Dress your baby in early spring, and blindly “cover in spring” will make you more likely to get sick. Pay attention to the principle of “three warms and one cool”

Dressing your baby in early spring is more likely to get sick when blindly “spring cover”. Pay attention to the principle of “three warms and one cool”

When dressing your baby in early spring, blindly “spring cover” is more likely to get sick. The principle of “warm and cool”

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In spring, especially in early spring, the weather is the hottest It’s hard to figure out, maybe the temperature of wearing a thin shirt the day before, will wear a down jacket the next day. 

In such hot and cold days, children with weaker immunity are most likely to get sick. 

Therefore, in order for children to spend the spring healthily, the older generations deliberately summarized a set of dressing methods of “spring covering autumn and freezing”. 

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In general, when the temperature is warming up in spring, parents should not rush to take off their children’s cotton clothes and put on thin quilts. Don’t put them on thicker clothes right away. 

Because the child’s body temperature adjustment ability is relatively poor, after wearing summer or winter clothes for a long time, suddenly reduce a lot of clothes, it is difficult to adapt, gradually reduce, which is conducive to the child’s resistance to temperature Promote. 

However, in spring if “cover “Wrong, it is easy to cause the child to get sick

▶ Skin problems

The blood circulation of the children’s hands and feet is a little bit worse. It is normal that the hands and feet are colder than adults. No, adding clothes blindly may cause the child to sweat too much, clog pores, and develop skin problems such as prickly heat. 

▶ catch a cold

Baby’s skin is thin, metabolism is strong, and it is easy to sweat. When their back and forehead sweat too much, they can easily absorb the body temperature. At this time, if they accidentally blow the wind, they may catch a cold. 

▶ Mug fever syndrome

Younger children have insufficient expression skills and have weak temperature perception. If the body is very hot, they may not speak, if they are left alone The temperature of the body is always high, and there may be high fever and lack of water. 

If it is more serious, it will also have an impact on nerves and intelligence, and if it is more serious, it may cause irreparable fault. 

Therefore, parents can tell if their children are hot by touching their backs:

If the back is cold, it means that the clothes are worn less; if the back is sweaty, then the clothes are worn too much; If the back is dry and warm, the temperature is more appropriate. 

Of course, because the temperature in spring is very different, parents not only have to judge whether their children dress properly, they also need to master the correct dressing rules. 

Children need to dress in spring Follow the principle of “three warms and one cool”

“three warms”

warm stomach

Baby’s stomach is weaker, except that eating the wrong food will cause them abdominal pain and diarrhea In addition, if you accidentally catch a cold, you can also have gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, it is important to cover your stomach in spring. 

Have a healthy stomach, It can also make them absorb more nutrients and promote physical development. 

Back warming

The back has an important effect on the overall temperature of the body. Generally, when the back of a child is warm, his body will also feel warm, and the back is cold. It’s easy to get sick from time to time. 

Therefore, it is important to keep your child’s back warm and dry. 

Warm feet

The human feet have rich nerves. When the feet are cold, the body is also prone to colds. However, children’s feet are prone to sweating, so you need to wear loose, sweat-absorbing, Do not wear comfortable socks when you sleep at night, so as not to affect blood circulation. 

“One Cool”


The forehead is cool

The child sweats easily and needs the head to help dissipate heat, so it is important to keep the head cool, but if the wind is strong and the child wants to go out again, he still needs to bring a loose fit hat of. 

Clothing newborns in spring Also avoid a few misunderstandings

Newborns cannot express their needs. Parents may often make the following mistakes when dressing them:

▶ Hand cool Add clothes when you’re finished

The end of the baby’s body is generally cooler, and may appear cold and red, but this is generally normal. You should touch the baby’s back. If it’s not cold, don’t Add clothes. 

▶ Reduce your clothes if you sweat your head

When the child’s back and head are sweating, the first thing to do is to keep these two parts dry and wait for them to calm down before judging whether to add clothes. 

So as not to encounter cold wind when sweating, causing illness. 

▶ Sneezing is a cold

When the temperature and environment change suddenly, if the baby’s nose can’t stand the temperature difference, it will have sneezing and runny nose. Use this to adjust The temperature difference is generally not a cold. 

If their body is not cold, don’t add clothes. 


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Children have their own characteristics in spring development. Cover all areas and make five points to reduce the chance of getting sick.

Children develop well in spring Features: cover all around and make five points to reduce the chance of getting sick

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Now spring is here , The temperature is slowly picking up, although the children do not need to be wrapped thickly, parents should pay attention to “spring cover autumn freeze” when reducing clothes for them. 

