Elementary school textbooks are also “emerging”? The cover has changed from “a family of three” to four, netizens: too many tricks

Elementary school textbooks are also “emerging”? The cover has changed from a “family of three” to four. Netizens: too many tricks

Although many parents cheer, they can finally satisfy their wish for two children. Some parents are discouraged and have no interest in giving birth to a second child. 

In fact, whether you have a second child or just one child, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

The biggest advantage of a child is that the parents have a small burden and have enough energy to train the child, but for the child, it is a little lonely. The two children seem to be lively and happy, but they also need parents to bear double the financial pressure and double the energy. Therefore, whether to have a second child is repeatedly measured in the minds of parents. 

However, data shows that there will be 10.035 million newborns born in 2020, but compared with the number of newborns born in 19 years, it is still a drop of 15%. It is more like a city like Shenyang where the birth rate and death rate are almost the same. Therefore, as the fertility rate declines year by year, the birth of a second child has become the focus of social tasks. 

Elementary school textbooks have also begun to “give birth”? The cover of the textbook has changed from a “family of three” to four.

Careful parents will find that the birth of a second child has now penetrated into people’s daily life, and has even been promoted in the textbooks of elementary school students. 

If parents take a closer look at their children’s textbooks, they will find that the original elementary school textbooks are still a family of three, which looks very harmonious. Since the promotion of the second child, the elementary school textbooks have become a family of four. 

More netizens spit out: It’s born now There are too many tricks, but you see, this family hasn’t changed clothes after giving birth to the second child, and they are still wearing old ones, and the old Dalian kites can’t play with them. 

It seems that the birth of the second child is intended to be picked up from the baby, but even so, the parents do not buy it. Isn’t the “second child birth” not working? 

The post-90s mother has no choice but to complain: It’s not that I don’t want to give birth, but I can’t afford it.

Wu Li’s baby is just one year old. As there is no manpower to help, she can only quit work and concentrate on bringing the baby. Relatively reliable, the burden of eating and drinking for a family of three is not too heavy. 

Wu Li’s community has a group of mothers who are born in the 90s. They often communicate about parenting knowledge, including a mother who has a second child. 

The second-child family is indeed a lot of fun. If you have nothing to do, they will expose their two babies. The eldest is a boy who is five years old, and the second is a girl who is only two years old. This pair of siblings is CP. Very greedy. 

Nevertheless, few mothers in the group have the courage to give birth to a second child. Wu Li is one of them. Regarding the matter of giving birth to a second child, most of the mothers born in the 90s in the group are the same. This kind of thinking, “It’s not that I don’t want to have a baby, but I can’t afford it!”

After the second child is born, there are many follow-up problems that parents need to face.

▼Education and economic double pressure

The birth of the second child means a linear decline in the quality of family life. Under the current test-oriented education policy, children have to spend a lot of time and money every day to participate in extracurricular supplementary classes, etc. In addition, parents also need to accompany their children’s hobbies, and expenses are not a few. 

In addition, young parents would have to bear the pressure of mortgage, car loans, etc. If they have a second child, they have to pay for all aspects of the child’s “food, clothing, housing and transportation”, which is also a large amount of expenses. . 

Therefore, the economic pressure is too great. At one point, many parents are discouraged from the second child. 

▼How to balance between children is very important

In addition to financial pressure, how to deal with the relationship between two children is also a difficult problem. 

The two children are indeed a lot of fun, but once they have a conflict, it is very easy to noisy the roof. At this time, parents need to be patient to deal with the relationship between the two people, and they should not be partial to one party. , And let the gap between the two people disappear. This is really not a simple job. 

▼Limited energy, it is difficult to take care of two children at the same time

Nowadays, parents’ thinking is also advancing with the times. The original parenting concept is that as long as the child can grow up, The current concept of parenting lies in meticulous care. 

No pair of parents want their children to lag behind others. Therefore, the energy for nurturing children needs to be greatly improved. The energy of two children is beyond ordinary people’s reach. This is also the reason why the post-90s reject the need for a second child. 

In fact, whether you want a second treasure has to be carefully considered before deciding

In fact, whether you want a second treasure, parents still need to decide according to their own situation, if the energy permits and the conditions are met, the second child is for the child And parents are very helpful. 

On the contrary, if you blindly follow suit, it will not only reduce The overall quality of life of the family will also affect one’s future work plans and children’s future school plans, which can be described as “moving the whole body” and will trigger a change in the entire family model. To prevent the baby from sleeping with his head, mothers should not be “lazy” in these two things

I have to say that the head shape is good and any hairstyle can be easily held. Therefore, after the baby is born, the shaping of the head shape has attracted much attention from mothers. Except for being squeezed by the birth canal, the left and right heads of the baby are symmetrical after birth, and there will be no flat head. But everyone knows that the baby’s skull is too soft, and it is easy to cause the skull to deform under the action of external force, and the head will appear. 

Then is there any way to prevent the baby from turning his head , Do you have a good-looking head shape? Give these 2 methods a try! 

1. Change your baby’s sleeping position often

At the beginning, we said that the baby’s bones are still developing and very soft. If the baby sleeps on one side for a long time, it’s next to The skull on one side of the implant has been subjected to external force for a long time, and the height will be lower than the other side, resulting in head deviation. Therefore, mothers should frequently change the sleeping position of the baby, so that if the force on both sides of the skull is even, there will be no asymmetry. 

