Family happiness index is exposed at the dinner table. Mothers in this state are the most pitiful

The family happiness index is exposed at the dining table. Mothers in this state are the most pitiful.

A happy family is more conducive to the growth of their children, but family happiness also requires the husband and wife to work hard to make a difference. acquired. 

When the hot feelings are dissolved in the daily firewood, rice, oil and salt, the happiness index of the family is often hidden in the details of life. 

Some people say that for children, family happiness is no different from father loving mother. I have to say the truth in this sentence is really intriguing. 

Whether the family is living happily, one or two can be known by looking at Bao’s mother’s state. Don’t let Bao’s chill out

Xiaofang is a novice Bao mother. She married away for love now. My heart is focused on the care of the child. Now that the child is two years old, Xiaofang, as a full-time mother, has endured too much hardship and grievance for this. 

Some time ago, Xiaofang’s mother came to see her grandson at home. Although she heard her daughter say that she had a very happy life, she still felt a little worried when she was a mother. 

In this way, Xiaofang’s mother stayed at her daughter’s house for a few days, but what she saw was that the whole family was only busy with her daughter. 

Especially when the whole family was sitting together for dinner, Xiaofang’s mother felt sorry for her daughter even more. I saw my daughter arranging a table of food, while the son-in-law was sitting aside just playing with his mobile phone. 

Xiaofang’s mother thought, fortunately, she can help with the children, which also made her daughter a lot easier. If it is normal, it must be her daughter coaxing the children while cooking. 

Finally finished the meal, and the whole family sat at the dinner table. At this time, the son-in-law was feasting on the delicious meal, and would pick something wrong from time to time, while Xiaofang had to coax the child openly. eat. 

Although Xiaofang’s mother offered to help, Xiaofang said that she was used to it, and it was not too late to wait until she was full to eat. 

When Xiaofang feeds the baby, the food on the table is already cold. Xiaofang’s mother wants to warm up her daughter, but Xiaofang said, “Don’t have to be so troublesome, I’ll make do Just one bite!”

Xiaofang’s mother glanced at her son-in-law, and saw that after the meal, the son-in-law put down the dishes and chopsticks easily, and ran to the living room to play games. 

During the entire meal, the son-in-law only cared about eating for himself. He didn’t think that his wife had yet to eat, and he didn’t even want to help coax the child to eat. 

Xiaofang’s mother returned to her hometown after staying at her daughter’s house for less than a week. Before leaving, her mother was in tears. Although Xiaofang repeatedly promised that she would take care of herself, her mother was very distressed. 

for a family Happiness index is revealed on the dining table, especially when you look at the state of Bao’s mother.

1. I can’t take care of eating when I’m busy.

If you see Bao’s father coaxing your child to eat at a family table, then This family must be very happy, because mother Bao, who had a table of food, had the opportunity to rest at the table, and it also proved that Father Bao cherishes her contribution. 

If Momma finishes cooking but can’t eat a bite by herself, she will naturally feel wronged when she is busy taking care of the children. 

2. Picked and picked.

Obviously, any mother wants her carefully prepared meals to be recognized by her family. If she has been busy for a long time, In the end, but still being picked and chosen, then this is not just a laborious ignorance of Bao Ma, but also disrespect for Bao Ma. 

3. Speeches are ignored

Dining together is also an opportunity for family members to communicate emotionally. If Bao’s mother’s words cannot be responded to and are selectively ignored, then Bao’s mother’s heart will definitely be very Lonely and depressed. 

The feeling of not being seen and the right to speak without being respected demonstrates the unequal status of Bao Ma in the family. 

If you want to create a happy family atmosphere for your children, what should the couple do? 

1. Know how to be considerate and tolerant

In the family, couples bear the burden of the family. Only when they understand and tolerate each other can the family atmosphere be harmonious and harmonious. 

Although in most families, Bao Dad bears the main financial pressure of the family, but Bao mothers also pay a lot for the family, and even relatively speaking, the Bao mothers are in the care and discipline of their children. Have to pay more. 

2. Respect each other

Spouses who can respect each other are more able to see the shining points of each other, respect each other’s value, and recognize each other’s contributions, so that family life can become positive. 

Accuss each other’s faults, words are full of derogation, such a family atmosphere will only be full of contradictions and quarrels. Even if they are housewives with no income, they still deserve the respect and value recognition of their families. 

3. Tacit cooperation

In the family relationship, the husband and wife should also realize a reasonable division of labor and cooperate tacitly. If the burden of the family is only on one person, it will take a long time , The relationship between the husband and wife is bound to be affected, and the family relationship will become fragile. 

Although Bao Ma entered the role of parenting faster than Bao Dad, this does not mean that Bao Ma will have to bear more due to this. 

Obviously, for children, a warm and harmonious family environment is more conducive to their healthy growth. Living in a happy family environment, children are more capable of forming those positive personality traits. 

