomach and intestines are also very fragile. Unhealthy diet during the New Year will also increase their digestive burden and weaken the spleen and stomach. Diarrhea or constipation, etc. 

❷ Gaining weight

During the long winter vacation, if the child eats too much meat every day and eats too much snacks, there is a possibility of gaining weight. 

The effects of obesity on the child’s body The harm is also great:

Firstly, obesity will make children mature prematurely and will not grow taller; secondly, it will affect intelligence; finally, if obese children do not lose weight, they will lose weight later. The possibility of problems is greater. 

❸ Malnutrition

Snacks are indispensable for most families during the Chinese New Year, and they rarely control the amount of snacks their children eat. They are likely to suffer from snacks. Eating too much leads to less food intake and malnutrition. 

So, for the elderly and children You should pay attention to these matters during the Chinese New Year diet.

✔ Don’t separate the dishes

During the Chinese New Year, many people worry that they can’t buy vegetables or prepare more dishes, so they will store a lot of vegetables. Or make some stewed dishes, cold dishes and pickled dishes. 

But these behaviors Not only will it destroy the nutrition of the vegetable itself, but it will also breed many harmful substances, such as nitrous acid in pickled vegetables. 

If there are large supermarkets or some vendors nearby selling vegetables during the Chinese New Year, there is actually no need to stock up, especially for the New Year’s Eve dinner. Don’t pursue as many as possible, so as to avoid leftovers. Too much, eat it every few days, it is harmful to the body. 

✔ Eat a balanced diet

Don’t be too particular about eating at home. There must be more vegetables than meat dishes. This is better for your health. If you are a guest at someone’s home, if you can’t eat enough vegetables, don’t forget to eat a few more fruits to supplement your dietary fiber. 

✔ Exercise properly after a meal

After eating, don’t just chat, play on the phone, or watch TV. Take the elderly and children out for a walk, which is also a good way to increase your relationship. activity. 


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There are several kinds of cold violence that may exist in kindergartens, mainly from teachers. Your baby may be suffering

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Baby will be Parents are sent to kindergarten, and choosing a suitable kindergarten may become the first barrier for parents. After all, if you don’t choose a good one, your child may suffer some “cold violence” that you don’t know. 

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5 kinds of “cold violence” hidden in kindergartens

1. The teacher pretends not to hear what the child says

In the kindergarten, some teachers don’t like a child At this time, no matter what the child says, it is likely to pretend not to hear it. Then the child’s appeal will not be responded to in time, nor will it be praised, which will easily make them feel frustrated and hurt their young hearts. 

2. Put the disliked children at the end

The teacher will put the disliked babies at the end whether it is on the children’s toys or the supply of food. 

In the kindergarten, it is common for two children to steal toys. At this time, the teacher will not ask right or wrong and criticize the child who doesn’t like it. 

In short, it is to ignore the child who doesn’t like it, and leave everything that is bad to him. If a baby grows up in such an environment for a long time, it is likely to develop an inferiority complex. 

3. Give children a nickname or use some insulting words

Some teachers, in When facing naughty children, they are likely to say some insulting words or nicknamed them. I have heard before that a kindergarten child was nicknamed “Sky Monkey” by the teacher. The baby went home and asked her mother what “like a pig” means. 

And these words come from the teacher, which is actually verbal violence for young children, and these situations are often difficult to monitor. 

4, satirize children

When children go to kindergarten, they will learn a lot of knowledge, everyone will I hope to get praise or the teacher’s affection, but if a child hurriedly shows the tree he has just painted to the teacher. 

The teacher not only did not give any praise or encouragement, but directly satirized: “What are your paintings, like shit, it’s really too much Ugly, you don’t need to hand in today’s painting.

The teacher’s sarcasm directly denies the child’s enthusiasm, and over time it may dampen the child’s enthusiasm for learning.

5. Use their own teacher status to deny their children

Some teachers use their teacher’s authority to directly speak out in public places The classmates are really stupid like pigs, or I don’t like which classmates wait for words.

When such words come out, it is likely that these children who are denied by the teacher will be The isolation of other children makes the children appear lonely and squeezed out, which will not be conducive to the establishment of a healthy personality for them in the future.

How can parents prevent their children from being harmed by “cold violence” in kindergarten?

1. When choosing kindergarten, pay more attention to teachers

As a kindergarten teacher, you should have a certain degree of innocence, patience, love, etc.

Fortunately pregnant sister, I saw a netizen on the forum before that her child was more introverted. The teacher in the kindergarten is very serious, so the baby is still very introverted, but after the exchange of a teacher, under the guidance of the teacher, he becomes lively and cheerful. After returning home, he is willing to share his things in the kindergarten with his mother.

Talk to the teacher before choosing kindergarten to see if there is any teacher in the class teaching your child Love and patience. 

2. Parents usually chat with their children more

After the children return home from kindergarten, parents will You can ask about the situation at school, for example, did you learn interesting knowledge today? Have you made good friends, etc., and see if there are any unreasonable words in the words spoken by the baby. 

3. Observe whether the child has abnormal behaviors

Parents should observe the child’s performance in normal times, for example, see if the baby has been in kindergarten for several months. I still cry as long as I talk about kindergarten. This is probably because of what happened when I was in school. Parents can ask the children and parents in the class by tapping on the side. 

If the child is obviously resisting going to kindergarten, then the parents need to have a good chat with the teacher in the class, or even the principal of the kindergarten, to understand the reasons. 

How do parents choose The right kindergarten? 

1. Look at the strength of teachers

The strength of teachers in a school is one of the key indicators that determine its strength. my country has stipulated the ratio of teachers to students in full-time kindergartens, which should reach 1:5~ 1:7, for teachers and children in half-day kindergartens, it should reach 1:8~1:10. This rule is to ensure the quality of teachers’ teaching and to be able to take care of every child. 

If the kindergarten does not meet this standard, and a teacher needs to take care of multiple children, it will be difficult to see the children’s education, safety, personality, etc., when parents choose kindergartens, it is recommended to Get to know the faculty of the school in advance. 

2. Look at the teaching philosophy

A good kindergarten should take into account the children’s morality and wisdom , Beauty, body, labor, so that the baby can get all-round development, understand the need to pay attention to comprehensive quality education in preschool education, so that the children’s inner potential can be developed, so that they can learn in a relaxed and happy environment, and their physical and mental health is guaranteed. 

On the contrary, some kindergarten houses learn numbers, pinyin, etc., which are already higher than the thinking ability and cognitive level of the baby at that age, which is a kind of way to encourage growth , Not only will hinder the children’s all-round development, but also may cause them to have excessive psychological pressure and become tired of studying. 

3. Look at the status of children in kindergarten

When choosing a kindergarten, parents need to conduct field inspections in advance to understand the spirit of the students in school The face, if the face is full of smiles, it means that this school knows how to protect the child’s nature and can let the baby enter such news. 

But if you find that your child is depressed, or even fearful, parents need to choose carefully. Return to Sohu to see more

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