Family happiness has long been reflected on the dining table. This kind of mother lives the most “humble”

Family happiness has long been reflected on the dining table. This kind of mother’s life is the most “humble”

If a family is happy or not, in fact, sometimes there is no need to express it in words, because the family is happy or not. It can be seen from the state of each family and the feeling of eating together. 

Xiaoxiao is a woman who really wants face. After she got married, Xiaoxiao didn’t go to work. She has been taking care of children at home full-time. If Xiaoxiao wants to buy something for herself or her children, she needs to ask her husband for money. If her husband agrees to Can buy, my husband can’t buy anything if he doesn’t promise Xiaoxiao. 

But Xiaoxiao always shows that she is very happy in front of outsiders, how much her husband considers herself, and how much she loves herself. 

After listening to Xiaoxiao talking about her happy life, others all cast envious eyes on Xiaoxiao, envious that Xiaoxiao found a good husband. But whether he is lucky or not, it is estimated that only Xiaoxiao himself knows. 

There was a time when Xiaoxiao and her husband went out for dinner, and a neighbor was there, but Xiaoxiao’s family sat far away and didn’t say hello. 

But during the meal, Xiaoxiao’s husband ate for himself, and the two basically didn’t communicate with each other during the meal, and the husband didn’t help Xiaoxiao to greet the children after eating. 

Xiaoxiao hugs the baby while eating some of her husband’s leftover food. It doesn’t look like Xiaoxiao usually says how good her husband treats her. In fact, whether a woman is happy or not can be seen with a meal. 

Generally true happiness This is how the family eats.

1. Family takes care of the children

When a truly happy woman eats with a family, both her husband and family will hold the child first and let Bao Bao Mom eats a full meal first. 

Furthermore, the delicious food will be placed in front of Bao’s mother when eating, and Bao’s mother never has to worry about taking care of the children, so that Bao’s mother will eat at ease. 

2. Women don’t have to eat leftovers.

True happy women don’t say that they have been busy for a long time, and finally can only eat leftovers. Even if there are occasions when guests come from home, Bao’s mother needs to help her in the kitchen, and some families will wait for Bao’s mother to clean up and eat together. 

If I can’t wait, I will give Bao Ma a meal alone. I will never say that Bao’s mother has worked so hard in the kitchen. After finishing her work, all the family members have eaten enough. There was no food left over from the table, and only Bao Ma did not eat. 

3. Husband knows how to care for women

Women with happy families are also cared for by their husbands at the dining table. What Baoma loves and doesn’t eat will be kept in mind by her husband. 

When encountering the food Bao Ma loves to eat, the husband will put it in the bowl for Bao Ma at the first time, and the husband will help Bao Ma to solve it without hesitation. 

The same is a woman. Such a woman has real happiness. This kind of happiness does not need to be told to others. The happiness of a woman can be seen at a glance. 

Such a woman Living in the family is really not happy. Their family members usually eat like this.

1. All the work is done by Bao’s mother alone

There is another kind of Bao’s life like this In life, I also have a job, but I am at the bottom of my family. After I finish my work, I have to take care of my children and family, and after work I have to contract all the housework at home. 

Even if other people in the family are idle, they won’t help Momma, because they think Momma should do this. 

Before eating, Mommy needs to prepare everything. Before I have time to eat after I have finished packing, my family has already eaten. Wunaibao’s mom has to eat something casually and is responsible for tidying up the things. Bao Ma really has no status at all. 

2. If you don’t do well, you are often left by the family.

It is normal for Bao’s mother to do things well at home. If there is something wrong to do, the family will criticize and criticize Bao’s mother, and Speaking is particularly awkward, never taking into account Bao Ma’s feelings. Even my husband stood with others and never said a word for himself. 

The number of people in the family is not counted, and sometimes the old accounts will be turned over. When I think of it, I will talk about the things that Baoma had done before. Debao’s mother has no face at all at home. 

3. Husband never understands Bao’s mother

A woman is actually lucky or unhappy. The most important thing is her husband. Even if the elderly in the family are not very kind to herself, as long as her husband is able to sympathize and consider herself I feel happy. 

The most feared thing is that the family is harsh on themselves, and the husband is even harsher on themselves. Such a woman is really too humble to live in this family. 

Some women know that their lives are not happy, but they would rather choose to compromise for the sake of their children than to jump out bravely. 

