During the whole pregnancy, the fetus has “four fears”, the pregnant mother avoids it, the baby can basically be born safely

During the whole pregnancy, the fetus has “four fears”, the pregnant mother avoids it, and the baby can basically be born safely

Writer: Chen Fang

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During pregnancy, both the mother and the fetus are very fragile. Many seemingly common things may also cause greater risks to the fetus, so carelessly It will adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus, mothers pay attention! 

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Mom’s “October Cage”

No one except the mother can understand the hardships of pregnancy in October. Not only does it need to bear the painful pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, The 12th grade pain of childbirth, and what’s more terrible, is that it has been packed in various boxes for ten months. 

For fear of doing something wrong and hurting the baby, even if you are very careful sometimes, there are still unavoidable mistakes. Ms. Wang is such a mother:

Since the beginning of pregnancy , Ms. Wang started to learn about pregnancy, thinking she was familiar with her, but because her husband was busy at work, no one at home took care of herself. After the fetus was stable, Ms. Wang loved to go shopping in the mall, thinking that exercise would also be beneficial to the fetus. Good. 

But Ms. Wang did the same two days ago I went shopping in the mall with my friends, because it was the weekend when the mall people came and went, pushing and shoving. At first, my friend still looked after Ms. Wang, but when I passed a discount store, my friend went in and went shopping happily. 

Ms. Wang walked in slowly by herself. Ms. Wang was squeezed down due to too many people, and even a little blood leaked out. My friend hurriedly called an ambulance. The doctor told Ms. Wang after the examination that she had a slight threatened abortion. 

After learning that she often visits The mall later criticized: I have been pregnant for several months, and I don’t know if I can’t go to such a crowded place? Fortunately, your fall was not serious this time, or you would feel uncomfortable if the child is gone. In addition, if the air does not circulate, it is easy to catch a cold. 

After listening to the doctor’s words, Ms. Wang finally understood how dangerous her behavior was. In addition, the obstetrician warned: throughout the pregnancy, the fetus has “four fears”. If the pregnant mother can avoid it, the baby can basically be born safely–

1. “Fear” mother smoking< /p>

We all know that for ordinary people, whether it is active or passive smoking will have an adverse effect on the body, and for the fetus, no matter what kind of behavior the pregnant woman has, the fetus is passive smoking. Cigarettes contain many harmful substances, of which nicotine is the most harmful. 

Smoking is harmful to the fetus It is huge: it is easy to cause developmental abnormalities, such as hare lips and central nervous system abnormalities; women who smoke at the same time will increase the abortion rate, which is more than twice that of non-smokers. 

In addition, according to statistics: pregnant women who smoke are 12.5% ​​of premature babies, and pregnant women who do not smoke are 6.8%. 

2, “Afraid” of mother drinking

Drinking is a way for adults to relieve their sorrows and exchange feelings. It is unavoidable on many occasions, but alcohol is for pregnant women. It is best to touch less. 

Pregnant women drink too much alcohol, it will appear FAS, also known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: When pregnant women drink alcohol, alcohol will enter the placenta through the intestines, hinder the growth and weight of the fetus, and may damage the development of neurons and brain structures, causing mental and physical problems. 

In addition, it will also increase the chance of miscarriage, because there is no specific scientific standard for the amount of alcohol consumed by pregnant women, so pregnant women need to avoid drinking alcohol from the early stages of pregnancy. 

3. “Afraid” of mother’s excessive exercise

Some people think that they need to rest during pregnancy, so they don’t exercise much; some people think that they need to exercise more during pregnancy, so they exercise too much; Both of these behaviors are very dangerous. 

Prolonged inactivity during pregnancy will increase pregnancy The risk of comorbidity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and difficulty in childbirth; and too much exercise can easily cause miscarriage and other problems. 

So how to control the standard of exercise during pregnancy? 

There is no absolute standard value for the amount of exercise during pregnancy. Usually, the exercise time is within 1 hour. It is best to take a break every ten minutes (mainly sweating after exercise). Mainly aerobic exercise, such as jogging. 

4. “Afraid” that mothers do not have the check-ups on time

Pregnancy check-ups are very important for both mothers and babies, and are a guarantee for the health of mothers and children. Problems can be solved and controlled in time. 

Common problems arising from inadequate birth check: imperfect intellectual development, etc. 

Knowledge extension: check-up timetable

Most of the problems after the baby is born are because the check-up is not in place, and there is no timely control and treatment. Therefore, mothers must clarify the time of the check-up:

The first check-up: pregnancy About 12 weeks, it is mainly to check the basic physical condition of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus in the uterus. 

Second birth check: 13-16 weeks of pregnancy, in addition to basic physical examination, screening for Down syndrome is available for more than 16 weeks. 

The third birth check: 17-20 weeks of pregnancy, mainly by amniocentesis and ultrasound, to observe whether there is any abnormality in the appearance and development of the fetus. 

The fourth pregnancy check-up is 21-24 weeks. At this stage, the screening for gestational diabetes is mainly carried out, preferably around 24 weeks. 

The fifth checkup: pregnancy 25-28 weeks, the most important thing at this time is blood test. 

The 6th birth check: 29-32 weeks of pregnancy, this time is mainly to check whether the mother’s body is edema and the degree of edema. 