In other words, the spring At that time, even if the temperature is high, some parts of the baby’s body need to be covered tightly, otherwise it will be easy to get sick. 

▶ Back

Children’s back skin is generally thin, and it is also very easy to perceive changes in body temperature. When they wear too much, they will easily sweat on their back; It starts to chill, so it is easy to get sick. 

After parents dress their children To ensure that their backs are warm and dry, after the baby is sweating, while reducing the clothes, remember to put a sweat-proof towel, in addition to absorbing sweat to keep the back dry, but also to prevent the back from becoming cold after the sweat dries. 

▶ Head

The skin on the head is very thin. When the cold spring wind blows, children are also prone to catch colds. Therefore, pay attention to wearing hats for them when going out. 

▶ Belly

Many babies experience diarrhea when they catch cold in their stomachs. Therefore, they still need to tie their underwear under their trousers to prevent exposure to the cold after their belly is exposed. 

When sleeping at night, also Avoid exposing the baby’s belly by pushing on the quilt. If you have this habit, remember to give their belly an extra layer of protection before going to bed. 

▶ Feet

No matter how high the temperature in spring is, don’t let your baby run around on the floor barefoot, so as not to invade the cold from the footsteps and make them catch a cold. Wear slippers and socks. 

Now it’s spring, take care of the baby The way it is different from other seasons, because children generally have these characteristics in spring. 

▶ I especially want to go out to play

In winter, because of the cold weather, many children stay at home and have not been able to go out for a few months, so they want to take advantage of the rising temperature in spring , Go out and play. 

But if you go to the place, When the number of people is large, or the temperature difference between day and night is too large, the child’s resistance is weak, it is easy to get sick. 

▶ The ability to perceive temperature is weak

Although the temperature in the daytime in spring is high and the sun is shining, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature is very different every day, sometimes there are Cold wind. 

Some children who do not look at the weather forecast or have weak temperature perception skills may wear thin coats for a long time because of the high temperature of the day, and they are prone to get sick. 

▶ Grow fast

A study by the World Health Organization shows that children’s growth and development have significant seasonality, and spring is the fastest growth rate for them At that time, the average speed was 2 to 2.5 times that of autumn. 

So spring It is also when it is necessary to supplement them with calcium, vitamins and other nutrients to lay a solid foundation for children to grow taller in spring. 

▶ Get sick easily

Spring is the season when all kinds of diseases are high. Children are more likely to get sick because of weak immunity, indifferent temperature or insufficient self-protection measures. 

How to reduce baby’s illness in spring What’s the chance? 

▶ Diet

❶ Balanced diet

Fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, etc. in the diet are indispensable, and the quantity of fruits and vegetables needs to be meat It is twice as large as the class, and it is best to have more than 12 types of food a day, so that the baby can take in enough nutrients and improve immunity. 

❷ Drink plenty of water


Due to the rapid metabolism of children, water evaporation is more serious, and they need to be hydrated in time. And water can keep their metabolism strong and improve immunity. 

▶ Exercise

❶ Appropriate exercise

Exercising for half an hour a day can also promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, and enhance their resistance. 

❷ Reduce going out

Although spring is very suitable for play, it is also necessary to reduce the chance of going out, and it is best to go to places with few people such as parks. Playing and avoiding places with high traffic can reduce the chance of spreading bacteria. Even if you want to go, pay attention to wearing a mask and take preventive measures. 

▶ Sleep

Sleep regularity

High quality and regular sleep can also promote the growth and development of babies and enhance their immunity, and children with insufficient sleep will also have reduced immunity. 

So parents should make sure that they go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time every day. It is also necessary to create a warm sleeping environment and improve their sleep quality. 

▶ Home

❶ Open the window

Even if the wind outside is strong, do not close the doors and windows for a long time, so as to avoid insufficient oxygen content in the room or dirty Excessive air affects children’s health. It is best to open windows for ventilation for one or two hours a day. 

❷ Increase or decrease clothing


The temperature changes rapidly in spring, with high and low fluctuations. Parents should observe the outside temperature and the child’s body temperature in time to add clothing to them. 

An intuitive way is to touch your baby’s back. If you sweat, you wear more clothes; if it’s warm and dry, it’s just right; if it’s cold, you wear too little clothes. 

▶ Vaccines

Timely vaccination

There are many vaccines to prevent spring flu in the hospital. Parents can consult the doctor to bring their children to vaccinate in time to enhance their resistance. 


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