During the checkup, the fetus was very active and made faces at all times. The family members were happy, but the doctor said that they couldn’t ask for it.

During the checkup, the fetus was very active and made funny faces at all times. The family was happy, but the doctor said it was not necessary to conceive a life. For many women, although it is hard work, it is also a happy thing. In order to have a healthy baby, pregnant mothers need to be extra careful during pregnancy. 

However, because some young pregnant mothers feel that there is no discomfort, they continue their pre-pregnancy work and eating habits, but they actually harm the fetus in the abdomen. 

As a young mother born in 1995, Tingting is in good physical condition on weekdays, so she has no obvious pregnancy reactions, such as morning sickness, dizziness and other symptoms after being pregnant. 

In addition, Tingting also has a restless character, so during the period of 3 to 6 months of pregnancy, Tingting continued to manage the bar business with her husband, working day and night. 

Although I have tried my best to restrain myself, sometimes I can’t help but drink some wine with my friends. Originally Tingting’s husband was still a little worried, and when he saw that Tingting was in good condition, he gave up persuading Tingting. 

Such days lasted until almost 7 months, when Tingting began to reduce bar visits and went to the hospital for a large-scale abnormality screening. 

At that time, her husband and mother-in-law accompanied Tingting to the hospital for an examination. They saw that the fetus was very active in Tingting’s womb. They made faces at every turn and were amused by the fetus’s weird movements. 

What they didn’t expect was that after the doctor carefully checked the examination data and color Doppler ultrasound images, he seriously persuaded the Tingting family to give up the child because the child had obvious cleft lip and palate. 

If you are born, you will have to undergo a major surgery, and you may not be able to repair it successfully. Hearing this news, Tingting’s family was like a bolt from the blue. It was clear that there was no problem with the prenatal check-up, and Tingting herself did not feel any discomfort. 

The doctor learned about Tingting in the past few months. Although she has reduced her smoking and drinking, she still occasionally drinks some alcohol and smokes a few cigarettes. Her husband never avoids Tingting when smoking. 

Moreover, Tingting stayed in a bar with extremely high levels of second-hand smoke and poor air circulation for a long time. The doctor said that with such living habits and environment, it is basically difficult for the fetus to develop healthily. 

After listening to the doctor’s analysis, Tingting regrets that the whole family was full of expectations for a new life, but everyone is saddened by the ending. 

What behaviors during pregnancy Will it cause abnormal fetal development? 

1. Smoking during pregnancy

The nicotine and carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes will affect the blood supply of the placenta, which can easily lead to delayed fetal development or growth arrest, and cause fetal developmental abnormalities, or cause, spread, etc. Danger. 

According to statistics, pregnant women who smoke during pregnancy are twice as likely to give birth to underweight babies than those who do not smoke during pregnancy. 

Research found that if pregnant women maintain the habit of smoking during the first three months of pregnancy, or are exposed to second-hand smoke for a long time, the chance of fetus suffering from congenital defects such as free lip and cleft palate will increase a lot of. 

Whether it is a father-to-be or a mother-to-be, it is advisable to stay away from cigarettes. 

2. Drinking during pregnancy and pregnancy

Alcohol is very harmful to our adults, not to mention the developing fetus. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy will affect the quality of sperm and eggs, which can easily lead to abnormal fetuses. 

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy, the alcohol will enter the fetus through the blood and affect the normal development of the fetus. 

Alcohol is one of the highest factors that cause fetal developmental malformations. Therefore, in order to have a healthy child, parents-to-be must abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, and mothers-to-be must abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. 

3. Exposure to some harmful chemicals

Many harmful chemicals not only affect the health of adults, but also have a great adverse effect on the healthy development of the fetus. Like alcohol and nicotine, they all cause the fetus. One of the highest factors of developmental deformities. 

For example, paint containing formaldehyde, skin care products containing lead and mercury, etc., these harmful chemicals and heavy metal substances will be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta, and eventually lead to abnormal fetal development. 

4. Radiation

Long-term expectation during pregnancy in a place with strong radiation is likely to cause fetal development malformations, premature delivery, and miscarriage. For example, microwave ovens, photocopies, etc. will generate a certain amount of radiation, as well as CT inspections. 

It is very important to do a good job of radiation protection during pregnancy. You can buy some radiation protection clothing on weekdays. If there is no doctor’s arrangement, do not perform CT and other examinations as much as possible. 

The above four behaviors will have an adverse effect on the normal development of the fetus, which may not only lead to developmental malformations and congenital defects, but also increase the chance of the fetus suffering from congenital diseases. 

Therefore, whether it is during pregnancy or during pregnancy, pregnant mothers and family members must pay more attention to protect the health and safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses. 

