Eleven sisters became “helping brothers demon”, and their parents even stepped up their efforts and took their eldest daughters to court.

Eleven sisters all became “helping brothers”, and their parents went even harder and took their eldest daughters to court.

Now that they are married, one of the couple only thinks about their relatives and friends, and only thinks about them. Live a selfish life for your own interests. 

It’s not uncommon for the family and friends of the other partner’s marriage to be disregarded and the interests of the lover are not uncommon. Especially in rural areas, some women have been taught the idea of ​​helping other family members in the family since they were young. . 

When I grow up, I use my husband’s money to subsidize my native family. This kind of person is also called the Demon of Helping Brother, what is going on? 

In some backward rural areas, Voldemort still exists. Although Voldemort is a good sister, he is not a good wife, or even a good sister. 

Because a good sister should have a guiding effect on the younger brother, rather than helping the parents, indulging the younger brother, leading the younger brother’s behavior to good and lazy, leading to the abyss of degeneration. 

In a rural village in a backward area in Jiangxi, a family appeared on the local TV for helping the younger brother. There are 12 children, 11 older sisters, and a younger brother in this family. 

The money from 12 older sisters who go out to work is all to support a younger brother. The younger brother is so lazy at home. He doesn’t have to go out to find a job even if he is in his thirties. Even if he is about to get married, the wedding room is waiting for the sister’s family to pay 5 Ten thousand yuan. 

The eldest daughter now has a family and is about to have a second child, so she can’t afford the money. The parents took his daughter directly to court. 

All the judges were amazed by the suit. How could there be such a family? How did the Demon of Fu Di be cultivated? What harm will Fudi Demon bring to the family? 

Fudi Mo How did you cultivate it?

1. Parents have been caught since childhood.

They are always used to sacrificing themselves and their own family’s interests to fulfill their younger brother’s elder sisters. This is not a habit since childhood. On the contrary, they are Parents have been nurtured since childhood. 

For example, some outstanding young people like 985211 are also parents who pay attention to their children’s education since childhood. Cultivate children’s learning habits from an early age, and cultivate children into learning elites, like this habit of sacrificing their own interests and fulfilling the interests of younger brothers, always thinking about the younger brother and not wanting to eat. 

Other people’s sisters also said that the parents raised by their parents since childhood teach their children in the family imperceptibly. 

Tell the child that you are going to help your younger brother, how you must make your sister bear the responsibility of your sister, and even to a certain extent use your sister’s identity to morally kidnap. 

Force my sister to help my younger brother. Over time, my sister became accustomed to the training of the demon that the parents had grasped since childhood, and she succeeded. 

2. Parents have such a habit

In fact, such a family is not only a problem with the children, but also with the cultivation of parents. To a large extent, it is because the parents have such a habit. 

For example, one of the father or mother is used to helping the younger siblings at home, and does not consider the problems of their own children, but considers their own younger siblings. 

I would rather my children suffer and go hungry, and have a low cost of living, but also to help my younger siblings. I should not know which one is the small family and which one is everyone. You have to take care of your own children first. The family can manage everyone. 

3. The details of daily life make my sister numb

In the details of daily life, if parents over-accommodate the younger brother, they will always allow the older sister to accommodate the younger brother. Regardless of the older sister’s feelings, the older sister will get used to it in the long run. Parental numbness. 

At first, I may be disappointed with my parents. After a long time, my sister will take the initiative to give the better to the younger brother. 

I take the initiative to give my own cup and take the initiative to hand over my own interests to my younger brother unconditionally, thinking that this is a family, there is no need to make too much difference. There is no sense of boundary. Even after getting married,

It is common for Didi to use her husband’s salary to subsidize Didi. For such people, they no longer have a sense of boundary, and they don’t know the difference between after marriage and before marriage. 

Fudi Mo Harm to a family

1. The hardship of my family

I have given the money to my younger brother, how much savings can my family have? Wealthy people are always a minority of well-off families and it is the norm for most families. 

I gave most of my savings to my younger brother. Naturally, my family will not be rich anymore. Even if I could have a better life, I will be subsidized by a large amount. 

Reduce the quality of life at home, reduce the quality of life of your children, and let your husband’s hard-earned money account for it. 

2. Teach a bad brother

A good brother should be the backing of the sister, not the burden of the sister. 

A good location should be the main support of the sister’s family. In addition to the sister’s parents, on the contrary, instead of being dragged down by the sister, she always makes her sister use her own family’s material to supplement a boy. 

The degree of self-esteem of the younger brother is not high, not only that, he will gradually get used to the material nourishment of his sister. Ask your sister for more. The quality is getting worse and worse. If you don’t know how to fight on your own, it’s easier to be lazy and eat. 

Who is married to this kind of sister is a bad thing for which family, after marriage and before marriage, two people have to figure out. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not easy, and the relationship between sister and brother must be distinguished. 

The wife should be protected by the husband, and the husband should protect the wife when there is a conflict between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. 

