Fish have irreplaceable benefits for children, but these kinds of high-priced fish are harmful to the body if the baby eats them.

Fish have irreplaceable benefits for children, but these kinds of high-priced fish are harmful to the body if the baby eats them

Fish has irreplaceable benefits for children, but these kinds of high-priced fish, but the baby eats them. Harmful to the body

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Fish is now a common dish in many families, and most parents treat them My impression may be that it is nutritious, and children will be smarter if they eat more. 

In fact, the benefits of fish to the child’s physical development are more than parents imagined, and it is not comparable to other meats. 

Several benefits of eating fish ? 

✔ The nutritional structure is more balanced

Fish meat is also rich in protein, but the content of fat and energy is relatively low. Compared with pork, it is less likely to make children gain weight, and Protein is more abundant. 

✔ Make children feel better

The British Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health published such a survey result: People who eat more fish than eat fish Fewer people have a better mood and are less likely to suffer from depression. 

Because of fish The unsaturated fatty acids in it can stimulate the secretion of dopamine and serum amines in the brain. 

✔ Make children smarter

Eating more fish can indeed make children smarter, because fish contains “brain gold” DHA, which is an important part of the brain. 

However, parents should not buy more expensive marine fish or processed fish with better taste in order to allow their children to eat more fish and supplement richer nutrition. 

Expensive and flavorful fish is not necessarily the best, but may be harmful to the child’s health. 

I encountered these kinds of fish It’s best not to buy it. The child may be damaged if he eats it.

▶ Wild fish

The wild fish here refers to the fish in the rivers and lakes. Marine fish are basically wild. This column. 

Domestic parents seem to like it very much Wild and farm foods are considered more nutritious. 

In fact, in the case of eggs, there is not much difference in nutrition between native eggs and white feather eggs, but the taste of native eggs may be better, but the taste varies from person to person. I like the taste of ordinary eggs. 

Furthermore, wild food may be eaten casually due to environmental problems and not undergoing safety testing, which may cause greater harm to the body. 

Even fish. Fish raised in polluted water contain more toxins such as heavy metals in their bodies. 

Children’s immunity is weaker and their bodies are more likely to be harmed. For example, children may be 30 times more likely to be affected by lead than adults. 

So those on the street Parents should not rush to buy wild lake fish that suddenly appeared. 

Don’t buy fish that are raised in small ponds. They are basically fed with medicine and are more dangerous than wild lake fish. You should still buy fish that are raised in large lakes. 

▶ Marinated fish

The marinated fish will lose vitamins, but it also generates new amino acids and other nutrients, and also gives the food a special flavor. Liked by the public. 

But parents are best not to give it to children, because improperly marinated fish will produce nitrous acid, which will damage the kidneys, and the sodium content will exceed the standard, which is bad for blood vessels. 

And because of the rich seasoning, salt Putting it in a lot can also cause children to develop a strong taste, which is not conducive to cultivating their healthy eating habits. 

▶ Fish that feed on other fishes

Fishes that eat other fish for a living are easier to absorb the toxins in the small fish and accumulate in their own bodies. The larger the body The fish may be more dangerous. 

For example, catfish not only eat other fish, but also live in sewage, it is prone to parasites and germs. No matter how curious the parent’s taste is, please don’t let the children go. 

▶ Sashimi

There are also many parasites in fish. There are generally two ways to kill parasites: one is high-temperature cooking ( Instantly heated to 70°C), one is low temperature freezing (stored at -20°C for 24 hours). 

Compared Freezing, of course, is safer by heating it yourself. 

Moreover, children should not eat raw or cold food, so as not to cause weakness in the spleen and stomach. 

Precautions for children to eat fish Matters

▶ Eat safe parts

Some heavy metals and pollutants are more likely to concentrate in the gills, internal organs, fish heads, skins and other places in the fish. 

Therefore, it is best to give parents the skinned fish, and give them less fish heads. Eating fish heads will not make you smart, but may harm your body. 

▶ How many fish do you eat every day? 

《Chinese residents The “Dietary Guidelines” suggest that when babies are 7 to 24 months old, they should consume 50 to 70 grams of fish per week; when they are 2 to 4 years old, they should consume 105 to 140 grams per week. 

If the child’s immediate family is allergic to seafood, it is best to let the baby eat fish after 3 years old. 

▶ Which fish can I eat? 

Fish that grew up in polluted rivers and lakes, as well as deep-sea fish, such as tuna, hairtail, and cod. 


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Parents had better do four things less to their sons, otherwise good babies are also easy to be raised and abandoned, I hope you did nothing wrong

After the child is born, Just like a piece of white paper coming into this world, what it will become afterwards has a lot to do with the acquired environment and the education of parents. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

You will find that some children are well-behaved and smart when they were young. People love, but when they grow up, they become arrogant and unreasonable, making people not want to get close. The reason is the lack of education. 

