Don’t take short stature as late growth. Do you have any of these conditions? It’s clear after reading

Don’t take short stature as late growth. Do you have any of these conditions? After reading it, it will be clear.

Many parents disagree with the problem of children’s short growth. It is now in this era. Many parents think that children’s short growth is a late development and will catch up in the future. , But some children may suffer from short stature, it is precisely because of this misunderstanding of the parents that finally delayed the best period for the child to grow taller, and regret it. 

After investigation, it is found that the child’s short stature is at present Compared with previous years, it has increased a lot. Height is an important indicator of children’s growth and development. The level of height growth reflects the linear growth of children and whether the bones grow well or not, and is also an important measure of children’s health. 

Due to the high pressure of children nowadays, some children who have a lot of homework stay up late to do their homework every night, or family factors may cause the child’s short stature. 

Shortness mainly refers to children’s height below Children of the same age, race, and sex are two standard deviations or below the third percentile of the average height, or the annual growth rate is less than 5 cm after the age of 3, etc. 

There are so many hazards of short stature, but parents and society have many misunderstandings:

1. Lack of nutrition leads to crazy supplements for children

Many parents, especially the elderly, feel that The child grows short because of lack of nutrition, so I buy a lot of supplements for the child to eat, but excessive tonic will cause the bone age to grow too quickly, and the potential for bone growth will be lost a little bit. This is a very wrong kind. method. 

2, the old view of “late growth”

Children do not grow tall. Many people think it’s okay. Anyway, they will grow up later. They will grow the same in the morning and at night. This is a wrong view. How many children do not reach adult height because they did not intervene in time. Standards, deeply tormented by its pain. In general, the spring period of young children is a stage of height growth. Normal children will have 2-3 years of rapid growth. The secretion of sex hormones and the increase of growth hormone will promote the growth of children, which will lead to a sudden increase in height. However, the height increase of some children during adolescence is not obvious or even does not increase. 

3. The superstition of advertising products to increase the height of products

Many of the advertisements on TV and on the Internet say that the effect is very good. You can grow taller after eating it. Advertising, however, many parents believe because they are too anxious, and they spend money to buy it, but the children eat it to no effect. 

4. Ignore prematurely developing children< /p>

Because precocious puberty is an important cause of short stature, parents should also pay attention not to ignore prematurely developing children. 

Whether it is the diagnosis of short stature or the treatment of short stature, you should follow the doctor’s advice, and you cannot judge that your child has short stature through a single indication. Parents should believe that if short stature is diagnosed and treated early, it can grow taller! “To be honest, children in rural areas are much happier now than children in cities”, the principal told the truth

Elementary school will start in a few days, because my husband and I are busy at work and my son can only Sent back to my hometown for winter vacation. Unexpectedly, he was unwilling to take him back in the past two days, all kinds of daunting. He even told me in the car, “Mom, let me go to school in my hometown”. 

At first, I thought he was just reluctant to be his little friend, after all, he has a bunch of his little friends. But after chatting with the former primary school headteacher and today’s primary school principal, I discovered that the reason is not that simple. 

My primary school head teacher has many years of teaching experience. He worked in a rural school and later became a principal in an urban primary school. I talked to him about my son’s learning situation, and he said with emotion, “Children are the simplest and most sensitive. They make free choices without distracting thoughts. To be honest, it’s not surprising that your baby stays in his hometown. The baby is much happier than the children in the city.” 

The age difference between my son and the twins of my brother’s family is less than one year old. My brother is in the city and my brother is in the countryside. Thinking about our usual education gap, combined with the surrounding environment, I think the principal has said very well. reason. 

Why are rural children happier than urban children today? I think the following aspects are obvious:

▲Academic pressure: Urban children have heavy learning tasks, but rural children are much more free.

①Homework pressure

I don’t know if you have discovered that it is too difficult for children to feel happy nowadays. 

As a post-85s, when we were young, we had some delicious food, and we could be happy with a new dress for several days, but today’s kids can eat whatever they want, and they often wear clothes. Chang Xin, it’s hard to make them so happy materially. But it’s strange to say that I asked when my baby would be happy, and my baby replied “when there is no homework”. It turns out that it’s easy to make them feel happy. 

I have to say that the pressure of children’s homework is really too great nowadays. 

Take my son as an example. It takes more than an hour to complete the school’s mandatory homework for the two subjects of language and mathematics. In addition, there are listening and reading homework in English, and the language should be read for at least half an hour outside class. If all these homework are done, it will take almost two hours, and he has just entered the first grade. 

Of course, rural children are also under pressure from homework. But what I want to say is that compared with the fast-paced and high-intensity learning pace in the city, rural children should have much less homework pressure, and the teacher’s requirements for children’s homework completion will be much lower. 

Not to mention that after finishing homework in school, urban children have to complete the extra homework assigned by their parents, so-called “starting a small stove”, as well as various homework assignments for extracurricular classes. 

Speaking of this, I have to mention the situation of applying for extracurricular classes. 

②Extracurricular class

The city I live in is only a second-tier city. Even so, the principal said after a whole school survey that nearly 90% of the students in the school enrolled in extracurricular classes, of which 3 classes accounted for the largest proportion, and 4-6 An extracurricular class. It can be said that today’s urban families seem to have generally reached a consensus: parents must work hard outside of class if they want their children not to lose out to others, and extracurricular classes have become an “important way of hard work” for parents with a unified caliber. 

