During pregnancy, the mobile game reached level 1300 and was uninstalled mercilessly by the husband. The netizen husband might as well not

During pregnancy, the mobile game reached level 1300 and was unloaded by her husband mercilessly. The netizen husband might as well not.

In today’s society, the elderly from 70 or 80 to the children of 1 and 2 are basically in touch with mobile phones. For many young people, mobile phones are indispensable electronic products. 

There was a saying on the Internet before, “You can forget to bring anything when you go out, except for mobile phones.” So, as a pregnant woman during pregnancy, can she also play mobile phones? Is there radiation that harms the fetus in the abdomen? 

Pregnancy mobile game Passed to 1300 level, was unloaded mercilessly by the husband, the netizen husband might as well not! 

Previously, a female netizen, Xiaolin, tweeted her husband on Weibo. The reason was that she managed to pass the mobile game to level 1,300, but was directly uninstalled by her husband. 

Xiao Lin also included several crashing pictures taken by her husband after she saw that her favorite mobile game had been uninstalled by her husband. 

Many netizens have different opinions on the comments made by Xiaolin’s Weibo. Some netizens feel that after all, Xiaolin is pregnant, and the radiation produced by playing mobile phones for a long time is really bad for the fetus. 

Some netizens believe that Xiaolin can fill up the emptiness during her pregnancy, not to mention it took so long to pass the 1300 level. Her husband’s simple and rude practice should be criticized. 

Xiaolin also replied to some netizens. She said that since she became pregnant, she had many pregnancy reactions, such as morning sickness, and she had quit her job at home in order to raise a baby. Her husband was busy with work and had no time to accompany. 

Whenever you feel lonely or uncomfortable, use this mobile game to divert attention or pass the time. The husband only saw him playing with mobile phones, but he didn’t notice why he was playing with mobile phones. 

Many netizens even joked after seeing Xiaolin’s supplementary explanation, “It’s better not to be this husband!”

In fact, many doctors have already clarified that pregnant women are in pregnancy. You can play with mobile phones, but you can’t play for too long. 

After all, mobile phones belong to the second category of radiation. Long-term use of mobile phones can easily lead to dry and painful conditions that are difficult to cure. Playing with mobile phones all the time will damage the cervical spine and cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. 

In other words, pregnant women can play mobile phones, but can not play mobile phones for a long time. And like Xiaolin’s husband, she downloaded the mobile game directly and rudely, and forbid Xiaolin to play on her mobile phone. Such a move caused her emotional collapse, which was originally emotionally unstable, and it was the biggest harm to Xiaolin and the fetus. 

Faced with hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, pregnant women who are emotionally unstable, sensitive and fragile in their hearts, as family members, should adopt gentle and correct methods to persuade them! 

During pregnancy, What should the family members of pregnant women pay attention to? 

1. The husband must be responsible

When the wife is pregnant, the husband is not only the wife’s partner, but also the father of the child, and must take on his own responsibilities. The following points must be done

    For husbands who have the habit of smoking, after the wife is pregnant, do not smoke in front of his wife or at home, so as to prevent the wife from inhaling second-hand smoke, which will harm the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Accompany and remind your wife to check on time, carefully observe the wife’s physical condition, if there is any abnormality, go to the hospital for examination in time. Pay attention to whether the wife’s diet has enough nutrition to ensure that there is enough nutrition to meet the wife’s own physical needs and the developmental needs of the fetus in the abdomen. Take the initiative to undertake housework and take time to accompany his wife for walks and other sports. Chat with your wife patiently to ensure that your wife can have a happy mood and don’t put your wife under too much pressure. 

2. Other family members of pregnant women

During pregnancy, pregnant women may be emotionally unstable due to morning sickness, hormone changes in the body, etc., and are easy to get angry and sad. 

As a pregnant woman’s family, we should give enough understanding and tolerance, and try our best to keep the pregnant woman in a stable and happy mood. 

If ordinary family members can accompany pregnant women and encourage them to do what they love, I believe that many young pregnant women will not rely on electronic products. 

While ensuring that pregnant women can have a good mood, family members should also share her housework, etc., and ensure that pregnant women are provided with scientific and nutritious diets. 

During pregnancy, work together to make pregnant women feel comfortable and safely through this special period of fragility, accidents, and mood swings. 

The patience and meticulous company and care of family members is the greatest happiness for pregnant women. It is good for the body and mind of pregnant women, but also allows the fetus to grow and develop healthier! 

Of course, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to themselves, not because of their own negligence that affects their health and affects the development of the fetus. 

during pregnancy , Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following points

    to reduce the time of contact with mobile phones, computers and other electronic products. After all, slight radiation, fatigue from playing with electronic products for a long time, etc., are not good for the health of oneself and the fetus. Keep your emotions stable. Many studies have shown that the mood swings of pregnant mothers have a direct impact on the fetus, and even affect the normal development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should try not to have too much mood swings during pregnancy. Keep plenty of rest. For the sake of the fetus, don’t have picky eaters and other eating habits. Keep a nutritious and balanced diet. 

