Don’t you say that it’s not nutritious, how many parents have this “fake milk” deceived, and drinking too much is harmful and useless

Don’t you say that it’s not nutritious, this kind of “fake milk” deceived how many parents, drinking too much is harmful and not beneficial

Because milk is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, etc., it helps children grow and develop The nutrient material, so it has been sought after by many parents, and even known as “holy water.” 

Even some milk-related dairy products, such as yogurt, breakfast milk, children’s milk and other products are also loved by parents. 

However, not all milk-related products are helpful to the child’s body and the more the better. Sometimes, drinking too much is harmful and useless. 

You don’t want to say No nutrition yet, how many parents have been fooled by this “fake milk”. Drinking too much is harmful and useless! 

Mengmeng is already 3 years old this year, and she has begun to enroll in kindergarten. Generally, a physical examination is required before admission. For this reason, Mengmeng’s parents specially brought her to the hospital for a physical examination. 

The results of the physical examination surprised the cute parents. The first is that Mengmeng actually grows a tooth decay, but Mengmeng has serious malnutrition. 

Calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements are in a state of deficiency, and there is no change in height in the past six months. Such a result obviously puzzled Mengmeng’s parents. 

Know that they usually take care of Mengmeng very seriously. For example, Mengmeng refused to drink pure milk before, and Mengmeng’s mother deliberately purchased fruit-flavored sweet milk imported from abroad and was much more expensive than pure milk for Mengmeng. 

However, when the doctor saw the ingredient list of the fruit-flavored sweet milk that Mengmeng drank every day, he said directly that this kind of milk is not actually milk in the true sense, and in terms of nutritional value, it is simply “fake milk.” 

Not only does it lack the nutrition of pure milk, because the sugar content is too high, Mengmeng only sleeps after drinking it every night, and does not brush his teeth in time, which leads to tooth decay. 

Mengmeng’s mother did not expect that the fruit-flavored sweet milk she bought for her for a big price not only did not supplement her, but also hindered her health, so she regretted not having it! 

The doctor reminded that many of the breakfast milk, children’s milk, fruit-flavored milk, etc. on the market today can only be regarded as beverages in terms of nutritional value, which can be called “fake milk.” 

Because these products have some additives or high sugar content, they are not beneficial to the child’s physical development, but also harm the child’s health. Because of the exaggerated publicity of the business and the high price, they misled the parents! 

expensive and expensive What are the “fake milk” without nutrition? 

1. Sweet milk for children

It is believed that when many parents choose milk for their children, when they see “children” sons, they think it is milk specially made for children and beneficial to their physical development. 

As everyone knows, this kind of sweet milk does not contain very high milk content, so the nutrition is naturally not as good as pure milk. 

Another disadvantage is to ensure the sweetness. Usually the sugar content is very high. If the child does not clean the mouth in time after drinking it at night, it will easily lead to tooth decay. Parents must not be misled by the word “children” and should purchase with caution. 

2. Modified milk

Generally speaking, the milk content of modulated milk is only about 75%, and additives and fortifiers account for 25%. 

The reason for producing modified milk is mainly for people who are lactose intolerant. For children with high nutritional needs, the nutrition of modulated milk is not enough. 

It is worth noting that if your child is under 1 year old, you must not let your child drink modulated milk, otherwise it will easily lead to malnutrition. 

3. Flavored milk

The so-called flavored milk, although the surface looks pure white milk, and then in order to cater to the children’s taste, a variety of flavored dairy beverages are added. Its nutritional value is the same as that of real milk. Pure milk is incomparable. 

Parents should not think that it is good for their children because their children love to drink and are expensive. If they use it as their children’s daily milk, it will cause their children to become malnourished after a long time. 

Generally speaking, as long as the word “flavor” is added, it is not considered milk in the true sense. 

Nowadays, there are a dazzling array of milk types and dairy products on the market. In order to sell, merchants have worked hard on product names and advertisements. 

Parents are misled into thinking that it is beneficial to the growth and development of their children, even if they are expensive, they do not hesitate to buy them. As everyone knows, not only can it not achieve the effect of supplementing nutrition, but it may also affect the health of the child. 

When parents choose milk for their children, they must keep their eyes open, and don’t just look at the name of the milk or the advertisement of the business. 

When buying milk, you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Pay attention to the nutrient content table

General products will be printed with the ingredient table and various nutrient contents. According to our country’s standard, 100ml In milk, the protein content should reach 2.9 grams or more. 

When parents buy milk, they should look through the nutrient content table to see if it meets the standard. And in the ingredient list, whether the content of milk reaches more than 90%. 

2. Parents should try first before giving it to their children

When choosing milk for their children, parents may wish to try first. Generally, the “fake milk” mentioned above has a sweet taste or a very diverse taste. Parents can judge based on the taste. 

Pure milk is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium and other nutrients that help children grow and develop, and they are very necessary supplements for children. 