In addition, pregnant mothers should try their best to maintain adequate rest time, diet should be scientific and reasonable, and nutrition should be adequate. At the same time, keep a happy mood, don’t be overworked or stressed. 

Punctual check-ups are required to keep abreast of the physical condition of oneself and the fetus. Only in this way can we better guarantee the healthy development of the fetus, and the health of pregnant mothers can also be guaranteed! 

During pregnancy, in order to avoid fetal developmental abnormalities, what other measures have you taken? Welcome to leave a message to share! The old age of Dink’s predecessors, behind the “all very good”, can not escape the ravages of real problems

In China, “Dink” was mentioned as early as 30 to 40 years ago, but at that time Few people choose to join the DINK ethnic group. 

But in recent years, many young people have expressed that they want to become DINKs. For the time being, regardless of whether these young people will really choose DINKs in the future, they are at least inclined in their thinking. . 

I have previously interviewed some young people who want to become DINK. Most of them said that DINK is very happy and there is no pressure. 

It can be seen that most young people now have a misunderstanding of DINK. If they make the wrong choice because of this misunderstanding, they will regret it when they are old, then it will be too late! 

I met an old man on a train a few years ago. He was almost 60 years old at the time, but he was still very young and he was very interesting. He knows the social software used by many young people, and he himself will “surf the Internet.” “. 

At the time, I thought this old man was very interesting. It is a good choice as a year-end relationship. It is interesting and can learn a lot of life philosophy from him. More importantly, he is still ours. People, so I added contact information. 

At that time, he didn’t mind telling me that he was a DINK. To be honest, I was really envious at the time, because he and his wife managed their lives very well, which was really rare. 

As a result, just a while ago, I saw that he posted a circle of friends, probably a word to mourn his wife, and I realized that his wife had passed away. 

When I saw him again later, I found that he was a lot more haggard. Compared with the previous years, the whole person was obviously old. I don’t know if this was the impact of his wife’s death on him. 

When I asked him how he was doing, he said “all are pretty good”, but then he said, his words revealed a lot of sadness and helplessness. 

“It was good, but she suddenly checked out the problem. This is something we didn’t expect. In less than a year, she left.”

“I also plan to find one now. For a job, she was sick and spent almost all her savings. I also have to think about life in old age. After all, I don’t have children like others, so it’s relatively more secure.”

“If you are free Come to me more, anyway, I am also very idle…”

Actually, they are all very good, but the hardship and helplessness are probably only experienced by you. Outsiders just see you and seem to be stress-free On the surface of unburdened people, I mistakenly believe that such a DINK life is very good, so they have chosen to join the DINK family. 

Maybe the DINK family You have your own choices, but you also have thoughtful thoughts.

Of course, we don’t deny that there are some DINKs who have really enjoyed their lives. It doesn’t matter whether they look like this on the surface, or if everything is really good. The important thing is that if you want to choose DINK life, you must first consider whether you can withstand the following pressures.

1. The cost of living in the elderly

Most people now live longer. Now, some long-lived elderly people living alone can even live to a hundred years old. There is an uncle in my family. He is 95 years old this year. He will be widowed in his 30s. He has not married and has no children since then. 

The life of the old man before the age of 70 was very difficult, and he had to go out to work. Later, he enjoyed the blessing because he lost a lot of money due to the demolition and relocation, so that he could have the stress-free life like this. 

But not all old people are so lucky. Many old people lose their ability to work after they are 70 years old. If you want to become a DINK, you must make sure that you have enough money to cope with old age, otherwise you will be able to live in old age. Life will be hard. 

2. Elderly care issues

Many people will say that it’s fine to go to a nursing home after I’m old. Even if I don’t have any children, someone will support me, but is the nursing home really as good as I hope? 

I visited before because of a family member who was hospitalized. At that time, there was an old lady in her 80s in the same ward who couldn’t take care of herself anymore. His son hired a nurse for him. I heard that he was still a professional in the hospital. 

But I heard from relatives that the caregiver basically ignores the elderly, and even scolds the elderly. The verbal ability of the elderly is also degraded severely. Every time she babbles and calls her, she plays with her mobile phone. . 

On the contrary, when the old man’s son came, she behaved very attentively and considerately, both massaging and cutting fruit for the old man, and she would also say, “If you’re busy at work, you Let’s go first. I’ll take care of it here.”

Although not all care workers are like this, it is difficult to guarantee that in the future, they will enter a nursing home. 

Dink’s biggest problem is nothing more than pension and money issues. At the same time, we must also pay attention to mental health issues. Studies have shown that children without children are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. How to adjust Your own psychology is also a key. Therefore, the cost of living in DINK is never as high as you think, and most of them are hidden costs!

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