Eating more fish during pregnancy is beneficial to the fetus and self-interest, but you need to pay attention to “eat two and three without eating”. Don’t make the wrong choice for pregnant mothers

Eating more fish during pregnancy is beneficial to the fetus and self-interest, but you need to pay attention to “eat two and three without eating”. Don’t choose the wrong one for pregnant mothers.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: Su Zihou

Diet during pregnancy is a problem that many mothers are concerned about. This is mainly for the development of the fetus. In order to give birth to a healthy baby, it can be said that it is a painstaking effort. As a nutritious food, it is naturally favored by many mothers, but some fish cannot be eaten. 

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Pregnant mother eats fish fiercely, but almost harms the fetus

Zhang Xiao has been pregnant for almost five months. At this time, he also needs to supplement a lot of nutrition. I heard people say Fish is very nutritious and does not grow meat easily, so I eat it every day, and I can’t wait to have fish for three meals a day. 

As a result, in just one month, her weight soared by fifteen kilograms. When she went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor was shocked and asked her to pay attention to her diet. 

Unexpectedly, this is nothing. When the doctor learned that Zhang Xiao eats marine fish, he suddenly told her seriously: “Large marine fish cannot be eaten because they contain a lot of mercury. This substance is very easy to damage the intelligence of the fetus. If you eat it like this, it may cause birth burden, not to mention, it will also affect the health of the baby. It really should not be.”

Zhang Xiao only understood her mistake at this time, and she blamed herself for being careless, just thinking about adding Nutrition, but I never thought about the harm caused by the wrong method, and said that I will be more cautious in the future. 

Why supplement nutrition is not fish?

1) Protein

According to the recommendations of the Nutrition Society, protein intake is very important for pregnant women——

p> You need about 50 grams per day in the first trimester; about 70 grams per day in the second trimester; about 80 grams per day in the third trimester. 

It can be seen that protein is indispensable in all stages of pregnancy. 

And most fish It is rich in protein, about 18%, and compared to other meats that also have higher protein, fish has a lower fat content, which is naturally more attractive to pregnant women who are afraid of gaining weight. 

2) Abundant DHA

Fish are rich in DHA and EPA. Among them, DHA is known as the gold of the brain. It plays an important role in the human body and helps the nervous system. The growth and maintenance of cells are vital to the development of intelligence and vision. 

3) Various vitamins and Trace elements

It is necessary to supplement various vitamins and trace elements during pregnancy. If you want to obtain from other foods, it is usually simple and not high in content. Fish is different, not only rich in various vitamins, For example, vitamin A, D, etc., as well as various trace elements required during pregnancy, such as zinc, are beneficial to the fetus and self. 

You need to be cautious when eating fish. Pregnant mothers of these three types of fish are best not to eat them

Fish meat is not only good in taste, but also rich in nutritional value. It has become a favorite of many pregnant mothers, but Some fish need to eat as little as possible——

① Polluted marine fish

Marine fish is rich in nutrients, but in recent years, many sea areas have been seriously polluted by mercury However, marine fish living in this environment for a long time are naturally susceptible to pollution and carry mercury. 

When pregnant women use this fish, they will absorb this substance, and then enter the fetus through the placenta, causing damage to its nervous system. 

So, Try not to eat sea fish if it is not guaranteed to be completely uncontaminated. Even if you eat it, do not eat it more than 3 times a month. 

In addition, after eating, vitamin C cannot be taken, otherwise it will cause toxicity, but you can eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, and you must ensure that it is within 500 grams. 

② Marinated fish

Marinated fish contains relatively high salt content, and there will be trace toxins such as nitrite. These ingredients will be pregnant The body and the development of the fetus are adversely affected. 

③ Sashimi


This kind of food has always been loved and sought after by many young people. Some young mothers may have this hobby, but eating this kind of raw food will not only cause diarrhea and other problems, it will even cause pregnant women’s health and The development of the fetus causes harm. 

However, it is stated in the “Science Code for Pregnant Women” that raw beef, eggs, seafood and sashimi will contain Listeria, which is very dangerous for pregnant women and should be avoided. . 

These two fish are safe to eat


First of all, carp is rich in various vitamins, proteins and trace elements. Its main function is to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Makes pregnant women have a better appetite during pregnancy. 

In summer, it can also clear away heat and detoxify. If it is made into fish soup, it will not only have low calories, but also help mother’s breast milk secretion. It is a food that helps breastfeeding. 

In addition, pregnant women may develop swelling in some parts of their body at 5-6 months, and carp can help laxatives and reduce swelling. 


This fish is cheaper and rich in nutrients. It is a more cost-effective fish. Compared with other nutrient-rich fish, this fish has fewer spines and more meat, so it can be steamed. Or the way of stewing soup can best retain its nutritional value. 

And another important function of this fish is to replenish blood. Anemia during pregnancy is very common, so eating this fish can also solve this problem to a large extent. 