After all, mothers are related by blood and will always be their own mothers, but if the wife is not kind to herself, she is not necessarily the wife. The wife must also distinguish between herself and her younger brother, and the relationship between Xiaojia and everyone. With a puff, the mother is embarrassed, but the doctor encourages her to do a good job

The process of giving birth is painful for most women, and everyone needs to experience pain that has never been experienced in this life. In fact, everyone here knows that in addition to pain in the delivery room, there are many embarrassing things that make them most memorable. 

Every time I think about this incident, it makes everyone embarrassed, but I still remind mothers-to-be who are about to give birth to calm their minds and focus on the important matter of giving birth. 

The baby did not come out but was preempted by “it”. The mother was extremely embarrassed, and the doctor calmly shouted to cheer

My best friend went through nearly ten months of pregnancy, and finally got ahead. A few days have ushered in a day of “unloading”. She was very excited at the time, thinking that she could finally relax, but because she hadn’t done her homework for having a baby in advance, she almost made herself embarrassed to get off stage. This is how it happened.

It was difficult to give birth to a baby for the first time. She waited in the delivery room for nearly ten hours before opening the ten fingers. At that time, she was pregnant with non-events and did not go so smoothly. . But giving birth to a baby did not go as smoothly as expected. She and the doctor worked hard for nearly four hours before the baby came out. 

All the medical staff in the delivery room are waiting for this moment, and everyone is looking forward to the birth of the child as soon as possible. Under the expectation of everyone, her girlfriend became incontinent with a puff. At that time, her face became red when she rubbed it, and she couldn’t wait to find a place to sew it down, which made her very embarrassed. 

Doctors have been used to this kind of scene a long time ago, so they didn’t take it seriously. Seeing that she was so embarrassed, she comforted her and said, “Good job, and the baby will be born again.”

This sentence has pulled the bestie back from the bad mood, she thought ” It’s already like this anyway, and there’s nothing to care about, it’s still important to have a baby!” She followed the doctor’s guidance and gave birth to the baby quickly, and finally relieved after hearing the “Wow”. 

I believe that many people will encounter a lot of embarrassing things when giving birth to a baby? Starting from the delivery room, there will be many things beyond everyone’s imagination. Pregnant mothers need to be psychologically prepared in advance so that they can cope freely. Otherwise, it is easy for you to be unable to accept such unexpected events, which will affect the normal delivery. 

To give birth to a baby is a complicated matter. You need to do your homework in advance so that you can cooperate with the medical staff and give birth to the baby smoothly. 

Before giving birth, what prenatal preparations do you need to do? 

1. Psychological preparation

When a pregnant woman is sent to the delivery room with signs of impending delivery, medical staff will go to the room for internal inspections at intervals. Many people may not know what an internal examination is. To put it simply, the medical staff will put their hands into the lower body of the pregnant mother and use their fingers to measure the size of the uterine opening, which is what we often say. 

Many people find this very unacceptable, but this is a process that every mother needs to go through. You should try to adjust your mentality in advance. 

In addition, everyone needs to undergo preoperative skin preparation, which is to shave off the hair on the private parts. Its purpose is to keep the skin clean and to prevent hair from scratching the baby’s delicate skin. It is really embarrassing to let a stranger do this, so you can finish the work ahead of time during the bath in the days when the due date is approaching. 

In some hospitals, there will be male doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology department, and their skills can ensure a smooth delivery. However, people will always be offended because of gender issues, which is also the most taboo situation for many expectant mothers. 

It is said that the doctor’s parents’ heart, in the operating room, everyone should put aside the issue of gender and trust the doctor’s skills. For them, you are just a patient, even if you encounter this situation, you don’t need to be too concerned. 

Novice mothers are psychologically unable to adapt to this role change. It is recommended that mothers-to-be should learn relevant knowledge in advance and read more parenting books. Give yourself a transitional period psychologically and enter the role of mother as soon as possible. 

2. Material preparations

Besides mothers-to-be need to adjust their mentality, they should not be careless when preparing the delivery packages. For novice parents who have no experience, it is best to listen to the opinions of the elderly and let family members help prepare together. In the days when the due date is approaching, you should prepare in advance what you need to bring to the hospital, and don’t have any missing items. 

When you go to the hospital, you should prepare more sets of comfortable clothes for the parturient, because the baby will sweat a lot, and the clothes will be soiled due to problems such as the discharge of lochia after childbirth. It is necessary to ensure that the mothers have clean clothes that can be changed, so as to ensure that they have a good mood. 

Giving birth to a baby is not as simple as everyone thinks. Mothers-to-be must familiarize themselves with the process in advance, so that they can eliminate tension and allow themselves to cope with childbirth calmly. Everyone should maintain a stable mood in the delivery room and listen to the doctor’s instructions to speed up the delivery process. 

What embarrassing things did you encounter when you gave birth to a baby? How did you deal with it at the time? You can leave a message below to share your experience with everyone.

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