Eat four types of food during pregnancy, the baby will usually not be low in appearance, big eyes and skin are good

Eat four types of foods during pregnancy, the baby will usually not be low in appearance, big eyes and skin are good

People with good looks have advantages in many aspects. 

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Every parent hopes to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby, but most of the baby’s appearance is inherited Factors determine, and the only space for pregnant mothers to work hard is to eat during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, a reasonable diet can also add points to the baby’s appearance. 

Case: Eat more deep-sea fish during pregnancy, baby eyes are black and bright

Some time ago, Ms. Lin attended a friend’s son’s first birthday party. The little guy was white and fat, and his eyes were black and bright, beautiful Extremely, people will like it when they look at it. 

It is strange to say that the eyes of the couple are not big, especially the husband is still small, so how come the children born are completely different? Not only was Ms. Lin puzzled, other people who came to visit the child also asked directly. 

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My friends laughed after hearing this: “I heard people say that you eat more fruits and fish when you are pregnant. My eyes are good, I just tried it, but I didn’t expect it to be really useful!”

Ms. Lin was amazed. During pregnancy, eating some foods that are good for the body can also change the baby’s appearance. ? 

What foods to eat during pregnancy, the baby looks good after birth? 

1. Foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A can promote growth, maintain the normal functions of epithelial tissues, such as skin, conjunctiva, and cornea, and participate in the synthesis of rhodopsin , Enhance the sensitivity of the retina. At the same time, it also participates in many oxidation processes in the body, especially the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. 

Pregnant mothers eat more foods rich in vitamin A, which can protect skin epithelial cells, not only improve their skin problems, but also make the child’s skin delicate and shiny in the future. 

Foods rich in vitamin A: animal liver, egg yolks, milk, shrubs, green vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, etc. 

2. Foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C can promote cell metabolism, help cells detoxify, and support cell nutrition, so that cells are always in an active functional state. Then it can maintain normal work, thereby ensuring the normal function of all organs and daily energy. 

In addition, vitamin C can reduce melanin precipitation and has a good whitening effect. Therefore, if pregnant mothers eat more foods rich in vitamin C during pregnancy, it will not only benefit themselves, but may also have unexpected effects on the baby. 

Foods rich in vitamin C: kiwi, tomatoes, oranges, cherries, etc. 

3. Foods rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the important elements needed by the human body, which can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the human body, and can promote bones , The healthy development of teeth, and can regulate immune function, reduce the occurrence of inflammation. 

Sufficient intake of vitamin D can help pregnant women control their emotions, while having a positive effect on metabolism and endocrine function. At the same time, eating more foods rich in vitamin D can effectively prevent calcium deficiency during pregnancy and promote fetal bones. development. 

Experts also suggest that after one week of birth, the baby can be supplemented with vitamin D. 

Foods rich in vitamin D include: deep-sea fish, shrimps and crabs. 

4. Foods rich in protein and minerals

Protein is an indispensable basic substance in the complex intellectual activities of the human brain. It is important for the structure, function and brain development of living substances. Plays a very important role. 

For the baby, a black and beautiful hair is also very eye-catching, especially for girls, which makes people like it when they look at it. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can eat more foods rich in protein and minerals for the baby to fully absorb Nourishment, give birth to beautiful hair. 

Foods rich in protein and minerals include black sesame seeds, walnuts, black beans, fish and so on. 

What are the characteristics of the baby that will explain the better appearance in the future? 

▸Face Shape◂

On the whole, face shape is often very important. People with good-looking faces don’t look much lower. 

The good-looking face shape can be said to be bestowed by God, even if you want to have plastic surgery in the future, it is difficult to achieve. Therefore, if the baby’s face shape is good-looking, then parents can relax. 


Eyes are not only the window to the soul, but also the key to beauty. 

A pair of eyes can ruin a face and save a face. If the baby’s face is not beautiful enough, but if the eyes are very beautiful, the value of the face will also increase several levels. 


As the saying goes: one white hides one hundred ugly. 

People with fair skin often have a big advantage, not only very eye-catching among the crowd, but also to cover up the blemishes of the facial features. Therefore, if the baby’s skin is very white, as long as you pay attention to maintenance, the appearance will not be bad. 