It should be noted that people with a weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.  The daughter-in-law is in confinement after delivery, mother-in-law try not to Doing this to her makes it easy to forge a “monthly enmity”

As the saying goes: Confinement feud, remember it all. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Postpartum confinement is very important to women’s health, even related to the “happiness” of the second half of life. 

Therefore, during this period, as a family member, you should take care of it carefully. If the mother’s body is not recovered during confinement, it will often leave a lot of unimaginable injuries, and even make the mother suffer. Emotions are severely affected by this. 

Case: The mother-in-law takes care of her daughter-in-law, but what she gets is antagonism

In life, most of the responsibility for taking care of the mother-in-law and confinement will fall on the mother-in-law, but many conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are caused by this. . 

When Xiaoxi was in confinement, she originally wanted to hire a nanny, but her mother-in-law thought it was a waste of money and actively asked herself to take care of her. Thinking that her mother-in-law treats herself well, Xiaoxi agreed. 

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Unexpectedly, during the confinement period, Xiaoxi’s daily meals are just soup and water. Not only that, but One day the mother-in-law brought instant noodles and said that they had added a poached egg, which was enough nourishment. Xiaoxi felt wronged and cried to her husband, but the husband told her to “endure it any more.” 

This poisonous bowl of “monthly meal” has planted a deep mark in Huihui’s heart, not only for her mother-in-law, but also for her husband. 

When the child went to elementary school, the mother-in-law was hospitalized because of her injury, and she needed her relatives to accompany her in bed. Her husband was busy with work. This burden fell on Xiaoxi. At noon, Xiaoxi prepared lunch for her mother-in-law-instant noodles, and specially added a poached egg to it, and returned the words the mother-in-law said during the confinement period. It happened that her husband was also with her mother-in-law, and when he saw this, he scolded Xiaoxi with anger. 

Xiaoxi waited quietly for her husband to finish her scolding, with a calm face: “When I was in confinement, my mother-in-law also prepared this for me, saying that there were eggs in it and it was nutritious. Didn’t you say anything at the time?”

Although these words silenced the husband and mother-in-law, the family became very unhappy because of this incident and the relationship became increasingly cold. 

What is the impact if a parturient is not treated carefully during confinement? 

⑴, the maternal body may leave sequelae

As we all know, the main purpose of confinement is to allow the mother to recuperate and restore her health. 

Because after delivery, part of the tissues and organs of the parturient body are displaced or torn due to the birth, and the confinement period is an important recovery period. 

If during this period, the lying-in woman is not well taken care of, it is very likely that she will fall into the “confinement sickness” or have sequelae, and these pains will accompany the woman’s life and cause great harm to the mother’s body. 

Furthermore, family neglect may also cause the mother to suffer from postpartum depression during this period. 

⑵. The contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is getting bigger and bigger

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been one of the most difficult relationships in society since ancient times. Relationships are difficult. 

In fact, most parturients tend not to ask their mother-in-law to take care of themselves for confinement. Of course, if the mother-in-law is willing, the mother is naturally happy; but if the mother-in-law is unwilling, the mother will not force it, and will find her husband or her own mother to take care of it. Confinement. 

The most feared thing is that the mother-in-law has promised to take care of her daughter-in-law in confinement, but she is not doing everything, and this behavior will naturally aggravate the rift between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and even if it is serious, it will make the daughter-in-law remember it. lifetime. 

3. The relationship between husband and wife is getting worse

For a woman, her husband is the person she trusts most. 

A woman has gone through untold hardships to give birth to a child. If the husband really loves his wife, he must remember to take good care of his wife at this stage and give her enough attention and care, so that the wife can recover as soon as possible and the family can have more energy to take care of Good boy. 

But if during the confinement period, the husband is indifferent and ignores everything about his wife, it will only make the mother feel chilly, and the relationship between the couple will naturally become worse and worse, and it may even be There will be a divorce. 

Many men don’t understand why confinement will become a knot in the heart for a lifetime? 

• Feelings are fragile and need help from relatives

During confinement, since the girl has just turned into a mother after giving birth, novice mothers will be overly nervous about the newborn’s body and emotions Therefore, the psychological environment of many parturients will also undergo major changes. The psychological defense line is very fragile, and they need the understanding and care of their relatives. A little carelessness will make them deeply hit. 

If women experience an unprecedented blow at this moment when they need help most, whether the blow comes from the mother-in-law or the husband, even a little bit, they may be unforgettable. 

• In a low period, very sensitive to people and things

During confinement, women are more sensitive to people and things, and they can feel the attitudes of people around them towards themselves The difference between these differences will also produce some bad associations because of these differences. 

Perhaps because of this, they will rank their relatives in their hearts. If she feels chills during the confinement period, it will naturally be prone to “deep hatred” and family relationships will also undergo earth-shaking changes. 

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