Think about it, the children in the city have to go to extracurricular classes after they have finished their school courses. Even on weekends, they have to rush two to three extracurricular classes a day. Apart from studying, there is almost no time to play. In contrast, because of different parental awareness, or the underdeveloped extracurricular market (there are not so many training institutions or interest classes around), rural children can have free time to play after completing their homework. Are they happier? 

▲Parent control: urban children are less free, rural children are relatively free Loose

As parents’ education level improves, their requirements for their children are becoming more and more stringent. They can’t tolerate that their children are inferior to themselves when they have eaten the dividends brought by the improvement of their academic qualifications. 

Nowadays, there is a term called “helicopter” parents, which means hovering around the child. Once they find that the child’s performance is not as good as their expectations, they begin to intervene and adjust the child’s behavior. This kind of 24/7 monitoring of children is most common among urban parents. 

After all, urban parents provide children with more Good resources or other considerations follow the principle of “fewer births and better births”. Many families have only one child, so they can’t be cultivated sloppily, so the control of children is stricter. 

For rural parents, because of conceptual reasons and because they don’t have enough time to accompany their children (many children are left-behind children), they are unable to strictly control their children, thus giving their children a certain Degree of freedom. Unlike urban children, in addition to schoolwork, rural children can also play in non-school hours, and have greater autonomy. In this respect, rural children are happier than urban children. Grandpa accompanies his grandson to take some drips. He “occupies” the bed and sleeps soundly, and the child looks at a loss

After the winter officially enters, the temperature drops and the temperature difference between day and night increases, and the immunity of children is lower than that of adults. , So catching cold is also a common occurrence. 

In the face of dripping, some children will inevitably cry because they are afraid of being nervous, so the parents who are by their side will find various ways to distract the children. If the children’s grandparents are by their side, they will even more vividly show the three fonts of “separate generations”. 

However, there are also some old people’s behaviors when they bring a baby, which will leave a feeling of dumbfounding. 

Grandpa accompanies the little grandson to do some tricks, but he “occupies” the bed and sleeps soundly

Pengpeng is 4 years old this year, and his parents are busy at work. They are basically picked up and taken care of by grandparents during the day, and wait until the parents get off work at night. Take the baby home. 

This season, the old man found that Pengpeng had a cold. In order to make his grandson get well soon, the old couple took the initiative to accompany the little guy to get some drips after discussing it. 

Can wait for mother to pick up the child after work , Found that Grandpa himself was lying on the bed and was asleep. Instead, Pengpeng was sitting on the small bench beside him, quietly looking at the dripping bottle. Seeing the mother’s arrival, the child’s whole expression was very dazed, as if Said: “This session of parents is really difficult to bring!”

However, mother Pengpeng did not get angry after seeing this scene, but lowered her voice and quietly said to her son: “I just heard the nurse sister It will take a while for you to end. Grandpa hasn’t taken a good rest these days to take care of you. It’s very hard. Let’s let grandpa sleep a little longer, okay?” Seeing my son nodded happily, my mother brought Peng with him. Peng watched the cartoon. 

It is also hard for the elderly to bring their babies, and parents must understand

Nowadays, because young people are busy with work, it has become a common phenomenon for the elderly to help with their babies. 

But in fact, bringing a baby is a very hard work. Taking care of a child’s food and drink Lhasa requires an adult to accompany him throughout the process. Even if you go to kindergarten, you need to send it in the morning. The child will be picked up at around 3 in the afternoon and around 4 at the latest, but this is not so easy for the elderly. 

After all, the older generation does not matter whether it is physical strength or The energy is constantly declining, and you will definitely feel more tired after a long time. Therefore, parents must give more understanding and care to families where the elderly and their children are brought. 

It’s worth noting that although there are elderly people helping to bring babies, these types of elderly people are not suitable for

●overly meticulous elderly

Some elderly people have better living conditions now, so When taking care of the next generation, I want to take care of it more meticulously. For example, you have to feed your children when you eat, or even chase after them. They pay too much attention to the details of life and take care of almost everything about the children. In fact, this kind of care is not conducive to the development of the child, on the contrary, it makes the child not independent. 

●Stubborn old people who don’t listen


Parenting must also pay attention to scientific methods, but some elderly people feel that they have enough experience and basically can’t listen to other people’s suggestions, and even stubbornly refuse to listen to advice at all, so this state is actually not suitable for bringing a baby. Because the character that makes the child change imperceptibly is very stubborn. 

●Elderly people with poor health

Bringing a baby is actually an individual effort, which consumes a lot of energy. It takes care of the children’s diet, and the children are also very lively when they go out to play. 

For those with poor health, take care Babies are definitely struggling, so for the elderly who are not in good health, it is better not to take care of them. 

●Elderly people who dote on their children and don’t know how to refuse

Nowadays, the elderly are really good at interpreting the word “separately kissed each other”, and they are doing their best for grandchildren and grandchildren. Satisfaction, even if something is unreasonable, will not refuse and spoil the child too much. 

But over time, this kind of love has turned the child into a bully, so it is recommended that the elderly who dote on their children too much, and their parents try not to let them bring their babies.

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