The seventh check-up: 33-35 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, it should be once a week to prevent premature birth. Mainly ultrasound examination to observe the development of the fetus. 

The 8th birth check-up: 36-38 weeks of pregnancy. This stage is the stage of preparing for birth and should be checked once a week. Pay attention to the fetal movement and prepare for birth at any time.  There is a kind of mother with an older child, mostly Being timid and inferior, may even gradually become a pleasing personality

The fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie said: The meaning of mother is influence. Because children in childhood will depend on their mothers instinctively, every word and deed of mothers will affect their lives. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the son

It is often said that every word and deed of the mother and child’s first teacher will affect the child, whether it is living habits or learning ability. Throughout history, there are some famous celebrities who have achieved success. , Are deeply influenced by my mother’s thoughts. 

Several behaviors of mothers are likely to have a huge impact on their children. For example, raising an inferiority and introverted baby will accompany them throughout their lives. 

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These kinds of mothers are easy to educate children who are inferior and introverted.

1. Moms who love the little ones

If the mothers love some little ones in daily life Inexpensiveness, over time, will make the child feel that as long as it is cheap, it will take advantage of it. 

Children’s self-esteem is relatively strong. If their mothers insist on taking advantage of him every time, it will hurt their self-esteem and make them feel very embarrassed. They can obviously afford it. However, if you just use this method, you can’t raise your head in front of your classmates and friends. In the long run, it is very likely that you will slowly develop an inferiority complex. 

2. Moms who lose their temper.

Psychologists once said that the children’s temper and mood changes in the future will be easily affected by their mothers. 

Therefore, if a mother loves to lose her temper, if the child does something wrong, she will immediately jump into a rage, scolding and scolding the child very angrily, making the child confused, and not knowing why the mother is like this. Such emotions are likely to be Affect the baby. 

The child has been scolded and reprimanded by his mother for a long time, and the child does not understand where he is wrong, so he can only be cautious in everything. Over time, he will become particularly sensitive, even inferiority, and interacting with others In the process, I am always afraid of doing something wrong by accident. 

3. Mothers with a strong desire for control

There is inevitably a difference in the way of thinking between children and adults, and a mother with a strong desire for control directly slaps “I am for your good “Or “You are still young” and other banners, impose your own ideas on the baby, and directly make all the plans for the baby. 

Children who grow up in this environment do not have the right to express their thoughts and opinions, and the opportunities and space for growth are also directly deprived of their mothers. Not only will the children feel that their ideas are not respected and feel inferior, but they may also feel inferior because of their personal abilities. If you don’t get exercise, you will be struggling after going out of society in the future. 

4. The mother who is stingy to praise

The building of a child’s self-confidence cannot be separated from the praise of the parent. Even if the child is still young, he has his own competitiveness and vanity. After an event, they are eager to be praised. If the mother can properly praise it, it will not only help the child build self-confidence, but also inspire the baby to become better and better. 

If a mother is very stingy with her praise, even if the child does a good job, she will not be willing to praise them. This will make the baby feel that she will not do well no matter what she does, and become very inferior. , Introverted, and may even become a pleasing personality. 

The harm of inferiority to children

1 Influence on personality psychological quality

Psychologist Zeng Qifeng believes that low self-esteem is a psychological problem. 

Therefore, low self-esteem will produce negative emotions for children’s mental health, which is not conducive to the development of physical and mental health, leaving children alone in low self-esteem, inner, and withdrawn. , Has an impact on the development of intelligence, emotion, language ability and other aspects. 

2, affect interpersonal communication

Because of inferiority children, they feel that they are inferior to others and are unwilling to take their own steps to communicate with others, and are unwilling to show their faces. 

Therefore, their interpersonal skills are relatively scarce, their social network is relatively small, and there are only a handful of girlfriends and friends, which will have an impact on the children’s future life. 

3. It is difficult to integrate into the group.

Children with low self-esteem, they will not take the initiative to participate in group activities, they also lack the perception and experience of group activities, and have no sense of collective honor, etc. People are also less able to withstand difficulties or setbacks, and they are likely to be squeezed out by fierce competition when they grow up. 

Which kinds of mothers are beneficial to the health of their children ? 

1. Moms with gentle personality

Psychologists believe that the way children deal with things often comes from imitating parents at the initial stage. 

Therefore, if a mother has a gentle personality, she will be gentler when dealing with her child, and even if she does something wrong, she can deal with it patiently and calmly. Children will learn such a way in their ears and eyes, and it is also conducive to the establishment of their character. 

2. Moms who love to praise others

Mom can give proper encouragement and praise in time after the child has done one thing , Not only can help them build self-confidence, but also make the baby get better and better in the direction the mother said. 

3. An optimistic and strong mother

Because the mother has a huge influence on the child, if the mother is positive and optimistic in daily life, and Be strong, then the baby will learn from the mother’s mentality when dealing with things, courageously overcome difficulties, and face life positively and optimistically, so that he will become better and better. 

[Summary] German educator Froebel also said that the destiny of a country is not in the hands of those in power, but in the hands of its mother. I hope that all mothers can become better and better selves, and then guide their children to work towards a better direction. 

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