Some dairy products or beverages, such as children’s sweet milk, flavored milk, and children’s breakfast milk, contain a far cry from pure milk. 

If you give up pure milk and choose these, not only will it not promote your child’s physical development, it will also be harmful to your child’s health. 

When parents choose milk for their children, they must not be blindly or careless. They only consider whether the children like it and ignore the nutritional value. It is better to choose carefully! 

What criteria do you generally choose milk for your children? Welcome to leave a message to share! What kind of mother is considered responsible, and the mothers the child likes usually have these three characteristics.

There is a good saying that being a mother does not hurt the child. Not to mention, just being pregnant in October is enough to make the child and mother have constant fetters. However, a good mother does not only need to love your child, but to love you responsibly and let the child take the initiative to like you. 

I saw a mother on the Internet accusing her son, saying that he has no conscience and obviously loves him so much He, he doesn’t appreciate him, and he hates her for being a mother everywhere. In the description, Bao Ma also admitted that she was a little harsh on her son, but argued that everything was for the future of her son, and she also used “a kind mother to lose more children” to support her point of view. 

There is no doubt that what the mother said is reasonable, but her son does not like her, but it is also true. Once the parent-child relationship is affected, no matter how good the parenting method is, it is no use, because the child is not willing to listen to you at all. How should such contradictions be reconciled? 

Below that article, many netizens are giving Baoma’s advice, some ask her to be gentle with her son, some say she should teach her son more, and some netizens said they don’t care about him. When my son grows up, he will understand it naturally. 

Although the suggestions of netizens can’t be said wrong, it’s clear that if Bao’s mother just follows it, it’s hard to be effective, because they haven’t caught the key points of getting along with mother and child. , That is to look at the problem from the perspective of a child. 

The suggestions of netizens are essentially from an adult perspective. To find a solution from this perspective, no matter how much effort is made, it will only have little effect. 

It is necessary to take responsibility and make children like it. Good mothers usually have these three characteristics.

1. Show curiosity

The biggest characteristic of children is that they are very curious, and they are more willing to associate with people who are curious, because this will allow more topics. 

But many mothers have lost their childhood curiosity due to the erosion of the years and become lifeless. This will make the children feel a sense of distance psychologically, and the parent-child relationship is of course difficult to get better. Up. 

If Momma can be aware of this and deliberately show some curiosity, she can quickly get closer to her child and even become a good friend. With this level of relationship, of course, there is no need to worry The child doesn’t like you anymore. 

2. Have a childlike innocence

Adults think children are naive and can see through at a glance, but in fact, adults see through only the world of children they think of, the real world of children , Is colorful. 

If you want to understand and experience this colorfulness, you need to look at the world from the perspective of a child, that is, to have a childlike innocence. This is a trait that Bao Ma desperately needs. A mother who can perceive the world with her child’s intuition and experience her child’s suffering can better meet her child’s needs. 

3. Maintain a sense of mystery

Parent-child relationship is not a unilateral dedication, but a coexistence of both parties. If you want to be a responsible mother and let your child like herself, Bao’s mother must take the initiative to communicate with her child on the one hand, and on the other hand, she should also let the child take the initiative to observe and explore herself. This kind of parent-child relationship will be more harmonious. . 

In order to achieve this goal, Momma should maintain a certain sense of mystery in front of the child to arouse the child’s curiosity. 

If you can do the above three points, then no matter how you do in other areas, at least as a mother, you should not be too bad, and even with a hard effort, you can become a child The best mother in my eyes. 

However, in reality, it is very difficult for mothers to cultivate these three traits, because most mothers will be affected by the childcare anxiety transmitted by the current society, and only to get rid of this anxiety. To truly become an excellent mother. 

Baoma’s anxiety is the main culprit for the deterioration of the parent-child relationship

Parents are becoming more and more anxious because parenting has become an arms race.

At present, parenting anxiety has deeply affected parents. Because of China’s special education system, test scores have become the only criterion for judging the quality of a child. This has led parents to do everything possible to enroll their children in cram schools, participate in various advanced education, and even go to the battle for counseling in person. Parenting is like an arms race, and it also makes parents fall into deep anxiety. 

Children’s growth path should not be a single-plank bridge, but more choices.

This kind of parenting anxiety can cause great damage to the parent-child relationship. Parents think it is for The child is good, but the child feels that his parents are oppressing him. But in fact, judging from the results, grades are never the only item that determines a child’s future. As long as the parents are willing, the child’s growth path can have more choices instead of just a single-plank bridge. As the saying goes, “the east is not bright and the west is bright”, every child can dig out shining points. 

As long as mothers can get rid of child-rearing anxiety and learn to walk into the child’s world to look at problems, the parent-child relationship cannot be bad. On this basis, and through correct guidance, the child will become better and better, and as a mother, you are truly responsible.

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