So parents should pay more attention to managing the family relationship. The dedication of Bao’s mother is also worthy of the respect and recognition of the whole family. What are your views on the factors that influence the family happiness index? The male nurse wanted to “prepare skin” for the parturient, and the parturient asked to change her husband. The doctor told her to silence her voice

Many pregnant women are more “conservative,” even though they know that male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology are increasing. The more, but it is still difficult to accept this reality. If you can refuse, you will refuse. 

Some hospitals may seek the mother’s opinion in order to take care of the mother’s emotions. Only when the mother agrees will they arrange a male doctor for her. However, some hospitals handle affairs in accordance with the hospital’s rules and regulations and allocate them randomly. After all, it is necessary to respect the opinions of every pregnant woman, so it is estimated that all male doctors will have to be “laid off”. 


Xiao Liu gave birth last week. She has always been more mindful of contacting male doctors, and all she met during the birth check was female doctors, which made her quite satisfied. 

Wait to delivery, a doctor came to check the dilation of the uterine orifice, and turned out to be a male doctor. This made Xiao Liu very uneasy, and refused to persuade him no matter how much he persuaded him. 

The doctor also felt helpless, but he was afraid of irritating the mother, so he had to call another female doctor to help check the uterine mouth. 

After that, Xiao Liu deliberately looked at the name of the doctor in charge of the birth, and saw that the name was female, and she was relieved. 

Finally got into the delivery room. After entering the delivery room, there were doctors for both men and women. Xiao Liu’s heart was tight, but he didn’t worry about the fact that it was a female doctor anyway. 

Before the delivery, the male doctor called the nurse to “prepare skin”. Xiao Liu saw that it was a male nurse, so he quickly said, “Call my husband, I’m not used to other men.”

It was the first time that doctors and nurses heard such a request. At that time, the male nurse was in a dilemma. Looking at the doctor, he didn’t know what to do. 

“You do yours, why are you hesitating?” the doctor said. 

At the same time, he continued, “I also do the delivery. I only take care of the delivery. The hospital does not have so many staff to make you toss. If you do not agree, we will not be responsible if something goes wrong.”

When Xiao Liu saw that the doctor’s tone was not very good, he realized that he might have misunderstood the doctor’s name, and he would die in pain, so he didn’t dare to say anything. 

In fact, many pregnant women have a “female doctor plot” like Xiao Liu. They are afraid that when they meet a male doctor during childbirth, most of them will communicate with the hospital before giving birth. 

However, is the male doctor really as scary as imagined? 

About maternity Male doctors, you have to understand these.

1. The more male doctors are, the more male doctors are.

In recent years, the number of male doctors and male nurses in obstetrics and gynecology in many hospitals has indeed increased. However, this was not done randomly, but after investigation and selection, it was found that the professionalism of male doctors and male nurses was indeed very high, so the gender restriction was also omitted when appointing them. 

2. Male doctors are more professional.

In fact, many male doctors also know that they will be criticized in obstetrics and gynecology, so they show a more professional attitude. And more cautious behavior. 

Many male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology have used their strength to prove that their professionalism will not be lost to girls, and they will even be more careful and patient in the medical process. 

Some experienced mothers may know that most male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology are more gentle, of course there are a few exceptions. Gentle male doctors tend to pay more attention to the emotions and psychology of pregnant mothers, and this is something that many female doctors do not have the patience to do. 

3. Male doctors are always “condemned”

If you have read articles about male doctors, then you will probably know something. Many people have malicious attacks on male doctors, especially Is a part of male friends. 

“What does a man do in the obstetrics and gynecology department? It is disgusting, worthy of your wife and children!”

“The male doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department is a funny one, how dare you? Choosing this department, I think my wife will dislike it.”

“Anyway, I firmly disagree that my wife should be delivered by a male doctor. I can’t stand it. I think I was offended!”



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These are all comments from some netizens, and some comments are more malicious, and the words are more excessive, so I really dare not intercept them. 

It can be seen that netizens now resent the profession of “male doctors” in obstetrics and gynecology, and they always feel that there should be no male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. 

But in fact, male doctors also feel very helpless. They don’t know how to accept the accusations and evasion from netizens or pregnant women. He is only good at and loyal to his profession. That’s it. 

It is said that occupations are not distinguished from high or low, and they are clearly “angels” serving patients. But in obstetrics and gynecology, there is a “differential treatment”? 

In the final analysis, some netizens are too extreme, and many times they have no right to speak without experience. As a professional platform, doctors only follow the principle of patient-oriented, don’t misinterpret them maliciously. 

I also hope that pregnant mothers can adjust their emotions and face the male doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology department calmly. They just treat them as doctors. They have delivered many women, and you are just one of them. , You are just a patient. When you are discharged from the hospital, there will be almost no intersection in the future, so there is nothing to worry about. 

The most important thing at the moment is to give birth to a child safely. Other things are not worth mentioning in life. 

The male nurse wants to “prepare skin” for the lying-in woman, the lying-in woman asks for a husband to come, the doctor told her to silence her

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