Of course, it does not mean that people with dark skin are not necessarily good-looking. On the contrary, some people may have darker skin, but they are still very good-looking. Parents’ divorce will bring four things to the baby Injury, if the parent achieves five points, the baby’s injury can be minimized

Now the younger generation no longer lives in partnership, but pays more attention to the emotion and pace between the two. If they don’t agree, they are likely to get divorced. The damage is the greatest. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalization: Su Zihou

As ​​people’s thoughts continue to change, more and more people get divorced. According to statistics, my country’s divorce in the past 15 years The rate is about 50%. 

Divorce is a relatively heavy topic, but after the relationship between husband and wife is completely broken up, divorce becomes the best choice, but this way of harm to children is huge. 

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Why is the child hurt the most when the parents divorce? 

1. Negative emotions in the divorce process

Because the parents’ divorce is not a sudden impulse, in this process, The couple have endured long-term or huge damage, and they have reached an irreversible situation. 

So, in this process, parents are likely to pass some negative emotions to their children invisibly, or the two quarrel directly, although the baby It looks small, but the pressure in their hearts is still great, so this is likely to hurt their hearts. 

2. The child is still young

When children are young, they have a strong sense of belonging to the family. They are young It is the critical period for establishing a sense of security, and it is also the period for the formation of personality and character. If the parents divorce during this period, the impact on the baby will be great, and it will probably accompany the whole life. 

especially children in adolescence will be more sensitive in their hearts, and will destroy their newly established sense of security and relationship cognition, thus becoming insecure Feeling, sensitive, and distrusting anyone. 

According to statistics, the divorce of parents is likely to cause the children to become inferior, irritable, withdrawn, etc., and some even degenerate. 

3. Not getting enough care

After the parents’ divorce, whether the child lives in a single parent In a remarried family, it is generally difficult to feel normal parental and maternal love anymore, and all aspects of life will also be greatly affected, so the damage to the baby’s soul is also huge. 

According to relevant data, children whose parents are divorced are more prone to psychological problems than children who grow up in normal families. 

Divorce may give The impact of the child

1, the breakdown of the relationship

The American psychiatrist Dr. Gadhia-Smith found through research that The divorce of parents makes it easy for children to question the loyalty of their feelings. This is because they love their fathers and mothers, and it is difficult to deal with such emotions. In the end, they are likely to have negative emotions such as guilt and confusion. 

Therefore, the divorce of the parents is likely to cause the emotional breakdown of the subsequent children. 

2. Feel self-blame

The divorce of parents may make the child feel that it was caused by his own fault. 

Because the children are young and cannot understand the real reason for the divorce of adults, they will think that they have done something wrong and let one of their parents Choosing to leave, young children will feel that they have done a “bad thing”; older children will feel that they have poor grades, poor performance in school, or have not met their parents’ expectations; adolescent children will I feel that it was my fault that caused my parents to divorce. 

3. Feeling abandoned

Parents divorce, which means that the child will spend less time with one of them, which will The baby feels that he is abandoned by his father or mother. 

This feeling of being abandoned is likely to affect the children’s future interpersonal and marriage relationships. 

4. Feeling isolated

Some children become very isolated after their parents’ divorce. They will indulge in the online world and want To stay away from real life in this way, some may even choose to drink or take drugs. 

I got divorced, Do these 5 points

1. Parents’ common parenting strategy

Even after the divorce, parents must cooperate with each other and share the responsibility of raising children , No matter in which aspect, you need to pay attention to the future impact on the child. 

2. Reasonable allocation of parenting time

The establishment of intimate relationships lies in quality rather than time, so Parents need to allocate their childcare time reasonably and achieve a meaningful timetable for each party. This is more conducive to the establishment of an intimate relationship between the two parties and the child, and it is also more conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. 

3. Help children develop a sense of self-efficacy in coping with it

After parents divorce, it is easy to bring some confusion to their children, so Even if there is a rift in the relationship between husband and wife, you must do something together, such as helping your child build a sense of self-efficacy. 

Psychological research experts believe that if parents are considering or have divorced, they need to focus on cultivating their children’s coping self-efficacy, which can better deal with themselves Emotions and difficulties. 

4. End the quarrel

After parents get divorced, learn to let go of personal emotions, and don’t start again when you meet both parties Intense quarrels, in this way, will make the child feel embarrassed to be caught in the middle. 

5. Don’t belittle each other in front of your children

After the divorce, parents should not be in front of their children. To belittle or criticize the other person, it is very difficult to cause secondary harm to the child when you speak or scold the other person. 

Therefore, after the divorce, one of them apologizes to the other party, or expresses appreciation when the other party’s parenting skills are good, this way will help alleviate the child’s harm after the parents divorced. 

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