Pregnancy in October is not an easy task. It is a test for pregnant mothers or family members. Not only to ensure their physical health, but also to pay attention to their psychological changes, so that they can maintain a positive and happy mood through this special period, which is beneficial to pregnant mothers and fetuses. 

In today’s society, no one can be completely separated from the mobile phone. When family members find out that pregnant mothers are playing with mobile phones, they should not directly stop them rudely, but after understanding why they like to use mobile phones. 

Take time out to do other healthier things with the pregnant mother, whether it’s walking, chatting, or something that is of interest to the pregnant mother, as long as the pregnant mother’s physical and mental health can be guaranteed, Just don’t play with mobile phones and other electronic products for a long time! 

When you were pregnant, how much time did you spend playing mobile phones every day? Welcome to share your stories and opinions! The woman gave birth to five children at a time, claiming that in addition to the joy of life, there is also real oppression

In this world, no one loves children more than their parents. From the moment the child was born, they took on the responsibility of taking care of the child. Worrying about children everywhere is arguably the most selfless love in the world. 

So for every parent to have a child is not only to reap the joy of their children, but also to bear a lot of realistic pressures that they have to face. Childbirth must be carried out in a planned way, otherwise it will harm yourself and affect its future growth. 

Brave mothers give birth to five children at a time, and show up to tell about the life experience after giving birth. It is not just happiness.

Most people will be surprised when they see twins in their lives. I am envious of such expectant mothers. If I meet a mother who is pregnant with 5 children at the same time, he will be even more surprised, right? In fact, like everyone else, this mother is my good friend called Ali, so I know more about her difficult journey of giving birth to a baby. 

At first, everyone was very happy to hear that Ali was pregnant with multiple births, and she felt very lucky, including herself. However, she encountered a lot of difficulties when she went to the hospital for a check-up in the third trimester. Many doctors advised her to reduce the pregnancy, otherwise there would be a great risk of childbirth. 

Ali is not willing to have any of her children, so she insists on staying. In this way, she worked so hard to give birth to 5 children. She thought it could be easier, but what followed was all kinds of problems in raising children. 

It is difficult for two people in another family to bring a baby, but she has to bring 5 at the same time, which makes Ali unable to handle it. Fortunately, relatives and neighbors around me often come to help, so I can barely take care of it. Today’s prices are getting higher and higher, and the daily expenses of these children have deeply troubled her family. 

In order to make more money, her husband specializes in working outside, but even this way, the family still won’t be able to open the pot. Ali once said to me, “I didn’t expect that being a mother is so difficult, especially as a mother of five children. The pressure of reality often makes her breathless.”

My friends all know her. Life is more difficult, and there will be funding points from time to time. Perhaps God knows the difficulties of her family, and a kind person has been supporting the children to go to school, which has also enabled these five children to learn a lot of skills and their own specialties. “The mountains and rivers are nowhere to be seen, and there is a new village.” I believe that their family will get better and better in the future, and the children will have a good future. 

It is harder to have children, and it is even harder to raise children. Parents must consider carefully before deciding whether to have a baby. Before preparing for pregnancy, everyone should take into account the actual family economy, living environment and other factors to arrange the life after the child is born. It is irresponsible to give birth to a baby without planning, and it will have a great impact on the future of the child. 

What practical factors should we consider before giving birth to a baby? 

1. The economic problems of raising children

From the moment of pregnancy, everyone needs to pay attention to nourishment, so that the fetus can get enough nutrition to develop. All subsequent pregnancy check-up costs, maternal and child supplies costs, childbirth costs, etc. all require financial support, and the expenditures after the child is born are even more streamlined. 

Assuming that the family’s economic conditions are not good, giving birth to multiple births will reduce the quality of life of the whole family, and may not even be able to take care of food and clothing issues. Parents of children so young can’t make them hungry, right? This will not only delay the child’s physical development, but poor families will also affect their mental health, making children feel inferior since childhood and always feel that they are inferior. 

Therefore, there must be a material basis to give birth to a baby. This is very important, and parents must plan ahead. Everyone doesn’t want their children to suffer hardships with them after they are born, so a thorough plan can prevent this from happening. 

2. The energy to take care of the children

Young parents who have just married have to go out to work and earn money after they have a baby, so as to ensure the economic quality of the family. However, there is no way to take good care of the children. At this time, we have to arrange the removal of the children. 

Under normal circumstances, everyone will find the elderly to help, of course, if possible, you can also find a nanny. But even so, everyone cannot entrust their children to the care of others, and should take time to accompany them to grow up. This is critical to their physical and mental health, otherwise it will affect their character formation. 

Raising a child must not only take into account his material needs, but also take care of the child’s psychological development and personality formation. Parents should strengthen learning and give their children the correct guidance, so that they can understand the truth and acquire more knowledge. 

What do you think you need to pay attention to before giving birth? You can leave a message below to share your views with everyone.

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