Father-daughter sleeping in the same bed was exposed, Bao’s mother disagrees, netizens are not a family and do not enter a family

Father-daughter sleeping in the same bed was exposed, Bao Ma disagrees, netizens are not in a family and do not enter a family.

Men and women are incompatible with each other, even if they are father-daughter or mother-child. However, in many families, there is not enough attention between parents and children of the opposite sex. 

Even when the child reaches puberty, there is still excessive intimacy between father and daughter or mother and child. This will not only adversely affect the growth of the child, but also detrimental to the maintenance of a normal parent-child relationship. 

I saw a short video on the Internet two days ago. In the video, a little girl of about ten years old was lying on a middle-aged man wearing shorts. The middle-aged man only wore a pair of shorts. The upper body is still bare. 

If it weren’t for the words “father and daughter” in the title of the video, such a picture would definitely be very offensive. But even if it has been shown that they are fathers and daughters, at first glance it is quite an eyesore. 

What’s even more outrageous is that the person who took the video was the girl’s mother. While filming the video, she proudly said, “Looking at how close these father and daughter are, it’s no wonder that the daughter is the lover of the father’s previous life.”< /p>

The father and daughter are doing excessive intimacy, but the mother disagrees. Seeing this scene, netizens in the comment area have expressed condemnation. One netizen also sarcastically said, “It’s not a family, don’t enter a family. !”

Of course, the relationship between father and daughter is supreme, but this cannot be used as an excuse for father and daughter to behave out of bounds. Because family affection is fundamentally different from the affection between men and women. 

For a daughter, the father is the opposite sex after all. If you don’t pay attention to keeping a distance, it is likely to have a huge negative impact on her view of mate selection, which will allow her to walk more in the future relationship between the sexes. Detours, and even ruined life. 

The child is three years old There is gender awareness, parents should not take it seriously.

Develop gender awareness as early as possible

Scientific research has found that children generally start to have gender awareness at the age of 3, and before that, they have no gender awareness. Conceptually, I don’t even know what gender I am. 

But once gender awareness is produced, children will quickly understand the difference in gender, which leads to boys more willing to play with boys, and girls more willing to play with girls. 

This is also the most suitable time for parents to cultivate gender awareness. Some behaviors can be used to strengthen the child’s gender awareness, such as buying basketballs, footballs and other toys that boys love to play with boys, and buying girls Dolls, play suits and other toys that girls prefer. 

Guide children to develop a good attachment pattern

Three-year-old is not only the beginning of children’s gender awareness, but also the formation period of attachment patterns. There are four types of attachment modes for people, namely, security, worry, avoidance, and confusion. 

Only the first type of attachment is healthy, and the other three will have an adverse effect on the dating and mate selection of adults. 

If you want a child to have a safe attachment model when he grows up, he should be guided when he is three years old, and the child should not be overly dependent on the parents, nor can it be completely let go. 

Only by making the difference between relatives and sparseness, and letting him move towards independence on the basis of meeting the child’s safety needs, can the child establish a healthier attachment model. 

At this stage, the performance of the opposite-sex parent is very important, because compared to the same-sex parent, there is an extra layer of gender veil between him and the child. 

Parents want to maintain an intimate relationship with their children. Similarly, children also have a desire for physical contact with their parents, which is in contradiction with the opposite sex. 

In fact, this contradiction is not difficult to solve, but the requirements for details are relatively high, and at the same time, parents must always be vigilant enough. 

How to be with the opposite sex Get along with children? It’s very important to do these points well.

1. Leave the operation in the private area to same-sex parents

Help your child take a bath and take him to the toilet. This may involve operations in the private area. Parents of the opposite sex must try to avoid Just leave them to same-sex parents. 

This can prevent the child from having a physical aversion, and will not distort his gender awareness or make him form an unhealthy attachment pattern. 

2. Use non-deviant methods such as hugging, kissing hands and kissing faces to meet the needs of physical contact.

Even parents of the opposite sex, children have physical contact needs for him. It can provide children with a sense of security and also help maintain the closeness of the parent-child relationship. 

In order to meet the children’s needs, parents of the opposite sex can often give their children hugs, or adopt non-deviant methods such as kissing hands and kissing faces. Psychologically cause bad effects. 

3. Pay more attention to the children’s life to make up for the lack of close contact.

Due to gender restrictions, the close contact between parents of opposite sex and their children may not be as close to that of same-sex parents. Psychologically, they are more biased towards same-sex parents. 

To avoid this problem, parents of the opposite sex should spend more energy and time to care about their children’s lives, let the children feel the warmth and care from you in their hearts, so as to make up for the lack of close contact. 

