“Far up to the cold mountain and the stone path oblique”, how do you read the “oblique” in the poem? Teachers and parents have different opinions

“Far up to the cold mountain and the stone path oblique”, how do you read the “oblique” in the poem? Teachers and parents have different opinions.

When it comes to coaching their children to do homework, parents all say: “It’s really hard for me.” 

This kind of “difficulty” not only means that children cannot learn, or because of their alternative thinking, but because of the changes in textbooks, parents have no way of starting. 

For example, the pronunciation of some words in ancient poems has long been different from what Bao’s parents taught when they were in school, so it will cause parents to finally teach their children here, but also to be taught by teachers over there. Then correct the awkward situation on one side. 

The ancient poem “Far from the Hanshan Stone Path”, in the poem How to pronounce the “oblique” Teachers and parents have different opinions.

When we were in school, Du Mu’s “Mountain Walk” was memorized by us. It was like “Away on a cold mountain and a stone path, there are people in the depths of the clouds”, these two poems The artistic conception is really beautiful. 

But beauty returns to beauty, and the pronunciation of the oblique characters has been corrected many times by the teacher. Whether it is “xia” or “xie” at that time can make students worry about it. 

Thanks to the teacher’s “re-emphasized” Fu, the pronunciation of this word is still very impressive in Yangyang’s heart, so when she tutored the children to recite the text this time, Yangyang’s mother especially emphasized the “xia”. 

But when the child came back from school, he was full of upset, because the teacher specifically corrected his pronunciation during class. This made Yangyang’s mother a little confused, how should I read the “oblique” in the poem? 

In this regard, the opinions of teachers and parents It’s not the same. 

As a primary school student, Yang Yang taught his mother a lesson, saying that this word should be pronounced “xie”. After hearing what her son said, Yangyang’s mother didn’t agree. She turned around and checked the information on the Internet and found that she had changed the pronunciation as the son said. Later, Yangyang’s mother, a parent, couldn’t help complaining to her husband: “Now we are counseling. It’s too difficult for a child to do an assignment!”

Inaccurate pronunciation can cause problems for children.

Actually, children’s ability to accept is limited, especially now that the textbooks have a lot of content and pronunciation. Change, so parents’ inaccurate pronunciation will add extra trouble to children. 

On the one hand, this may make children right The absorption and sorting of knowledge is more confused, which affects its learning effect. On the other hand, inaccurate pronunciation can also make children feel embarrassed when they use it in their lives. 

When encountering such problems, what is the correct approach for parents? 

In life, it is very common to change the pronunciation or different teaching progress. Therefore, parents should not just base on their own knowledge. After all, parents and children are at different stages of learning and knowledge acquisition is different. In general, how can such problems be solved? 

1) Carefully search for relevant textbooks or counseling materials first

First of all, you must carefully search for the content on the textbook, because the content that the child is learning must come from the textbook. Textbooks are now more accurate reference tools. 

There is another way to start from the tutorial materials, to help Information is also a powerful category for us to refer to. It can provide parents and children with accurate references, so that we can be assisted. 

2) Actively ask the teacher

In addition to the reference query of related materials, we can also maintain active communication with the teacher. The teacher, as the “walking answer”, can give parents accurate answers . 

However, parents should also pay attention to their attitudes when communicating with teachers. Don’t worry or question the teacher. 

Because the teacher must put the students in the first At a level, they will accurately grasp the knowledge so that their children can receive the best education. Therefore, facing the responsibility and rigor of the teacher, parents must also understand. 

Parents tutoring their children is an increasingly weak process in itself

Guiding children to learn has always been a problem for parents, especially the reality that the more children grow up, the more difficult it is to learn. Our own knowledge reserves are It’s hard to keep up. This in itself is a process that feels more and more powerless. 

This requires parents to maintain a good attitude, and then take correct measures to adjust, not only to be patient with their children, to respect the teacher, but also to maintain a self-motivated attitude. 

Don’t be impatient, don’t worry, believe that things will get better and better as you continue to move forward. “I feel uneasy when my younger brother cries.” My sister’s diary made people feel distressed. My mother choked: I’m sorry.

In a second-child family, one child is always favored, and the other child is often hurt. Generally speaking, most of the daughters are hurt, because most families still prefer sons over daughters in the traditional concept. 

After reading her daughter’s diary, a Bao’s mother finally realized her mistakes over the years after being reminded by her teacher. She couldn’t help crying and confessing, and choked with sobs that she was too sorry for her daughter! 

“I feel uneasy when the younger brother cries.” My sister’s diary makes people feel distressed.

Bao Ma said that her daughter is an older sister. Usually, everyone in the family feels that the older sister should let the younger brother take care of him. It is also because the younger brother is young. , He focused on his younger brother. 

However, her daughter’s diary made her realize , I have always been wrong. 

My daughter wrote in her diary that more of her thoughts are sad. Before the birth of her younger brother, her mother loved her very much and would encourage her when encountering difficulties. However, since the birth of the younger brother, everything has changed, and my mother gave all the love to the younger brother. 

As long as the younger brother cries, her mother will blame her; when playing games, it was originally not the sister’s fault, but as long as the younger brother cries, mother will be angry, and mother will be very angry when she is angry. Scolded her. Her mother’s words made her feel like a knife, but she could only cry silently. 

The younger brother cried a lot, and the mother scolded more, which made her feel uneasy when she heard his brother’s cry. 

She said that although her younger brother is 7 years younger, But she is also willing to let her younger brother, but in terms of mother’s love, she hopes to get the same love from her mother as her younger brother, and hopes that her mother can love her as much as her younger brother. 

The child used the most immature tone to write his deepest expectation and made the most heart-wrenching accusation. After reading it, many people felt that their daughter was really heart-wrenching. 