As parents, all want to give their children what they have done, but if some things are done too much, it is very likely that the baby will be abolished, especially boys. 

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Lily’s family has a son. The whole family revolves around the child, and obeys him no matter what. As a result, the baby was originally a smart little cutie when he was a child. I have to be grumpy, and if I ask for something, my family doesn’t give it in time, so I just throw it. 

The family feels that the child is still young, and he can educate him slowly when he grows up. 

When the child was 7 years old, since the neighbor’s child was injured and admitted to the hospital, the family compensated a huge amount of medical expenses. Lily also apologized to the family: “The child is still young, you guys I must forgive me.”

There was no intention of wanting the child to apologize at all. The neighbor looked at it and shook his head. 

From the above case, it can be seen that if a child is too doted by his family, the disaster may become more and more serious, and even endanger his life, and he will directly raise a baby. 

Parents often do four things to boys, easy Raise the child out of it

1. Pray for the child to do something

Boys are generally more mischievous, have their own ism, and have a stronger rebellious spirit than girls, so they may often turn back or talk back to their parents. The situation of resistance. 

Some parents are reluctant to scold their children and do not know how to guide them correctly, so they choose to lower their attitude and pray for their children to do things, such as “I beg you to eat the food first?” “I beg you to be more obedient” and so on. 

This method will only make parents lose their prestige in front of their children, and make children feel that these things are done for their parents. This will only become more and more difficult to discipline in the future. 

2. Satisfy children unconditionally

Because some parents had experienced material scarcity years before, they felt that they were very pitiful at the time, and now they are facing any demands of their children out of the mentality of compensation. They will be satisfied unconditionally. Even when the family’s economic conditions do not allow them, they will save money to buy things they need for their babies, such as new mobile phones and expensive clothes. 

This kind of unconditional gratification of parents will not only make children develop the habit of spending big money, they will also unscrupulously ask their parents for things, without knowing gratitude, and become a “grabbing old clan.” When parents can’t be satisfied one day, they are likely to become a “white-eyed wolf”. 

3. There is no bottom line to protect children.

In the eyes of parents, children will always be children. Even if they grow up, they will choose the way of habitual care. When he made a mistake, he would always say in a protective manner: “He is still young and ignorant, he will be fine when he grows up.” 

But in fact, before the age of six is ​​a critical period for children to shape their character habits, if they do not get rid of some of their bad habits before that, but choose a way of being childish, it will only make the baby feel unconscious. When your behavior is wrong, you will do it again next time, even if you feel that you are a child in your heart, you can act recklessly, which may eventually lead them astray. 

4. Excessive child-centeredness

Parents are accustomed to treating their children as treasures in their palms, and everything is child-centered, so it is easy to change their care for children Become a kind of spoiling, and spoiling is like a poison that can make a baby go bad. 

Because if parents spoil their children too much and focus on him in everything, it is easy for the baby to form a sense of superiority and develop a selfish personality. They feel that parents should give priority to him no matter what they do, and ultimately let the baby not. Know how to be grateful for the dedication of parents, but also do not know how to be filial. 

What should parents do Raise a boy correctly? 

1. Let children participate in housework

Many parents feel that children are still young and can’t do anything. Boys don’t need to learn housework. In fact, this idea is wrong. A boy with a sense of responsibility and independent ability can do something independently from an early age and learn to be considerate of the hardships of his parents and family members. 

This can not only exercise the child’s self-care ability, but also reduce the burden on the family and let the baby know that it is not easy for the parents. 

2. Let the children be brave enough to bear their own faults

When the children do wrong, parents should not choose a favored way to cover up, but should patiently ask the whole process of the matter , Understand the reasons, and guide the children to proactively admit their mistakes, learn to apologize, and bear the corresponding consequences. This will help them cultivate a sense of responsibility and will not easily make mistakes. 

3. Let the children know that they are a good boy

If parents want boys to become more responsible, responsible, and spirited, they should let their children know that they are a man from an early age, so that they can be brave. , Face difficulties independently. You also need to cultivate a broad mind and don’t care about small things. 

Parents can tell their children more stories about heroes, so that boys can set up lofty ambitions and strive to be good people from an early age. 

4. Don’t make your children too “rich”

Now that people’s living conditions are constantly changing, parents will try their best to meet their children’s needs, so it’s easy to cause certain problems to the children. The impact is not conducive to their healthy growth. 

As parents, they should control their children’s daily expenses, not make boys too rich, let them form a correct view of money, understand that it’s not easy for parents to be correct, and don’t give too much help in life. , Let the boy learn to deal with some problems independently from an early age. 

5. Cultivate children’s good character

Parents should treat their children gently and patiently at ordinary times, set an example and set an example, so that the baby will learn slowly. In addition, the character development of boys should be started from an early age, and if they are found to have inappropriate behaviors, they should be stopped in time, and corrections should be guided to help boys establish good characters and habits. Return to Sohu to see more

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