Eating corn can cause stomach rupture? These 4 kinds of food are difficult to digest, no matter how good they are, don’t give them too much food

Eating corn can cause stomach rupture? These 4 foods are difficult to digest, no matter how good they are, don’t give them too much food

What? Eating corn can cause stomach rupture? In the eyes of many people, corn is a very good food and contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is suitable for both the elderly and children. So why does eating corn cause stomach rupture? Actually it’s because of eating too much! 

This is not alarmist, there was such a According to the news, a 1-year-old female baby in Wenzhou suffered from severe flatulence in her stomach after eating a large bowl of corn. She went to the hospital the next day. She was in a coma during the examination at the hospital and almost stopped her heart. Later, the doctor was in her stomach. A large amount of undigested corn was found! 

Who could have imagined that the little fate of a baby girl over 1 year old was almost “buried” on a few corns. This real case tells us that no matter how delicious things are, we should also have the right amount, otherwise it will be easy to cause The consequences of horror! 

In life, there are actually many foods that are not suitable for the baby to eat more, which can easily cause indigestion, such as the following! 

Spicy food

Many children like spicy strips , You can eat it all in one sitting with a large bag. Although the spicy strips are delicious, parents must not let their children eat more. Spicy food is too irritating for a child, because his digestive function in the stomach is not yet fully developed. 

If you eat more spicy food, it will easily stimulate the intestines, make the child’s spleen and stomach weaker, and may even induce gastroenteritis, so the child’s diet should be light. 


There should be no children who did not like to eat when they were young Sweets, candied haws, cakes, chocolates, etc. are all children’s favorites, but eating too much of these sweets is harmful to their health. 

Sweets have a strong sense of fullness. If children eat too much, their appetite will decrease, which will lead to food accumulation and affect their spleen and stomach health. 

In addition, the sugar content in sweets is too high, and children eating too much will not only affect the health of the teeth, but may also cause diabetes, which is very harmful. 

High-fiber foods

People eat some high-fiber foods For example, whole grains, broccoli, yam, etc. are indeed good for health, but this type of food is not suitable for children to eat more. 

Because eating too much high-fiber foods will affect the child’s absorption of cholesterol and certain minerals, and over time will cause malnutrition, etc. Therefore, when adding these high-fiber foods to their children, parents Be sure to pay attention to nutritional collocation. 

Fried foods

Fried foods are many children Like foods that adults love, fried chicken and French fries are delicious, but their fat and oil content is really very high. If the child eats too much fried food, the gastrointestinal motility will slow down, which will cause indigestion. Food accumulation, etc., will affect the normal function of the spleen and stomach for a long time. 

In fact, for children, hungry It’s really nothing, but don’t let him eat too much, especially for a child with poor spleen and stomach function. Giving him too much food really does not love him, but it hurts him… “Precocious girls” are on fire. , 10 years old and 20-year-old face, netizens: Sex education is worrying

It has always been believed that children should do the right things at the right age. For example, a 10-year-old child should of course Receive education on campus and spend fun time with peers. 

However, with the changes in people’s thinking and concepts, the Internet and entertainment are flooding their lives, and many young children have become very precocious. 

For people who often entertain online, It should be no stranger to Internet celebrities on various social platforms. Most of these Internet celebrities are boys and girls in their early twenties, but some are minors. 

There was a Korean precocious girl before Now, although she is only 10 years old, her temperament and dress are very mature. Although she is not an adult, her face is very delicate. She looks like 20 years old, although her beauty reveals a sense of sophistication. 

When taking pictures, the girl was wearing very sexy clothes. Many of the photos were in bikinis, which was seriously inconsistent with the actual age, but she was still trying to present a variety of “sultry” education. 

Of course, there are many comments below these photos, Some people comment on their children’s appearance and figure, and some people wonder why children have to dress like this when they are young. Don’t parents supervise it? 

Netizen 1: Although it is very beautiful, this behavior is really unacceptable. Netizen 2: It seems that the current ideal of children is to be an Internet celebrity and enter the entertainment circle. The future after 10 is worrying. Netizen 3: Is it really okay to dress like this? Parental sex education is worrying! 

How parents guide their children’s growth behavior correctly

Children who are too precocious or show their own “strengths” on public platforms, while attracting attention, are more negative. Parents do have a great responsibility for this. So, how should parents correctly educate their children on sex? 

1. Correctly guide children to know their own body

When they were a child, everyone may not know their own body, and there are many curious places. If there is no channel to understand, then Will always be in a state of ignorance. As a parent, we must take advantage of the child’s young age to allow them to correctly understand their body and inform them of the parts that are not allowed to be exposed in public. 

2. Correctly guide children to dress


A person’s aesthetics is not innate, and family and outside influences are very important. It is obviously inappropriate for a 10-year-old child to wear bikinis and all kinds of clothes imitating adults, and it is easy to affect the child’s psychology and thinking. Therefore, parents should correctly guide their children to wear and avoid excessive nudity, vulgar, and sexy clothing from appearing on their children. 

3. Correctly guide values ​​and future planning< /p>

Many children nowadays have a mentality of “wanting to be popular”, which leads to the appearance of capital at a young age, or some incomprehensible actions in order to get out of position. 

Especially children in elementary school are susceptible to temptations and influences from the outside world. Parents should actively guide and help them plan for the future, and correct them in time if they are inappropriate. 

Everyone has a time when they are young and ignorant, At this time, the supervision and education of parents directly affected the future direction of the child. I hope that each of you as a parent can act as the right guide for your child’s life during the critical period, so as to prevent your child from going astray. I don’t know what everyone thinks about this matter? Do you think children have the so-called freedom of dressing?

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