Father’s love and mother’s love are great, but they should not cross the boundaries of what should be. I hope that parents can pay attention to the gender differences with their children and give them the correct guidance from the source. Only in this way can the parent-child relationship be more pure, and the children’s future life will be less detours. Husbands during pregnancy have “needs”. Do you want to tolerate scoring? The “three lines and two prohibitions” are safe and good

After women become pregnant, it means that fathers-to-be must start a “monk” life, not just During the 10th month of pregnancy, it is not possible to be intimate with pregnant mothers, even for up to 3 months after childbirth, some even longer, and it is not possible to engage in marital behavior. 

These are undoubtedly a test for prospective fathers. However, taking into account the needs of prospective fathers, the medical science has gradually relaxed the degree of strictness, indicating that after pregnant mothers enter the second trimester, if there are no problems, they can engage in marital behavior. 

But despite what the doctor said, many young couples still dare not act rashly. After all, it is a big problem for young people to prepare for pregnancy. In addition, their physical fitness is generally low. In the event of an accident, it is simply “the gain is not worth the loss.” Therefore, it is better to bear it honestly than to present danger. 

Actually, after the pregnant mothers enter the second trimester, whether fathers-to-be should endure it or not, or by scoring, you can learn about the “three lines and two bans”

These two situations are best Hold it back

1. The type of habitual abortion physique

Not all pregnant mothers can engage in conjugal behavior after entering the second trimester, and some pregnant mothers themselves are habitual The constitution of a miscarriage is that the baby is not stable in the mother’s stomach. If couple behavior is carried out at this time, it is still a relatively big threat to pregnant mothers. 

Of course, in addition to habitual abortion, if the doctor says that couple behavior is not recommended, then the subtext is telling you that the fetus is still unstable, even if it has entered the second trimester, don’t do couples. Behavior, otherwise the risk is greater. 

If there are other diseases that are not suitable for couples’ behavior during pregnancy, pregnant mothers and prospective fathers should not rashly violate them if the doctor tells them, otherwise the price may be very high. 

2. To hold back during the third trimester

Many couples only learn that they can engage in marital behavior after the second trimester, but they neglect to wait until the pregnant mothers enter the third trimester, and they should learn to constrain. 

Because in the third trimester, the direction of the birth canal of the pregnant woman changes significantly. If you ignore the doctor’s advice at this stage and rashly engage in marital behavior, it is likely to stimulate the amniotic fluid to rupture, or cause the fetus to become infected, or even Premature delivery! 

It is recommended not to endure the three situations.

(The reminder needs to be carried out under the premise that the pregnant mother’s physical condition is suitable.)

1. When pregnant mothers have ideas

If the doctor informs pregnant mothers during the birth check that if there is a need between the husband and wife, appropriate couple behavior can be carried out, then the physical condition of the pregnant mothers is supported. 

In this case, if the pregnant mothers have their own ideas, then they can engage in conjugal behavior, and fathers-to-be do not have to endure it anymore. At this time, the conjugal behavior will affect the pregnant mother and the fetus. Babies have certain benefits. 

For some pregnant mothers and fetuses, proper husband and wife behavior can promote the blood circulation of the pregnant mother, strengthen the connection between the fetus and the pregnant mother, and can also play a role in purifying the amniotic fluid environment to a certain extent. 

2. When pregnant mothers are in a better mood

If the pregnant mothers’ physical conditions permit, and the emotions have been relatively stable during the recent period, or even better, the prospective fathers can also propose to proceed. Conjugal behavior, if pregnant mothers can accept it, then it could not be better. 

Because if the pregnant mother’s mood is better, it means that the pregnant mother’s body hormones are more stable, and the fetal baby’s state in the body is also better. At this time, the behavior of couples will also affect the pregnant woman and the fetus. Less benefits can also further stabilize the body’s hormone balance. 

At the same time, it should be noted that if fathers-to-be can take good care of the feelings of pregnant mothers during the whole process, it can also increase the relationship between husband and wife and enhance the sense of responsibility of fathers-to-be. This is also rare. 

3. The transitional period between husband and wife

Many women become very sensitive after pregnancy. They always feel that their husbands don’t love themselves. They have greater doubts about them, and their feelings become more and more serious. The more dull. 

In fact, this is the transitional period of couples’ feelings during pregnancy, and couples’ feelings can be enhanced through their behavior. After all, zero communication for too long will also reduce intimacy to a certain extent, so this is a good way, and there is no need to feel shy. This is a normal physical and psychological need. 

But in the end, we still have to remind prospective fathers that even when pregnant mothers support their physical conditions, they also need to pay attention to many things, such as paying attention to the choice of posture, and be sure not to give pregnant mothers belly Causes a strong sense of oppression, otherwise it will be resisted by the baby. 

At the same time, remember that both the intensity and the time of the couple’s behavior must be controlled, otherwise it may also stimulate the fetus and pose a threat to the pregnant mother and the fetus!

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