“Follow the mother’s surname” has become a trend, these three surnames are nice and meaningful, and the children will be happy in the future.

“Following the mother’s surname” has become a trend. These 3 surnames are nice and meaningful, and children will be happy in the future.

“Following the mother’s surname” has become a trend. These three surnames are nice and meaningful, and the children will be happy in the future.< /p>

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Nowadays, many small families are composed of two only children, and people’s ideas are now more open , The influence of feudal thoughts was also relatively small. 

Therefore, when there are children in the family, some parents are no longer obsessed with the child’s father’s surname, and have more ideas about the child’s surname. 

More and more people Agree with the child’s and mother’s surname

“I don’t care about the child and whose surname is his own child anyway, and the law also stipulates that the child can have the father’s surname or the mother’s surname. “

“Haha, I even want the child to choose a surname by himself, or take another surname separately, but unfortunately the first name will be taken immediately when he is born.”

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“Nowadays, in big cities, the so-called clan has no meaning anymore. The last name is the same as anyone, depending on whether the name sounds good or not.”

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Of course, it is a small number of people who have changed their thinking and concepts, or more people insist that children must have their father’s surname. 

However, except for the ideological It doesn’t matter, some parents choose the mother’s surname for their children, but they still consider other issues. 

▶ Is it easy to choose a surname?

Some fathers have surnames such as “Chou” or “History”. The surname was ugly and was laughed at by other children, leaving a big shadow. 

So, after the child is born, they must be the mother’s last name, not to let the baby suffer the same pain on one side. 

▶ Parents’ needs

Now there are many single-child families. Some parents of the previous generation hope that their family names can be passed down, so they ask the young couple to have two children. One of them uses the wife’s last name. 

Such requirements are still It is very common that many families must require the man to be married, just for a surname. 

Some parents think about it longer, and even think about the difficulty of their children’s college entrance examination and the extra points, as well as other welfare policy issues. 

For example, if the wife is from a minority nationality, the two will discuss the registration of the child’s household registration with the wife, and the surname may also use the woman’s name, just for the child to have extra points in the future or the difficulty of the exam papers can be lower a little. 

In addition to the role of inheritance, the name Its meaning should be the most important to the child, and it also contains the good expectations of the parents. If the man does not care about the child’s surname, when the wife is the three surnames, it is better to let the child follow the mother’s surname. The implication is very good. 

The first surname: Wei

Speaking of the surname “Wei”, the first thing that comes to your mind may be Wei Zifu and Wei Qing, one is the queen who has been praised for thousands of years, and the other Generals with great military exploits are good for boys, children and girls. 

And the guard at the time was It is very prominent. Nowadays, people feel very angry when they see this surname. If the wife has this surname, it is better to use it for the children. 

Second surname: Hua

When the word “flower” comes out, it gives people a feeling of spring breeze and beauty. When used on a child, it is a kind of treat for him. Very good hope. 

This word also appears in various ancient poems. Parents can just flip through the book and get them a name that sounds good and has a special meaning. 

The third surname: various compound surnames

Many of the two characters of compound surnames are placed there, which makes people feel domineering, beautiful or special, such as “Wenren” and “Shangguan” “Ouyang” and so on. 

Most children want I am special, and my surname is the same. When many children grow up, they find that their mother has a double surname, and they will regret why they can’t have the same surname as their mother. 

So when the wife has a double surname, it is better to satisfy the children’s wishes as soon as they are born. 

However, because of today’s thinking Generally not open, when children follow their mother’s surname, they will always encounter some problems. 

▼ Not understood by others

Because children generally have their father’s surname, if children in the class find one with their mother’s surname, they will sometimes feel particularly curious and like Keep asking. 

When they don’t understand, they will go home and ask the adults. If the adult’s thinking is narrow, such as thinking that the child’s parents are divorced, so follow the mother, etc., it will cause more misunderstandings. The child brings harm. 

Even if the child grows up, You may also be questioned by others, such as being embarrassed by the host saying that you follow your mother’s surname when Jinsha is on the show. 

▼ The relationship with the father is not harmonious

If the father is forced to let the child use the mother’s surname, he may feel particularly unhappy and become alienated from the child. 

Therefore, when parents give their children their mother’s surname, they must also remember to protect them. I hope that in the future, following the mother’s surname will become the norm, rather than an embarrassing thing. 


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There are many benefits to wearing “baijia clothes” for your baby, but the following categories cannot be worn, which may steal your child’s health

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“Wearing a hundred clothes, can live seventy-seven”. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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Many elderly people think that “it’s better for children to wear 100-year-old clothes”, one is to pray for the baby’s longevity, which means health Longevity; second, they think that babies who wear Baijiayi are better raised. 

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Baijia Current status of clothing

In fact, the emergence of Baijiayi is mainly due to the difficult living conditions in the past, and the inadequate care of food, clothing, housing and transportation has caused the children to be in poor health and easy to get sick. “Wearing a hundred clothes” is a kind of beautiful sustenance for the elderly to hope that their children will be healthy, disease-free and disaster-free. 

