First “ban motorcycles” and then “ban electricity”, Bao Ma asked: How can I pick up the baby? The expert’s words are thought-provoking

First “ban motorcycles” and then “ban electricity”, Bao Ma asked: How can I pick up the baby? The expert’s words are thought-provoking.

From the moment their children go to school, Chinese parents have an additional arduous task, which is to take the children to and from school every day. Whether in the morning or in the evening, you can always see a large area of ​​Wuyangyang at the gate of the school: the children and their parents. 

In short, in the hearts of most Chinese parents, transporting their children to and from school is a very important matter. However, due to limited family conditions, most parents’ means of transportation are motorcycles. Cars and electric cars. However, with the advent of the “ban on motorcycles and electricity”, parents are worried. 

What is “Motorcycle prohibition and electricity restriction”? 

“No friction limit “Electricity”, as the name implies, is to restrict the travel of motorcycles and electric vehicles. You may have this question: It is understandable that motorcycles are banned. After all, motorcycles drive fast, have a high traffic accident rate, and their exhaust pollutes the environment. But why should electric vehicles be restricted? 

First “ban motorcycles” and then “limited power”, the mothers questioned: let me pick up the baby? Experts’ words are thought-provoking

Since the 1980s, bicycles have become the preferred means of transportation for people in our country. At that time, if there was a bicycle at home, it would definitely become the envy of neighbors around. 

However, with the development of society, latecomers to motorcycles and electric vehicles have come to the fore, and they have become the objects of scramble for people. After all, compared to cars, motorcycles and electric vehicles are more convenient, lighter, more flexible, and less suitable for traffic jams. The most important thing is economical benefits, which most families can afford. 

But precisely because of this, this type of transportation also brings a lot of hidden dangers. For example, cyclists don’t wear safety helmets, vehicles often carry illegally, and do not Regular vehicle inspections, collisions, high traffic accident injuries and fatalities, etc., have led some cities to implement the management policy of “motorcycle ban and electricity restriction”. 

For example, it is stipulated that speeding motorcycles are directly prohibited from riding, electric vehicles must not exceed 25 kilometers per hour, and they must have pedals. The fact that electric vehicles have pedals alone has eliminated most electric vehicles on the market. 

In this regard, many mothers questioned: “How can I pick up the baby?” There are also mothers who think that such restrictions are a bit inhumane. Did not take into account the needs of parents to pick up babies. 

In the face of the criticisms and doubts from parents, the experts gave their own opinions:

According to the survey, most people questioned that the “motorcycle ban and power limit” policy violated demand Most of them are parents of primary and middle school students, but children at this age have a sense of autonomy and can go to and from school on their own. This not only relieves the pressure of parents, but also exercises their children’s independent ability, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. 

I have to say that the experts’ words are worth pondering. 

Does the expert’s statement make sense? Take a look at how neighboring Japan is doing

When it comes to cultivating children’s ability to be independent, I immediately think of elementary and middle school students in neighboring Japan. In Japan, many elementary school students, even kindergarten students, basically walk to and from school on their own, and do not need to be picked up by parents at all. Their independence and autonomy can be described as praised by the world. 

Compared with neighboring Japan, Chinese parents have much weaker awareness in this regard. Although they say that they are close to home, for most Chinese parents, they are still too “spoiling” their children. 

“Chinese-style parents” always feel that their children are still young, even if they are in junior high school, they have to pick up and drop off to be safe. We are indeed far behind our neighboring country, Japan. . 

1. Japanese parents have attached importance to children’s safety education since childhood

Japanese parents and teachers We attach great importance to children’s safety education, and teach children what is dangerous, where they can’t go, how to pass traffic lights, how to save themselves when accidents occur, and so on. 

Not only that, Japanese schools will also organize safety lectures before the beginning of each semester and holidays to inform students of possible dangers, and use cases or demonstrations in life to improve their self-safety awareness. Therefore, children have been instilled with this kind of thinking since childhood, and the elders can rest assured that they are alone. 