Women should not think that this is good for their children, but they are a living role model for their children. If there is a daughter in the family, the mother will have such a humble impression in the eyes of the daughter. The daughter will probably step forward when she grows up. In the footsteps of mother. 

I believe that every mother does not want her daughter to live unhappiness, so as a woman, homework mothers must live out their dignity and strive to be independent women, even for the sake of their children, to make themselves happy . Mom’s three small habits have exposed her “incompetence”, and the child will not have a big future.

Most children spend a long time with their mother, especially before the child is three years old. It can be said that I basically stay with my mother 24 hours a day. 

There are also some mothers, even if their children go to kindergarten, in order to nurture good children, they still choose to continue to be full-time mothers. In this way, they spend most of their time with their children. How much influence the mother has on the child. 

Isn’t Dad affected? To be precise, the impact is much smaller than that of the mother, because some of the treasured fathers are walking “Lafayettes” and “hands-off shopkeepers”. Even if they return home after work, they will always spend more time with their mobile phones than their children. 

Even if you take the time to play with your children, the mobile phone will not leave your hand, and the “two ends” is in the hands of Bao Dad. 

It is precisely because the mothers of the mothers have a greater influence on the children, so the bad habits of the mothers of the mothers are more likely to be amplified, and some of them may even affect the children’s future. 

1. Uncontrollable emotions

For any child, the most feared thing is to have a mother who can’t control his emotions. Because this means that their children have to be cautious all the time, fearing that their mother’s violent temper will suddenly fall on them, making themselves cannon fodder. 

A friend of mine, Xiao Chen, is a graduate student who specializes in education, but her performance in school has never been so good, even though her education is higher than others. 

She is not ignorant, her main problem lies in emotional control. She especially hates students who can talk or do some small movements in class. Every time she finds such a problem, she will get angry, so that the students in the class don’t like her very much. 

They all came from school days. I believe everyone knows that many students dislike a teacher because they hate a teacher, and eventually lead to poor academic performance. 

And friends often bring this emotion to their children, so that her daughter is particularly afraid of her, every time she sees her like a mouse and a cat, this is not a good parent-child relationship , Can also be said to be a morbid state. 

Gradually, under the influence of their parents, children will become very unconfident and insecure when they grow up. They have to ask their parents before making any decisions, so they are afraid of making wrong decisions. In the end, it was because of fear that he did not dare to take responsibility. Such children are destined to have a hard time achieving success after they grow up, after all, the problem of character and ability defects lies there. 

2. Easy to give up

Some time ago I went hiking with a few friends and my children. Our mountain is not high, and even if there is an uphill, it is not steep. It is relatively easy to climb. . 

But in the process of climbing the mountain, a friend’s child said that he was tired and didn’t want to climb anymore, and wanted his mother to hold him up. At that time, the friend was too tired, so naturally it was impossible to hold him. So we simply said that we were waiting for us down the mountain at that point. 

At that time, because one child gave up, the other children also had one. They were reluctant to continue climbing, and some even cried. But none of the other friends agreed, and they took their children to climb. 

So we continued to climb up. At that time, a friend was talking about it. I knew that I didn’t bring that friend. I knew she was a person who is easy to give up. Now it’s better to bring our children to cry. Reluctance to climb is really annoying. 

Indeed, that friend was an easy person to give up since she knew her, and her children seem to have learned this too, taking the lead before the other children have given up. Speaking out, and what is even more regrettable is that the child’s mother actually did everything. 

It was supposed to take the child to the summit together, but gave up with the child, resulting in a feeling of “it is easy to give up” to the child, and giving up this thing is easily addictive. Once the child gets used to it, In the process of growing up in the future, whenever I encounter some difficulties, I think about giving up, which is very disadvantageous. 

3. Always care about things

Many mothers have the habit of care about things. Both of them may keep talking about buying vegetables today. I buy things with friends, and I feel that each other’s food is better than what I bought myself. Some will have to be talked about for a long time. 

Similar to this kind of caressing character, the child will be infected invisibly, and when the child grows up, he will also become caressing, no matter what aspects you have to compare with others, as long as there is a bit of others If you are better than yourself, you will feel unfair and aggrieved about it. 

And these children will also talk about these things in front of others, and this kind of personality is often the most annoying, their interpersonal relationships are usually not handled well, and such children cannot be found in the workplace. benefit. 

If you find that you have a “success”, you can try to change these bad habits. Not only will it be beneficial to the growth of the child, but after the change, you can get a brand new self ,why not?

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