With the development of society, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and more scientific and detailed methods have been developed in caring for children. 

However, Baijiayi still continues in many families, but with a new form. Instead of going to multiple homes to ask for a piece of rags to sew, but giving the clothes of your child’s childhood to relatives and friends who have just given birth. 

Many moms are very acceptable There are three main benefits of this form of gifting:

The first is: children develop faster, especially from birth to about one year old, there will often be multiple periods of rapid growth, such as the fourth day of birth, Seven to ten days, two to three weeks, four to six weeks, and three, four, six, and nine months after birth. 

During the boom period, it’s basically the same every day. The clothes you just bought may not be worn for long. According to incomplete statistics, 26 million tons of used clothes are thrown away every year in my country to save money and avoid Waste, it may be better to wear old clothes presented by friends and relatives. 

The second is: children’s skin is delicate, because Baijia clothing has been repeatedly worn and cleaned before, the material tends to be relatively softer, and the baby is more comfortable to wear. 

The third is: some parents think that wearing the clothes of healthy children can also give their children joy. 

It can be seen that it actually gives There is also a certain scientific basis for children to wear “Baijiayi”, but there are a few types of old clothes that you should not wear casually, and be careful to steal your children’s health slowly–

1. Underwear: clothes have a certain amount Life expectancy, especially the close-fitting clothing itself needs to be changed frequently, and the child’s resistance is relatively weak, if you wear other people’s close-fitting clothing, it may cause skin allergies. 

2. Old clothes of unknown origin: If the owner of the old clothes is often sick, bacteria may be attached to the clothes, and the child may get sick after wearing it. 

Also, if there are children at home Clothes that you can’t wear can also be given to others, but there are a few points to pay attention to when giving away, otherwise it may hurt the feelings of both parties and do bad things with good intentions. 


Zhang Xue’s good friend just gave birth to a daughter this year, because he also has a daughter. When buying clothes at the time, they picked the best quality and the price. More expensive, well-known children’s brand clothing, so when your girlfriend is pregnant, it is agreed that if she gives birth to a daughter, she will give her all the clothes of the previous baby. 

For this reason, Zhang Xue cleaned all her daughter’s clothes, disinfected and stored them. A good friend also expressed his gratitude. When Zhang Xue came home, she packed all the items and sent them. 

But last week Zhang Xue Went to give a hundred-day gift to a friend’s daughter, but saw a pile of children’s clothes in the trash can downstairs, all baby clothes she gave to her friend, Zhang Xue was angry and turned home on the spot. 

After I got home, I sent a message asking my friend why he did this. The friend said that he just threw away the stained clothes and gave the kids everything else. But Zhang Xue thinks this is his child’s clothes, which is very precious to him, and it is really unacceptable to be treated like this. 

The principle of donating clothes

1. Give priority to each other’s situation

Some mothers have better family conditions, and some are more particular about their children’s clothes. 

In the face of such a mother, if the relationship is good and you want to give it away, it’s best to understand each other’s needs first. For mothers who do not approve of the practice of Baijiayi, it is best not to give them easily when they have not clearly stated such needs, so as not to hurt themselves and others. 

2, the right to dispose of clothes To each other

Many mothers retain an emotion for the clothes when they give them away, and they always feel that their children wear them. But in fact this mentality is incorrect. When giving clothes to others, the right to dispose of these clothes also belongs to others. No matter how the other party handles it, it should be decided by others and should not be involved in interference. 

3. There are requirements that need to be stated clearly.

Some mothers have feelings for their children’s clothes and think that this child’s exclusive memories. If a mother with this kind of complex needs to inform the recipient in advance, discuss with the other party, stay if necessary, and contact yourself to get back if you don’t need it, just don’t throw it away. 

Send clothes according to these principles, both parties can be satisfied, and it can also promote the feelings between each other. Of course, in addition to these principles, when delivering clothes, you must pay attention to what you send. 

Deliverable and non-deliverable items

1. What can be delivered :

Baby clothes all year round, the child needs to be changed in time during the season, so it can be given as a gift. 

Shoes and socks, these are essential items for children, and they will not touch the weak parts of the child. 

Scarves and hats, these items are also essential items for children in autumn and winter, and they will not have too many scruples. 

Note: All the above items need to be cleaned before being given away. 

2 Not to be given:

Some baby’s personal items, such as underwear, saliva towels, masks, etc., are not only close to the body but also prone to bacteria, and need to be changed and updated frequently. 

There are stains on the clothes that are difficult to wash off. This kind of clothing is not only unsightly, but it also lacks respect when given to others. 

Diapers and other products with a shelf life, these items are usually easy to breed bacteria after opening or expiration, which poses a threat to the baby’s health, so they should not be given as gifts. 

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