2. Japanese parents attach importance to self-care education for their children

Most Chinese parents are more or less They will “spoil” their children, while Japanese parents start to exercise their children’s anti-shock and anti-frustration abilities from an early age. Even in daily life, each member of the family has a different division of labor and must complete their own tasks individually. Exercise children’s ability to take care of themselves. 

“Motor-free and power-limiting” will really delay children’s getting on and off Do you study? May wish to learn from Japanese parents

Children should not be flowers in the greenhouse. At a certain age, parents should learn to let their children be independent. If children need to be picked up and picked up by their parents every day even to go to and from school, how can they cultivate their independent ability? 

Know that parents cannot protect their children for a lifetime. Although the family is a vacuum environment, society is not. If parents always take good care of their children, when they want their children to be independent in the future, they will find that it is difficult for them to stand on their own feet, and the gains outweigh the gains. 

Therefore, although there are pros and cons to “no motorcycles and electricity restrictions”, the only thing parents can do is to cultivate their children’s independent ability from an early age. Dad participated in the parent meeting and became the focus of the audience as soon as he entered the door. Son: Don’t save me a little face

Parents’ meeting is that parents are very reluctant to hear these three words, because they are already busy at work. Yes, there may be no full attendance at a meeting, and it is very likely to be criticized and educated by the teacher. 

Xiaojie is a fourth-grade student. He was very resistant when he learned that the school was going to hold a parent conference. Because of my average academic performance, my father found out that I would be scolded when I went home. However, due to the majesty of the teacher, he still told his father the whole thing. 

Xiaojie’s father is a decorator Although the work is relatively busy, he told the child that he would definitely spare time to attend the parent conference. There is a little anxiety and expectation in the child’s heart. 

On the day of the parent meeting, the parents of other students Already seated, but Xiaojie’s father has not come yet, which makes him anxious. When the parent meeting was about to begin, Xiaojie’s father finally opened the door and walked in. And the moment he walked in, it became the focus of the audience. 

Because Xiaojie’s father was dirty and full of oil stains. It even caused some parents to discuss that his dress was too inappropriate. Hearing these words, Xiaojie felt that his face had been lost, and he felt a little embarrassed. 

After seeing Xiaojie’s encounter, there was a A netizen shared his experience. When he was a student, he didn’t want his father to attend the parent conference, because his father had vitiligo and he was very conspicuous wherever he went. But then he met a teacher who looked down on him a little bit. 

At this time, the child realizes that not everyone loves you, and realizes that the love of the father is so precious. Since then, children no longer value the opinions of others, nor do they think their father will embarrass themselves. 

Why do some children think their parents humiliate themselves Up? 

①Comparative psychology

Children have a comparative psychology. They hope that they can compare others to the past so that they can be more noticeable in the class. Parents are an important factor in their comparison. Some classmates have very rich families, and they often use their parents to talk about things, saying that their father is a big boss and drives a luxury car. 

②Fear of shame

If your father is compared to others, the child will feel very embarrassed. And among young children, they often make fun of others. This kind of joke is very harmful to children, and even makes them tired of studying. That’s why some children are reluctant to let their parents hold parent meetings for themselves, just because they are afraid that they will be ashamed and will not be able to mix in the class. 

In the parent meeting, what should parents pay attention to? 

①Dress well

Because the father above is busy with work, he has no time to change to a clean suit and went to the parent meeting. There is nothing wrong with such behavior, but the children do not understand it. They only see the dirty clothes, not the father’s hard work. So we still have to pay attention, wear clean clothes to attend the parent meeting, and don’t cause trouble to our children. 

②Pay attention to words and deeds

< p>Like wearing clothes, parents’ words and deeds can also reveal many things. Some parents vomit lotus flowers and even have certain philosophical principles. But there are also some parents who speak carelessly and even make some bad behaviors in class. Although these are the freedoms of parents, we have to think more about them for our children. Even if other parents can forgive your behavior, can the children understand and forgive it? 

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