“When my brother cries, I feel uneasy.” This is a conditioned reflex formed after a lot of curses. How much harm will this leave the child’s heart! 

Mom cried for a long time after reading her daughter’s diary, indicating that she is a good mother who knows how to confess, but if she is another person, she may still think that her actions are not wrong. 

The problem of second-child families is far more than Our imagination is complicated. 

What are the general problems with second-child families? 

1. Patriarchal patriarchy

The probability of patriarchy in a second-child family is very high. 

Many families choose to have a second child. The reason given is that a child is too lonely, and hope that there will be siblings to support each other in the future. These high-sounding remarks. 

But in fact, it can be seen that in most families with a second child, the first child is usually a daughter. That is to say, when there is already one, many people tend to look forward to having one. son. 

The concept of raising children to prevent the elderly in Chinese parents There is a deep-rooted existence in the concept. Therefore, patriarchal patriarchy is also inevitable. 

2. Children’s education issues

Raising two children means that all expenditures have doubled. Some parents need to work and don’t have so much energy to go. Taking care of the child, regardless of the childbirth and education, causes the child to drop out of school at home in middle or high school, or to indulge in games all day long, etc. 

This kind of children who have had big problems in education are basically destroyed in the second half of the year. 

3. Children’s psychological problems

Is the children’s psychological problems formed based on many problems, for example, the family economy is not comparable to the psychological inferiority caused by others and parents’ preference for sons? and many more. 

Children’s psychological problems directly affect the future Whether the personality development is sound, some children will do all kinds of illegal things when they grow up, in the final analysis can be traced back to the original family, especially the second-child family. 

When will eccentric parents be able to make a bowl of water? 

How can parents not be partial? This is the answer that every child in a second-child family wants to know. But in fact, between two children or multiple children, it is almost impossible for parents to have a bowl of water. 

Just like in school, children with good academic performance tend to be more concerned and cared by teachers. In a family, young children are often favored more; well-behaved children tend to get more These are things that parents will do unconsciously. This is due to human preference. 

So, parents must want every child To be able to grow up healthy and happily, you must always maintain a sober judgment, restrain your behavior, treat your children in a fair way, when one child receives a gift, the other child should also have a gift that belongs to him, etc. . Newborns have regular vision development. From this month onwards, the baby’s seeing things are “colorful”

In families with newborn babies, we often encounter such situations. It is clear that the baby is feeding Mom, but the baby is not very close to her mother, and some babies behave very “unknown”, no matter who holds him, they will not cry, and sometimes they will laugh at strangers. 

But have the mothers ever thought that this situation is not because the baby is “ignorant”, it may be related to the baby’s vision development. After the baby’s vision is gradually improved, what they see The world will be clearer, and then they will recognize you more clearly. 

What is the world like in the eyes of a newborn? 

The peaceful baby is just born, is a laughing baby, no matter who coaxes him or hugs him, he will show a generous smile, and sometimes even if he is asleep, he will show a smiling face. The family feels peaceful The baby is so cute. 

Quiet sent a picture of the baby smiling Moments of friends, with text: “The baby will interact with me only a few days ago. It’s so cute.”

But who knows, the mothers in the circle of friends have left messages saying that the child is basically It’s not clear who the mother is, it’s just calming his own thoughts. Tranquility was rather disappointed in this, she couldn’t help wondering what the world was like in the eyes of newborn babies? 

The visual development of babies from 0-12 months old is like this. Moms, come to find out.

The visual development of a child is different from hearing. It starts to improve gradually after the baby is born. Although the growth environment of children is different, the vision development of newborn children has a certain pattern. Moms, come to find out. 

0-1 months: Babies within 1 month are called newborns. Generally speaking, the baby in the neonatal stage looks mainly in black and white. Therefore, when the baby is checked at the full moon, the doctor will Show your baby a black and white card to observe his vision development. 

1-3 months: From this month onwards, babies will be Color is very sensitive, and the color that attracts their attention the most is red, so they look at things that are “colored” at this time. 

But it is worth noting that the vision of the brain baby at this stage is still a little blurred, and there are also some “nearsighted”, the farther the blurry, the most appropriate gaze distance should be kept between 15-25cm. 

3-5 months: After 3 months, the baby’s vision is gradually expanding, and the world he sees becomes more colorful. They can also distinguish who is mother and who is by recognizing contours and faces. father. 

5-7 months: about half a year old baby Things are obvious, and at this time, they will also consciously grasp what they see within their vision. 

7-10 months: at this stage, except for those with visual development It is better, and has a certain perception of the distance and depth of objects, and the accuracy of grasping is higher. 

10-12 months: the baby’s vision development is perfect at about 1 year old Not only the world is clear and bright, but also fast-moving objects can be judged through visual discovery. There are many things Bao Ma can do to protect children’s eyesight.

Since the baby’s eyesight develops gradually before the age of one year, it is particularly important to protect the children’s eyesight. There are still many things Bao Ma needs to do. 

1) Pay attention to children’s eye hygiene

First of all, pay attention to children’s eye hygiene and develop good eye habits. For example, you can’t stare at the same thing for too long, you can’t rub your eyes with your dirty hands, take a rest if you use your eyes for too long, and don’t look directly at the sun or bath heater. 

2) Pay attention to indoor lighting

Usually, mothers should also pay attention to the adjustment of indoor light. For example, do not let your baby read, write, play in dimly lit places, and do not overuse her eyes in an environment where the light is too dazzling. 

3) Pay attention to the time when children use electronic products.

It is especially important to remind parents of the use of electronic products. Nowadays, many parents have the habit of looking at electronic products such as mobile phones, and children will be affected more or less. Although it cannot be completely eliminated, we must pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do not allow children to watch electronic products for a long time.

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