2, change directions frequently when feeding


When the mother is feeding the baby, both sides must breastfeed. The reason is the same as the first one, but also to make the baby’s skulls on both sides receive even force. In addition, when talking to the baby, the mother should also adjust the position on both sides. 

The above two prevent babies from turning their heads Method, mother must keep in mind. The baby’s skull is soft, as long as the force on both sides of his skull is even, it will avoid the appearance of head deviation. Mothers don’t have to panic once they have a head deviation, as long as they are corrected in time within 3 months, a perfect head shape can also be shaped. If it is delayed until the baby’s fontanelle is closed at the age of one or two years, and then think about correcting the head shape, then there is no way for the gods. “If you don’t have a boy, don’t give birth!” The mother-in-law’s words chilled the daughter-in-law: If you don’t have a baby anymore, you love what to do.

Although the status of women is getting higher and higher, there are not a few people who prefer boys to girls. , Especially some elderly people. If there is a patriarch in the family, then most of the family is not peaceful, and the child is especially injured. 

Xiaowen and her husband have given birth to a daughter Now that the child is in elementary school, the two are discussing whether to have another child. One day Xiaowen was talking to her husband about this, but her mother-in-law suddenly said: “It’s okay to have a second child. If you don’t have a boy, don’t have a boy, and give birth to a loser, not enough to pay.”

I heard the mother-in-law. With that said, Xiaowen was instantly chilled, and immediately replied: “No more, what’s the matter with love.” Although her husband said a lot of good things afterwards, Xiaowen did not have the desire to have a second child. 

Xiaowen said that although her mother-in-law is also a woman, she is somewhat patriarchal. Now the mother-in-law didn’t care much about the child. If she gave birth to a boy, Dabao would be wronged. If she was a girl, both children would not be treated, so why would she be bothered not to please. 

Some elderly people are older. He thinks that his son can be passed on from generation to generation, and his daughter will marry out after all, and cannot be regarded as a real family member; some elderly people think that if there is no son in the family, they will be jokes and bullied by others because of the living environment. Regardless of the reason, patriarchal thoughts will have a negative impact on children. 

How terrible is the patriarchal thought? Both daughters and sons are hurt by it, and psychological trauma is difficult to recover.

The patriarchal thought is the most direct harm to girls

The growth environment is bad

Many female friends have eaten patriarchal Suffering, especially if there is an older brother or younger brother in the family. Anything that is delicious and well-dressed must be left to the boy at home. He is also angry and scolded. Like a babysitter, he is taking care of the boy at home, even learning. None of it. Under the same family environment, the treatment and environment of girls will be much worse, which is very unfriendly to girls’ body and mind. 

Sensitive inner self-esteem

Obviously I did nothing wrong, just because I was a girl, I would be scolded, I had to let out good things, I had to work more, and I couldn’t even speak loudly. In such a situation, the personality and emotions will be affected by changing anyone. Girls themselves are slender, and if the family favors sons over daughters, they are more likely to be sensitive to inferiority. 

The patriarchal thought can also harm boys

Causes boys to be arrogant

Boys are particularly mischievous and have no sense of rules. Generally, they are especially spoiled at home. , More patriarchal. To be honest, such a child is quite undesirable, and will be more prone to making big mistakes when he grows up. The “heavy man” like a parent actually harms the child. 

Don’t know how to respect women

< p>Some men have high self-esteem, but do not know how to respect women, and some even violated the law because of this. For example, in the recent high-profile incident of “a woman being rumored and derailed by a courier suffering from depression”, the man who spread the rumors did not come forward to apologize and solve it. His father has always been expressing his position, and even said that this is just a joke of a “child”, but it must Know that the man is 28 years old. This is a typical example of patriarchal thinking that harms children. 

Whether it is a man or a woman, they are all their own children. They are all worthy of being loved. After education, they will be promising and filial piety. Today’s young people, especially those with a relatively high level of education, have basically abandoned the backward idea of ​​patriarchalism. If the elderly in the family have patriarchal thoughts, young parents must play a role in time to prevent their children from being persecuted by the dross culture. 

How should parents respond to the preference of the elderly? It’s important to show your position

Seriously show your position

Elderly people prefer boys to girls, often partial or say something that sounds unpleasant. If the parents of the child don’t stop them in time and show their position, it’s actually the same. Kind of encouragement. Once they find that the elderly are showing signs of patriarchal patriotism, parents must seriously clarify their position so that the elderly can feel their own attitude, so that the elderly will somewhat restrain themselves. 

Reduce the individual contact between the elderly and children

Some elderly people know that their children don’t like to be patriarchal, so there will be nothing on the surface, but they will Scold the granddaughter, or speak to hurt the granddaughter, or spoil the grandson in particular. Since the parents already know that the elderly favor boys over girls, and after their own efforts to change to no avail, parents can pay proper attention to reduce the number and time of contact between the elderly and their children alone. 

Pay more attention to children’s emotions

Children are very keen in their hearts. Needless to say many things, they can also perceptually understand what is going on. Children who grow up in patriarchal families, whether they are girls or boys, will have their personality affected. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to the child’s emotional state, and accompany and enlighten the child when necessary. 

The patriarchal thoughts and hurt the relationship between children and adults will also affect the growth and character of children. It is really backward thinking that should be discarded. I hope that parents with this kind of thinking can understand it as soon as possible and restrain themselves; I hope that if the elderly in the family have this kind of thinking, parents can protect their children from harm. 

Are there any examples of patriarchy around you? ? What do you think about this?

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