Following 13 children in 28 years, have the wishes of childhood come true? The result is too heartbreaking

Following 13 children in 28 years, have the wishes of childhood come true? The result is too heartbreaking

For children, parents always have too many good expectations, and some people even throw their unfulfilled dreams on their children, but most children will eventually be ordinary, this is also The fact that parents should accept. 

Someone used to track more than a dozen children for 28 years. Among these children, there are nobles and children from ordinary families, but without exception, the life trajectory of these children is the same as that of most of us. Very close. 

Naoki’s parents are white-collar workers in the company. They are very lenient with Naoki. They never force him to do anything. They play mobile games happily for two hours every day. The staff interviewed him, what do you want to do in the future, he said to be an athlete. 

When he was 13 years old, Naoki’s His studies are getting more and more tense, and he has to go to remedial classes every day. The reason why he works so hard is for a belief, that is, to become an athlete. 

Later, his wish came true, really He became an athlete, but after only one year, he gave up because he discovered that this is not a job he likes. 

Many things are indefinite, even If you realize your wishes, you may not insist on it. Therefore, life is actually the same. Don’t have too much expectations. Parents must learn to accept the fact that their children are just ordinary people. 

Although there is no guarantee that children will have a perfect life , But we still have to work tirelessly to give our children a better education. 

How do parents accompany their children to grow up? 

Supervise children to learn

The ideals are full, the reality is very skinny, and the children’s plans are often seamless, but they are always absent when they are implemented. 

Most parents think that children should be conscious, but never expect a few-year-old children to have self-discipline. Therefore, children’s learning cannot be separated from parents’ supervision. 

Read with their children

Many parents are looking at their mobile phones, but they ask their children to read carefully, but they are watching various funny videos, and they laughed at the side. Sound, can children concentrate on studying? 

So the best way for parents to let their children read is to accompany their children to read together. 

Many parents will use their lack of time as an excuse In fact, I am so busy, but it is to give the children a better life, and reading is also for the same purpose. 

Take more kids to see the outside world

Children can go as far as they can see. Most children spend time on TV and mobile phones. Parents want Put down your work and take your children to see the outside world. 

You don’t have to travel through mountains and rivers, just go to the surrounding suburbs to make your children feel different customs. 

Educate children to avoid these misunderstandings:

Forcing children to do things they don’t like

Many parents regard their children as the continuation of their lives. To fill it; I want my child to fulfill my unfinished dream. 

Planned the future for the child, but did not ask the child if it was something he liked. 

If the child doesn’t like this, even You work hard, and you will find nothing in the end. 

Compare your own children with other children’s children

There is a kind of children called other children’s children, who are always so good and shining everywhere. Look at your own children. , I often feel particularly disappointed. 

Actually, it’s really not your own child that is so unbearable. 

Most parents often make the mistake of always staring at the strengths of others, but ignoring the strengths of their children. In any case, if the children are still young, parents should be more patient and wait for the flowers to bloom. If children want to succeed in the future, they need to remove the stumbling block of “escaping personality”. Parents should pay attention to it.

When it comes to children’s education, it is an eternal topic! Every parent hopes that their children can achieve something in the future and become an outstanding social talent! Therefore, parents can say that they have tried their best to guide their children to success! 

Many parents start to urge their children to learn a variety of things when they are young, and they always think that learning more knowledge is only good but not bad! It is not unreasonable to think this way. Many children grow up to be successful, mostly because their parents were well-trained when they were young! 

But in this era, it is mandatory to urge children Is it useful to study? This is worth thinking about for every parent, especially the parents born in the 90s now! 

In fact, whether a child has a healthy personality is more important than his knowledge and ability! 

However, many parents nowadays are not aware of this problem. They always wait until their children’s personality has problems, and then realize that they have not properly cultivated their children’s personality! 

There are several types of children’s personalities Today, Xinru will talk to everyone about this special “escape personality”! 

Before I visited a friend’s house. After arriving at her house, I didn’t see my friend’s child for a long time. I thought the child should go out to play, but my friend said that the child was because he saw me. So I stayed in the room and didn’t come out! 

When it’s time for lunch, the kids come out I wanted to have a brief chat with him, but found that the child’s eyes are always deliberately avoiding me, so I can’t talk too much! After eating, my friend said that her child is like this, very introverted and not talkative! But I think that her child belongs to that kind of “escaping personality”, and it has no direct relationship with him not talking! 

Let’s talk briefly about the “escape personality” first! 

“Evasive personality”, as the name implies, means that when encountering anything, no one always wants to face it, and has a certain fear of social interaction! Just like the example I cited earlier, children with this kind of avoidant personality will be very afraid of dealing with and communicating with people, and sometimes they don’t even dare to look at others in their eyes! 

Maybe everyone will meet such a child It is normal to say that the child is still young and now very introverted! In fact, many people here have misunderstood the concept of introversion. The definition of introversion is that they like to be quiet, like to be alone, have a conservative and unassuming personality, and always keep a certain distance when communicating with others. This can be called introversion! 

Introverts don’t avoid things , But the “escaping personality” does. This is the difference between the two! If you are a child with this personality, it will be difficult to survive in society when he grows up in the future. If he dare not communicate with his peers, let alone communicate with his boss, it will be difficult for him to succeed! 

Then why do children form “escaping personality”? 

According to normal logical thinking, children should be active in daily life, and usually give people a feeling of “not afraid of the sky and the earth”, but as they grow older, many children’s personalities have changed. The “escaping personality” was born, which is determined by multiple factors! 

First: Children’s inferiority complex is increasing Heavier

Inferiority complex can be said to be one of the main reasons for the formation of “escaping personality”! If a child is inferior, he will think that he is inferior to others in any place. This backlog will slowly break the child’s psychological defense. After the child’s psychology is hurt, he naturally does not want to have a lot of contact with strangers! 

In fact, we can fully understand children, after all, age I’m still young and immature in many places. There may be a child who is worse than himself, and he will feel that he is inferior to others and feel inferiority! When the signs of inferiority complex appear, if parents do not control it in time, “escape personality” will develop! 

Second: Children are frequently hit by failures

Children’s growth is not smooth, and they may experience many setbacks and problems. For children’s growth, This is very necessary! 

Some children can pass by with a smile in the face of setbacks, while others are secretly fighting in their hearts and unable to come out. This fully reflects the two states! 

Explain that each child’s bearing capacity is different Yes, if the child’s ability to bear is low, this kind of “escaping personality” will form over time, and they hope to stay away from some things and people they don’t like! 

Third: Receive too many negative hints! 

When some parents beat and scold their children, they will always say that he is far from the children next door. They often compare their own children with the children of others, and then suppress their own children. In severe cases , Parents will also say that their children are not as good as dogs! 

It is precisely because of these negative comments that it is very It is easy for children to have self-doubt, thinking that they may be really bad, and gradually they will have a great psychological burden! 

There are many children who have received too many negative evaluations since childhood, the children will feel that they are not good enough, and gradually they will develop an “escaping personality”!

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