Father and daughter took a group photo in the same place for 40 years, causing netizens to think deeply about not giving birth to a daughter

Father and daughter took a group photo in the same place for 40 years, causing netizens to think deeply about not giving birth to a daughter.

A few years ago, the song “Where Has Time Goes” can be said to have spread all over the country. It is not just this. The lyrics of the song, but the story behind it. 

This song is about a father who takes a photo with his daughter in the same place every year, from the little baby with his daughter in his arms to the slim girl to becoming a mother. 

After reading all the photos, netizens couldn’t help but say that time flies so fast, and they were moved to see the photos of the father and daughter. But some netizens said that the more they look at these photos, the less they dare to have a daughter. 

Daughter married away In a foreign country, my mother cried to tears, yelling that she shouldn’t give birth to a daughter.

Xiaoqian has a very good relationship with her mother since she was a child. Her mother did not treat her badly because she was a girl. On the contrary, her mother especially supported her daughter to study , Support her daughter to go to the outside world to take a look. 

It is precisely because the relationship between the mother and the daughter is very good, so when Xiaoqian got married, her mother was very sad. She hoped that her daughter would be happy, but was also afraid that her daughter would endure hardships in her husband’s house. 

Xiaoqian decided to stay in Shanghai after graduating from university and found a boyfriend there. After the two got along for a few years, they decided to settle the marriage. 

When the mother learned that her daughter was going to marry another country, she was very sad, saying that if she knew the result, she shouldn’t let her go for a walk. 

On the day of Xiaoqian’s marriage, many people saw her mother cry and turned into tears, crying while saying that she shouldn’t have a daughter in the first place, and now it won’t be so sad to see her child get married. 

In fact, many people nowadays don’t want to have a daughter. This is not because they still have a patriarchal mindset, but because they feel that once they have a daughter, once they don’t do a good job as a parent, You will feel that you owe something. 

Although the daughter is a little padded jacket for her parents, it is difficult for her to be with her parents when she grows up. 

These are the reasons why people nowadays don’t want to have a daughter. Do you have this idea? 

1. Fear that their daughters will be wronged

Nowadays, many people regard their daughters as treasures in the palm of their hands, fearing that they will be wronged outside. When the daughter was young, the parents were afraid that she would be bullied by others in school, and when the daughter grew up, they were afraid that she would be wronged in society. 

Nowadays, there are still many voices discussing women in society. Some people still look down on women a little bit and think that women should suffer and suffer. 

But when parents are very sorry for their children, some parents say that they don’t have to worry so much about giving birth to a boy, because they are afraid that she will have a bad life when giving birth to a daughter. 

So some people don’t want to have a daughter because they don’t like it, but because they are afraid that their daughter will be wronged and there is nothing they can do. 

2. I’m afraid that I can’t give my daughter a good living environment

In the old society, few people would give their daughters a good living environment. Generally, it is not easy for their daughters to study and go to school like ordinary people. 

But there is a saying that is right now, rich daughters support poor sons, so many people want to give their daughters a good living environment. 

Girls who have been raised up are not only not easily deceived by others with petty gains, but also mentally more confident than those who have grown up poorly. 

Many parents who give birth to daughters are afraid that they will not be able to give their daughter a good growth environment and prevent her from becoming a confident person. If this happens, the parents will feel very uncomfortable. 

3. I am afraid that my daughter will marry too far.

Many parents who give birth to daughters will sign a not-to-marry agreement with their children when they are young, because in the hearts of parents, if they have raised their little babies for more than 20 years, if If you marry away, you will be far away from yourself. 

If you have a boy, you can live in your child’s house as a parent, and you won’t have the feeling of “the child grows up and loses her”. 

But if you give birth to a daughter, once the daughter is married, it means that she has her own family. It is not easy to be a parent to interfere with her daughter’s family too much, so she is afraid that her daughter will marry too far and endure hardship. . 

4. I’m afraid that my daughter won’t go home to accompany me.

It is said that a married woman is equal to the water poured out. Once a daughter is married, everything must be considered by her in-laws first, so there is very little time to return. Family to accompany their parents. 

When girls grow up, they may ignore their parents because of work or family reasons, which is very painful for parents. 

After a girl becomes a mother, she must focus on her own children. This is a very sad thing for the elderly in the family. 

Moreover, most families take their grandchildren to their grandparents, so those who are grandparents will feel very lonely and lonely, which is why most elderly people do not like to have daughters. 

Nowadays, many families don’t want to have a daughter, not because they don’t like it, but because they don’t want their little padded jacket to be wronged. 

Parents feel uncomfortable as long as they think that their daughter will be wronged after marrying, and rarely go home. 

In fact, whether you are giving birth to a boy or a girl, children and grandchildren have their own blessings, and parents don’t have to be sad for too long because of their children’s marriage and other issues. “Heart-warming” is a real hammer. These symptoms of pregnant women are actually manifestations of the fetus’s distressed mother.

Pregnancy is 40 weeks, not hard is false, from the first pregnancy reaction to the second trimester. Sex cramps, urinary urgency in the third trimester and other symptoms, even those who have not experienced it know the hard work, let alone those pregnant mothers who have experienced it firsthand. 

Pregnant mothers may not know. In fact, your baby is also very distressed during pregnancy. They are also very sensible to try not to affect you, but the pregnant mothers never noticed it. 

These for pregnant women Symptoms, in fact, are manifestations of the fetus’s distressed mother. It is false to say that it is not heartwarming.

Pregnant mothers carefully protect the fetus and their babies, and they are also silently guarding their mothers. 

1. Secreting “fetal cells” to enhance mother’s immunity

Most pregnant mothers don’t know this, but what they understand is that the fetal baby sucks the pregnant mother through the placenta The nourishment in the body, the placenta’s role is to realize the exchange of nutrients. 

As everyone knows, fetal babies also secrete “fetal cells”, which are infused to pregnant mothers through the placenta, and these “fetal cells” can enhance the immunity of pregnant mothers. 

The baby knows that the immunity of the pregnant mother will be reduced during pregnancy, so this method is used to help the pregnant mother, and this process starts around two months of pregnancy and will continue throughout the pregnancy period. 

The British Medical Journal has shown that fetal cells can enhance the repair ability of pregnant women, and can also reduce the possibility of pregnant mothers catching a cold. 

2. Remind pregnant mothers through fetal movement

Throughout the pregnancy, the hardship is really felt. Sometimes pregnant mothers will also feel collapsed and anxious. At this time, they have no one to tell, but One person suffers silently. 

The fetal baby in the belly can feel the emotional changes of pregnant mothers. When they perceive the mother’s bad mood, they will remind the mother through fetal movement, “Mom, there is still me, don’t be sad “

Fetal movement is the best way to heal pregnant mothers. When pregnant mothers feel the fetal movement, most of them will feel warmth and become stronger because of the child. 

When pregnant mothers are too tired, the baby will also remind pregnant mothers through fetal movement, “Mom, you are too tired now, go to rest, and no more work.”

< p>After receiving the signal, pregnant mothers will naturally go to rest obediently, and they are afraid of affecting the fetus. In this way, the rest of pregnant mothers will be guaranteed. 

3. “It’s up to this point”

Have pregnant mothers ever thought about why most of the fetuses grow to about 50 cm and no longer grow? In fact, this is mainly because the fetuses know that the mother’s uterus is limited and cannot grow too large, otherwise it may cause harm to the mother, so they will control their height development to avoid putting too much burden on the mother. 

When they are in their mother’s stomach, they rarely react fiercely, worrying about tossing their mother and making her uncomfortable. 

4. I am also working hard during delivery

To say that when the baby is the most powerful, it is probably to cooperate with the mother during delivery. When the mother gives birth, the baby will “shrink” as much as possible to get out of the mother’s belly through the birth canal as soon as possible. 

In this process, they will cooperate with the mother’s breathing and exertion, grasp the rhythm, and dash forward bravely. In this process, it is not only the mother who suffers, but the fetus has to go through the birth canal. “Squeeze” to get out of the birth canal, not as easy as we thought. 

Pregnant mothers How to make the baby more “rest assured” during pregnancy? 

1) Keep a good mood. Pregnant mothers can feel any emotional changes during pregnancy, but the baby can feel it, while pregnant mothers feel uneasy, anxious, painful, etc., the baby will have the same feelings, which affects their growth and development. 

Therefore, try to keep a happy mood and provide a comfortable growth environment for your baby, otherwise the baby’s neurodevelopment will be stimulated under long-term negative emotions. According to research, pregnant women have long-term depression during pregnancy, and the fetus will have mental retardation and slow movement after birth. These are all caused by neurological dysplasia. 

2) Sufficient and balanced nutritional intake. Pregnant mothers must ensure adequate nutrition during pregnancy, otherwise the fetus will not dare to suck too much nutrition from the mother, worrying that the mother’s body will not be able to support it. 

Only when the pregnant mothers have a balanced and sufficient nutrition, the fetal baby can safely absorb some of the nutrition from the mother. 

3) Do not participate in high-intensity activities. It is also not recommended for pregnant mothers to participate in high-intensity activities, otherwise the fetus will feel uneasy and anxious in the belly, and pregnant women will feel a great sense of vibration in the mother’s belly under high-intensity activities. For them whose tissues are not yet fully developed, it may affect the normal development of the device. 

Since the babies are working so hard to cooperate with the pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers should take good care of themselves. This is also protecting the babies in disguise. This kind of relationship is the best partner during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers will also be relatively more relaxed.

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